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Color: Lotus WhiteChange
Price:$557.52 - $800.00
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1,539 of 1,591 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2010
Ok, so... I'm a guy. I'm a 29 year old married guy. I'm a 29 year old married guy who thought that $300 for a vacuum was, well, a really dumb idea. I was under the impression that all vacuums were more/less create equal. You know, you plug 'em in, they pick up crumbs, pick up cat/dog hair and that's about it, and if you're lucky, you get a chance to scare one of the cats with it. They're all just utilitarian tools that suck up stuff and are all the same... Well, they aren't... and I'm shocked to be saying this, very shocked indeed...

So, here's my thesis: If you have hardwood floors and a few rugs and a desire to suck up everything, then get this bad boy. It'll change your life, my friend. No, scratch that... it'll blow your mind...

Ok, here's the deal:

First off, it's light. LIKE, REALLY LIGHT. And on top of that, it's on casters that aren't fixed in place, thus allowing the cannister to move in any direction, unlike the old vacuums of yore that could move pretty much just forward and back maybe had a swivelling wheel on the front.

Secondly (and in no apparent order), this thing's got (for lack of a better phrase) a variable rate sucky thingy... you can set this thing to suck just a little, or suck a whole helluva lot. I really don't know why you'd use this, but it has pictures of curtains and other delicate stuff, so I'm guessing it's kinda like that gentle-wash cycle on the washing mashine that I've never used. Nevertheless, as a guy that loves stuff, I like knowing that I can customize my suction.

Next Up! It's quiet. Dunno what else to say... so I'll paint a picture for you: Take one of those high-peformance motorcycles: they're loud and annoying. Now take a moped which is quiet yet equally annoying. Now your old vacuum is that Kawasaki Ninja that passed you on the highway at 230 mph, and this awesome Miele is that moped, humming along at 35 miles per hour. They both do the same thing and will transport you from A-B, but the Moped won't make you look like a jerk doing so. I guess what I'm getting at here is that it's pretty quiet.

Ok lets move on to LOOKS! This thing just looks cool. It looks like something a Storm Trooper would use on the Death Star if the auto-vac's (that I'm assuming the Empire had) all broke down at once.

PERFORMACE: Like I said before, if you've got hardwood floors and a few area rugs, then this thing its totally gonna rock your world. The main head attachment moves up and down and rotates thus allowing you to practically lay this thing flat to get all the way under the couch (that's where our cat and dog hair seems to take refuge).

AIR QUALITY: Unlike most vacuums out there, this thing leaves the world a better place than when it found it. Not only does it suck up anything that'll fit into it's hose, but it's got some sort of super-filter that, I'm fairly certain, cleans the air as you suck stuff up. I've yet to poke around inside the cannister for fear of learning it's secrets, but I can honestly say that not only are your floors and furniture going to be cleaner but you're house-air will smell more pure.

In summary:
This thing looks cool.
This thing works very well.
This thing looks like a Storm Trooper
This thing will totally suck up everything you put in front of it.

If you've read this whole review, then you're probably gonna get this thing. And you should.

EDIT: I've since gotten divorced... but put up a fight and kept my Miele... it was well worth it...
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814 of 841 people found the following review helpful
on November 30, 2010
I underwent a long and arduous search for the best vacuum, and I finally found it. I read a ton of reviews and looked at lots of models, and am very happy with my choice. However, we've only had it for a few weeks, so perhaps I'll find fault later on, but for now, my husband and I are both thrilled with this vac. It's light, easy to maneuver and great on our hardwood floors and rugs. Even though there is no brush roller, it still works well on all our rugs, which are mostly orientals and some with a fairly thick pile. One caveat: Make sure you use the switch on the vac head to go from hardwood to carpet, or else it will make that terrible scraping sound another reviewer wrote about. Once you hit the switch it works fine, so I guess that person just didn't notice the switch. It's nice and quiet and also works well on cat hair. The only criticism I have is that the vent blower on top of the vac can blow dust a bit but that's only when you are holding it at odd angles, like on the stairs. Once I was aware of that, I was able to turn it to avoid the issue. The cord was long enough for me; didn't have that issue as others have. I love that it has a holder to keep the wand upright when you need to stop and move something-- you don't have to find something to lean it on. Overall, I'm VERY pleased!!!
NOTE: Amazon lists a suggestion to buy vac bags at the same time, but it listed the wrong kind of bag. This machine takes G/N bags and not the other kind as was listed.
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743 of 809 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2009
Miele is a family-owned German manufacturer of home appliances. The company's philosophy of continuous improvement ("Immer Besser") has made them a favorite throughout the world. Their products don't have bargain prices, but provide value in high quality design and manufacturing that results in superior performance and durability. Miele was founded in 1899 and began producing vacuum cleaners in 1927; their vacuums have become favorites of professionals worldwide, including many top-end hotel staffs.

The Miele S2 line of canister vacuums is new for 2009, offering the quality and many of Miele's standard features at a lower price. There are three S2 models, all sharing the same 1200-watt base vacuum. The canister has six power settings and a standard air filter that catches 94% of particles down to 0.3 microns. The Olympus model is the lowest priced of the three, and features a floor/carpet combo head (SBD350-3), non-electric hose and a telescoping wand. The Delphi model substitutes a power head (SEB217-3), electric hose (SES116) and electric telescoping wand (SET220). The Titan model retains the power components of the Delphi and adds a parquet floor brush (SBB-3) and active HEPA filter.

Note that all three models can support the power hose and brush, but only the Delphi and Titan include it as part of the package. Similarly, all three models support the active HEPA filter, but only the Titan includes it in its package. If you don't currently need a power head you can buy the Olympus and add the power components later; you'll pay more in the end, but you won't have to buy power components now that you may not need for a few years. The non-electric combo head works well on smooth flooring, is usable on short-pile carpet, and is difficult to use on deeper-pile carpet.

Like all Miele vacuum cleaners, the S2 is well designed and manufactured in Germany. The vacuum has a range of 29.5 feet from the end of the self-retracting power cord to the tip of the brush. The unit is light (under 10 lbs), nicely balanced and moves easily in any direction on its casters. The top-exhaust design allows you to vacuum easily with the canister standing up, such as on steps. The motor is surprisingly quiet, particularly at the lower power levels. The six power levels allow you to switch from floors and carpets to shelves and tabletops without accidentally grabbing objects or papers instead of dirt or dust.

The S2 cleans very well and is a pleasure to use. The base has notches in which the hose can be parked, one for when the base is on its wheels, one for when the base is standing. This is a great touch, useful for temporarily standing the hose while you move a piece of furniture, and helpful for storing the vacuum in a closet without breaking down the hose and wand. Perhaps the only weakness of the S2 is the "varioclip" for tool storage, which rides somewhat uncomfortably on the hose rather than more naturally on the base. Changing the filter and bag are each a snap, and an indicator tells you when the bag is full.

Finally, what compromises does the S2 line make from the more expensive S4 and S5 lines? The most obvious changes are to external components: a few parts, such as the bumper strip that surrounds the canister, are made from hard plastic rather than softer rubber. The operating radius is a few feet shorter (due to a shorter power cord), and the accessory brushes use some lower-cost materials (nylon versus natural bristle brush, plastic instead of metal). Inside, the S2 canister uses Miele's "CleanAir System" construction, while the S4 and S5 canister use its "Sealed System." Miele doesn't offer a detailed comparison of the two, but one might assume the latter system provides an extra measure of dust capture that may be more appropriate for those with allergic sensitivities.

The changes made to lower the price of the S2 line will make small differences in daily use, but shouldn't compromise the vacuum's core ability to clean. Those who are especially sensitive to dust should consider the HEPA-equipped Titan model, or stepping up to the S4 or S5; those with less stringent needs will find the S2 a terrific entry point to the Miele line of high quality vacuums. If budget is no issue, look at the S5 line, but if value-per-dollar is a major consideration, the S2 line will bring you Miele's engineering and manufacturing prowess at a more affordable price. [©2009 hyperbolium dot com]
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182 of 196 people found the following review helpful
on April 3, 2011
This is the fourth vacuum we have purchased recently. The first was a Sears Progressive cannister, which works well, but is quite heavy and loud. We still own it. The second was a Bissel Ergorapido, which we hoped would be suitable for our 1500 square foot pied a terre in Boston. We still own it, mostly because we paid very little for it, and plan to give it to one of our grown up children who live in very small apartments. It has very poor suction, and does not hold enough charge to clean our rather small weekend retreat. But it is very light, and easy to use, and would be useful as a sort of electric broom in a very small apartment with no carpets or rugs - or pets.

We purchased an Oreck to replace the Ergorapido. I would describe its performance as alarming - both from the perspective of noise and its effect on our floors and rugs. It was also indifferent as an appliance - with modest suction, and poor clearance under cabinetry. It was completely indifferent to dust and particles not directly in its path, and the path was never straight. We took advantage of the 30 day return policy and got our money back from Oreck.

The Miele S2120 is a dream in comparison to any of the above, and a would say in comparison to any vacuum clear I have ever encountered. It is light, easy to store, remarkably quieter than even the battery powered Ergorapido, simple in design and attractive. It is also a substantially better vacuum cleaner with tremendous suction, a light touch on rugs and floors and a low enough profile to fit beneath even the lowest cabinet and furniture overhangs. It also has a retractable cord, and as the "entry level" Miele, a single very practical head that seems to work on everything - even furniture. It also cost $55 less than the Oreck.

The Miele is the only product I would purchase again. It makes me happy.
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89 of 94 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2011
Like many Amazoners, I am very thorough with my research, especially when spending $300. I spent about a month online reading vacuum reviews. As of now I have only owned my Miele for 1 week, but so far I am happy with my purchase. There are a couple small changes that could make this vacuum perfect. I'll start with the Pro's.

1. Quiet - The dog doesn't run out of the room anymore.

2. Suction power - Even at half power this baby can really suck! I have a long haired, tumble-weed-like-hair-ball-producing pooch. The tumbleweeds actually start rolling across the hard wood floor towards the nozzle from a couple feet away. That's power!

3. Adjustable suction - Very handy when vacuuming things like rugs and blinds, and also for lowering the noise when less suction is better. The suction can also be adjusted by opening a small vent on the handle for quick adjustments. That way you don't have to bend down to adjust the motor's suction on the unit itself. This is nice when i need to go over a small kitchen or foyer rug.

4. Maneuverable - All 3 wheel casters rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to pull behind you or push with your foot. Since the wheels are made of a nice rubber material and the cord is not too thick, you can roll the vacuum over the cord with just a slight tug.

5. Quality - Seems durable, I assume it will last a long time. However I have only had this vacuum for 1 week. The adjustable wand, although a little on the heavy side, feels very durable and adjusts up and down easily.

6. Lightweight/small - Easy to carry up/down our many stairways. Even my fiance who probably has the strength of an average 5th grader doesn't have a problem. It doesn't take up much room in the closet either.

7. Dust filter - Although I didn't opt for the Hepa filter, the air quality leaving the unit seems very good. I no longer see dust in the sunlight afterward. No more dust on the dark wood coffee tables/kitchen table 3 hours after vacuuming, because the unit is not spewing dust back into the air.

8. Small brush attachment comes in handy - I use this little guy for everything from cleaning the white baseboards (which have never looked better!), to the headboard, blinds, etc. It's also got a rotating head for any angle.

9. Best of all, my fiance doesn't mind vacuuming anymore!!! ...and neither do I. For me, that's money well spent!

1. Cord length - Could be 5-10 feet longer. My house is an 1800 sq ft tri-level. There are not a lot of sq ft per level, but on the main level and the upstairs I have to switch outlets once per floor. This isn't a huge deal and can be fixed with an 10 ft extension cord. Slightly annoying.

2.Hose length - Are German's notoriously short with small houses? Like the cord length, I don't think it would have killed Miele to make the hose about 2 feet longer. I'm 6ft tall. I suppose for someone shorter this wouldn't be such a big deal. My 5'6" fiance also commented on this.

3.Hose swivel - Where the hose comes out of the unit, it doesn't swivel/rotate very easily. Usually the unit will roll across a hard surface floor before swiveling at the base. It would be nice to have a more freely rotating connector for easier maneuverability.

My biggest challenge with purchasing this vacuum was deciding if I need a power head, turbo brush, or just the rug/floor combination tool that comes standard with the Olympus model. For reference, my house is 75% hardwood/tile, 25% low-pile bur-bur carpet in the basement, and 1 9x6' medium pile fairly dense area rug (that attracts a lot of dog and cat hair) and various other small rugs. The standard rug/floor tool that comes with the Olympus without rotating brush actually does a surprisingly good job on the medium pile area rug and low pile carpet in the basement. I have to admit I was impressed, but I know there are still some pet hairs left behind hanging on deeper in the rug. I may end up purchasing the turbo head in the future, but as of now I am undecided if it's worth the extra $130.

Tip: Use the wand height adjustment. Take the time to find the right length for you and whatever you happen to be vacuuming. I find myself vacuuming everything from blinds, to the headboard on my bed, to my dresser. For things up high, I find it easiest to adjust the wand on the short side. This will save your arm, shoulder and back from getting sore, since the wand does have a little bit of weight to it.

I ended up purchasing my Miele from a local vacuum retailer because it was the same price as Amazon. The difference is they threw in a free box of 5 bags/filters, but I had to pay tax. So the price is exactly the same in the end. I believe you have a better chance of getting good service if they know you purchased the item at their store. Just a personal preference/side note.

Overall we are happy with the Miele Olympus and would recommend it to others who have primarily hardwood and/or tile floors. If you have rugs or carpet with medium to heavy pile/density I would recommend at least one of the models with a turbo brush or power head. I have read good things about the parquet floor brush, but have a hard time justifying spending another $70 when the default attachment already does a decent job on the hard floors. I am considering purchasing the generic brand floor brush that another user recommended. It's $13 + S&H and is called "Wessel Werk Deluxe Floor Brush 12" Wide WWD300B." I would give this vacuum 4.5 stars if that was an option. It's very close to perfect, even after reading all the hype. I hope this review helps. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment.
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on September 1, 2011
I had very high hopes for this vacuum because of rave reviews on this site. I violated one of my own rules though on making big purchases based on Amazon reviews: the critical mass number has to be 100, and there were only 32 when I bought this.

It is a great little vacuum for bare floors - all the claims are true: whisper quiet, great suction, very lightweight and maneuverable, and it seems to be very well made. I particularly liked the 6 different suction settings. The problem was with my area rugs. I have several flat-weave wool rugs. I found I couldn't really push the brush head back and forward on them - only one way, which is kind of awkward. But the worst problem was the dog hair. It just kind of smeared it around. If I worked at it awhile, I could pick it up, but for a $300 vacuum, this was intolerable, and I am sending it back :(

If anybody has another vacuum to recommend, I'd appreciate your advice. I want a small, light-weight, canister with variable suction settings that works well on rugs as well as bare floors. And I don't want to have to change vacuum brushes to go from floor to rug - push button adjustment only. I live in a medium size house, but my floors are very cluttered and I have found that uprights are way too bulky for my needs. Thanks in advance.
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48 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on October 21, 2010
I love this vacuum! Works great on pet hair whether you have hard wood floors or carpets. I did alot of research before I purchased a new vacuum and I am not sorry I purchased this at all. Very Happy With It!
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122 of 133 people found the following review helpful
on March 12, 2011
Im a profesional domestic (housekeeper). I often have clients with central units and next to a built in system the miele is the best. It removes dirt I can't even see making the dust far less noticable the next week. I would have liked to buy a model with more atachments but I was on a tight budget. Besides the lowest price model has the same great motor as the $1,100. one at $299. it is unbeatable. I appriciate Amazon's great next day mail. My order was at my house the next day! Love it!
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127 of 139 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2010
After struggling with a crappy upright for years, and a hand-me-down ancient Hoover canister for even more years, the Miele Olympus is a breath of fresh air. Literally.

When I began to notice that the time I spent vacuuming had doubled because the old Hoover spat out so much fine particulate matter that the whole house was eternally covered in dust, I began my ploy for marketing this expensive piece of German machinery to my significant other. He eventually conceded, and I've even caught him red-handed as he sneaks in a vacuuming session here or there - just for fun. And when you're really cleaning things, it does make vacuuming fun. Almost.

I went to our local store, tested one out, decided that the main floor attachment it comes with is rather shabby, added a Parquet Floor Brush (at an insane 75% off discount) and a HEPA filter, and I was on my way.

This is one of the best features of the Miele vacuums. The all have the same motor, and the same suction power. Most of them (save for the cool-looking, wonderfully equipped, but Power Brush-incompatible Neptune) can be almost endlessly upgraded. The Olympus, while being a very bare-bones machine straight out of the box, can be upgraded with the far-superior horse-hair attachments (it comes with synthetics), can be upgraded with a (rather expensive, but really neat) Turbo Brush, which rotates with the wind created by the awesome suction, or you can do one better and upgrade the Olympus to a power brush, making it essentially the same machine as the Titan. What I love about this, is that you can buy the parts as you need them - and perhaps more importantly, for many of us - as you can afford them, rather than plunking down a whopping $600 or more in one fell swoop.

Furthermore, you can upgrade the filtration system from the 'Clean Air' which is essentially a thin piece of cloth, to the HEPA, which filters out even more particulates - for those of us with allergies - and has deodorizing charcoal. Not that you'd need it, necessarily. One look at the Miele bags, which filter before the air ever reaches this secondary filtration system, and it's immediately clear there's not too much that could make it through these dual barriers. The bags are multi-layered thick material, and each comes with a spring-loaded valve, into which the hose plugs. Thus when you turn off the machine or go to replace the bag, the bag is already sealed off and no dust can escape. I think that's right fancy.

The vacuum itself comes with 6 power settings, each indicated by a little image of what surface they are appropriate for vacuuming. The lowest is a dusting setting, the last three are hard wood floors/tile, short nap rugs, and high pile carpeting. The vacuums motor starts up slowly, and this has taken some getting used to, because I'm used to vacuum motors just roaring to life. Even once the motor is going full-tilt, it's amazingly quiet. On the lower settings, it's like a whisper, at the higher settings it's at least half the volume I've come to expect from a vacuum. Most of the noise of the vacuum actually comes from the speed with which the wind travels through the tunnel. Depending on the surface you're vacuuming, the attachment you're using, and the setting, this can be quite loud and high-pitched.

But, as one might expect the suction is amazing. After the trial run with this vacuum, I realized that even when I've mopped in the past, our floors have never felt so clean, so free of debris. There are places in our house, along the baseboards, which I just assumed were discolored from 50-odd years of dust, and the Miele sucked the dust right out. Voila! I use the crappy floor attachment to do out area rugs (we have predominantly hard-wood floors and tile) and the rugs are cleaner than ever. It's a bit of a battle, without the power brush, to keep the suction needed to pull the dirt up from trying to consume the edges of the rugs. But with no power brush, it's not like it mangles them or anything.

The canister itself glides smoothly along the floor. There are places for each of the three dusting/furniture attachments around the beginning of the hose to allow easy transition from one attachment to another, and another location on the rear for when I need to store the parquet floor brush. The latter is less of a help, because removing the attachment often triggers the cord rewind. And speaking of the cord, it is about 6' too short. I do miss the longer cord from the old Hoover.

The two last things of note are that the tubing of the Miele is crush-proof, so if you're a klutz and occasionally step on it (like me!) it won't get all mangled up. The hose can also be removed, as can every other individual part. Thus you can effectively dislodge accidental objects - like those pesky baby socks that always seem to hide under the sofa in an evil plot to ruin my day. The old Hoover made it impossible to retrieve such objects, once they became lodged, without the help of a garden hose. And another thing that matters a great deal to me is that the air discharges through the top of the machine, so it doesn't stir up dust bunnies before you make your way over to them with the hose. Every single detail of this vacuum has been thought out carefully and effectively executed. I guess that's what you get when you buy from a company who makes a product to last, without foreign slave labor, whose workers are unionized, and paid living wages. You'd think America would do well to take a lesson from modern-day Germany.

We've had this machine a few months now, and have used it more than once per week. The only significant drawback is the cord. Everything else is overwhelmingly positive. It's made the job of cleaning a messy house of toddlers a more manageable, less stressful task, and you can't even put a dollar amount on the value of that. It is pricey. But maybe that's just because I've become so unaccustomed to paying the 'real cost' of a well-made item. Cheap junk from China will spoil you that way. So, bottom line: I think its been worth every penny and then some.
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44 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2011
Amazon vendors are selling both models 2121 and 2120. I contacted Miele twice and asked what was new in the 2121, and they said, "Nothing except the logo position" and "Nothing except the shade of white." That's why there are no special spec sheets for the 2121.

I just read all the five star reviews for the 2120 and completely agree with all of them. I will add two things. I wonder if the motorized carpet attachments that come with most other canisters (but not this one) are a cheap compensation for motors/designs with poor suction. When those Hoover or Eureka "vibracleaner" attachments (or whatever they're called) are broken (which is most of the time) you can't lift much dirt from a medium pile rug. This vacuum doesn't include one and doesn't seem to need one. The stronger suction and the well-designed basic carpet and floor tool do a far better job on my oriental rugs.

Also, the ergonomics of this product are quite amazing. If vacuuming irritates your lower back, this is for you. The telescoping wand is generous and flexible enough for someone taller than 5'6. The on/off and floor tool buttons require gentle foot pressure (so you're not tempted to bend over to push them.) The clip that holds the alternate tools/nozzles can be positioned either at shoulder height or at canister level. There are parking clips that allow the head/wand/hose to stand up next to the canister when you take a break. Clearly, they've studied the back stress that is involved in all vacuuming, as well as the additional bending a canister can require-- and eliminated as much as possible. Oh, and it's very lightweight.
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