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on July 14, 2013
I just bought this only to discover that I cannot enjoy the "Complete" part that I paid extra for.

The game is unable to connect to the Conflux, i.e. their servers, rendering the DLC and "standalone" expansion unplayable.

This only goes to show that Ubisoft hasn't learned from their repeated mistakes using Uplay DRM, so avoid at all costs.
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on July 1, 2013
To play this game you must have the UPLAY software connected to the internet at all times. It is more then a little annoying to be kicked out of a single player campaign after a couple of hours of play time because your internet carrier has a glitch. I can not see how this makes the game any more fun. The game itself seems to be just like the Might and Magics of old but after 2.5 hours of playing, what I mostly remember is the problems with the DRM. Since it is not mentioned above, I thought that it should be. (It would have effected my buying decision)
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on December 23, 2013
Loved HOMM I-V and thought I'd give this a try. I made a horrible and tragic mistake.

First, the game is still buggy, even though it was released almost a year ago. Current version (2.1.1) will still randomly miscount the amount of gold you get each week. Even the calculator I received for my birthday in 1984 was able to do simple addition. Lame, Ubisoft.

Second, there is an online element involved w/ the game called the "Conflux" which is supposed to "enhance" your experience by tracking your progress and providing item and spell upgrades as you progress. Wrong! I've had the game for 3 days and still can't connect to the "Conflux" despite following the tedious list of troubleshooting tips on their support forum (including: disable all background programs and turn off my firewall? really?).

After reading though pages of their forums from other users w/ similar issues, I stunned that this company hasn't made any effort to clean up its product.

On the positive side, the graphics were decent and the new monsters and heroes were a good change of pace. However, my memories of those small achievements will likely be lost due to the concussions I've received by banging my head on my desk trying to get the online content to work.
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on November 15, 2013
I've played a lot of incarnations of Might and Magic over the years, and Heroes has always held a special place in my heart. On a whim, I downloaded this game from Amazon to see if I could re-experience some of the old magic I felt when I played the original Heroes of Might and Magic. The download over a reasonable internet connection required six hours, which ultimately failed due to frequent CRC errors during the installation. I had to download it a second time in order for it to install correctly and it takes a while to load, even after the initial confusing back story cut scenes. Not particularly taxing on system resources nor is the graphics engine that demanding of my NVidia graphics card, it's puzzling why this game takes so long to load.

One problem is the constant DRM connection to UVERSE, which Ubisoft requires for some unknown reason. As near as I can tell, this online connection does little except sync your saved games to a cloud and occasionally offer you up some character upgrades as you progress in the game. It also tracks your game time for some reason, but like other users I find it completely unnecessary and a waste of time and system resources. It's constantly looking and downloading new versions of itself and must be stable and functional at all times, or it will just boot you out of the game.

I'm also not thrilled with the completely confusing storyline, which is supposed to follow the path of different heroes all connected or related in some way with the central theme of an impending holy war between Angels, Demons and The Faceless. It's more convoluted and confusing than the first two seasons of the Game of Thrones, so I pretty much ignore it and forget about the plot line. I don't care who was related to whom and who'se mind was taken over and stabbed their duke father in the back and blah blah blah blah. Combined with an over-use of a made up pantheon with unfamiliar terms, Gods and abilities, i'm just wishing the story would go away. There's far too many in-game story line pauses and it kills the game's momentum.

What IS fun about the game is the gameplay itself. It plays pretty true to the other HOMM titles and the combat system is the same. I haven't been able to figure out a few in-game problems such as how to use the town teleporters (nothing on that in the tutorial) and there is a ridiculous amount of character customization that can be done to your player but too few ability points per level gain. Also, the amount of inventory items is nuts with at least six or seven complete suits of armor and weapons combos, all of which you will never find nor use.

In a nutshell, i'm only continuing to play this game because of my previous experience with HOMM games. I'd have ditched it in a heartbeat for being a confusing POS if it wasn't for the HOMM game engine.
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on December 31, 2013
I paid more than the current listed price and feel it was not really worth the coin.

I know that this series has been around for a while and I do not wish to treat upon
fans of the title. I have never played any Might and Magic games until this one.
So, the following are simply MY opinions . . .

The main issue I had was that the very first campaign (past the tutorial) becomes
difficult if not impossible to complete about half way through.
There is a boss (and his army) held up in a castle that is rediculously more difficult
than all prior foes. I even tried to not "trigger him" and build up my forces and still
had a heck of a time against him etc.

After some research and learning some behind the scenes drama as it were, I concluded
(at least in my opinion) that the game has some programming flaws; or at least bad
judgement in creating the engine in certian areas etc; to make matters worse is that the
original team has a conflict with Ubisoft wich forced them to rush the programming AND
these difficulties may never be corrected etc etc (so it is my understanding in paraphrase)

If the game did not have the problems I just discussed I would state that the game is fun
BUT far too simplistic. The batles have a tactic format BUT have few stratigic options in reality.
The customizaton of your heroes is a little dull and the build up of your towns is just a
matter of points with little personal customization. But that is just my opinion.

With the exception of the apparent programming flaw I would recommend this to fans of the series.

I became so frustrated with this game that I simply stopped trying etc . . .shame

Download and install: No problems to speak of
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on January 6, 2014
This is basically a repackaged version of HOMM V, complete with the same AI oddities and unsupported glitches.

I can't imagine how much they're paying programmers at Ubisoft these days. The AI in this game was so utterly incompetent that, on my FIRST play-through, I was able to crush the opposition on the "hard" setting while the enemy squandered their turns twiddling their thumbs. Seriously, after several months of turns, I came upon enemy shores (unhindered) only to find they had not killed any creatures, flagged dwellings, or taken any mines. This does not begin to describe how awful and dull this game is. And get this: Ubisoft officially announced that they refuse to support this game anymore. They have our cash, so they can move on.

I should have learned my lesson from HOMM V, which was plagued by the same problems and is supported by a desperate and pathetic community working on their own patch. The fact that HOMM III, a 15-year old game, has a more sophisticated AI says a lot about the morons that have a career in the gaming industry these days. Seriously Ubisoft, for the inevitable cash-cow HOMM VII, just keep the programming from HOMM III and do what you do best: grab some crayons and redecorate with fancy graphics.
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on October 23, 2013
I have played every single version of HOMM as it is my favorite game. This one is better in some ways to the very good ones and flawed in other ways. First the good - the graphics are really a step up from the other versions so watching the battles is very cool. There are also different monster classes from the others versions which help in the feeling of playing a new game (although with similar strategy as the others). The spells and skills have been redone such that there are now much more choices on how to build your character in either might or magic mode. Finally, the top tier monsters are not so strong as to overwhelm the gameplay as was the case in a few of the other versions.

Now the bad (or not as good) - the AI is much improved and it is difficult to win even on normal play (esp. in earlier versions of the software - its a little better now). The character races are also not equally strong as the death race is very strong and has the advantage of being able to "revive" lost armies within 3 days in a special building that you can build. Basically, whenever I can't win a battle scenario I play the death race and always wipe everyone else out. The new water race is the weakest but still fun to play but unless the map involves a lot of water (where as the water race you can walk on it and get resources quickly) your chances are not good.

All in all, I've enjoyed this such that I don't play the other versions anymore given how good the graphics are on this one. Although its true that the need to initially log into the conflux site - I simply turn off my internet after that and when loading the main game and I play in offline mode. You lose some options - e.g., configuring the initial heroes, dynasty bonus) but the don't have to worry about being kicked out if your server loses its connection. A few things about strategy - one reviewer mentioned that a key is to get another castle as soon as you can and that is great advice as the way to win is simply to have more people or a moderate army with a very strong hero. However, you have to be careful of attacking another castle too early as there is an advantage to being in the castle especially if you have your shooters up on the tower. Often times I find that other heroes will attack me first in the castle which is a fatal mistake for equally sized armies given the advantages. After that then you can immediately go after their castle given they will be depleted (although as one reviewer mentioned sometimes you have to be careful about the other factions coming after you soon after so try not to risk too much on early battles).

If you decide to be a magic person try not to simply build up your faction spells as you can get spells from other factions as long as you are above the required hero experience levels. The really good ones for holding off an attack are "blind", "stasis", and "frenzy". If you are playing a might person don't give them much magic as they will not be able to get the really good 3rd level stuff. Instead, focus on the might abilities which is really good especially for the Barbarian faction that have different levels of "rage." Regardless of faction and orientation, I find it beneficial to chose the "20% experience bonus" so you can level up faster, and the "increased creature growth" ability which gives you one more creature of each one you have every week. Depending on resources available, it can also be good to get the one below creature growth which decreases the resources you need to build your town by a bit. I also like the ability that enables you to place your creatures prior to combat so you can tuck your shooters away. Also, be sure to build your money earning capacity because in "tight" maps you might not be able to get crystal for a bit and so you will need to trade money for crystal to stay competitive. This is one reason why I almost always also build the market place first which gives you $500 more gold per day. In any case, I'd love to hear about other strategies that people have that work for them as this version of HOMM is the most challenging in my opinion.
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on December 14, 2014
Has nothing to do with the previous Heroes almost seems like the game developers tried to be fancy and ended up going back in time - the graphics are overly complicated, game play is slow, there is too much going on and it is hard to follow. In their defense I am not really a gamer but I absolutely love Heroes V and all of the expansion packs.
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on January 18, 2014
Game is fine. But you cannot get in and out of the game easily. Unlike steam, you cannot register and then play the game as a totally stand alone game. Everything has to go through Upay. Don't worth the effort. Won't buy this on-line game again.
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on April 13, 2015
I love this franchise. I just bought this and I'm playing the heck out of the campaigns.

I'd rather I didn't have to be logged in to play it, especially since the internet in my neighborhood likes to give out about three times an hour or so. Getting kicked out of the game unexpectedly adds a new level of challenge, if that can be considered a silver lining. It is annoying but not catastrophic. Thank goodness for the autosave, otherwise I'd be in tears.

I'm giving it five stars anyway since I it's just so much fun and highly addicting. Fans of the older games will be satisfied with this one.
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