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on July 22, 2007
My wife who loves to read in bed after I have gone to bed, has tried many, many book lights over the years. The complaints have been many about each one, and pretty much the same. Small circle of light, have to move it from side to side to see good. So last Christmas I went on an internet hunt for the ideal book light. After a few days of research, I decided on this one for her. Now 7 months later she wants me to buy one for our daughter, and a spare for her (in case I lose or break it) cause she says could not live a night without it now. True story. It is bright and evenly covers an area of two pages of a large book without trouble, no hot spots. Seems to be the perfect book light. Battery life is excellent with the LED bulbs.
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on January 1, 2011
I won't go into great detail about the product because others have alrady done so, I just wanted to speak to the negative comments. 1) Not designed for the Kindle/doesn't work without obstructing the buttons or the reading page. I'm not certain what these folks are even talking about, frankly. Perhaps you have a different version of the Kindle than I do; I have the 2nd generation white one. If you clip the Mighty Bright to the top of the Kindle with the battery pack at the back (the little padded end of the clip toward the front) it stays on just fine, it doesn't cover any buttons or the reading page. I have since purchased a Kindle cover and I now clip the light to that, so no issue at all. 2) There is a reflection on the screen. If you have it clipped on the top of the Kindle, simply raise the arm a little higher and position the light itself perpendicular to the Kindle (so it is shining down like a street lamp) not twisted down where the light is pointing directly toward the page. This gives plenty of light to read by, and no glare. 3) You can't travel with this light because the button is so sensitive that it turns on and drains your batteries. I have traveled with this light quite a bit and it only turned on by itself once, when I had it crammed at the bottom of a large, soft sided carry on bag. There are several simple solutions to this. Don't pack it an overstuffed bag,don't put it near the bottom of a bag, or...simplest of all....take the batteries out when you pack it. I don't see how that is such a great inconvenience! If you have it packed that deeply/tightly in a bag/suitcase/backpack you are obviously not using it en route, and putting the batteries back in when you unpack shouldn't be that big an issue, and if you are using it in route, put it near the top where you can reach it easily and nothing is likely to accidently turn it on. My wife carries both this and her Kindle in her purse regularly and never has a problem. The light is lightweight, bright, easy on the eyes, cool to the touch and takes standard batteries. As far as battery life goes, that depends on how long yout run the light, whether or not you use both l.e.d.s and how good the battery quality is you buy. I have had mine for 8 months and I will be changing the battery for the 2nd time, soon. Not bad for using it nearly every night. I'm thinking of switching to rechargeable batteries, though as we use so manyof them in our house.
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on December 22, 2007
I bought three of these in blue (a spare for me and one for my brother) after thoroughly reading all of the comments on competitive brands. I found the comments praising this model to be right on the mark. When I read it lit up both pages at the same time using dual lights where all other brands required constant repositioning for each page, that was all I needed to know this was the best reading light for me.

I can't say enough nice things about this product. It has dual lights on a flex shaft which you can position to fully illuminate both pages of a large hardback book. You wont need to keep moving the light around to light your pages with this one and the pages ar well lit for easy reading in the dark. But the light is centralized on the book and not the surrounding area so others can sleep while you read.

You can also switch from dual lights to a single light. The flexible shaft on the light is sturdy and stable enough to firmly hold its position over the book even while you move around and turn pages. You can either clip it on the cover or use the clip to hold open the pages. It operates on AAA batteries. The higher quality battery, the longer it lasts. I use the Duracell ultra digital batteries with the blue band.

I cannot think of any negatives about this product. I'm not associated with any seller. I am just a customer who was happy to find a great product. Definitely a good buy.
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on December 9, 2008
I have to say that the Might Bright XtraFlex 2 is a wondefully bright light. If I position it correctly, it easily lights both pages for comfortable reading. It's so easy to adjust that there is never a problem getting the light where you want it. The price is great!

The problem arises when you turn the page or shift your own position. This light has a clip that does not secure well to the book. No matter how many pages you clip it to, it will swivel around and tip to the side. I get weary of righting it time and again. The clip is too bulky and I found myself missing the Itty Bitty Booklight that slips so nicely onto a back hard cover or a few pages of a soft cover, and then stays put. That is the only problem, but it's a substantial one when you're trying to read, thus the 3 stars. Right now, I'm hoping for a merger of the Itty Bitty and Might Bright. Perfect light and perfect clip!
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VINE VOICEon February 17, 2008
I bought this book light as a second book light because I LOVED the Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Dual Super LED Book Light in Black...and well, so did my mother who is another avid reader, so I gave that one to her!

Now, about this WONDERFUL little light, if you don't want to have to turn on a side lamp next to your bed or sit in a lounge chair with the over head lights on in the living room or perhaps you just don't want to wake up your significant other or child sleeping by you just because your reading. Well then, this little light is absoultely PERFECT for the job!

I was AMAZED at how bright this little light is and you can actually turn it down a notch. There are two settings and even on the highest amount of light, you will not wake up anyone that is asleep or watching television next to you. But if having both of the lights on at the same time is too much light for you, with just the simple push of a button, it's back down to just one light. Very easily adjusted. With it's snake like neck and flexibility the positions of the light are endless and you will be sure to find one that's most comfortable for you and the way you handle your book. (There's nothing worse than having a light right in your face or covering words of the book and constatly having to move it. With this light, that just isn't so.)

Plus, the light has a beautiful light blue tinge to it and it makes reading very easy on the eyes. It's hard not to love. It seems to have just the right brilliance.

Now there are two options when it comes to powering the light. You can buy the adapter and plug it into the wall or you can use three AAA batteries. Which, have seemed to last forever by the way. But neither options are included. You have to buy one or the other. (Or both...depending on what your needs are.)

This light has a clip so you can either clip it to your book or you can have it free standing. It works perfect with the KINDLE, which is what I bought it for, but it also works wonderful for a regular "dead trees version" of a book that you might be reading as well.

This cute, little, bendable light comes in assorted colors so if you'd like something other than pink, please know that that is another option. I believe you could even find one in your favorite color. They have Blue, Pruple, Black, Pink, Silver, Lime, Aqua blue, yellow and a few other colors that I know I'm leaving red. : ) So for the fashionistas like me, practical and fashionable all in one swoop!

Quite honestly I haven't found a better book light and the price is outstanding. So it's basically a win-win situation no matter how you look at it. Hope that helps if your contemplating the purchase. I think it's well worth every penny!
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on December 13, 2010
The light itself is nice, two settings, easy to operate.

The clip is too large to sit securely on the kindle, you have to sort of pinch it to the edge of the casing and it's not entirely secure. Additionally the clip is the battery case, and two AAA batteries add a surprising amount of weight to the Kindle, making it somewhat top heavy and more cumbersome to hold when reading lying down.

This clearly was not designed specifically for the Kindle, although it's currently being marketed that way. It's a great little light for traditional books, just not for the Kindle.
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on December 5, 2008
I've had about a zillion book lights and I finally found this one. I liked it so much that I bought two more as gifts. I love being able to plug it in and not waste batteries. If I had a complaint it would be that it's a tad too bright even on the second setting, but I wouldn't let that stop me from buying another.
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on October 2, 2009
I have been through multiple book lights over the last year. Either the light burns out, the neck will not hold shape, or worse, it doesn't light the page I'm reading, let alone both pages. Here comes Mighty Bright to the rescue! While flexible, the neck is still sturdy enough to stay where you put it! It doesn't fall over after you get it where you want it. It has 2 LED lights that are SUPER bright. When I read the reviews that only 1 of these lights are sufficient I didn't believe it. But it's TRUE! 1 light is like a spot light, AND it fully lights BOTH pages while you're reading. It's so bright, that I had to be sure to keep it away from my husband's sleeping face, or I'm afraid he'd think a plane was landing in our room. But at half the price of what I've been spending for book lights this year, this is the very best. An essential tool for a night reader and I couldn't be happier!
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on January 25, 2009
I bought the pink one because it was cheaper by far, and I *think* it is less likely someone will steal the pink one. The light is excellent for my Kindle or any other book. I recently sat an overnight vigil for a friend in hospital, and was able to read very comfortably all night. Unsure how long the batteries will last, but being able to read in that dark room all night was priceless. No heat involved. Lightweight. I was reading with the one-lamp setting and it was fine; 2-lamp setting is almost two bright for me. Nicely focused light, too, fine for bed-reading. It'll be great on a plane.
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on January 4, 2008
This is the third or fourth booklight I've purchased, and the only one that really works!! The flex allows you to cast the perfect angle with the light, and the clamp allows you to hook it onto the front or back cover of the book, eliminating the problem that some booklights have with a "paperclip" type device, requiring you to hook it to the page you are reading, then move it as you turn the page. Plus, this thing works! None of the others I've purchased in the past have been useful, in my opinion, until now. If you are going to buy any booklight, get this one!
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