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VINE VOICEon May 16, 2000
As a single mother of a 7-year-old the viewability of programming aimed at children is a priority for me, and as a result, I spend most of her viewing time seated right beside her. I'd always been a fan of The Power Rangers series for their Crayola-colored costumes and the easy way their comradery translated to their viewing audience. Series casting changes notwithstanding, when this movie made its way to video I purchased a copy for our home viewing collection. This one gets a grade B+ for the delightful manner in which it uses grade school lessons to entertain young children. The soundtrack is pretty neat, too.
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on June 15, 2004
When this movie came out when I was a kid, I doubled over with excitement because it was state of the art and just downright awesome. Recently, I watched it again, except now I'm grown, and I couldn't help but laugh at the cheesiness of the movie. The reason I give it four stars is because overall, I remembered what it was like to be a kid again, imagining the possibility of these things and how cool the Power Rangers really were in their day. I would recommend it for nostalgic reasons; not for entertainment because it is over 10 years old and is, officially, cheesy.
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on July 1, 2015
Bought this movie today to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Loved all the incarnations of the original line up, and still enjoy watching the show on Netflix even in my 20's. I remember the excitement when this movie came out, looking forward to watching it again. Just wish they would have a blu ray release especially with this year being a very important anniversary! I am sure they have tons of behind the scenes footage somewhere even if they couldn't get the cast to do a reunion interview to discuss the making.
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on December 2, 2015
20 years later, I still love this movie. Aside from the questionable costume choices for the rangers and outdated visual effects, the action was a non-stop fun, the humor was still funny, and the plot was simple and light-hearten. Skip "The Ninja Quest" episodes in Mighty Morphin Season 3, and watch this instead.
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on July 2, 2005
Power Rangers originated in Japan as a series of live-action television shows known as Super Sentai beginning with the series Go Ranger in the '70s. The show has been a hugely popular success with a new series set in a different alternate universe each year, introducing a new storyline with entirely new characters. In the early '90s, Saban bought the rights to the footage of Zyu Ranger, the '92 Super Sentai series, but rather than simply dubbing it into English, they combined the Japanese fight scene footage with new, original American footage to re-create this series as the Power Rangers. While each new series in Japan took place in a different altnernate universe, Saban used the same characters and timeline for each season of the American adaption up until Lost Galaxy, while introducing various new characters throughout the show.

Despite how much of a bad idea this adaption sounds now, it actually worked! Power Rangers was a hit and all the kids loved it. I doubt you could find any kid who could even tell that Power Rangers was a Japanese show when they first watched it. And the changes Saban made to the series were creative enough to make Power Rangers a show worth-viewing on its own. However, for the Rangers' first feature film, this movie was not an adaption of a Japanese film, but rather it was an entirely original American production. The plot for this movie is pretty simplistic. An evil bad guy wants to destroy the Earth and it's up to the Power Rangers to stop him. With a storyline this repetitive and predictable, I have to give this movie one star, right? Despite its predictableness, I have to give this movie four stars because it takes such a predictable storyline and has fun with it! Power Rangers: The Movie is a wonderful film with lots of great action, humorous dialog, and great characters, who while may seem stereotypical today, you can't help but to admit you loved to death as a kid. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this movie are the special effects. While the CGI for this movie may seem outdated and cheesy compared to the movies of today, they were quite good for the time of this movie's release, and lightyears ahead of the special effects of the TV show. Even when compared to the newer episodes of Power Rangers on television today, the special effects for this movie still outshines them.

Even though this movie is more like an extended episode of the TV show, it's one of those rare movies where the kids will actually stay still while watching it the entire time and that's a miracle in itself! And Ivan Ooze is probably one of the coolest children's movie villians ever! The only reason why I have to give this movie four stars instead of five is because it's out of the continuity of the TV series. The TV show doesn't even acknowledge that anything that happens in this movie even existed, the movie pretty much forgets about any of Rita's henchmen from the TV show, and it introduces us to this new pig bad guy and assumes that we've known who he was all along, even though he never appeared once in the series. Still, Power Rangers: The Movie is just a fun film and it's certainly a lot better than most of the crap airing on children's Saturday morning television today. Highly recommended, especially to Power Rangers fans and kids.
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on June 30, 2015
Hello out there & welcome to the last 20 years ago 2005 in film for the month of June. This 1 is going to be a little strange for some people who have even cared to follow these reviews they're all probably like wtf Power Rangers well that's cause I was a fan as a kid & especially loved the 2nd season cause Tommy was The White Ranger & I even had The Zord's as a kid I had The Dragon Zord both The Mega Thunderzord & Tiger Zord, The Ninja & Shogun Zord's along with The Falcon Zord, The Super Zeo Zords & Rescue Turbo Zords. In fact I followed season 1 to 6 so yeah mid to late 90's was great. I have The Genesis game which I might review sometime down the line based off the movie. But yeah I liked the show it was fun. I mean for those of us who were fans it was a big deal for us when we heard about MMPR movie being made & we were all in the middle of imo the best season, season 2 with MMPR. There were changes during that season with the cast but the 3 new cast members were really good & some ways I liked them more than the people they replaced. So yeah if you grew up with this show like did then you'll understand we didn't watch it for any of the acting at all cause this show just fun & entertaining for us. So the movie was directed by Bryan Spicer who is more of a TV director. The movie was made for $15 million made $13 million it's opening weekend made $37 million in The US & with what it made overseas it was a combined $66 million I'm pretty sure it made it's budget back. The movie stars Jason David Frank as Tommy, Steve Cardenas as Rocy, Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly, David Yost as Billy, Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam, Karen Ashley as Aisha, Paul Freeman as Ivan Ooze, Jason Narvy as Skull, Paul Schreier & Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Duclea. The story is the team is out sky diving along with Bulk & Skull & of course Bulk & Skull don't jump cause they're scared. The guys all make it to the ground & Tommy talks to this kid Fred who is 1 of his Karate Students Fred looks up to Tommy what kid didn't who watched this show. The guys all go out Roller Blading which this movie has anything & everything that's 90's. Bulk & Skull finally jumped & end up in this construction site The Construction Workers have found a giant manhole they pull it off & there's a giant claw holding a big egg. The movie had a lot of money behind as you can see with how The Command Center looks. Zordon tells the guys about Ivan Ooze. Zedd & Rita show up which the look of the costumes for Zedd & Goldar look like they got money behind them as well. Zedd brings Ivan Ooze back Paul Freeman looks like he had fun with the role. The team confront Ivan Ooze when Tommy tells them who they are Ivan Ooze says "Where's my autograph book." Ivan Ooze sens Ooze Men after them Jason David Frank was actually a really good fighter Johnny Yong Bosch I can buy a little bit. Which this movie has 1 liners that are gold Billy after he takes down 1 of The Ooze Men says "You ooze you lose." Karen Ashley really can't fight no disrespect cause I like her David Yost, Amy Jo Johnson & Steve Cardenas I can give credit to Cardenas for sure give credible attempts. They get owned & they morph the costumes look great & have the budget behind them although they morphed out of sequence. Ivan Ooze gets to The Command Center where he wrecks the place. Ivan Ooze lists the things of things he's missed the past 6,000 years 1 of which is The Brady Bunch Reunion which yeah how would he know about that. Meanwhile the team is fighting The Ooze Men I liked how they added things that weren't in the show like Yellow Ranger has Flashlights on her helmet. Red Ranger can have this tracking scaning device on the front of his helmet. Blue Ranger has a grappling device. Pink Ranger has this whip type weapon. The fight scenes are pretty good. The Ooze Men are squashed & defeated eventually the rangers lose their powers so they get to The Command Center they find Zordon out of his Time Warp Tube due to Ivan Ooze's attack on The Command Center Alpha 5 has sends them to a planet called Phaedos so they can save Zordon & get their powers back. Ivan Ooze takes over & places Zedd & Rita in a Snow Globe The Rangers are attacked by The Tengu Warriors they'd be used in season 3 this Woman named Dulcea saves them she helps them she grants them their Ninja Powers Dulcea was to be played by marsika Hargitay also Catherine Sutherland was tried out for the role but they thought she was too young which I like Cat but I can see why they thought she was too young. Ivan Ooze has made this Ooze & gives it out to kids so they can give it their parents & they'll be brainwashed to serve Ivan Ooze & so they can help dig up Ivan Ooze's War Machines. 1 of the brainwash victims is Frank's Dad. The team has to battle this Dinosaur Skeleton. Tommy defeats it. They make their way to this temple they have to fight these warriors guarding the prize. The fight scene is pretty good they've always been pretty good it's nothing like you'd get in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie fight. You get the team working together like Rocky & Adam knock 1 of the warriors in the water Billy helps Adam to defeat 1 of the warriors. Tommy helps Kim drop a stone on 1 of the warriors. I think they should've given Billy 1 liners in the show. They did do things that they wouldn't get away with on the show like 1 of the warriors throws his weapon at Rocky & he's in the splits position & says "Whoa that was close." I know the lines are cheesy but that was part of the charm of the show. They finish off the last warrior. They get the prize where they get their powers back & get back to the city & Ivan Ooze is attacking the city with his War Machines. The Rangers return & they call on their new Ninja Zords. Then Fred warns the kids that Ivan Ooze is going to have their parents jump to their deaths so he gets those kids to stop them along with Bulk & Skull. 1 thing The CGI for The Zords does look bad espeically for The Wolf Zord & Bear Zord. 1 of Ivan Ooze's Machine's are taken down thanks to The Frog Zord Wolf Zord & the missles from The Falcon Zord. Then Ivan Ooze assimilates's with the other machine the team form The Ninja Mega Zord. Which The CGI for Ninja Mega Zord looks horrible & it does use the sword from The Shogun Mega Zord. In the meantime part of The Monorail system was taken out by Ivan Ooze Tommy uses The Falcon Zord so The Monorail can pass safely the other guys are using The Ninja Mega Zord to battle Ivan Ooze Ivan Ooze manages to put it down Tommy comes in with The Falcon Zord & it forms with The Ninja Mega Zord to form The Ninja Mega Falcon Zord. They lead Ivan Ooze into space so they can knock him into a Commit. They pass by Zedd & Rita's Palace you see Zedd & Rita in The Snow Globe & they cheer The Rangers on. Ivan Ooze grabs The Ninja Mega Falcon Zord The Commit is headed their way The Zord hits Ivan Ooze between the legs Ivan Ooze is hit by The Commit & destroyed. The Parents are free from Ivan Ooze's mind control the rangers get back to The Command Center where they revive a dead Zordon & he comes back to life. Then there's this celebration going on Bulk & Skull are telling their tall tales which they usually did at the end of each episode in the show. The guys talk to Fred & then there's this fireworks show & fireworks display thanking The Power Rangers. During the credits Goldar thinking he has taken over only for Zedd & Rita to return. So Power Rangers The Movie to watch it you more than likely have to grow up with if you didn't forget about it cause it wasn't about good acting or deep plots at all it was more for fun & entertainment. The next movie review will more than likely be 20 years ago The Net.
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on June 13, 2014
Good video quality. Image and sound are great. The movie itself is a bit dubious. While featuring characters, tropes, and themes from the popular TV series, this story does not take place in the same continuity as the show, for some reason. But still good for nostalgic value or for an introduction to the Power Rangers series.
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on August 18, 2001
The Power Rangers Movie was awesome. It had a shakey plot, mostly from the history stuff, but the scenery was wonderful! Places like the Youth Center, Phaedos, the jump site from skydiving, and the construction site were very very amazing and realistic. The action was always at the maximum, the romance was great, the music was very good and very fitting to the scenes. IT IS A TERIFFIC MOVIE! BUY IT! ITS ONE OF THE BEST PR MOVIES EVER!
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on September 13, 2011
I am not here to critique this item. I am here to say that this item brought back many happy memories from my childhood. From the moment I pressed play I had a big smile on my face. The Power Rangers were awesome when they were first introduced; They put anything today to shame in terms of Power Rangers. I loved the Power Rangers when I was a kid and there is no reason why I shouldn't love them today. Ok maybe the fights are a bit over the top but it's a kids movie I'll get over it. Anyway I'm here to say you would make no mistake purchasing this item if you are a fan. Especially a fan my age (18) I was around when the Power Rangers were first introduced.
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on April 8, 2009
If you grew up on watching the original power rangers, this is a good way to take a trip down memory lane and relive the fun. This movie shows the original power rangers turn into the ninja rangers. As long as you keep in mind that this movie was aimed for us as kids, you won't be disappointed! May be fun to intoduce to a new generation of ranger watchers.
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