Customer Reviews: MiiKey MiiRhythm Red Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone & HD Audio
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on April 1, 2013
I've had them for 3 days. The quality seems to be on par with the Beats brand. They feel hefty which from a quality standpoint should be good. I will test them on a plane this week. The volume was the most notable part. I took them off and let the music play and it was equivalent to having connected a smallish speaker which means they are loud. Connection was easy and the controls seem to be crisp. If the battery life is as promised, I will be glad that I didn't spend more on the Parrot set or the Bose or the Beats or even Sony.

4/14/13 Good audio on a plane. They are a little quirky trying to connect back and forth between iphone and ipad. I have to turn off bluetooth of the device they last connected to before connecting to the next device. The volume is plenty and the battery life if really good. I have tried them on the treadmill and that wasn't a good experience. They are just a little too heavy for that, but all in all... a good experience.

I've now had these for a few months. These are Great. The power button isn't really the best as I have to push them a few times to get the right amount of pressure to get them to turn off. Sound is good and loud. Great on a plane and equally great in front of the lawn mower. No problems with battery, but they get a little jumpy outside with my phone in my pocket.
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on April 18, 2013
MIIKEY Wireless Rhythm Stereo Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone - Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Black

Just received my pair today, so this is obviously an initial impression review. My previous experience with headphones has been mainly with owning BOSE (IE2, AE2, and QC15) and trying out Sennheiser headphones. I will speak to the build quality, ease of use, and observed sound quality. I did not do any measurements of sound performance due to the lack of equipment.


Out of the box, they feel sturdy. They fold, so moving parts are always a concern for me. They seem pretty rugged. They have a slight rubberized coating too, so it has a nice feel in the hand when grabbing one handed and moving about. Some headphones I have owned are a little slippery depending on what part you grab. They come with a hard case, charger, charging cable, and audio cable. These are all fairly decent quality, but the linning caught me off guard with a pink that reminds me a bit of a TMobile product. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the shinny silver around the ear cushions. The ear cup size is a little deceptive in the pictures and on the website. They look bigger than they really are. They almost appear as an over the ear and their claim of "noise canceling" leads to this as well. I didn't find this to be a very good descriptor. They sit over the ear mostly, but the compression from the cups is not even from the top of the ear to the bottom. The fit isn't horrible, but it doesn't feel as secure as I would like. The ear cups also have a fairly hard cushion. This may break down over time, so we will see. I am also not sure if they are removable like my AE2s and QC15s. For wireless headphones of their size, not a bad weight. I have seen others that offer similar functionality that were a bit heavier. Overall not too bad of a build quality, but not the most comfortable I have worn either.

Ease of use:

These headphones are pretty straight forward. Controls are on the right and have their designated functions that behave as expected. The part that gets weird is that they don't tell you the headphones need to powered when using the audio cable. Ok, I figured that out pretty easily, but kinda sucks for headphones that don't even have active noise canceling. So, I go to power on my headphones with the cable plugged in and I start to head audio coming through. I let off the power button and heard some crackly audio that became clearer as I listened more. All of a sudden, the audio cuts out. So, I did it again. Same thing. Turns out you need to hold down until it fully powers on. Not a huge no go, but certainly didn't seem polished. I needed to get the instruction book for pairing too, which I hate reading instructions. I am a big advocate of intuitiveness. Overall, controls are straight forward and basic.

Sound Quality:

Since I don't have actual equipment, I am going based on personal opinion. I am not a professional musician, sound engineer, or anything of the sorts. I am actually just a really particular dude and my largest credibility is that I helped write some software for radios for a while. My impression though is that they are pretty flat over the frequency range. The mids seem to be to most crisp though. The typs of music I listened to were rock, instrumental, pop, and country. My source was a mix between internet radio, tunes ripped from a CD, and itunes downloaded content. Also, noise canceling is more like noise isolation based on how loud your music is and how well your ear cups fit to your head. If you want actual canceling, get active noise canceling.

Overall comments:

I got these headphones on sale for over 60% off. I mainly got them for the fact they are wireless and I hate cords when I am doing work at my desk. If you are going to be paying full price and want more dynamics in your sound, active noise canceling, and comfort, you should check out Parrot for wireless solutions and the QC15 if you don't really care about the cords. The QC15s are by far the best I have used. They also have superior customer service. I bought mine right before they started shipping with inline remotes. I wrote BOSE and they just sent me it for free, noting it isn't something they typically do. I was in a BOSE store when I was in San Diego and noted I had damaged cups on my AE2s and I just gave them away. They said, "Well you shoulda just stopped in and we woulda taken care of that for you for free." Don't know about many other consumers, but I have no problem paying for superior customer service. Back to the topic at hand, these headphones aren't horrible. They are wireless, fairly small for wireless headphones, have a solid build, and sound quality is average to good. Get them on sale and you will be comfortable with your purchase.
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on December 5, 2014
These headphones were no where near as good as the Miikey Wireless Rhythm headphones. I listen to Bass heavy music (Hip Hop, Dub Step, Electronic, etc...) and these were not up to the task. Save yourself some headache and pickup the Wireless Rhythms or some Beats if you enjoy Bass.

On a side note, there is a slight "possibility" that mine were defective however I'm doubtful considering there wasn't any distortion when I used them. These were quickly returned and I stuck to my Wireless Rhythms (I own 2 pairs).
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on July 25, 2013
The sound on this device is incredible, but you will hear everything around you that is at a moderate volume. On the plane I was able to hear my movies much better than traditional headphones but not great.

Adding to this review:
MiiKey will not return emails when you contact customer support. This device stopped working with Bluetooth for no reason and now even with it plugged in it turns off in 3 minutes. I will be replacing this device immediately due to lack of quality and customer service.
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on August 13, 2015
I need over ear phones since my Office Mate I share a work-space with makes all sorts of noises. I turn the sound up and after using earbuds my ears are physically hurting.

These are somewhat comfortable at first, but then the band quickly starts pressing down on my head, even with the 1/2 cm seemingly cushy material. Maybe it's because I have a really small dome so all the weight pushes the top, but I need to constantly re-position. While at first I was excited about the controls on the right earpiece, that excitement quickly fizzled when I realized my hand constantly goes there when I go to re-position the headphones and I push buttons. The music will then stop or I'll make a phone call or skip tracks. No like. After a few hours of wear, my ears take notice to the lack of padding and they physically ache (the outside, not the eardrum). My ears are also pierced at the lobes. I have only worn these so far while I wear studs and the earphones cause my earlobes to stab my neck.

(Side thought: I have never used over ear phones before, so maybe it's user error and it will happen always, but with my dome being the tiny size it is I would think that the earpiece would completely cover my ears.)

The music/sound quality is a bit tinny*. It could just be that I am streaming music and so the source quality isn't great, so don't base the sound quality review on mine, but for sure the sound cuts in and out and skips constantly, like a scratched CD. I tried listening with a leash (audio cable-- I know, defeating the whole point of Bluetooth...) and I noticed the sound quality increased and it was no longer skipping, but when a song ended the silent transition between songs resulted in that feedback sound when a metal piece touches the input (*wwwooonggnngnnngnngn*). Either method is a bit annoying since the purpose of these headphones was to block out the noises of my Office Mate. Instead I either get skipping music, or else a loud *wwwooonggnngnnngnngn* between every single track.

I will likely try and add some more foam or padding of some sort so there is more distance between the earpiece and my ear to reduce the aching. I'll probably continue to listen with the cable, rather than Bluetooth, since the sound quality is better and does not skip, and I'll make sure to cross fade the tracks so they blend and there's no dead time between tracks.

*Note, that I have been using these headphones at my desk where I am stationary and approximately 7" away from my broadcasting phone.
review image
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on May 9, 2013
Edited 10.15.13: Soooo the headband snapped. I'm not particularly rough and tough with my equipment, but despite that, the part that sits on the top of your head completely snapped. These headphones are now useless. I bought these April 2013, and posted a pretty favorable review, but I unfortunately have to rescind my original statements. If I pay more than $200 for something, then I need that something to last me a couple years, not just six months! The sound quality wasn't bad, but man they used some cheap-ass material to make these. I'm thoroughly disappointed with purchasing this product. I recommend not purchasing these headphones.
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on March 17, 2015
I wrote a review way back about 2013 and warned that these headphones had a design defect where the pin inside of where the charger plugs into the headset broke on mine and found others having same problem.The product was great until i couldn't recharge it.
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on January 18, 2015
please, under any circumstances, do not buy these headphones. this is the Second set of headphones I purchased from this company. Both of them failed in less than a year from the time I bought.
they look good, and and when they work they sounded great. When they worked
but I think headphone should last more than 9 to 12 months. I bought another set of headphones in the same company. Same results. I would be leery of this company, and the products it produces. that is why I'm giving it zero stars.
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on May 19, 2014
I had read a lot of positive reviews for these headphones and I guess I expected too much.

I purchased these on sale from a brick and mortar store locally. The packaging was really nice and seemed very high end. It even came with a hard case. I really liked the aesthetics. They look very stylish. Bluetooth pairing was very easy. I paired them with my iphone 5 without any problems. They fit very comfortably on my head. They were snug enough that I could walk around without worrying about them falling off, but they were not too tight. They blocked out a lot of background noise. The battery life is excellent. On one full charge I used them for 1 - 1.5 hours, 5 days in a row and the battery was still going strong.

Now here is where things got disappointing. I was not very pleased with the sound quality. I am not an audiophile, but I like to listen to music and I also like to collect headphones (I know a silly hobby). My favorite headphones are my V-Moda M100's. I like my headphones to be a little bass heavy. Now I did not expect these to sound as good as my V-Moda's but they were not even remotely close. I felt the bass was severely lacking. The overall sound was muddy. When I turned the volume up there was a noticeable decrease in the sound quality. I tried several different sources of music and different genres. I tried Pandora, ripped CD's and itunes downloaded content. I listened to rap, hip hop, alternative and electronic. Songs that did not have much bass sounded much better. The mids are pretty good on these. But highs and lows are definitely lacking.

Overall I would say these blue-tooth headphones are above average for looks and build quality. If you are looking for something wireless to replace the headphones that came with your cell phone/ipod I think these are OK. If you are looking for high quality sound then I suggest looking elsewhere. I definitely would not recommend them for full retail price which is currently > 100 dollars. I got them for half of that.

5/24/14 Update:
So I ended up returning the Miikey headphones and purchased the MeElectronics AF-52 for 60 dollars. I can not believe how much better the AF-52 sound. They might not look as good the Miikey but the sound quality is far superior. I can not believe they are bluetooth. They sound better than most wired headphones that cost much more.
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on May 29, 2013
Did not meet my expectations the miikey rhythm is much better in my opinion and about half price Miikey rhythm has great bass and is very good volume got but the noise canceling ones doesn't have close to the amount of base and don't know about the noise canceling part either the only plus the ear cup is more comfortable because its not on the ear like the rhythm
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