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on December 30, 2010
I purchased one of these from another vender back in some time ago. I was surprised by the level of detail; it is more like a scale model than a toy in appearance. Some of the finer details break off easily but this does not affect the function of the boat. It looks very much like the German WW II Battleship Bismarck in ~1/350 scale. After having it for a while I disassembled it and painted more to scale, it looks good as is but with a nice scale model like paint job it is even better. For a more scale appearance, I also removed the incorrect missile launchers from amidships and put a crude float plane catapult and plane from my parts box and modified some of the masts.

The boat runs real well forward, reverse, left and right. There is no "throttle" just go or no go. There is no steering trim adjustment so it may not run in a real straight line. This model is a bit narrower that some of the other "HT" RC models available and so it can be a bit more tippy.

It has a neat safety feature: the motors will not run unless the boat is in the water or some other form of conductor touching both propeller shafts. I found this out when bench testing the boat before I used it in water. The information on the box (which is the only "manual" you get) is not real clear about this feature.

A couple things to bear in mind that it is VERY IMPORTANT to get any water that seeps in the ship out when done for the day or the motors will rust up very quickly and you will have a one use RC toy that is now a static model. For initial use an adult and/or someone familiar with RC should help with the initial set up. Also you have just spent around $50 for a toy with the size and detail that you find on RC ships costing ten times the price, so something had to give somewhere. On the ones I have purchased all the operation and maintenance information you get is on the outside of the box and is poorly translated, so read it carefully. If you find you self not understanding what is on the box I recommend you pack it up and send it back.

Over the past four years I have purchased several RC boats/ships in various price ranges. For around $50 this is one of the better ones, but that may not be saying much. This one is fine for what it is. To get a real decent ready to run RC boat/ship you are looking a spending around $200.00 to $500.00 or more.

For other options: The other "HT" boats I have include ones that look like a Sovremenny DDG in 1/200 scale, a Kiev class Carrier in ~1/350 , and torpedo boat in 1/72 scale. All these seem to be based on a scale model kits and have good detail. There is another generic BB of cruiser that I do not like the looks of so much but it works fine. See my other reviews.
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on September 2, 2012
This is a great RC boat. It looks very similar to the German battleship Bismarck, and it runs very smoothly. This is actually the best RC watercraft I've used so far. However, the boat is plauged by 3 problems:
1. Not safe to sail out of the box: Simply put, do not put this boat in the water in it's factory condition. There are seams all along the deck were water can get in and destroy the motors. All you have to do is put some silocone gel all around the ship were the hull meets the deck, and water will stay out. However, having to mod the prouduct before using it is UNACCEPTABLE from a company.
2. This is a pond or lake only boat: This boat goes fast. And I mean FAST. There is no proportional control on the motors, just go or no go. As a result, the toy can barley fuction in a pool. My pool is probably 25 feet long, and the boat gets from one end to the other in about three seconds. It makes VERY wide turns too, so if you have a small, rectangular pool, you're going to want to look elseware for a boat.
3. The instructions are AWFUL: The boat's "instructions" are written on the box in VERY, VERY poor English (it's called "Engrish"), and as a result they are practically unreadable. In fact, the instructions tell you not to operate the boat in a damp place. Well, then I guess I won't be using it at all!
Overall, the boat is good, but the fact that you have to mod it is not acceptable. People should not be expected to modify a toy that they paid $40 for before they can use it. But once it IS modded, the toy runs like a dream. At least in a lake or a river, because in a pool, it just keeps running into the sides.
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on September 29, 2012
OK so I only used this product once, so given some of the reviews I've read, I do not know if it will work a second time. I didn't seal the seam with silicone (but I will now), there was water inside after the first run, which I dried out and I left the top unassembled for storage so any residual moisture can dry out.
That said, I have had a blast so far. Yes the instructions are in bad English, but if you examine the figures closely it's not difficult to figure out what has to be done. I am the least "handy" person in the world (I repeated attempted and failed to install a towel rack in my kitchen, barely change a light bulb), but I managed to put it together and it ran right first time. Hints: "knobs" means "screws". "console" means "top part of the ship". "small parts" are the items in the plastic bag. The black plastic pieces on the side of the box is the display rack. It's fairly intuitive as far as what should go where.
I launched it in a small pond full of weeds. It moved fast and quickly got stuck in a forest of weeds. After retrieving it with a long pole, I saw that a huge amount of grass had wrapped around the propellers seizing it up. However, once I removed the weeds, and moved the ship to a less weedy area of the pond, it ran beautifully. It was my first time playing a remote control toy, but it only took a little bit of practice to get the hang of the remote, and the ship actually responds very well. It is fast and it makes a big wake and is so cool.
I can see that it may not last long; I hope I get a good number of uses out of it, but so far I (and some friends) had a great time with it.
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on April 27, 2013
This is a R/C ship that is way beyond expectations for the price (I've paid about u$s 34 for it with free shipping).

It includes the rechargeable batteries for the ship and the 9V battery for the remote control.

The axles of the propelers are made of bronze, and the electric engines are really powerful. it reaches a very high speed and it is easy to control with its forward / backwards / left / right propeler controls.

This ship is way to fast, so don't try it in a regular shimming pool at home (12 x 32 feet). It is best for lackes of bigger pools.

The quality of the exteriors it is better than expected for a RC ship of this price.

I was so satisfied with it that I bought a second one. Great toy!!
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on January 1, 2015
The box received reads only "Battleship". On the side of the box it reads "HT-3872A is designed according to the Bismarck". There is a sticker added probably by Amazon that reads the same as this title description. It has the silhouette of the Bismarck and likeness, not a copy of the real thing. This R/C toy is made by HENG TAI but nowhere can I find a "Made in label" but most likely it's China.

Some reviewers noted that water can get inside the motor compartment. The deck meets the hull very tightly and there is no gaps of any kind. The top of the model comes off to place the battery in its water sealed compartment and no where is there any gaps for water intrusion. It is made quite well and very surprised. There are a few parts to extend the antenna masts and few other parts but it if for shipping purposes and makes the box about 2 inches lower. If these parts were glued at the factory, they most likely be broken when trying to removed the ship from the box. The instructions are written on the bottom of the box and there is definitely a translation problem. But with a few pictures things do make sense. Other story's and pictures of past war ships are accurate and obviously they were copied because they were written in perfectly correct English.

It is true that the propellers will only run in water, they must us the brass drive shafts to detect that it is in water with a sensor. However to bench test it there are two resistor on the deck. By wetting your finger and touching the resistors allows the propellers to run for a few seconds using the remote.

Today, I was able to put it in a pond and it ran quite well. It has two propellers and it is how it steers. It does run fast and not perfectly straight but that is what makes it fun, trying to accurately maneuver it. Buy making one motor forward and the other in reverse it allows it to make hard turns. It sits nice and low in the water and it was just not possible to tip it over. There were gray sky's and the water was a little rough and windy for this small model but it held true and maneuver very easy. The amazing thing was the color gray of the ship made it somewhat difficult to see in the water maybe 40 feet away. Others with me stated the same thing. The red color hull kept it in focus.

Update 3/6/16
One of the first reviewers mentioned about using a silicon bead to seal the deck. It's not needed. The plastic parts that come with it MUST be glued in their respective holes in the deck. That is where the water can get in the hull. I noticed that water would come out of these holes as I lifted the model out of the water. After gluing in the parts there has been no problem since. Today, was the first time I used it in about a year. and I occasionally charged the battery. The battery performed like it was new. Still a fun toy to chase the ducks out of the water.
review image review image
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on November 2, 2014
Great little ship. Add your own paint and seal up all the seems with bees wax or mink oil water repellent for leather. I will be placing another order with this seller soon.
review image
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on August 29, 2015
I am not an R/C enthusiast at all, though my son has shown a great desire for seacrafts, maritime history, starting with the Titanic and watching videos and reading books constantly, then on to cargo ships starting at the Emma Maersk and moving on. We have built some models, and have some "toy" boats which are horrible looking. I thought it might be a treat to have something more realistic. I will give all the details about battery life, issues, etc.

Battery life: Our first voyage out after an all night charge was 1 hr and 10 minutes. At this point it had just started to slow down, I think it could have lasted longer had we operated it more efficiently.

Seaworthiness: There are mixed reviews on here and I will state: This ship has a tendency to list. Some people have noted moving the antenna, but that only seemed anecdotal and slightly effective. I am not sure, but I am suspecting that the battery movement causes this, but was unable to prove it; though I was able to ride straight with some creativity.

The boat is not accurate speed-wise, and is quite fast for what it is and for the battery life. Ignoring that; for the price point this would make an excellent small project boat for little ones. We already have some changes we want to make, including removing the rocket launchers, painting, and modifying the speed. We would like to have speed control on the remote, but that's out of range for this newbie so far.

If you are particular about the operation of boats, and very particular about accuracy then move on. This battleship is not without issues, starting with the fact that it has, as others have mentioned, rocket launchers instead of seaplane catapults and the paint is not accurate. (Of course, a swastika is probably something that only a serious collector wants on this).
review image review image review image review image
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on August 13, 2012
1. One propeller was not secure on its shaft. I had to take the boat apart to discover that the bottom nut which is closest to the ship could not be tightened, I ended up super-glueing the nuts onto the shaft. It seems the threads were stripped.

2. Instructions are very poorly written. I bypassed the safety "touch" switch because I couldn't get it figured out. I have since learned that the feature requires the boat to be immersed in water to complete the circuit. I bypassed the switch simply by cutting the wires then connecting them together again minus the switch. It works fine.

3. The model came with holes in the bow. I used silicone to patch them. The holes were apparently manufacturing defects.

4. The boat is very quick and quite maneuverable. So quick in fact that the stern deck will go awash during the initial acceleration (the boat has two speeds: full throttle and "off"). I found water in the hull after my first test run. I decided to seal the seam where the hull and superstructure meet with silicone. No water in the hull after this treatment. I also sealed the red power indicator light on the bow, which was broken on arrival.

5. The superstructure is attached to the hull by about 25 small screws. Kind of a pain to remove all those screws to check to see if there is water in the hull. I do not plan to check this after each use, as others have recommended.
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on July 5, 2013
I took this battleship into the water on July 4

I the boat run through a river . I was amazed on how fast it went.

The water was choppy but the boat glided through it with ease.

For the money it was a great purchase plus it looks great as a model when not in the water.

Remember the boat was only around $40. I got a lot more than I expected.
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on December 6, 2013
The port side motor will not run in forward/ahead direction. As there is not a rudder there is very little that can be done to control direction. I blame the manufacturer for this defect. Also, the Tirpitz Class (Bismarck) did NOT have two quad rocket or torpedoe tubes mounted amidships!
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