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on February 3, 2011
Hi, open minds.

My summoned review of this book: "the most interesting one of the MH saga".
In this book you can find the most revealing information about this human race.
While I was reading this book, a long sleeping memory re-ignited in my head: I ALSO met these people !!
No joke I swear, this fisonomy matches exactly to that of 4 people that came accross my hometown about 35 years ago:

On july 1975 (perhaps 1976) my family spent vacations in a little village named "Chera", here in Spain located some 70 km inland from East coast (Valencia).
My uncle startled stood up during the street-laid supper and voiced: "what the heck is that thing", spotting what he said "looked like a flying bus".
Effectively all of us could see about 3000 feet high and 3 miles away, an strange object cruising from east to west in utter silence.
This sighting was at roughly 11 pm and lasted for no more than 30 secongs. This place is sorrounded by mountains and the object soon hid behind a ridge.

The following saturday morning we were resting in the local swimming pool facilities when my father told me "look at that odd gang".
Actually a group of at least 2 adult men, a boy and a girl walked by. I thought they were "albinos" that people with the genetic traits causing lack of pigmentation on skin. They wore shorts and she a one-piece blue bathsuit.
They were completely white and amazingly slim, blue-eyed and whiteblond-haired people. They were known by none in that 1000-peasant small village.
I always remember to be very curious and I was numb by this scene. By then (9 years old) I knew nothing about ETs, let alone about tall white ETs.

I felt some pity abput them because such a degree of slimness could only mean to me unhealthy condition.
I stared at them sitting on the lawn in a circle, they never plunged in the pool on such a soffocating hot day and thay ointed no solar protection on their delicate skin.
Suddenly I noticed the boy sizing a bottle of water but his left pinkie was stiff, he could not fold it, so bizarre !!
In that very moment the girl turned back her head swiftly and looked at me with a grin, and one of the adults also looked at me with big blue eyes as in alert and concern.
Then I thought I had been caught up peeping and just lowered my eyes somewhat embarrased. Now I think they thought just the same about their disguised anomality, and 10 minutes later they just walked out discretely.

The flood of images and thoughts that crossed my mind the moment thay looked at me is beyond words, a mix of tenderness and joyfull intimate greeting. Then a dizzy feeling and a temporay loss of sense about elapsing time.

That's my testimony and that's why I guess I devoured these books. This story deserves a film just to further honour our secret guests.

Best regards-
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on July 15, 2004
I have met the author, and looked into his eyes as he talked to me about this book. I feel it is important reading, for any of us open-minded enough to realize that we cannot possibly be the only life in all of this vast universe. There is a simple thread of truth that runs through his story, trusting each other is what will save us all from each other...humans and aliens alike. I, for one, felt his eyes were not lying. This book truly touched me. To survive in the universe, we will have to trust other beings, as well as ourselves.
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on July 9, 2013
I certainly believe every word that is written in that book, but it is so poorly edited that it is painful to read. The pm and am times are often mixed up and he repeats and repeats one and same action over and over again. At times very boring.
Also the directions that he so elaborately always mentions, the eternal southest to the north, on the western side etc etc etc gets confusing.
So, the story is interesting because it is a truth that those aliens live there in Nevada, but the way Charles brings it across is boring.
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on October 12, 2007
Millennial Hospitality II: The World We Knew, by Charles James Hall is the second in a trilogy of books, the others being "Millennial Hospitality" and "Millennial Hospitality III: The Road Home". As with most trilogies you have to read the whole series in order to fully appreciate them.

I purchased this set of books a result of an interview I heard on the Coast to Coast AM radio program several years ago. The host of the program, Art Bell interviewed Paola Harris, author of the book "Connecting the Dots". Ms. Harris introduced Charles James Hall and his series of books. Mr. Hall presented his books as factual, and as documenting his contact with tall white aliens while stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. I have a tape recording of the program and have listened to it several times, so I'm confident that I am correct about his claims that these books were true accounts.

The first book in the series states on the opening pages, that the book is a fictional account based on the author's actual experiences while serving in the United States Air Force. I was disappointed to note that the opening pagers of the second and third books are vaguer and indicate that the books are fiction. Obviously there is conflicting information here, and most certainly the books have no basis in fact.

All that being said, what a read they are!

If there is even a smidgen of truth at all in these books, they relate one of the most unsettling series of alien encounters that I have ever read. While Charles James Hall as a writer, is certainly not the J. K. Rowling of UFOlogy, his character Charlie Baker has to be the Harry Potter of the UFO aficionados. I couldn't put these books down.

The author walks you through months of his experiences as Charlie Baker, a weather observer launching weather balloons on several bombing ranges in the remote deserts of Nellis Air Force Base. Through winter freeze and sweltering summer heat he describes his experiences in agonizing detail, each involving encounters with "Range Four Harry" and other fluorescent alien beings who arrange themselves in a shape resembling a horse and float around the desert terrifying his peers. He meets males, females, and children, is protected by "the teacher", chased, shot at, and shot by the seven foot tall aliens while humans in Air Force Uniforms - apparently officers - observe. The aliens follow him into Las Vegas and from casino to casino. He sneaks into an alien space craft hanger gets away with it; tells you he is the smartest, bravest guy in the Air Force, and keeps the tall tails coming one after the other, each one better than the last, through all three volumes.

Read the books and make up your own mind, you'll be entertained in the worst case and captivated at best.
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on September 20, 2010
While I can't say that Charles Hall is the best writer in the world, I have found his supposed accounts of his experiences with aliens quite fascinating and original. I read MH I first, and I found myself, on the one hand, getting very frustrated with the slow pace and his denial of reality in that book, but on the other hand, I could not stop reading. I enjoyed MH II more than the first book, because at least he started to come to terms with what was happening, and there was simply more interaction with the "whites".

I was also confused by the claims that these books are fiction, when I had read elsewhere that they were essentially true accounts of his experiences, but I have to say that if any part of the alien encounters are true, the books are well worth their price. These books are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the subject of aliens on this planet, or simply with alternate versions of "reality".
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on January 14, 2014
The writing and story dragged on and on, every day was almost the same as the next, very repetitious. One of the worst written books I have ever read.
The story could have been condensed into one third of the book....
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on December 5, 2015
YES, the book is "slow", and Charles Hall does get repetitive. However, something about his step-by-step account rings true. This book is very thought-provoking and engaging, no matter how repetitive or slow it is. I would rather have the book exactly as-is, without obvious professional editing (which may actually take away from the impact of the book).

I have read four books from this series and am planning on getting the fifth one. I have thoroughly enjoyed these books.

If any of you have not listened to former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer talk about his desire for alien disclosure, please look it up on You Tube. (He testified at a 2013 "Citizen's Hearing" in front of some Congressmen/women). Also check out Mr. Hellyer's book "Money Mafia" (in which the alien disclosure issue is also discussed). Intriguing stuff!
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on February 5, 2015
The worst writing I have ever encountered. Charles James Hall, in the fullness of time, why don't you terrain follow a group of 7-foot tall, chalk-white beings whose large eyes wrap around the sides of their heads (that your super-intelligent protagonist believes, for a long while, are humans)? P.S. - "can not" is one word
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on August 7, 2013
After being convinced of Charles Hall's forthrightness and honesty during a press scrum interview that I saw on the internet I eagerly purchased and read his book, Millennium Hospitality 2, expecting more convincing information about his reports of "tall white" alien visitors. Halfway through the book I had found several reasons to disbelieve Mr Hall's story. My suspicions were raised not by his descriptions of alien beings and encounters but from his rather mundane discussions about the background incidents surrounding his story. My first inkling of suspicion about Mr. Hall's honesty came after I read a passage in the beginning of Mr. Hall's book about his four separate dates with the same Las Vegas woman over a space of time and how he did not recognize her as the same woman because of her ability to change her appearance through wigs and make-up and clothing. When he says he thought she was four different women I found that totally illogical and unbelievable. That's like believing that Bruce Wayne could hide his true identity as Batman by wearing a partial half-face mask. More of my suspicions about Hall's believability were raised when Hall described a situation where a General was admiring Hall's bravery in a speech to another soldier in which he uses the word "brave" several times. It is totally illogical for a US General to admire a soldier's "bravery" in such glowing tones as Hall describes simply because Hall did not run away from the alien visitors that Hall had discovered living near to his weather station in the desert. In my opinion Generals do not faun over soldiers the way Hall described in that situation. Hall finds many opportunities to use the word "brave" and "intelligent" when describing himself or when writing about being described by others to the point of diminishing his own believability.I also found it hard to believe Hall's descriptions of soldiers, generals and aliens laughing uproariously over Hall's witticism and jokes when the jokes he used as examples were mildly humorous at best. Adding to my suspicions about his story being made up is the bland and repetitious way he describes the songs he sings almost constantly during his travels and yet he never once names any of those songs nor does he tie their lyrics to activities and happenings the way most people link life and music. For example when most people think of a song associated with an event they often relate to the song title or words in the song-whereas Hall never does. He just states I sang my songs. Or I was singing songs. I found Hall's descriptions of dialogue generally unrealistic and lacking realism but perhaps you should read Hall's books yourself and form your own opinions. Mine are already made up.
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on April 27, 2016
Finished reading books 2 and 3 but gobbled them up so fast they are a blur in my mind. From what I remember the second book seems to repeat some of the first but also reveals a bit more so I don't feel it was a waste. I was at first sitting on the fence wondering if his story was believable. There are people out there who specifically try to mis/disinform the public to further confuse the alien issue but my conclusion is that this does not seem to be. I have found myself angry at our government/military for going about things in such a haphazard way. I mean, could they not have established some sort of protocol and briefed some of these people to keep from causing unnecessary harm and anguish? Not sure if this is how the aliens wanted things to be so that was the reason? I kind of wonder if the fear Charles writes about that they seem to have of us is because they see us as hostile until proven otherwise and that's why they act in threatening ways. I think so much of what we know is such a big fat lie and it's hard to keep staying on the treadmill. Are we just a giant interactive ant farm to them? And how many different kinds of them are there? So many questions..... the only negative things about the books is that they are a bit confusing and repetitive but I will continue to consume them...
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