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on May 23, 2010
I have beern using this hummingbird food for years. The local hummingbirds seem to love it. I have tried others, but, the local humming birds seem to shun them. Recently I had difficulty locating the MILLS Brothers humming food locally. I found it at Amazon.

I found that by using a Rubbermaid "RefillReuse" 20 oz. plastic bottle, mixing the food with water becomes easy. One side of the bottle is marked with a 10 oz. mark and a 20 oz. mark. Between those two marks is blank mark. That would be the 15 oz. mark.

I empty a bag of hummingbird food into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water until it reaches the mark between the 10 oz. and the 20 oz. marks. Replace the cap making sure the spout is closed and shake. Done. They sell the bottle at Amazon.
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on August 12, 2012
This product contains nothing more than plain sugar and coloring. It does not contain anything special, nor beneficial, that would attract more hummers to the feeder than anything else on the market. It turns out that the coloring is completely unnecessary (and not even healthy for the hummers). The red color on your feeder is enough to attract them. The best mixture is 4 Parts water to 1 Part plain white sugar (which is the same stuff as real flower nectar). I prefer not to use tap water. We get hummers stopping in constantly throughout the entire day. I use the 12 ounce Humzinger feeder and they almost finish off the nectar in less than a week. You need to clean the feeder out at least once a week anyway.
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on October 28, 2012
I've been feeding hummingbirds in my back yard for years. I always bought whatever powdered food the local hardware store carried, as I thought they were all the same, as long as they were red. I know some people have said the red coloring was bad for the birds, but the hummers in my yard wouldn't touch the sugar water solution I tried making myself per the directions I've seen in other reviews. It worried me that the red stuff wasn't ideal, but at least they would drink it, and it had to be better for them than nothing.

I tried this brand out of curiosity, and because it says the coloring is from natural sources and was therefore more healthy. I could tell immediately when mixing it up that it was different than the artificially-colored mixtures, as the redness has a deeper, beet-colored hue that has a slightly peach-tinged foam when shaken. If you've ever tried to use plant-based dyes to color something, you know what I mean. So I was already feeling much better about providing a healthy alternative, but I was totally unprepared for how much they would like it. I used to get four or five birds in my yard, who would take turns feeding at my four feeders, one at a time (mine were quite territorial, apparently). Within three days of putting out this new food, suddenly I have a dozen or more hummers at the feeders, and for some reason most of them will feed simultaneously now (except for one guy who seems determined to monopolize one feeder for himself). At high feeding hours, morning and late afternoon, they positively swarm my feeders now! They're so much fun to watch, swooping round each other and practically lining up for their turns at the feeders - it's like an aerial ballet.

This food costs a bit more than the standard red stuff, but it attracts so many more hummers it's totally worth it. And I love that it is more nutritious for the birds. You really must try it!

Be sure you are careful to replace the food regularly. Having been used to the artificially colored food, I sometimes overfilled my feeders and the nectar was fine for quite a while. But because the coloring is from natural sources in this product, it doesn't stay fresh for as long. We were away for a bit over a week, and when we returned home I found the nectar in one of the feeders had thickened and become moldy. So I'm only filling my feeders with enough nectar to last the birds for three days or so, then starting over with a fresh supply. It's still worth it to give the birds healthy food!

UPDATE July 2014: Like other reviewers, I became discouraged (and a little ticked off) at the increasing price of this food. I finally reached my limit and decided to try something else this year. The hummingbirds went on strike. We had one or two birds a day, and that was it. So I broke down and ordered one box, as a test. Within days they were back in droves. I don't know what it is about this stuff, but it's like crack to them. I suppose I'll just have to get a second job to pay for their habit.
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on July 10, 2010
No Humming bird food compares to this product. It draws 3-4 times the humming Birds than other products.
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2011
The hummers seem to enjoy this food because they spend a lot of time feeding. One thing I noticed is that hummers are nasty little critters. A hummer will pull up to the feeder and start to feed and another one will come along and chase it away and take over the feeder. When it is finished and takes off the previous one returns and resumes feeding although it is very nervous and skittish and constantly looking around to see if the bully is returning.
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on August 24, 2010
We've been feeding the hummies for about 5 years now and I always felt guilty giving them sugar water with red food dye in it. UNTIL just this year I found the Mills Bros. Hummingbird Food. They use natural colors and the box says it also contains some vitamins and mineral. I have to say, the proof is in the pudding, because we, too, have had a higher number of visits from all of the various hummies who have found our feeder. We've become the favorite gathering place! I have now recommended this food to my friend and it's the only one I will plan. That is unless I can figure out how to make my own and make it red with some natural substance. Thanks, everyone, for caring for wildlife!!
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on August 22, 2010
I agree with the other reviewers. We've been using this food for a number of years, and hummers avoid every other hummingbird food we've tried. They LOVE this stuff!
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on April 15, 2015
Do not be duped into thinking that this stuff is endorsed by The National Audubon Society because it is not. Audubon Park is a sub company under Global Harvest which is a plant company, not a pet food or avian company. The National Audubon Society and experts from all over the country ONLY recommend a 4/1 water/cane sugar mixture that you can make easily in up u r kitchen at a fraction of the price. Do some research folks, for the hummingbirds sake.
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on July 13, 2011
Hummingbirds really seem to enjoy this nectar. I've never made my own or bought another brand, but from what I've read about the birds they can be picky eaters. I am using this food with a Mini Hummzinger feeder and it's literally one after the other all day. The feeder only holds 8oz, so I mix this in a 16oz container and store the rest in the fridge.
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on September 4, 2011
We got a flowering plant this Spring, and a couple of months ago Precious told me how she saw a hummingbird taking a nip from one of the flowers. She sounded so excited that I decided to get her a hummingbird feeder. I put this stuff in there, and those birds or that bird (I don't know exactly how many are out there) are just sucking that dry. I've seen a single bird on a few occasions, but most of the time I only see the level of the liquid going down. Precious has seen a humming bird on several occasions, and she is quite pleased.

I've gotta order some more of this stuff because our supply is running low.
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