Customer Reviews: Mindfulness For Dummies (Book + CD)
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on September 18, 2010
As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I approached this book with mixed feelings...and after reading it, ended with great respect for the author and his work. True to the Dummies' template, reading this book can feel like taking a drink out of a fire hose - too much to absorb. That being said, the individual chapters offer well-defined concepts that feel more manageable and offer easy to use and valuable information. For readers new to mindfulness, this book gives them a great, basic overview. For the more experienced, this book offers creative and innovative ideas for deepening their own practice, as well as supporting the practice of others. If you're reading this review, then you have some interest in mindfulness and will find this book a well-written, caring, and information-packed resource.
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on September 14, 2010
I love this book. It is an excellent beginner's guide to anyone wanting to practice mindfulness. I found this book very easy to read and it offers helpful tips and advices on mindfulness. The way it was written is very practical but also profound and deep.
It is not overwhelming to read it. Very well written and uses simple easy to understand terms. I would recommend this as a startup book for people who are interested in being mindful.
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on January 21, 2012
As popular as mindfulness has become, there are a lot of books written by "experts" that are aimed at too broad an audience (sometimes sounding like they're doing it so they can show off how much they know), and so the true beginner can feel missed -- or worse, can feel like a dummy. This is the best "Dummies" book I've ever read, really engaging and hitting its purpose right on target: Bringing mindfulness at it's basic level to the total beginner, with friendliness and without assuming the reader is stupid -- just a beginner. Well done.
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on September 4, 2010
Concisely written. Useful information for the practice of mindfulness meditation and its application to daily life to reduce stress and enhance well-being. I am recommending this practical book to my patients and students!
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on January 19, 2012
The instructions in this book are easy to understand and follow. With a bit of motivation and practice you can get some practical experience with the techniques and see what might work for you. I have previously read much of the Buddhist literature on meditation as well as a lot of neurophysiology on the nature of thought. The Buddhist approach suffers from multiple schools recommending different techniques plus a lot of ideas truly foreign and unacceptable to a westerner such as transmigration of souls. The neurophysiological approach is so fractured and minutely divided that the overall picture of what a person might do with a lifetime of experience to asses, is left unanswered. The literature on emotional intelligence comes close however to explain how a well functioning mind might work. I never realized that becoming mindful is a 24/7 challenge, and meditation is simply a way to slow things down so you can sort out a few aspects. This makes entering the fray of daily activities a bit easier as you have developed some insights enabling a better understanding of how your mind puts things together. As a physician I was looking for a book to recommend to patients who could use a better understanding of mental health, and this book is now at the top of my list.
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on May 30, 2011
NOTE the kindle version of this book doesn't include any audio or cd content. This is a drawback as I would like to listen to the guided meditation cd which is included in the physical edition of this book. I wish the publisher or Amazon would let you download the additional content somehow.

Also, this kindle book does not let you skip to the next chapter using the right/left arrow (4 way) keys. I think this is a significant formatting oversight. However, the table of contents are hyper-linked, so you could use "Go to" from the menu to go to the Table of Contents page and then link to the desired chapter from there. The drawings and icons in this book show up pretty well, so that's good.

Some formatting issues aside, the contents of this book have greatly exceeded my expectations. I did not have a lot of respect for the "Dummies" series of books in the past. I thought they sometimes dummed things down a bit too much. But this book is excellent. I was new to the mindfulness practice, I was only recently introduced to it by my Physical Education instructor. I didn't have a clear idea what he was talking about. This book has been extremely helpful. It is a very pleasant read, and I would recommend anyone to purchase it.

I definitely encourage people to purchase this book. It is a good investment on your well-being.
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on September 11, 2012
This book is good for a practical and very thorough and understandable introduction
to mindfulness meditation. It contains step by step techniques and elaborates all the
fundamental concepts.

I bought it for that purpose and as such I am satisfied.

The reason I'm not giving it five or four stars is that I find the writing quite repetitive
and rather uninspired. The metaphors and illustrative stories are dull and clichéd,
and everything is made very clear and obvious to the point of boredom.

The author makes a lot of statements about life and meditation that feels a bit like
his own made up philosophy. I could have used more references to scientific studies of
mindfulness or buddhist literature.

But after all - it's a "for dummies" book and maybe my demands are a bit too high.

If you are interested in starting doing mindfullness this is definitely a good start -
it helped me on the way. Just don't expect to have the most exciting reading experience !
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on January 9, 2011
`Mindfulness for Dummies' is another good book in the `for Dummies' series and if you have read any other books from them then this will be familiar territory. You get the garish yellow cover, in-depth contents and index, chapters broken up into succinct bite sized sections, the assorted icons that highlights specific sections and paragraphs, the cartoons from Rich Tennant and the Part of Tens to finish things up. It's very formulaic stuff, but it's a formula that works.

This book looks at the practise pf Mindfulness and starts off by exploring the benefits, before going into greater depth discussing the various ways of meditating and integrating the ideas into your everyday life. It helps with forming a routine that works for you and counters any setbacks you may experience. It also suggests ways to help you develop greater happiness, as well as reducing stress, anger, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It finishes up by looking at Mindfulness in relation to pain and how to introduce it to children. The part of tens is more comprehensive than in other dummies books I have and offers up some good resources for future exploration.

The author writes with humour and he is very clear about how to practise mindfulness and it's benefits in your life. I have done various meditations for many years now, some of which are in this book, and I have to say this is a good introduction to meditation and it demystifies some of the ideas surrounding mindfulness and meditation in general. The benefits of meditation and mindfulness have long been established and this book is a wonderful way to open yourself up to it's positive influence in your life.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on November 24, 2013
This book is easy to read and very well organized. One other reader found it tiresome, but I don't
see how that can be. I have read other books on mindfulness, but this one clearly stands out for
the beginner in this sometimes puzzling but profound subject., I highly recommend this book for anyone,
whether religiously inclined or not, who wishes to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice
of mindfulness. Note that it is filled to the brim with practical suggestions.
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on September 10, 2012
I have read meny books of 'how to" meditae, and this is the first book that I find very useful.
It explains mindfulness in a way that makes it clear and approachable, and by following the step by step guidance, I found myself , for the first time really able to meditae.

The book is very well written and contains clear explanations of each of the several forms of meditations.

The cd is extremely helpful and enabled me, for the first time , to actually be mindful, at first for short periods ,and gradulally for longer time.

I bought this book in effort to reduce high blood pressure and, indeed it helps !every day I meditate the mini- med. in the morning, and my days have become less stressfuls. In the evening I do the ' body scan meditation' which improved my sleeping at night.

I really recommand this book. It helpes me very much and improves my everyday life and my health .
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