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VINE VOICEon September 16, 2004
It's been six months since Doyce's stepson Vesey and the renegade "Gleaners" (telepaths) he led were destroyed, though not without cost to Doyce herself: ever since that battle she has closed herself off mentally from everyone, including her would-be lover Jenret (whose presence she wasn't even aware of) and her beloved Bond, the ghatta Khar'pren. So Khar is delighted when the chief of the Seeker corps asks Doyce to join a diplomatic mission. The chief (only?) continent of the ghattis' world was long ago divided by its human colonists into two countries: the Seekers' Canderis, which is a republic, and Marchmont, a monarchy. Recently Marchmont's aged queen died without obvious heirs, and border incidents have been multiplying ever since, endangering the freedom of trade between the two nations and, thereby, Canderis's prosperity. Accompanied by several other Seekers and their ghatti, plus Nakum, the forester, and his ghatt Saam as guides, she sets out for the border. When Chak, the Bond of the senior Seeker, unexpectedly dies and his human walks off a cliff with his body, Doyce is promoted to head the party, much to her dismay, and they continue on their way.

In Marchmont, intrigue is afoot, and questions are everywhere. Who is the heir, and why can't he or she be found? Who is the mysterious Steward who guides Marchmont while the search continues? Who is trying to disrupt the Seekers' mission? Where does the D'Artagnan-esque guardsman Arras Muscadeine stand? Can the Canderisians stop a palace coup from placing the power-hungry Lord Maurice on the throne? As they struggle to carry out their mandate, they learn, to their astonishment, that Marchmont is overrun with telepaths--but these are not the meddling Gleaners of Canderis; their society acknowledges them and they function openly and, for the most part, ethically. Their powers will prove crucial to the resolution of the situation--but so will the Seekers: the late Queen on her deathbed urged her people to "wait for the ghatt" who would lead them to their next ruler, and so one does.

Although by no means a quick read, this second in the Ghatti's Tale series is equally rich in texture and insight, and author Greeno displays a keen understanding of how governments and economies work and how people react to psychological stress. (Some reviewers take Doyce to task for her "whining," but I understand her feelings: she thinks there should have been something she could have done, as Vesey's stepmother, to prevent him from growing up so twisted, and she believes she should have nurtured rather than destroyed him, which naturally makes for guilt.) The climactic scenes may be difficult for some readers to bear, as two ghatti and their Seekers die gallant but violent deaths for a country that isn't even theirs; but in the end the right triumphs and Doyce and Jenret appear to be on their way to healing.
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on August 14, 2000
I thought this book was better than the first, the first got to be a page turner when the ending was near ... and you might need to read the first one to understand this book better ...
Doyce can't accept the fact that her stepson, Vesey, was a Gleaner, a mindstealer and more, he was responsible for her friend and lovers death, Oriel. Doyce can't accept it but she has to. Time is running short.
The ghatti seek the Truth. Their Bondmates help to find the truth. Disguised problems are happening across the border. Trade is slowing noticably and Doyce is positioned in a group as a recorder. She hasn't mindspoken with her Bondmate, Khar'pern, because of her grief and withdrawal. But she finally mindspeaks to her beloved Bondmate when her mind starts to clear ...
The group inculdes Jenret and Rawn. Jenret has been there for her before and they were forced to work together (in the first book) so they have a wary kind of relationship. When the leader of the group dies she is forced to be Special Envoy, the leader of the group. She is opposed to it as much as Aelbert, who believes he should be the leader. But she has no choice and takes the lead.
Across the border they find that things aren't as they seem. Someone wants to rule the court, now that the Queen has died and not left an heir, and wants the ghatti along with their Bondmates out of the way because the ghatti seek truth and truth would be unfortunate for the person who wants to rule.
Romance, or what the others think of as romance, sparks fly between Arras (a protector of the throne) and Doyce. Jenret's emotions become more clear now that jealousy has began to flow through his thoughts.
The complications are more intricate and delicate then they had realized and soon they find themselves caught in what they didn't want, Danger. They came to open the trade between the borders and find themselves seeking the truth for the rightful heir of the throne. Danger lurks where they least expect it and death is chasing them. If they slow down it will swallow them up and then what?
Will Doyce be ready for the truth when it's revealed? After what she had to go through will she be strong enough to deal with the new problems and unwanted discoveries about others ... and herself?
Jenret's jealousy heightens ... will he speak up or will his love go forever silenced?
A great book, full of mystery and adventure, along with romance and secrets. Surprises flow with the pages ... hints of something and then your own conclusion ... when it's cleared it may not be what you thought.
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on September 28, 2000
Mind-Speaker's Call, the second book in The Ghatti's Tale trilogy, was a worthy sequel to Finders-Seekers, and a little easier to get into. While the first book got off to a bit of a slow start, this one was immediately engrossing.
It opens not far from where the first book left off, with Doyce locked inside her own tormented mind, leaving poor Khar'pern starved for connection. Those around her have finally decided to send her on a mission, hopefully for her own good.
Their land of Canderis is dangerously close to war with their neighbor, Marchmont. Doyce and her companions are sent to find the cause of trade breakdown and the ejection of their representative from Marchmont. Meanwhile, Canderis is struggling with the question of how to handle the hidden Gleaners in their midst, the heinous mindstealers whose very presence threatens everything Canderis holds dear.
If you've already read _Finders-Seekers_, you're probably already attached to many of the characters; there are some terribly sad surprises in store. But, new and bigger hopes and dreams are revealed that leave one anticipating the next book, _Exiles' Return_. The ending was a pleasant surprise; don't give up at the depressing parts!
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on May 26, 2014
I love the "Ghatti's Tale" series, and this book is an integral part of the series. In book one, we've learned about the "Gleaners", and the dangers that they present. In this book, we're introduced to the "other side", the "Resonants", who are the counterparts of Canteris's Gleaners, and who reside in the neighboring country of "Marchmont".

I hate to give any spoilers, but I highly encourage lovers of fantasy stories to read this series! Yes, it is very hard to read in places, not so much because of difficult prose or anything, but because it is HIGHLY emotional. I freely admit that I cried in places. I usually don't like that in a book, but Ms. Greeno creates characters that become so real to me that they're like friends. The relationship between Aelbert and his Ghatta (a female of the Ghatti species) is so touching that I tear up if I think too much about it even now! And the death of the group's leader fairly early in the book is heart-wrenching.

I dearly wish that this book would be made available on Kindle. I have the other books in the series, as well as the "Ghatten's Gambit" series, and really wish that I could add this one. If I knew how, I'd convert it to Kindle myself!
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on October 12, 2000
I couldn't put it down until I hit the end and I couldn't wait for my next visit to this world! This was a great read, if you love cats, telepathy or the interaction of just people and animals you'll love this book!
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on August 20, 2013
This is the 4th book in Ms. Greeno's series of the ghattan. I want one for my very own. They have all the wonderful characteristics of a cat but more loyal and loving in turn. A gripping story of mystery, intrigue, and the strength of family and friends.
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on August 17, 2013
Seeker Doyce is recovering from the psychic shock she received at the end of "Finders-Seekers," and she is far from stable. She hasn't mind-spoken with her bondmate Kahr since the showdown with the rogue Gleaners (Humans who don't need the cat-like Ghatti to speak mind-to-mind). To bring Doyce out of her depression, her Ghatta volunteers them for the diplomatic venture into Marchmont, the country to the north, to go with other Seeker pairs and discover why all trade and communication have stopped moving between their two nations.

In Marchmont, more than personalities will clash, because that people has held a dangerous secret for these two hundred years. In ferreting out the rightful heir to the thrown, Doyce and her countrymen will also find a traiter in their midst and make unforeseen allies.

Catch up with your favorite mysterious twins, troublesome carrot-top, suave man-in-black, patchwork priest, stallwart Eumedico, a wild grandmother and grandson bonded to the earth -- and all the rest -- as well as meet new faces along Doyce's journey.

And, if Doyce didn't have enough on her plate in the political arena, she must choose between the lovesick Jenret and a Marchmont military officer to be the keeper of her heart.

Beginning six months after the close of "Finders-Seekers," this second novel in the Ghattis Tale series opens haphazardly, but the prose soon smooth out to form the body of a long and flowing narrative. The text is rich in subplots that are relevant to the story arc. The The diverse settings are described well and in accordance with how the characters would view them.

Marking the consistent myriad bodily expressions and personality traits of each of Gayle Greeno's Seekers and Ghatti, I was able to get to know them better in this book. She was much more detailed this go-round, and the characters -- whether human, Ghatti, or Gleaner -- tended to stay "in character."

If, like me, you were unsure about Gayle Greeno's writing prowess, even if her SF&F ideas were fruitful, I entreat you to take up this second literary libation. Though not a perfect work, Greeno's skill seems less rushed (or better edited), and she delights with many-a-mystery to solve for our favorite female protagonist, as well as many of the minor characters as individuals.

This book came after:
The Ghattis Tale, Book 1: Finders-Seekers

This book comes before:
Exile's Return (Ghatti's Tale)
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on June 16, 2002
For some reason, Greeno chose to destroy MOST of the main characters -- almost as if she was worried any book without a lot of senseless deaths would be unprintable...The Ghatti are also relatively absent for much of the book, which I found a great disappointment.
The plot and characterization are otherwise brilliant... It was nice to see Greeno decide to treat the "Gleaners" a little more rationally in this volume than she did in the first. The only problems really occur where Greeno evidently "needed" to inject elements that didn't fit in with reality. Still, it's worth the extended read, if only for a historical set-up for the next novels.
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on April 20, 1999
If you thought you loved the first one, this one will really knock your socks off. I was already hooked from the first one so it wasn't hard to get into. The action was even better. We also get to see how the Ghatti work on a different level. There were a lot of sad parts (I cried like a baby). The only thing that could have been better, was to leave out the few sex parts. They were unnecassary.
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VINE VOICEon October 13, 2005
Vesey is gone, but Doyce and the Seekers face new threats as they begin to realize that the ghatti aren't the only Mindspeakers on the planet....and the future may lie with the Gleaners who have been persecuted as evil! Highly recommend for fans of this series, cat lovers, and those who also like Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series (horses as bondmates)
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