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on March 22, 2013
This is the first time I use a surveillance system, I was searching for a low cost device for my office. I purchase this device with the "SVAT CCDCO Mini Indoor CCD Pinhole Camera Kit" and I'm happy ever since.

Here is what I have found after 30 days of use:

**Installation: Can't be easier, just plug and play, it comes with everything I needed and something I don't (a CD that I haven't found the need of use).
**Setting up the system (date, time, video quality ...): I had a problem here, I hooked up the device on my LED TV but it didn't show any video signal (I don't know why), I tried using another monitor and it worked just fine (I purchased the "3.5 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for Car" with a "DC Female to 4 Male Power Splitter Cable" to power it up), just fallow the manual to set up the device.
**Recording Time: This is my favorite part, with a 32 GB memory, in QVGA mode (320*240), I get 9 days of continuous recording time, that's it much better than I expected.

I hope this review helps you somehow, sorry if I misspelled something, I'm not good with English and this is my firs review.
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on May 17, 2013
Summary: Great unit for the money with decent video quality. Can't go wrong for the price! Below is some useful information on the machine.

Storage Card Data (Continuous Recording Mode):

On continuous recording mode the DVR will breakup the recordings into 30 minute sections. I found the motion sensor is not to accurate and has too much delay to be trusted. Thus, I prefer continuous mode. One commenter mentioned getting 9 days of recording on a 32GB card. I have done multiple tests and that is just not the case: not even close.

QVGA Data = .8GB's Per 1 Hour of Video = 40 Hours on 32GB SD Card
QVGA Mode (lowest quality) will more then doubles the storage space and the image quality is not much different from the VGA mode (highest quality). See video for comparison. Testing results equated to about .8GB's per 1 hour of video footage. This equates to about 40 hours of continuous recordings on a 32GB card. On my test I got about 22 hours of footage which took up 17.8GB on the card. The files are easy to navigate (see attached image).

VGA Data = 2GB's Per 1 Hour of Video = 16 Hours on 32GB SD Card
VGA Mode (highest quality) uses a lot of space at about 2GB's per 1 hour of footage. This equates to about 16 hours of continuous recordings on a 32GB card. My test got about 2 hours of footage that took up over 4.16GB on the card. Not recommended.

USB Card: Make sure to click "safely remove hardware" for the SD Card every time you use the card on the PC. If you do this the card will work flawlessly with the unit. You could also use Notebook to make a simple system.txt to improve the image quality (see J.P.'s review for more info).

Menu: Pretty easy to navigate with wheel. Just make sure that you press the wheel into the unit while making selections (took me a while to figure out). See video for what the menu system looks like and how to use the wheel.

Update: Once the video card fills up it will automatically erase the oldest file and replace with the current recording. If recording continuously, this gives you a backup of 40 hours at all times. This product is even better then I originally thought. Instead of having to erase the card every day or so, it does it automatically. That is not mentioned in the manual. COOL! Five Stars!
review image
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on April 2, 2013

1) First I had problems being able to write to the card. I think that you need a) to have power plug OUT .. b) insert card .. c) then power on. After this, I had no problems writing to the card.
2) Playback from device seems to be B&W only, however, playback via VLC on computer was color with timestamp in bottom right. (See update below)
3) It's certainly compressed video, the playback isn't as clean as the original source. (See update below)
4) The manual is in "chin-lish" .. but it all seems to make sense.
5) Passthrough to external monitor image is as clean as original. (but playback is not see #2 & #3)
6) All in all, really not bad for the money paid, I am waiting on a different model tomorrow which is 2x the price. I'll let you know which turns out to be tops.
7) The size of this unit is about same as pack of cigarettes .. quite compact.
8) It TAKES MICRO-SD cards (what the manufacturer seems to refer to as TF cards (tiny flash??))
9) Navigation and setup very barebones and simple.
10) I have not played too much with Motion Detection feature, but it does seem to have the feature.
11) It comes default set to PAL TV output. Easy enough to change to NTSC, but this change is not done via the menu system. You need to add a file to the ROOT-DIR of your Micro-SD card called "system.txt" .. that file should contain only 7 characters .. F15V0S9 == F = Framerate (default 15) V = video system (default 0 for PAL .. change to 1 for NTSC) .. S = sensitivity (dafault 9) they say higher number = more sensitive. They say to remove the file once it has been read once since it will otherwise be read during boot each time which is unnecessary.

1-star off for the obviously compressed video quality, which might not be fair to the unit, but I would have liked to have seen slightly better quality. FYI, I am running an Everfocus EHD730 Camera as input.

Regarding #2 above: The playback on through the device is IN COLOR. Maybe I just had it in a strange state PAL vs. NTSC in my initial experience.
Regarding #3 above: lower frame rates (5fps) seem to have better playback quality (this is to be expected) .. but still not as good as original source (also to be expected).

A thought: At the price of this unit, it may be advantageous to place it "inline" for each camera with a more standard "security DVR" for backup purposes perhaps as it's passthrough video is clean "original image quality" and for a small camera system, it might be nice to be able to simply pop a card and save/share the video.. again, just a thought.

See my review of another portable DVR product, where I compare directly to this product ..

** Will update again should the need arise, but currently I'm very happy with the unit. I've added a star (total of 5) based on my new findings. **
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on June 26, 2013
The DVR and it's functions are great. Easy setup with a two function selector and on screen display. Decent quality video and audio as was expected from the specifications.
The down side was that it came with a foreign power supply. I recieved an email from Dozens Media prior to arrival that warned this may be the case and to notify them and they would send the correct one. Contacting them i was told since it had been purchase through Amazon they couldn't help with the matter. Amazon had me return that unit and replaced it with one with the same power supply. Amazon did offer a 20% discount on the item or full refund. As the unit was what I wanted I took the discount.
Hoping it continues to work.
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on June 4, 2014
Great little mini DVR. The only issue I had was the menu was in Chinese and took a bit to change over to English. The MAJOR plus is a feature that NOBODY realizes... When set to continuous record and installed into a vehicle when you key on it starts to record, when you key off it stops without corrupting the video. Then when you key on again it starts another video file. This is EXACTLY what I wanted. I just need to find out if it will delete the oldest files when the SD card fills up that way I do not have to keep monitoring the card and deleting the files so it can continue recording. I purchased several "Dash cams" that ended up being JUNK, I installed this with a standard home security camera with microphone looking forward out the windshield and it doesn't miss a beat. Better in every sense of the work. Wired to the key and it records when ever I am driving. I have a second rear view camera looking out the back and both wired to a 10x4 monitor in place of my rearview mirror and is better than a mirror.

UPDATE: it does NOT delete older (oldest) files as memory fills up. You need to delete/format the memory card on a computer. The DVR does not allow you to delete from any menu option.
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on September 18, 2014
You get what you pay for. When I hooked this up to the camera, the picture looked great, but when I went to go play back the recordings you couldn't even make out what you were looking at (I was using to watch my car) much less tell what someone looked like. I have used the camera with my other DVR and it looked great, and I tried this many times with different subjects and the recordings just looked AWFUL. Unfortunately, it's not even worth the time, effort and money to return it. I guess they count on that too and that's why it's so cheap and cheaply made. Like I said, you get what you pay for
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on August 27, 2014
This bastard constantly freezes up, like always! You are going to have to reset it a lot if you review your videos at all. This things frame rate is about 10 fps so don't plan on using it to record anything moving quickly. The video that it does record is terrible, flat out it sucks. It is definitely not my camera because my camera can see a quarter in your hand 30 feet away... I wish I could post a sample of the video on here but I am at work and will try to do so when I get home. It does record though so I can't say it doesn't work at all but you could do better with a camera on a flip phone from the 90's.
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on August 8, 2013
I use this in my car with a 32Gb card. I have 4 cameras routed through a multiplexer and into the DVR. The interface isn't amazing but works for what it is. The quality is adjustable and it offers auto record and motion record options which is perfect for car cams. The best part is that when the power is cut the device uses the last of its power to finalize the video file, it even says goodbye before it shuts off!
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on September 25, 2014
Wired right up easily and does what it's supposed to do records every time it see motions so you dont have to hit stop and start, or forget to in my case.I use it in my FPV ground station for my multi-rotors. it powers on the same time as the rest of my ground station. I put a 32gb micro sd in it and at SD quality it should take a while to fill up. haven't downloaded any of it yet but have played it back on the ground station and for 35 bucks it's a good deal
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on October 24, 2014
Couldn't get it work on 3 different monitors. It may record okay but I could not get the setup screens to come up which makes it useless. Found an alternative DVR for FPV that works.

I sent the first one back and kept the second even though I never could get it to work either on the 3 monitors I tried it on. I tried it on a Black Pearl FPV monitor, an LED TV's video in, and an old 7" SD video monitor that plays everything I've ever plugged into it. I can't get to the settings screen nor does it show any picture whatsoever when I tried recording video via the Black Pearl's video out. I'm ordering an auto back-up camera and I'll see if it works with that monitor.

Finally, after being totally frustrated I gave up and ordered a more expensive option, the Lumenier DX600 from GetFPV dot com that works great and has a great setup procedure. The Lumenier has a small 2.5" LED screen which can be turned off and a built in LIPO battery. It's worth the extra coin. For FPV there is a lack of products that work properly to choose from and I searched did an exhaustive search and read many RC forums to find one that is trouble free.
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