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on September 4, 2013
If you're wondering, yes the product works with both iPod 5g and iPhone 5 (and most likely 5s)and from what it seems it will fit previous generations but it wont be as snug a fit as the 5th gen models. Now on to the product, I'm a Weight lifter and i occasionally run (2-3 days a week) for prolonged periods of time (2-3 miles) and i can say from using this for a week and a half this is the best arm band I've ever used. Its so durable, it fits my arm and then some, and on top of that it has a key holder, which i use to keep a few dollars to buy water if i need it, very handy. The Velcro is tough and dose not get loose, there were times where i purposely tried to see how much force it took for it to come off my arm, and the only way to get it off was by removing it myself, so its very tough. The Item Arrived on time and is exactly what I ordered. I'm planning on finally getting an iPhone 5 next month and all I have now is an iPod 5g and it fits like a glove, and when I get my iPhone 5 I can just swap out my iPod for my iPhone 5. I'm very happy with this product and not only did it come with the product itself, but it also came with a few promotions and a cell phone strap that promotes their company. For the price this is a no brainer, one the most highest quality iPod/iPhone arm band I've ever used, I wouldn't be surprised if the price went up, the quality is top-tier and rivals the other(more expensive) products on amazon.

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on April 9, 2013
I came across this on Amazon deals and couldn't beat the price. I've been wanting an arm band for my iPhone 5 and now that summer is almost here it was time to get one. The feel is very good, and it will fit if you have smaller arms. The key holder is hidden under the strap so no chance it will pop up during a run. The phone will only fit without a case on it, no big deal. It fits very securely with a hole at the bottom for headphones if you don't use bluetooth. The clear plastic is easy to see threw and you can still control the phone which is nice. It seems as if it would keep the phone protected if it starts to rain well you are out but I have not tested that out. This is the best armband for the price, just get one.
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on October 14, 2013
My old trusty Incase armband was falling apart after nearly one year, so I replaced with this one. It fits my phone which has this case SPIGEN SGP SGP10101 Slim Armor Color Case for iPhone 5/5S - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Lime. It is snug but it fits!
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on February 18, 2014
The Minisuit Sporty Armband is perfect for those looking for an armband that stays on while exercising and keeps your device from getting damp through sweat. It works with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, and iPod 5g (I tested with all of these). It also works with slim cases on all of these devices, so needless to say it will fit your iPhone or iPod.

It comes with two different loops on the band for different size arms. The headphone jack opening is a decent size and allows me to plug in my headphones into my phone through the armband. The armband also features a key holder, which I found works great for storing my key and a few dollar bills, just to keep on hand. I was also able to keep my building keycard and license ID in the back of the armband behind my phone.

Let’s start with how well it fits. The armband fit very well on my arm, and most importantly stayed on and stayed snug throughout the week I’ve been using it to exercise. Other armbands I’ve used in the past would fall off, or would become loose and would start moving on my arm, which gets very frustrating while jogging. You can tell that this armband is very high quality and very well made, because it stays on. It’s also very comfortable; after about 10 minutes, I didn’t even notice I had it on.

The armband is also great at keeping your device dry while using it at the gym. I sweat a lot during my workouts, so the fact that it keeps my phone dry was a must for me when using an armband. The armband itself is made of a neoprene material, which means it dries very quickly. To clean it, all I had to do was use soap in water. In under 20 minutes, It was dry - amazing! I also accidentally spilled water on it during one of my workouts, and for a second I was scared that my phone would’ve gotten wet. However, the armband held up, and kept my device perfectly dry. I wouldn’t suggest swimming with this armband on, as the back portion where you stick your phone in technically is slightly open, but it’s good to know that it can withstand a little water thrown on it.

I think my favorite feature of this armband is that I can use my iPhone through the clear plastic, which is absolutely great to be able to change a song, or answer a quick text. In my tests, it worked perfectly, as if there was nothing in between the phone and my finger.

Overall, the Minisuit Armband is the best armband I’ve used, and in using it, I’ve convinced my buddies at the gym to get one as well. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an armband to use while exercising!

Please let me know if you have any questions by commenting below, or contact me through my profile.
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on May 11, 2014
I must say I was very excited to find an arm band that did not require me to take my case off. This has always been my biggest pet peeve about arm bands. You either get one that fits only your phone or you guy one that specifically fits the case you bought. This one easily fit my 5s and the slim case I use. Beware, I do use a slim case and nothing big like the Otter Box, I cannot tell you for sure if it'll fit bigger cases. Of course this not the only benefit. Here are a few more:

*Fits my phone with slim case
*Excellent build quality
*Easy to adjust for different sized arms
*Stays in place when I run
*Is aesthetically pleasing
*Has Key holder for key or money

Honesty, the case has thought of everything I could think of one needing. It fits even with a slim case on my phone, it looks nice and I am not at all concerned about the quality. Actually, the quality of it was quite surprising for the price. I would recommend this case to anyone that has an iPhone 5s.
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on January 2, 2015
This is the second one that I have bought. I run about 30-40 miles a week and it took a year to wear out the first band. Like that it is small enough for my arms, they are pretty skinny, without any extra band sticking out. You can still use the touch screen and it keeps your phone dry even in the rain.
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on May 23, 2014
I've owned armbands before, just not with my new iPhone 5C. I liked those, and I figured when I stumbled across this one, for a good price too, I found an excellent contender. Sadly, things didn't turn out that way. I guess I should have been more worried when I got the product in the mail. Just the product. No company wrapping, no instructions, just the envelope, my receipt, and the product. It wasn't necessarily clear to me how I should strap it on either. Because of the way it straps to your arm, when you tighten it, it pulls on your skin, and into the buckle. Very uncomfortable and very cumbersome. I ran for a week with it until I couldn't take it any longer. The armband chafes like nobody's business, and is constantly slipping down your arm. That is until you tighten it, and it "bites" you, pulling your skin into the buckle again. Not as expected.
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on March 16, 2015
I thought it was pretty great, for about 30 days. Since then, the armband has essentially fallen apart. The soft outer lining has separated from the firmer inner rubber piece and rendering the armband essentially unusable at this point. I bought this product 5 months ago and use it for maybe 30 minutes twice a week, so I'm surprised that it has fallen apart so quickly and so thoroughly. I'll be buying a replacement armband from a different manufacturer/seller.
review image review image
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on April 7, 2014
After two weeks of use, the rough velcro pad that is used to fasten the armband fell off. Now there is no way for me to fasten this onto my arm. Waste of money.
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on August 15, 2014
Just bought this armband because it was basically the first one to show up in my amazon search, read some of the reviews and decided to purchase. It works perfectly. I have an iPhone 5C in an Otterbox Commuter Case and it fits with the case on, which is what I really wanted. It's a bit of a squeeze, but it definitely fits. The headphones plug in at the bottom and the only thing I found was that I had to drape the wires behind my shoulders so they would fall on my back, just less bothersome that way because they bounce around (but they did that anyway when I would run and just hold my phone in my hand).
Keyhole is a great idea and my key would probably fit, but I'm not about to hassle with it to get it off my key ring every time. Only fits one key obviously. Not a big deal to me, though.
Additionally, my arm is small and it stays put, just takes a moment to find the right fit to be snug. If I rotate my arm while it's on I can access the screen and, of course, you have the plastic over it so it's not as easy to use but it's convenient for just quickly switching a song or accessing my timer.
Haven't washed it yet so can't speak on behalf of that, but my plan is to just soak it in the sink with some detergent and I'm sure it'll hold up. Pretty sturdy material. I'm happy with my purchase!
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