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on January 22, 2009
So I'm in my mid-20s, and the hair on the front half of my scalp has been slowly thinning for a couple years now. It was getting to the point where I was starting to be self-conscious about it, so I figured I would go ahead and give this stuff a shot.

I'm glad I did. Over the past 5 months, my hair really has noticeably thickened. I even have had people telling me they though I was dying my hair, but really it's just that it looks darker 'cause there's more of it.

Now, I used it on the front of my scalp, and the box clearly states that Minoxidil is only clinically proven to work on the back of your scalp, but what have you got to lose? It may or may not work for you, but it worked great for me, and I highly recommend it.

The price is right as well. Less than $30 for a 6 month supply is a great deal. And applying it isn't nearly the hassle you might imagine. If you're just getting started, you might encounter some slight itchiness of the scalp, or in my case, some serious dandruff. Do yourself a favor, stick with this stuff. Use a dandruff shampoo and scrub it into your scalp when you shower, and the dandruff will go away completely in less than a week.

Like I said, 5 months in, much thicker hair, no dandruff or scalp problems, I'm totally satisfied.
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on March 23, 2012
My review is based on nearly one year of dedicated usage. I have purchased this Kirkland Minoxidil 5% for men for that period. I have also bought Rogaine 5% Minoxidil for that period. All were the alcohol/glycol/water based products. IOW, I have swapped between the products. Since they are both 5% Minoxidil with the same base, I believe my review is valid for them both. To be fair, this review is based strictly on the performance of the products on my bald spot. Others may easily and justifiably differ.


It DOES grow hair on the vertex of the head as promised.


It requires non-stop habitual application 2 times a day.
It does itch, but not excessively. It is tolerable.
There is some dandruff, particularly during winter months, but it is very minor and only for short periods of time.
You must use it forever (or as long as you want to keep the hair you grow)
It plateaus; that is, it stimulates hair growth to a specific level and then it almost seems to slow significantly or even stop.

Review: In my case, the largest and most noticeable growth in hair on my bald spot on the peak of my head occurred in the first 4 months. The edges delineating the extent of my bald spot began to close in a small amount from all sides. At the very center of the spot, several hairs suddenly appeared and began to grow quite normally. Over the rest of the bald spot, fine short light hairs appeared (I'll call it 'fuzz'). Then, everything seemed to stop. For nearly 8 additional months, things got no worse nor did they seem to get any better. That's where I am today. I rarely forget to dose anytime or anywhere. My 30 day bottles always are emptied within 1 day of their 30 day life so I can't blame it on becoming lax. I haven't been.

You as a potential buyer needs to decide for yourself. I think it was and is worth the money and small effort it takes to use it and I, for one, am going to continue to use it.
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on January 1, 2011
I'm 23 and I started to notice that my hair was thinning 3 years ago. I have always had a shaved head since I was a kid, so at first it didn't really notice. I was starting to get to the stage however that I was becoming very conscious of my hair and under strong lights, the hair loss was very noticeable. for the last year or so every time I would look in the mirror, my hair loss would be getting worse and worse. although I had not attained any complete bold spots, they were not too far off forming.

I hence got to the point where I thought that it is time to try and fight back. I have a degree in molecular medicine so I thoroughly researched all available options and Minoxidil is medically accepted to have some hair regrowth/ maintenance effects, so I brought a 3 months supply of the Kirklands product and gave it a go.

I have been using the product twice a day all over my head, including the front hairline. Just under two months in and my hair is getting thicker all over. I cant explain what a great feeling it is to look in the mirror and see that my hair is getting thicker, instead of thinner!

However I do predict that the regrowth will reach a cut off point and then gradually begin to recede again, but at a much slower rate, however at this stage it is still getting thicker. Hence there is no doubt for me that Its a worth while treatment, which DOES help. And forget the adverse effects, people will always find something to moan about..they are MINOR
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on January 21, 2011
Ive used Kirkland minoxidil and since switched to Equate brand. The equate brand seems to be less sticky and seems to dry faster. I would suggest using Equate instead.
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on July 21, 2010
I'm 25 years old and male pattern baldness runs in my family. I bought this product 2 months ago and have already seen significant regrowth. When I bought it, I thought that if I could at least slow down my hair loss, I would be satisfied. When I bought it I figured at worst I had only wasted ~20 bucks and if it didn't work I was going to shave my head. I didn't actually expect to grow back hair so when I noticed that hair was growing back (a family member actually noticed it before I did)I was pleasantly surprised.

The hair first started growing back about 3 weeks ago (so I had been using the product for 5 weeks) and it is still growing back. I assume it will reach a point at which it has reached it's maximum potential and stop growing back but that has not happened yet. The product says that it is not meant to treat a receding hairline, but I applied it to my receding hairline and all over the top part of my scalp and it has worked everywhere. It even says that hair growth is not expected to occur in places where it it has been devoid of hair for quite some time, but this was the case with my receding hairline where it is indistinguishable from my forehead in regards to the amount of hair (none) and hair grew back.

You have to apply this product 2 times a day but you can miss days. I missed a couple of days but I never made up for it; I just continued on with the normal dose as the instructions say to do.

As I see them, here are the pros and cons:


- It does it's job; hair has actually grown back in as little as 5 weeks.
- Comes with a dropper and you only have to use it 2 times a day. Easy to apply.
- Amazing bargain for what it does. The 6 month supply is very nice.

o This doesn't really have anything to do with the product itself, but the delivery was fast. I got it the very next day even though I didn't pay for next day delivery.


- When it dries, it flakes up and looks like dandruff in your hair. If you can help it, it's best to apply it 2 hours or so before you have to go anywhere, and then check in the mirror for the excess flakes and remove them accordingly.
- Turned my pillow a brownish color but it washed out, so no big deal.
- Makes my scalp itch slightly. Not real bad though.
- If you stop using it, your new hair will fall out. You have to use it for life.

All in all, a great product. You can't beat the price for something as important as keeping your hair. Until some new technology is developed that allows me regrow and keep my hair for a cheaper price, I will continue buying and using this product. The cons are a very small price to pay for the enormous benefits.
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on September 16, 2009
I now use this product with a dab of Retin-A (Tretinoin) .1% (w/ the nightime application only), since I recently read the combination increases the effects of Minoxydil by 2 - 3x.
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on March 12, 2009
I have to say I have been skeptical about hair loss products and at 32 was getting ready to picture myself with a shaved head. But I decided to give this product a shot... after only 5 weeks I am starting to see the difference, I heard this doesn't work in the forehead bald spots but that was my problem. I can see the new hair growing back already. :-)
Have no oil mess or dandruff issues as other have reported, do see however, my skin kind of peeling off a little but hey I don't expect the product to be perfect and as long as I see the results I want I am ok. I am giving this one 5 stars and came back to re-order.
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on March 4, 2009
When I began losing my hair around the age of 16, it was no doubt a difficult time. After a few years of trying to cover it up, shaving my head and wearing hats, I decided to give Kirkland's product a try (though I always said I'd never use any hair regrowth product). A few weeks into using the product you'll definitely start to get discouraged because it seems like nothing is happening. However, after a little over a month I began to see small hairs growing in and at about 1.5 months they are beginning to darken. I've been using this product on the top of my head as well as on the frontal areas. Though its supposedly not for use on frontal baldness, I'm getting a substantial amount of hair regrowth in the area, almost to the point of reshaping my hairline.

The only downfall to this product is the amount it dries out your scalp. With twice daily applications, I began to have very bad dandruff and itching after week or two from initial use. I tried to give my body time to acclimate to this product, but I was forced to buy a Dandruff shampoo, which mostly solved the problem altogether.

All in all, this is a very good product and well worth buying at such a cheap price.
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on April 5, 2007
I am a 21 year old male and there is definitely hair loss in my family. I didn't think I would lose hair as early as I was (around 20). I figure it was due to stress because I'm currently attending college and I wasn't ready for it. Anyways after I started using this product I saw immediate results within weeks. There definitely some side affects though that you all should be aware about. Within a week of using this product I started having trouble sleeping but it wasn't that bad. I also started to get color change in my hair which I wasn't expecting. I also feel at times that I am more tired than usual (not entirely sure if its the product or just me). My hair was turning lighter and almost seemed like it was thinning also. The worst part of it all though is the product dries out your scalp a lot and you start getting dandruff which I've never had before trying this product. My advice to you is get this product if your having hair trouble but definitely don't overuse it because you will start doubting the product. Anyways, hope this helps!

PS: Try to use small doses and only do it once in the morning after you get out of the shower or else your scalp will get very dry and itchy all day. Also try to apply the product only around the areas you need it. I will keep using this product, but not as much that the box directs you to apply.
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on March 16, 2013
This does work but you have to be patient. I use this twice a day. I can't use the "new" foam that Kirland came out with so I was very happy to find this with Amazon. It says it's for men but I'm a women and have used this for a year at a time when my hair fell out because of stress. It really thickens up my hair. The only thing is you have to be patient. I see the growth steadily. I also take a lot of Biotin. Biotin alone didn't make my hair grow back. It helped with keeping what I already had.
With Minoxidil it grows as well!! Use sparingly. Putting more on doesn't make a difference.
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