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on January 3, 2012
LOVE IT!! I have a six month old bullmastiff puppy who tracks in mud/dirt/rain/snow all day long. I can put her down for a nap, run "Alfred" and the mess is gone in no time. We have two different types of hardwood floors as well as textured tile.

This is essentially a Swiffer on steroids. It does not get the textured tile scrubbed, but it does get the surface grime gone. Run it once with the dry cloth (got all the dustbunnies from under the couch), then load the scrubbing pad with whatever you normally use to clean your floor- vinegar and water, Bona, Armstrong, Mr. Clean, whatever. Turn on the mop feature and off it goes. About half way through the cycle, I remove the pad (it just pops off held in place with magnets, takes all of 15 seconds) and turn it the other direction, which gets both sides of the cloth working. It is is sooo quite!

I've had no problem with it finding the cube, it covers most of the floor, it occasionally misses some spots, but nothing drastic. The charge holds for both sweeping and mopping the living room (24' x 17'). Then I recharge for about two hours and it will do the kitchen (same size) and the foyer.

The only down side is you pretty much have to use their cleaning/mopping cloths. I tried using some other microfiber cloths and they were too thick and too big which covers up the sensors, causing the robot to essentially spin in circles. I've been trying to find an additional three pack of just the scrubbing cloths with no luck. You can use Swiffer and other cleaning cloths with it, but I like the idea of the reusable. Cloths go in the washer with other cleaning rags, then into the dryer.

I've had the unit for about two weeks, I've run it probably ten times, thrilled with the product.

Update- have now had the unit for three months and it's still going strong. Starting to get a little scuffed (going under the Christmas tree was hard on it), but still love it. I did get additional cloths and they wash up great. I'm running it a couple of times a week. It stays on my dryer in an upright position, plugged in, so it's always ready to go. Highly recommend.
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on January 27, 2012
First let me start off by saying we have a family of 3 very active boys and 3 very active dogs. Needless to say I cannot keep up with every drop of something that gets on the floor. That's where this little miracle comes in!!

I couldn't be happier with the Mint Plus. I didn't purchase this one with the charging cradle, however I did purchase the turbo charger separately. Still waiting for that to come in so i will update my review after I use it! It comes with a mop pad and a dry pad. I didn't know that when I bought it so I also purchased the set of 3 (2 dry, 1 wet) for $19.95 so now I'll never run out I guess! It was so easy to set up and get started. It did take 4 hours for the initial charge, however it lasted for over 2 hours going non stop! (and it was in a large area) It evens comes with an easy set-up instruction card. I'm usually horrible when it comes to electronics and I figured it out with no problems! I was kind of skeptical at first with running something around the dogs that looks like it could be a toy for them, but after some sniffing and following they were bored with it. :)

We live in Arizona (sand, dirt, dust, sand...and did I mention sand?) so consistently clean floors doesn't happen unless I vacuum and mop every day and who has the time for that these days? For those of you who think this should work like a steam mop or a scrubber, you're going to be disappointed. This is made to keep your floors looking clean in between deep cleaning and it works just as advertised in my opinion!! It took off all dirty paw prints and daily foot traffic off my tile and left it streak free with just water! (Something my steam mop doesn't even do) I have a dog kennel, table and chairs and other nooks and crannies in my kitchen/dining area and it didn't beep once because it was stuck. Does a great job on its own navigating difficult areas.

Like I said previously I only used warm water in the tank, but I think next time I might put in a few drops of scented floor cleaner. Just for the smell. The tank isn't large so I did have to add water after an hour or so. If you have a smaller area it should work fine on one tank. Also I already washed and dried the mopping cloth in my machines and it came out perfect! No pilling, snagging, shrinking or anything that I noticed. It says on the box that it's compatible with Swiffer dry pads. Haven't tried them yet, but the way they hook in is just like on my old swiffer so I bet it works.

If you're looking for some extra help around the house that will pay for itself in the long run, I would highly suggest the Mint Plus!! Worth every penny!
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on May 7, 2012
Listen guys - I made a REAL thorough search for a decent robot before I got it - I mean I did this 24h/d for like 2 weeks - I went to a billion of friends and listened to all their robots and saw how they all work.. I decided to go for the mint for reasons I will soon provide. Just let me start and say that my wife was skeptic and didn't want to hear about a robot - but now she adores Alfred - our Mint plus - makes me feel like batman ;).

I found several reasons why I'd rather use this and not any other robot, this is individual but it fits us like a glove:


1. Quiet [!!!] - we have a 1.5yo daughter who makes all the mess and spill all the liquids in the world all day everyday. since we can't clean when she's up, we clean when she's asleep - and Alfred cleans just about a billion times quieter than we do. plus he work in complete darkness so he enters her room and cleans it too. it does make small sounds when it bumps into stuff - but this isn't enough to wake her up :D by the way with the roomba and its lookalikes there are no bumping sounds - the vacuum sounds is oh so unbelievably loud you can hardly hear anything ;)

2. Quick - it doesn't move quickly, but it works efficiently - I had to say I watched roomba and its lookalikes in all my friends' houses - and I was just so annoyed with how slow it works - I haven't watched the Neato which I heard should be efficient as I figured its too loud for us anyway - but all the others seem to just test my patience - they take ages to clean a room.

3. Wet Clean - after Shabbat the floors look just about like hell :) there are many many stains all over the place. the first time we gave him such a task I couldn't believe we'll see any results - I even waited to see it couldn't handle one of the stains and went to the computer room all frowning about the bad purchase - but boy when it gave the finish tune and I got to the living room - I was A-S-T-O-N-I-S-H-E-D - it appears the stain I spotted was just impossible to take off (I tried with my finger and couldn't do it too) but all the rest was sparkling!! this really made me trust Alfred more and made my wife crazy in love with it!

4. Not-Too-Complicated - one of the things I don't want to happen is malfunctions! the way mint works is very simple and very understood and seems the least malfunction-potent of all the vacuums and even the scooba - it simply is a smart moving robot - you can do whatever u want with it - if someone made a nice domino dropper with it he could fill his house with domino cubes and make an awesome domino effect :D I like to know how stuff work

5. Goes below furniture - this really is great! we don't like Alfred's dry-cleaning function as we can quickly sweep ourselves but we do let it go below our bed and take the huge masses of dust hiding there :)

- Doesn't go to it's charging cradle - scooba doesn't do that as well but its nice how the roomba and likes do it
- No scheduling - this is really reasonable since I wouldn't like it to clean with the same cloth twice :P
- No smart room blocker - sometimes when we want it to clean only a certain area we close the doors leading to others
- No huge range - our house is relatively small so a good position to the cube gives me full coverage but largers houses need to buy extra cubes - don't try running without the cube it doesn't work too well..
- The dry-cleaning (sweeping) isn't really effective - it works okay but leaves some dust behind

If you're looking for someone to clean your house with a damp cloth - you're going to fall in love with this pretty toy.
It is great for people who work from home or for housewives as unlike vacuum robots it won't blow a hole in their minds with noise.
We're most satisfied with it [!]
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on June 16, 2012
It is quiet.
Like the tracking system.
Easy to use.
Would be good for people with limited mobility when it is difficult to vacuum and mop.
Economical if you use the washable cleaning pads.
Doesn't catch on furniture like Roombas.
Seems to be cleaning well if you do it over and over and over.
Using it does allow me to do other things and leave the mopping to Mint.
Probably good for apartments or condos, not homes over 2000 square feet.

I think it is very Overpriced for what is does.
Slow slow slow, even on tile floors.
Have to change pads, charge, clean, change pads, a few times just to clean my large living room.
Cannot add cleaners to water solution so it cleans with only H2O in its little water tank. Option is to buy those expensive Swiffer pads.
Needs to change cleaning pads often to make sure it isn't just smearing dirt.
Not suitable for large rooms because battery runs down before finished.

I have owned a Roomba for another house and it did great vacuuming carpet for in-between house cleaning days. I prefer Roomba for vacuuming my house over the Mint, but Roomba is too noisy on tile. Since I loved Roomba, I researched reviews on the Scooba, but it scores very low. Mint had a higher customer rating overall.
I guess robotics have not mastered mopping floors.

I was going to return it because it just isn't fast enough to clean all my tile floors and I certainly don't want to buy two of them to try to get the job done. The return policy is only good if package is unopened. If I had bought it from and had this disappointment, I could have returned it.
I am a Prime subscriber and love shopping Amazon. I frequently order items from Amazon and this is my first disappointment. I ordered Mint because of so many positive reviews.
I agree with another customer, if you accept that you are paying $$$ for a robotic Swiffer and not a technological breakthrough for house cleaning, it won't disappoint. If you don't like Swiffer cleaning you will be disappointed with this.

Good concept, but not there yet.
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on June 27, 2012
It's a pretty slick little gadget; however, it does have some limitations.

First, if you have uneven tile or tile with deep grout lines, it loves to deposit sweepings that don't stick to the sweeper pad right into the grout lines. The sweeper pad just can't get down into the grout.

Second, if you have very gentle transitions between flooring, it may not pick it up. Our tile butts right up against our carpet with no transition, so the Mint just sailed out onto the carpet. A well placed broom handle cured the problem.

The above negatives aside, this unit was very much worth the purchase price. It feels like you're watching a semi-blind cylon feel its way around the perimeter of a room cleaning as it goes, yet somehow managing to cover all the space in between. The mopping pad with reservoir actually does a pretty good job. There are times you'd swear it has actually detected that spot underneath itself, and it's trying to give it a good scrubbing. If your floor is grubby to start with, the streaks will go away after a few runs, i.e., it will stop looking like someone mopped with saliva.

Do yourself a favor... give your floors one good final cleaning before turning this thing loose. It's much better at maintaining a clean-ish floor than it is at trying to polish a grubby floor.

Lastly, when pressed to name the little bugger, my wife decided to call it, "Imwip." That's an acronym for, "It mops while I poop!"
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on February 3, 2012
Just got my Mint Plus less than an hour ago. Can't say much yet as it's charging. It's packaged extremely well and every part is labeled very clearly and easy to understand in the packing. Very little packaging too! I wish everyone took a chapter from Mints book on using little and smart packaging.
My main point to review this before I've used it is to warn before you buy extra cleaning clothes for it the box came w/ a total of 4.
2 dusting and 2 mopping. The description on Amazon failed to mention how many are included in the box.
What comes in the box:
Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner
North Star Navigation Cube (2 C batteries included)
Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad
2 Reusable Microfiber Sweeping Clothes
2 Reusable Microfiber Mopping Clothes
I bought this unit (5200C) because it was on a great sale and included the charging station.
What I got was the Mint Plus for the same price with out the charging station. It still charges the same way it would seem but doesn't have the little cradle you'd just plop it into to charge. Not a big deal as it still stands up and is plugged in the back but I did order the unit w/ the cradle.
Contacted Amazon and we'll see what happens. If I've got to send the whole thing back just to get the cradle I'll probably just opt to keep it instead.
Mint and Amazon did a terrible job in the description of this little guy. A simple search on it and I found a ton of reviews on it from other people and Mint itself along with some great video demonstrations for it that convinced me to buy it.
Although it's advertised to clean up to 2000 square feet dry sweeping you have to have an additional cube for that. Otherwise with the included cube it will do 1000 square feet.
I think I'll save myself the extra $40 and simply move the cube and Mint when I'm ready for it to do an extra room or area and block the first area off w/ a broom or something.
The silly charging station was included thanks whoever told me to look closer at the box. Yep, there it was stuck on the bottom very well hidden.
We've moved into a large house with no carpeting at all. My main reason for purchasing the Mint.
The house was filthy when we moved in. The previous owners had 11, count them. 11 dogs. 9 of them Yorkshire Terriers to boot. Boy those little buggers do like to shed.
Ran my vacuum to suck the major dog hair up before we moved boxes in and try to get the bulk of dog hair up.
In the last week we've been here I run "Mindy" at least once a day, she very quietly goes about her business first thing in the morning while I make coffee and breakfast for my 4 dogs and cat. 2 of the dogs are shedders and someone in their infinite wisdom painted the wooden floors the color of milk chocolate so every bit of dog hair shows.
I was amazed after the first run she did how much of the old dog hair she'd found that I'd missed w/ the vacuum. She does her job dutifully and well.
I'm thrilled w/ how well the dust pads work, the dust pads are reversible so you can get quite a bit of use out of one before you need to start w/ a clean one.
The mop pads are not reversible but do have a nice loop to the pad to do a bit of scrubbing.
I've had no issue of her getting stuck other than once she found a gap big enough to scoot under and got stuck under a large area rug. Took me forever to notice the big lump under the rug when she was calling for help.
The mopping attachment holds quite a good bit of liquid. So far I've only used plain water which was done wonders for the paw prints etc.
She does not navigate the perimeter of the room as the website demonstrated. I don't know what her deal is there but not a big issue as she does hit every bit of the room.
I run her every day sometimes twice depending on how much the dogs have tracked in and how many shoes have tramped through the house. And mop every other.
She does not replace a good sweeping and mopping but for the maintenance in between she's a life saver and has kept my free to unpack boxes and put my new house together. I'd kiss her on the lips if she had any.
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on March 22, 2013
I bought this on a whim to try it out. I was already a big fan of the Roomba (which I always thought was just a gimmicky device for people who like to waste money, until I actually tried one). I decided the Roomba did such a good job that I would try the Scooba (I do NOT recommend the Scooba) While purchasing the Scooba, I saw the Mint and thought I would try it out, but would probably end up returning it. Well, I had it backwards; the Scooba left WAY too much water on the floor and the Mint (when using the wet head) with the Microfiber cloths left water that dried in 1-2 minutes (similar to using any good mop with a little bit of water). I cannot recommend the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths as they have too much water in them and the foam padding on the wheels of Mint leave little tiny bubble tire tracks when using the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloths which you need to go behind and wipe down.
No tire tracks at all when using the Microfiber (Blue) wet cloths (which fit the wet head perfectly and attach directly to the cloth as if it were made of Velcro. I found it works great on my wood laminate floors (Pergo) when using any of the combinations: Just water, water & a little vinegar (a tip from my house cleaner and what she uses when doing the floors - more on that in a minute), or water & a little iRobot Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enzyme Formula. No tire tracks, and the floors look like they do after our house cleaner has been here. In fact the cleaner came yesterday and it was the first time I was able to tell her not to worry about doing the floors! Instead she was able to work on other cleaning projects I had been wanting to get done.

The best thing about this little guy is it's completely quiet. (Nothing like the relatively noisy Roomba & Scooba models). You can easily talk on the phone or watch TV in the same room and you will hardly remember that it's even there. A couple times we were running it at night, forget it was there as freaked ourselves out as we heard sounds coming from another room as the little guy was lightly bumping into doors making it sound as if someone was moving about in the house. Nothing to worry about - just our little helper happily doing it's thing. Whew!

The Mint navigates differently than other iRobot products such as Roomba & Scooba; Mint comes with a little battery powered GPS cube that you place somewhere in the room (I found it works best up high like the top of the refrigerator or fireplace mantle, though line-of-sight is not necessary) which Mint communicates with to learn the layout of the room. Based on my experience, it looks to me like mint remember things about the layout of rooms as it seems to be getting more efficient over time, though I am not positive about this. I was initially concerned as to how the Mint would know not to go up onto the carpet, it does not have "Virtual Wall" devices used by other iRobot products, but my concerns were for naught, as Mint is sensitive to height difference and even thin carpet is enough to create a natural barrier so the Mint will not attempt to go up onto your carpeting. Yet, was correctly able to negotiate the raised transition strips that sometimes connect adjoining floor sections.

When operating the Cube, the manual suggests that it bounces the GPS signal off the ceiling (worked perfectly with every ceiling type we threw at it - high, low, slanted, muti-level, multi peak, etc.) and the Mint reads that signal to navigate, but I have run a few tests where it seemed to operate just fine without. Perhaps Mint had already learned the layout of the room? Honestly, I'm not sure, but it seems undeterred whether I re-position the GSP cube or Mint itself even mid-cycle.

In the end, I am returning the Scooba and will be buying a second Mint.

It would be great if this device was able to have a scheduler as do some of the Roombas and if it was able to find it was back to the charging station automatically when the battery runs low. As it stands now, you just pick it up and setting it down on the charging cradle (Model 5200C) which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Without the charging cradle, you would have to plug the electric cord directly into a port on the bottom side of the Mint which is a bit awkward and takes longer to charge than the cradle. The cradle will fully charge the battery about 80% of the way in about 40 minutes. It will continue to charge the remaining 20% at a slower rate, but it doesn't harm the battery if you run it at the 80% full mark without waiting for a full charge. Mint will run till one off the following happens: you stop it -duh!, it exhausts the battery - duh again, or it runs out of water when running it in the wet mode. I find after it's been going for an hour, I will sometimes remove the mop head (connected only by magnets for easy removal) and top of the water. The water runs out before the battery will.
I am VERY picky about how the light maple wood floors look and have found that even with a 2 year old and a large dog in the house, the combination of the Roomba 595 Pet Series (from Costco-Not on Amazon) and the Mint Plus (Amazon) is a winning combination and well worth the investment in each. Unfortunately, as I already stated, the Scooba was noisy, left WAY TOO MUCH WATER behind to run on sealed wood floors. Less sensitive & intuitive than the Roomba in terms of using the bumpers to navigate around objects. The Scooba 390 felt like the version .001 Alpha test robot. And it failed the test at that. Roomba 595 Pet Series & Mint Plus Model 5200C both are ready for prime time, final release products that don't disappoint.

Purchase the Mint Plus Model 5200 C with confidence! Run it with any of the water/cleaner combos I mentioned and you will not be disappointed!!!!!

One more thing, when operating in WET mode the Mint will roll forward and slight to the right about 1 foot and then rolls back and straightens itself out. Then rolls forward and back again in a feathering motion. Very effective. In DRY mode, you can use the included white micro fiber heads or Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Cloth Refills which work quite well.
While I do not recommend the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths, I found a work around by wringing out the more-than-you-would-expect liquid from the cloth before attaching it to the mop head. But you really need to wring it out well to avoid the tiny bubble tire tracks. I will say the Swiffer wet cloths do leave a pleasant scent, but so does adding the iRobot Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enzyme Formula (just a capful) to the water of the mop head. If you insist on using the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping cloths, then be prepared to go over the floors again with either a towel or Dry Swiffer Sweeper to get up the bubble tire tracks, unless that's the look you are going for. ;-) Happy cleaning.

PPS - About two-three weeks after getting my Mint, I noticed it was having problems; it would only run about 15-20 minutes before stopping and waiting for me to fiddle with the buttons. I contacted iRobot Support. They were VERY helpful, sent a replacement unit and paid for the return shipping. The new unit has been running perfectly for about a month now. I run it just about every day alternating wet/dry. If not for our two year old daughter, I wouldn't be compelled to run it as often, and it is great at cleaning up drips, drops & drool (from the dog, not my daughter, though it would get hers too of she was drooling. ;-)
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on June 7, 2012
I have a dog and an iRobot Roomba.

The dog sheds, the Roomba cleans. Except...the Roomba is only good on carpet. Sure it "sweeps" hard floors, but ineffectually. Plenty of stuff ends up "hiding" along the edge of the wall. I love my Roomba's ability to be programmed to vacuum automatically, but the thing isn't useful on hardwood or tile.

The Mint is just incredible on hard surfaces. Better yet, it cleans right up to the wall, getting all those dog hairs. And even better still, it uses cheap sweeper things I can buy generically (try doing that with a Roomba!)

I bought the Mint Plus, which mops as well as sweeps. If you only need sweeping, the regular (would that be vanilla version?) Mint will do nicely. If you need wet mopping, then the Mint Plus is the right one. The Mint Plus is, frankly, over-priced relative to the regular Mint, but compared with the iRobot Scooba, it is a bargain.
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on August 24, 2012
I seemed to have missed the MANY posts stating that this is a sweeper and not a vacuum. So, I want to state this one more time.

The mint is a SWEEPER, and not a VACUUM! However, that is NOT a problem for me. Also, that is why it is so quiet, it is "just" sweeping, and not vacuuming!

More accurately, for my use, it is a robotic SWIFFER, as I use the Swiffer pads exclusively to do my dry swiffing (sweeping!)

I am a recent convert from carpet to hard flooring, and I cannot believe how much dirt this thing picks up. That dirt must have been going into my carpet for years.

I use the Swiffer dry pads all the time with my mint. After the mint is done, I remove the swiffer pad and throw away all the dirt. coolest thing in the world!

I have only done this once, but I had success using the swiffer wet pads with my mint. I did NOT use the mop head and mop function of the mint, rather I just put a wet pad on the regular sweeper head. I DID run the mint dry with a dry swiffer pad first in the room, so that there would be minimal dirt.

Amazing how much dirt it picks up running it two times in a row.

My dog will bark at the mint until she is hoarse, so I have to do the living room, dining room and kitchen when we are out walking or out of the house.

Great product, I do not have to sweep or vacuum, and it gets under chairs, sofas, etc much easier than I can!
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on March 17, 2012
This has to be the best product I have purchased in years. I got the 5200C (which comes with the turbo charge docking cradle to rapid charge in 2 hours) and absolutely love it. It sweeps EVERYTHING - even going under any furniture it can get underneath, and circling around furniture legs - with a simple Swiffer dry cloth (or you can use the microfiber cloths it comes with). The mopping function is also excellent. I use Bona cleaning solution in the Pro-clean Plus cleaning head (comes with the 5200) for both my kitchen floor and my cork floors. It swept and mopped my kitchen floor (approx. 450 sq. ft.) on one charge. Both my kitchen and the rest of the house have click-n-lock floating floors and MINT does not over-wet the floor so I don't have to worry about liquid getting between the flooring sections. The self-adjusting cleaning heads are like independent shock absorbers so it adjusts to small height changes like you would find in a piece of slate flooring (even side-to-side). The navigation cube has a very wide range and the MINT can wander into another room and still pick up the signal from the room it was previously in. Instruction book is easy to understand and product is very easy to use. It is nice to have someone (thing?) else do my floors while I tackle another cleaning project. More than happy with this product and would highly recommend to others.Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner with Charging Cradle - Model 5200C
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