Customer Reviews: Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food, 1.5-Pound (Tomato Fertilizer)
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on June 7, 2008
REVISION: Below I said to stop using Nitrogen later in the season, but I have had to adapt that recommendation. Over the last two years, early blight has stricken tomatoes nation wide, including places where it was relatively rare like New England. Entire farms have been wiped out, especially organic farms.

Early blight can be treated with a fungicide, but you need new stem and leaf growth to compensate for the leaves and stems lost to blight. You will have a smaller crop at the end, but losing the plant will result in many fewer tomatoes.

I found after several of my plants succumed to blight (no tomatoes, a couple of branches of leaves, etc.) that providing the rest a good dose of late season nitrogen helped them enormously.

So, I would suggest now, until the early blight has run its course (maybe never) you should use Miracle Grow Tomato Plant Fool all season and don't try to overinduce the flowering and yield of your tomatoe plants. Two live healthy plants with average yield are way better than one dead one killed off by blight.

Watch for, for more info.


I always plant with manure (raked into the soil, about one 25 pound bag of dehydrated manure per 10 plants, about 2 feet apart and spaced 3 feet per row) and some fresh garden top soil (just placed in the hole where the plant is, not throughout the garden).

If you remember, it is good to mix in lime as well about a month or so before you put the tomatoes in the ground. It helps by providing calcium to the plants and helps prevent blossom end rot. Although, I rarely have had any problem with that here, it can depend on your soil, so better safe than sorry. If you forget, don't worry, things will work fine without it for the most part.

I plant the tomatoes deep, relative to the size of the plant. 1/3 down into the soil or more depending on the size. Before I do I place fresh garden top soil in the hole and water it. Then I place the plant firmly in the muddy mixture and surround it with more fresh garden top soil. I have not found that different brands of gardening soil are better, so any cheap bag at your local gardening shop will do. I have never lost a plant doing this. People talk about other ideas like using 80 degree water to water the plants or using special techniques to keep from hurting the plants. But I have never used any technique like this. Hose water is fine as is rain water.

I do not fertilize my tomatoes until a couple of weeks have passed and they have rooted and grown a bit. I let the manure, new garden soil and lime do the job.

After that, every two weeks, I apply Miracle Gro, and when I do, the plants are more vigorous, grow faster and I have fewer problems with the plants such as discolorations of the leaves or bug infestations. I have heard numerous folks say to use less or more than the directions, but you know, the 1 Table Spoon per Gallon of water always has worked for me. About a gallon for every three plants when they are young. A bit more when they get to be 2 feet or more. The box does twenty plants for the period of the season I use it.

I use a bucket or watering can for mixing. I have not had good luck with the automatic dispensers attach to the end of the hose and it seems to waste fertilizer. But your mileage may vary.

When the plants first start to show fruit and have reached about 3 feet, I stop using Miracle Gro and switch to a no-nitrogen fertilizer. I find that by the time the plants are 3 feet tall, their root growth is fantastic and their leaf production is strong, so I want to focus on flowering and fruit production. Something that reads 0-10-10 or even higher is fine. Just absolutely no nitrogen.

I have tried other fertilizers for my plants. Nothing has worked better than Miracle Gro and some brands seemed to not work at all. I have always been satisfied with Miracle Gro and stick to it for great tomatoes and strong plants.
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on May 11, 2014
This is my third year growing tomatoes in my backyard garden. Two years ago I grew without miracle-Gro and last year I fed them the tomato plant food on a weekly schedule. I saw a massive difference in the size and yield, and the tomatoes were juicier and firmer. I'm using this from now on.
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on July 12, 2009
I have used this product for many years in three different locations in the Boise, Idaho, area. We have a short growing season, so I use it to give tomatoes and peppers a boost. I apply it every two - three weeks during the summer and have excellent yields. A single box of this lasts me several growing seasons.
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on July 14, 2014
My friends, if you enjoy a fine, firm, ripe and fleshy tomato then I would like to suggest purchasing this plant sustenance. Our tomatoes and other garden vegetation suffered from soil lacking the vital nutrients they so longed for. The plants had a sickly pallor and were offering very meager harvests indeed. I do proclaim, that after one application of this Miracle Gro that a miracle truly was performed! All of our plants readily recovered with a strength and vigor like they had never known before and bountiful multitudes of crops began to fill there once barren leafy arms! We've seen increased yields like our forefathers spoke of in days past. I would like to share with my fellow friends this miracle powder's abilities and can proudly recommend this fine product.
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on June 4, 2013
Buying from Amazon with prime has really made shopping at local stores far and few between. I order this product from Amazon every year. This stuff will help and make you look like a person with a real green thumb for gardening. Just use one table spoon per gallon of water and pour. Use it every two weeks. You will be blown away how your tomato plants will blossom and grow. I didn't use it on two of the same kind of plants to see if I could tell the difference. Trust me on this..... Those two were half the size as the plants I used this on. So I know this product works better than it says it does. Try it and you will be amazed how good it honestly really works!!!
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on May 19, 2015
This is indeed a high quality soluable fertilzer with good coverage.

My issue is pretty straightforward -- the dosing instructions for hand-watering are somewhat aggressive if used on acidic soil especially and can cause salt burn. I used as instructed, and saw emerging salt burn the next day on some younger plants that had some nitrogen deficiency symptoms (not seedlings, but not quite super vigorous adults). Fortunately caught in time to prevent serious damage -- watered through heavily -- but wish I had halved the dosage and then could've gotten good results without burn.

My two suggestions for people using this product would be:
1) If you have nitrogen stunted plants, ramp up fertilizer levels gradually
2) Try in a narrow place in the garden first and check for leaf tip burn over the next day or two before applying more broadly
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on June 2, 2013
If you're new to growing tomatoes(like myself), and you think that a tomato fertilizer would have everything tomatoes need, think again. Apparently tomatoes (and peppers) like calcium, which this fertilizer doesn't have. So either plan to plant some eggshells with your tomato plants, or find a better fertilizer.

Calcium helps prevent blossom end rot in both tomatoes and peppers, as well as prevents the leaves from crinkling up on pepper plants.

Miracle Gro knows this, and makes other fertilizers for veggies that include calcium (, but I won't be trying it since this product didn't buy them any brand loyalty from me.

I'll be trying Jobe's fertilizer spikes.

Good luck!
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on May 21, 2016
I am a big fan of Miracle Grow products. My plants always stay green and bloom really well. My husband started growing tomatoes a few years ago and has tried many different products each growing season. This year he decided to stick to Miracle Grow for tomatoes and the results are amazing. When using MG there is not a problem with blossom end rot on the tomatoes and the plants are very sturdy. We grow Black Krim and Virginia Sweets. Our plants are huge and have so many flowers. He feeds per the package weekly and keeps the soil moist at all times. He does supplement with Calcium and crushed egg shells. This year is the first year we did not have blossom end rot so it must be the MG food. He also gave it to our peppers and my pomegranate dwarf tree. I have never seen so many blossoms I am so happy with this product. I am glad we finally narrowed down the perfect food for our food crops.
review image review image
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on July 13, 2014
Our tomato plants are doing well - we supplemented the first early fertilizer with the Miracle Grow- our plant all have many blooms and plenty of fruit too. Ours are doing great the deep planting certainly helped weather the wet summer too. Fruit production is again doing well anxious to taste the first tomato soon! Dark green healthy plants ! :0)
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 6, 2013
If your soil doesn't have calcium or not enough then do not use this product. Lack of calcium among other things will cause your tomatoes to get blossom end rot. The product does work and has everything a plant needs for the first few stages of a plant but once the plant starts to bear fruit it will need a good amount of calcium. If you do end up with use a blossom rot control spray or add calcium to your plant in with this fertilizer.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
We appreciate your feedback but wish to clarify that using this product does not give tomatoes blossom end rot. While adding additional calcium to growing tomatoes may decrease the potential for blossom end rot in tomatoes, several other factors influence the susceptibility of tomato plants to this disease. Yes, blossom end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency in tomato plants, but with a typical tomato plant growing in-ground, factors like drought stress, excessive soil moisture and excessive fluctuation between soil moisture extremes are more likely the culprit. Conditions such as these reduce the uptake, of the soils existing calcium into the plant. For soils known to lack calcium, such as tomatoes grown in pots, additional calcium is an ideal solution for fighting against blossom end rot. In these situations we suggest using Miracle Shake N' Feed Tomato Fruit and Vegetable, to supplement the soil calcium levels.

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