Customer Reviews: Mirage Nanosat Prestige5 Small High-Performance 5.0 Speaker System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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I bought these speakers for my home theater system which consists of Yamaha RX-V663BL 665 Watt 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver and Velodyne DEQ-10R 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Black) I didn't have the floor space for big speakers because of the many doors and other furniture in the room but was concerned that these speakers wouldn't be powerful enough to fill our family room/kitchen combination. It's like a double room with the family room on one end and the kitchen on the other, covering about 42 x 24 feet. There are lots of windows and doors one one side which makes the room an acoustical nightmare. We have the rear speakers placed about halfway back, the length of the room.

But I needn't have worried because these speakers do a fantastic job despite their small size. I bought Mirage MS-STB-1 Nanosat speaker stands Black for the front speakers and mounted the rear ones on the wall with the mounting brackets that are included. The first night we hooked the whole system I realized that I bought the wrong Y connector to connect this subwoofer to my receiver so we had to watch a movie without it. The sound with just these speakers was still very good even without a subwoofer. Compared to the Bose satellite speakers that I had before, these were much better. I realized that the reason I couldn't hear what people were saying in the movies wasn't because we had the volume too low or just the acoustics, but because the sound wasn't as crisp and clear as it was with these speakers. I could actually turn the sound way down and still hear conversations. The sound was also great when we turned up the volume. There was a movie with a plane going across the screen and my sister was upstairs and said it sounded like the plane was going across the room, beneath the floor. She said she could feel the vibration in the floorboards. (This was the next day with the subwoofer hooked up).

The sound was amazingly realistic. There was a scene in the movie where a door was opening, far to the left of where the speaker is placed. The door sounded just like the door in our family room and it made me jump because I thought somebody had opened the door. These speakers really make you feel like you're in the middle of the movie rather than just watching it. With the previous Bose system (which I thought sounded great at the time) I would hear the sound coming from the speakers, mostly. With these Mirage speakers, the sound is just there, in appropriate places. I finally know what real "surround sound" sounds like.

Two thumbs up for these speakers. Anything that can sound great in this acoustical nightmare of a room has to be good.
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on February 24, 2012
It's scary buying speakers that you never had an opportunity to audition. It borders on lunacy. Trust me though, you will be safe with these. My new place has a much smaller living room and because of doorways, hallways, and HVAC registers, there was just no way to utilize my existing Cerwin Vega huge floor standing speakers. And even in the places I've lived that actually had enough space for them, they still left me feeling the sound quality could be "better". They served me well for about 12 years, and everybody else loved them, but I've always wanted more. So I started my research. In Oklahoma City the opportunities to audition speakers is slim, but I did finally find a Best Buy with a listening room. I tried the Klipsh, Polk, and a few others, and just couldn't justify spending the money on them. It finally came down to the Orb Audio speakers and these. Since the Orbs are front firing, I was concerned about placement and achieving the so called sweet spot. Not even remotely a concern with the Mirage. Both speaker sets get raves all over the internet. The only real negatives I found on the Mirage have been from folks expecting them to do other than what they are very clearly designed to do. They didn't meet their expectations, but those expectations were unreasonable to begin with. You HAVE to use a subwoofer with these speakers. They are simply too small to provide huge bass response. These also require a " break in period" of 100 hours or so. As you listen, over time, they get louder without increasing the volume on the amp. They also start out a bit "bright" sounding. They either get "warmer" over time, or the listener gets use to the brightness, but I found that brightness to be exactly what I was missing in the Cerwin Vegas. These speakers, that I can hold two of in each hand, produce more volume than speakers so huge I can just barely lift them. They have more presence, and are far more accurate in their sound reproduction. They are also matched to each other. They virtually DESTROY the concept of the "sweet spot". Just remember, these are designed as a surround system that utilizes the subwoofer to provide bass response. Mirage does make other speakers that would be suitable for other than that, but I can't speak to those. I love these so much that I am getting another two separate speakers (unfortunately the two will cost me more than this entire set) and their 10" powered sub to replace my old JBL sub. I'm getting the extra two because since I bought this set, my 10 year old Yamaha HTR5550 is starting to give up the ghost. I'm losing optical inputs and it just isn't up to the quality input that I get from my comp and the newer input sources. I figured that since I have to replace it anyway, may as well step up to 7.2. so, on the way are speakers 6 and 7, the new sub arrives tomorrow, and another on Monday for the .2 portion of 7.2. New receiver by mid week next week. I can't wait to get it all going.

If you are looking for a surround system for anything other than a large area, with placement issues, you should be very satisfied with these. Don't listen to those who say you can't put them up high, or any of the other negatives. All you have to do when mounting them over six feet high is flip them upside down. I would suggest auditioning them if you can, because the omni polar design creates a listening experience that is very different than that from direct radiating speakers. It's actually more natural, realistic, and lifelike than what we are used to. Strangely, I can see how that could put some folks off, listening being such an individual thing. I love these speakers, and they are the best I have ever owned. To top it off, they are relatively inexpensive.
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on December 10, 2009
I bought this speaker set from Amazon Marketplace in May 2009 and connected it to my Denon receiver. It certainly gave a better performance as compared to my old sony (an inexpensive set) speakers. However, in November the center channel speaker started giving muffled sound. I could hardly hear the dialogue from Blue Ray movies. I contacted the sellers and they referred me to the manufactureres. My experience with them was not very pleasant. The manufacturers ultimately referred me to a third party service center who were quite unprofessional. The bottomline is that after paying more that $700 on a set of speakers, we should get quality performance. The manufacturers should improve the quality of their products as well as service.
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on October 9, 2010
The speakers sounded flat and shallow out of the box, but once calibrated on my receiver, they really do sound quite good. My Reference Series 12" Klipsch subwoofer was a little much for them and I had to lower the volume on it. Now that the levels are equal, the sound blends beautifully.

Music is a little centered with the omnipolar tweeter design, but I expected that. These speakers are used 95% of the time for movies so this wasn't a concern for me. Movies do sound great, the sound comes from where it is supposed to and you really do feel engulfed in the movie.

If you are looking for small satellites that have the WAF (wife approval factor), then these are for you. And remember...friends don't let friends buy Bose. Nothing from Bose can even come close to these at any price point.
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on September 15, 2010
After much research and waiting i finally brought this from Vanns . absolutely love this the look is good and my wife wanted this color and the finish. the sound is fantastic. i had checked bose but once you listen to mirage you would not go back to bose. Bose is cute becuase it is small is size now this looks better too just a bit bigger plus the sound quality is so much better. i got a good deal on this around 500 no subwoofer i have a onkyo Srx 674.
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on September 16, 2012
I first purchased the mirage nanosat 5.0 from best buy a few years ago and they really surprised me just how crisp and clear they were. I decided to get the prestige for my business, but since the prestige have the center channel, I decided to keep the prestige for home and they are much better than the previous nanosats. These are ment for tv and movie watching, not for music. Some people don't like these just because they don't understand what their purpose is. They are ment to fill the room with sound, there is no sweet spot like you would find in other conventional speakers. You will also need a subwoofer with these because they are small and can't produce anything past 120hz, which is where you need to set your reciever at (120hz/small). **If you really want these for music then please look elsewhere**. These are perfect for tv which I have my reciever in 5 channel mode and movie watching which I use movie mode on my reciever(Blu ray or on tv)

Only knock on the prestige: HIGH GLOSS BLACK = FINGER PRINTS (think new xbox 360 high gloss black)
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on March 3, 2010
These speakers are great... i got them at Best Buy 50% off. I think for $460 its definately worth the price. but at full price, ($900+) i probably wouldnt go with these considering you have to purchase the subwoofer separately (another $360). in that case i would go with Definitive Technologies ProCinema 600. the sound was just a little better and for $799 u get the 5.1 instead of the 5.0.
But price aside, these are great!
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on January 31, 2010
I used the center speaker and two 2 Nanosat prestige as the surround speakers. The surround effect is great. I can feel the chopper flying around when I watch "GI Joe" movie at home. The center speaker also deliver clear dialog.

Great speakers in general.
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on December 24, 2010
Speakers sound great, are easy to install, are attractive. Make sure that you have a subwoofer to compliment these guys.
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on December 29, 2009
Speakers sound great,bought mirage sub also(S10 200 Watt).Whole house shakes!Mounting speakers was very easy.Very happy!
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