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on April 27, 2009
When you go searching for a mirror for your road bike, you will probably find, as I did, that your choice is mostly of which bar-end mirror to get. I find those mirrors to be too low to see easily and my arm blocks their view as well.

Long ago (though I still have it) Mirrycle made a mirror that mounted onto where the cable comes out of the brake hand grip. So, it was above your hands and not down so low that you had take your eyes off the road and look down to see it. But, brake levers changed and so that product had no market. Following that, I had found a model that clamped with velcro strap around the brake handle. That was in the right place, but made the grip large and feel different and awkward.

So, I was excited to discover online that Mirrycle was making a mirror specifically designed for the Shimano STI brake levers/shifters. I bugged my local shop to get them, but they never did. FInally in January, I gave up on the local shop and decided to go online to buy, only to discover that they had been pulled from the market. Seems the original design was failing (breaking) sometimes. I kept watching and finally found one shop get them in back stock and bought it - presumably a modified design (hasn't broken).

Installation of the mirror is pretty straight forward. It is well designed to attach to the STI handle using the features that are molded in place to hold the rubber grip in place. I have to say that Mirrycle could do their less mechanically inclined folks a favor by assembling the mirror a bit more in advance. You basically get a bag of parts. 3 screws, 6 washers, 3 plastic tubes, mirror, and a crumpled up instruction sheet. I didn't have any trouble putting it all together in about 5 minutes with the included allen hex wrenches, but I am an engineer and enjoy such things. I am sure others might be frustrated by it.

In use, I am again very pleased to have a mirror that is easy to find in my field of view, so I can actually see cars while my eyes are on the road. You do have to play with the screw tightness a bit to get where the mirror stays in place without it being so tight that it will break when pushed hard rather than turning. I have started erring on the loose side.

I do notice that road vibration can be a bit annoying as compared to the more rigidly mounted bar-end mirrors leading to a fuzzier view - this is what prevents me giving it a full 5 star rating. Personally, I think this is a worthwhile tradeoff for being able to see it well. I know of no better mirror on the market.
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on July 30, 2009
I recently bought two of these mirrors, one for my wife and one for myself to use on RAGBRAI XXXVII (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). The total ride was 442 miles and ridden on seven consecutive days with about 15,000 riders on the road each day. Because of the number of riders the road often became very crowded and a good mirror was an essential safety device. The mirrors both worked great for about 8 miles then vibrated loose and wouldn't stay in position. They would flop around with every bump in the road becoming totally useless. My wife and I tried tightening them many times and often thought that I was tightening them so much that I might break the plastic. But after about 8-10 miles the mirrors would vibrate loose again and become useless once again. The mirrors are well constructed and fit the Shimano shifters nicely but until this loosening problem is resolved they are a total waste of money and time.
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VINE VOICEon January 7, 2011
This mirror is a good idea, and it looks to be constructed similarly to the bar end Mirrycle mirror I've been using on my commuter MTB for a couple of years, which I love. However, it does not fit my 2011 Shimano 105 levers. I just purchased my first modern road bike with STI levers, so I am an STI novice. Though I see the description lists specific model numbers, I had no idea how to find the specific model number, nor any idea that I would actually need to for a late model Shimano STI.

Here's what to check since the description here is lacking:

1. Look very carefully at the product image, noting the brake clip under the lifted brake hood, which looks like a button. Carefully lift the hood on your lever, and make sure it has this clip. Mine does not; it is smooth on top. It did not occur to me to check this until I attempted installation since the description sounded like it would fit any modern Shimano levers. Even looking at the Mirrycle website after the fact, there are only warnings there for new Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

2. The model number can be found by lifting the back side of the hood on the outside of the lever and pulling back the bar tape. Maybe everyone knows this but me. I didn't until I saw it in the instructions for the mirror, and I didn't search the web for how to find it since, again, I never dreamed I would need to. It turns out my 105 levers are ST-5700.

If your specific model number hidden under the hood and bar tape matches one of the listed numbers, or you have a clip on top and you're confident it will go on there, then go for it. If not, then, sadly, I guess it's a drop bar mirror, helmet mirror, or nothing.
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on August 19, 2009
If you have a bicycle with Shimano shift levers, this is the ideal rear-view mirror. Since it mounts outboard of your handlebar, the view to the rear is clear and nearly unobstructed. It is the best mirror design I have found. There is an ingenious mounting system that makes use of the brake lever clip and rubber hood cover. The Mirrycle mirror comes with shims so it fits properly on all Shimano types: Sara, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace. My bicycle has Dura-Ace components and the mirror fits perfectly. The mirror's design includes various swivel parts so a good alignment is easy to achieve.

Caution: The cap screws fit into the brass inserts VERY tightly. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. Do not be discouraged if you think that the fit is not working. Keep the hex wrench (included) pushed into the head of the cap screw very firmly while turning. The parts are tough.
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on May 26, 2010
Great mirror - slightly convex for better viewing field. Swings out of the way, but easy to return to position. Some have complained that there is a "blur" from vibration, but remember - if you are using this mirror, you have a road bike and likely have no front-end suspension to eliminate vibration. I have found that it gives a fairly blur-free view on a smooth road. It all depends on the surface and all similar mirrors will have the same issue.

On assembly, some parts didn't seem to fit all the way, but after taking it and assembling again several times it eventually fit. It's just very precise, so keep trying. Instructions are a bit of a puzzle, but you'll figure it out. (make sure name on back of mirror is unobscured - as you may have a question about that.)
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on November 21, 2010
I was very excited after the first 10 miles, or so, on my first ride with this mirror. Then when the roads got a little more bumpy, quite literally, all heck broke loose. I retightened several times, and finally the bottom piece broke.
Determined, I sent for another piece from the manufacturer, who very nicely replaced it at no charge. On my next ride, for the first 20 miles, or so, I loved how well it worked. Then with the vibration from our bumpy country roads, things not only loosened, but even without tightening, the mirror broke the portion of the Shimano handle, where it was attached. Needless to say, I'm done with trying to make it work. Great concept, but not sturdy enough for our roads! Unless you ride on smooth pavement all the time, don't go through the hassle of trying this product. You will be disappointed.
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on May 10, 2012
Even though it says it's for Shimano STI levers, it also works on my Shimano Tiagra lever, and even says it works for Tiagra levers in the instructions. They need to do a better job of listing what levers it will work with. For the lever list in the instructions, it's on Mirrycle's website, as well as listed below:

Sora ST-3304, Sora ST-3309, Sora ST-3400, Tiagra ST-4400, Tiagra ST-4500, 105 ST-5510, 105 ST-5600, Ultegra ST-6510, Ultegra ST-6600, UltegraSL ST-6600-G, Ultegra ST-6603, UltegraSL ST-6603-G, Dura-Ace ST-7700-C, Dura-Ace ST-7703, Dura-Ace ST-7801, Dura-Ace ST-7803, R500 ST-R500, R600 ST-R600, R700 ST-R700.

As far as saying the mirror flops around, I don't see how that's possible. I had to use vice grips to get the screws in, as it is that tight, and once on the road, I was able to move the mirror around, and wherever I put it, it stayed. I can't imagine this thing ever coming loose.

It also extends past my arm okay to see around it. I guess some people's arms may stick out far enough to be a hindrance, but the mirror is a convex mirror, like the right rear mirrors on cars (Objects in mirror are closer than they appear). So even angling the mirror a bit so your arm is out of the field of vision should still show the vehicles behind you okay.

As far as using it, I still look behind me when crossing lanes of traffic, but the mirror is great to give you an idea if something is coming before you turn to look. Also, it's invaluable when you are passing something in front of you and want to keep an idea of what's behind you at the same time. When my bike vibrates, the mirror vibrates, but I can still tell when there are cars back there.

It takes a while to get used to, as it looks foreign on the bike initially the way it sticks out. But I'm glad I got it, and it does what I want it to do.
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on July 14, 2012
I just purchased a new road bike and went to Amazon to get a bike mirror. After ordering this mirror, it arrived with a sticker on the box that says "will not fit 2010 and later Shimano STI Brake levers." So it won't work on my new bike.

Upon further investigation, the seller has stated this point as the LAST one in the product description (you need to scroll down 3 pages from the item photo to read this). It's not mentioned anywhere in the product title or features which are usually the only things I read before making a relatively simple purchase like this one. I didn't think I needed to read the entire description to find out that a vendor is selling an "add-on" device that can't be added onto any bike sold in the past 2 years.
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on December 15, 2009
I went through 3 of these earlier this year before Mirrycle modified the base mount. Michigan has extremely poor concrete roads, and I rode about 1200 mi this year while frequently hitting concrete seams every 10 feet or so. I had tightened the top arms extremely tight, and only had to readjust the mirror after hitting some of the largest bumps. With the original design, road vibration would eventually crack and break the base mounting fork after 300 miles or so. The newer version uses nylon plastic and has a set screw between the teeth of the mount. The mount is much more durable here which was good for the mirror, but bad for my STI lever. The vibration eventually caused the hood of my STI (105) lever to shear off instead.
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on July 27, 2010
I've bought at least 5 different types of road bike mirrors but this one seems to the best. It gives a great view of what's behind and was easy to install. I'm sure some might think it's not aerodynamic but I guess you've got to sacrifice for safety. My only complaint is adjusting it for different angles. It seems like it was built to stay in one position. You can move the mirror to adjust but it feels like it not supposed to be moved.
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