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on November 2, 2013
It's not often, but once in a blue moon, there comes along a film that delivers. I've always been open to the possibility that a little unknown movie (to me anyway) would exceed my expectations - Mischief Night did just that. Although there were one or two holes in the plot, for the most part, it was a good story and I thought the actors acted and reacted well. There were 3 or 4 "jump out of your seat" moments that really got me good & I so do love it when that happens! Only one or two brief periods that seemed to run on a bit longer than I preferred, just briefly and not enough to repel me. A good family horror flick I think but enjoyable and entertaining for us ol' folk too. Job Well Done. Soft 4 stars, not a waste of time or money.....yea!
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on May 21, 2014
I thought I had seen every babysitter-versus-slasher-flick-idea ever imagined…but boy, was I wrong! Just when I think I have a genre solidified, an inventive filmmaker comes along and completely changes the game. Such is the case with MISCHIEF NIGHT. Director Travis Baker (no relation) turns the babysitter-versus-slasher concept upside down with this slick fright-fest, and the result is a terrifying trek into the bizarre!

Don’t confuse this After Dark Original film with the 2013 movie of the same title. The two are very different and have nothing to do with one another. But be sure to check this one out, as it is a very original take on an existing horror sub-genre.

MISCHIEF NIGHT starts out like any other film in this category, with the proverbial babysitter home alone with her charge while the parents are away. When strange things begin to happen, she reacts as every sitter does: locking the doors and windows while arming herself. But this is where the similarities end; the audience quickly realizes this girl is not like others before her…not by a long shot.

The film is made well and looks good onscreen. The production value seems high, and there’s really not a specific area where anything is lacking. The film overall is solid and moves at a nice pace.

The cast in MISCHIEF NIGHT do a great job with their roles, which is one of the reasons this movie succeeds. I always enjoy seeing Malcolm McDowell onscreen, and this film is no exception. To be honest, he’s not in the film that much, but enough so to give him due credit. And I have to commend Brooke Ann Smith with her portrayal of the main character, Kaylie. I have not seen Smith’s work before, but she plays this multilayered character with ease. I enjoyed her performance and look forward to seeing more of what she can do.

The special effects are pretty good as well, and there’s even a nice bit of gore (albeit a small dose). I would have preferred more carnage from a slasher flick, but what we get to see is nice. I particularly like the teenage prick that gets disemboweled. He definitely gets what he deserves, and the effects do the scene justice.

Th story of MISCHIEF NIGHT is what really wins here, though. I love how this film takes the traditional babysitter slasher and completely changes it up. I didn’t see this twist coming, and it makes for an entertaining thrill ride throughout the film.

MISCHIEF NIGHT is a big win for me, and I recommend giving it a look. The film is available now in a variety of formats.
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on November 2, 2013
Mischief Night is a good little thriller that plays out more like an R rated lifetime made for TV movie.The acting was above par and there were some chilling moments courtesy of a home invader in a raincoat and an effectively creepy mask,it has clever camera angles and great production value!

The story was simple enough and adhered to most of the slasher cliche`s.In the beginning we are introduced to a couple (Charlie O`Connell) and (Erica Leehrson) Leerhson who is no stranger to the genre, being in such movies as Wrong Turn 2,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and The Blair Witch Project 2 Gave it some horror cred. We watch as they try and fend off the attacker who writes Boo In blood before he attacks.After having his way with them the film cuts to ( Noel Coet`s) character Emily in her shrinks office where they are talking about the reason she is blind and how her sight could return at anytime.

Emily`s dad played by (Daniel Hugh Kelly)is going on a date leaving Emily alone on Mischief night which is the night before Halloween and this is when the cat and mouse games begin during which Emily`s boyfriend and Aunt stop in with some dire consequences.

The killer s effectively creepy and since he can see that Emily is blind he decades to taunts her more than his usual`s an entertaining film that I would call slasher light because there are a few bloody moments but not enough to make it hard core.its definitely worth a rent.It was somewhat reminiscent of (Eyes of a Stranger)an 80`s slasher starring Lauren Tewes and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
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on June 2, 2014
Not to be confused with the other "Mischief Night," which is about a blind girl trapped in her house by a stalker, this movie is about a babysitter who is being stalked. Sounds corny, but it really isn't, as the plot twists make this movie anything but ordinary. Malcolm McDowell makes a few appearances, but is not really in the film all that much. The acting is good, pacing is decent, but this is not a typical horror film. With the exception of a few violent scenes, it certainly is not a "slasher" film. Not a bad investment of time, if you are a fan of a psychological thriller/mind games type of movie. Just don't let the skull on the cover be misleading. 3.5 stars.
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on March 16, 2014
I saw this movie at the New York City Horror Film Festival and it was a nice surprise. It sets itself up as a slasher in the mold of Halloween or When a stranger calls, but then it takes some innovative and unexpected turns. Definitely more than your typical slasher movie, and it has good performances and good music to boot.
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on May 21, 2014
Ok I am not going to give some fancy review and try to act like I am a critic like so many others on here LOL. This is a very good movie imo. It takes place the night before Halloween ( Mischief Night ), but it feels like it is Halloween during the movie ! With all the great Halloween decor every where.To me that is important atmosphere can really add to a movie, and in this one with the Halloween props, pumpkin, decor.... you do feel like hey this is right around Halloween for sure !!!! It starts out like your typical slasher movie,girl babysitting, crazy killer wearing a mask, after her , BUT it takes a turn ! a big turn, and has some GREAT twists !!!! ( TO ME ). I honestly give it 5 stars. I am a big fan of Malcolm McDowell, but he is only in this a very, short time. Maybe 3 mins tops. Also wanted to add to me the movie has very solid acting in it.

I mainly collect Halloween horror movies, and must say I am happy to have this in my collection.

So if you like slasher movies, if you like Halloween horror movies, and if you like a different twist on it,a much different twist then most slasher films I say check it out !
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Obviously inspired by "The Purge" and 1967's "Wait Until Dark", "Mischief Night" combines a blind girl left alone in a large upper-class house with the not really explained "Purge"-ish "Mischief Night"; a sort of pseudo night of freedom for people to do halloweenish things like egging houses and letting out their immature tendencies; I think. Of course, somebody takes it too far and Emily (Noell Coet), the blind girl, ends up fighting for her life against the masked pansy. I mean seriously... a blind girl?! You're out to exercise your mischief night liberties and you have to pick on the poor girl who can't even see!!! This alone makes you anxious to see the assailant get his punk beat down. I was hoping for a weeping like a girly-man scene, but it didn't play out.

Despite the obvious cowardice of the guy on the cover of the movie box, "Mischief Night" is actually a pretty good movie. It was better than I thought it would be and I had enough thoughts about it that I felt like writing this review.

Noell Coet is a good actress and actually plays a really good blind girl. She only overplayed it a couple of times. She hasn't been blind her entire life and her navigation of the household that she's become familiar with is believable. I especially liked the moment where she was rattled, started to run and ran hard into a counter. It looked painful and it added to the intensity of the scene. Her emotions throughout the film were spot on and had me feeling her fear.

The movie is also beautifully filmed and capably edited. Mr. Mischief night may have chosen the poor blind girl to pick on so that he could stand around and follow her through her house without her knowing. This is certainly a great gimmick and it is pulled off well., especially when Mr. Mischief Night poses as Emily's boyfriend for a brief moment.

Much was done correctly with "Mischief Night" and I found the movie enjoyable for the most part, but the times that it ventures into eye-roll land spoil the party. When Emily finds a chainsaw in the garage attached to a tree-trimmer extender and decides to put it to use, it may have created the most horribly coincidental occurrence in movie cinema history. Fortunately the entire movie wasn't that way. Although the cut she received to her foot when stepping on a broken glass vase would have rendered her a lot less mobile than it did, but I think the creators were more concerned with showing a gnarly-cut in a horror movie than being realistic. Finally, the ending, while not as bad as the chainsaw extender scene, was one more giant eye-roller.

"Mischief Night" could have been so so so much better had the creators not tried to overdo it. Had they just kept things inside reality or logic, it may have even been a great independent horror movie. As is though, 1967's "Wait Until Dark" is a better film because they at least kept things real.

Another "Mischief Night" came out in 2014 that looks eerily similar. Apparently they aren't connected, but I find that hard to believe. Mr. Mischief night on both dvd cases even look similar. The theme is similar. Possibly the director and writer of "Mischief Night" 2014 was involved in "MN" 2013 and didn't like the things that I pointed out. To each his own. "The Purge" wasn't that great of a movie, but I guess it does have the possibility of many story lines. Or does it?
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on February 27, 2015
I almost saw this coming because things started to get weird in the middle and so the ending was no real surprise. Still worth the rent. Basic story: Babysitter alone in the house, helps herself to parents' booze and drugs, bored, then encounters a guy in a mask lurking around outside. Typical for its type. But before the "twist" at the end there's a really weird middle where babysitter and masked guy kind of hook up to create a bit of mischief of their own.
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Discounting the couple in the opening scene, this 80-some-odd minute movie takes (literally) 40 minutes to really start picking up steam. It's all backstory and character building, but we get it all ready- the main character is blind and insists on being independent. She does a pretty good job of it, too, with some minor struggles. It could have all been conveyed and explained in half the time or less.

But once it gets going (finally), it's pretty good. Some things are bit predictable, but the slasher-stalking-blind-girl twist is something new to me. I didn't know how I'd feel about that, when we, the audience, can SEE the threat but she can't. It worked, in general, and much to my surprise. One part in particular was applause-worthy for shock value and creativity.

The lead in this movie is phenomenal. She exceeded my expectations.

There are the expected blood and violence in this movie, of course, but it's not over-the-top. This one does not try to hide behind shocking violence and excessive gore to carry it.

I would have enjoyed a little more as to the 'why' besides 'It's Mischief Night', especially when the slasher apparently has taken to attacking the same house at least two years in a row. Really? Kind of lame, especially when there's no explanation offered.

A decent movie IF you have the patience to get past the lengthy set-up in the first half of the movie. And, of course, it never hurts when Richard Riehle (a.k.a 'Tom' in Office Space, the 'Jump to Conclusions' matt guy) shows up for a moment or two. Fun to see him pop up in his small part.
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on August 11, 2014
Mischief Night could almost be forgiven for being better than the cover or the first 5 minutes would lead one to believe. What is actually presented is a fairly well-acted, small, isolation-filled thriller. Making the home invasion genre a little less clichéd, Mischief Night involves a girl who is hysterically blind being stalked by a masked killer.

The violence was very understated and I was not entirely certain why they rated it "R", but despite this I enjoyed it. Noell Coet channels her best nice girl/vanessa hudgens impersonation to deliver a fairly believable performance as the traumatized young Emily. The movie clocks in at just over 1 hour 20 minutes and is the perfect length to never feel like it was dragging.

As I mentioned above, the beginning of the movie is more of your traditional horror film variety, only they chose to use Charlie O'Connell (Sliders) and Erica Leershen (Blair Witch 2) as the beginning slasher fodder. Whereas with Scream this did a great job of setting up the plot, here it really made me question my purchase and cost of my precious time for a bad movie. Fortunately, it did not derail what was overall a fun little flick.

Ultimately this comes down to taste and I happen to like home invasion movies, as well as the films where the heroine has to try and overcome their personal damage to save the day. It kept me guessing for a while and even though I kind of figured out the ending, I applaud the information that the director chose to withhold from the audience. This is worth at least a rental and as cheap as it is I am glad to have it in the collection.
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