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on October 8, 2012
They have switched out and removed songs in this DVD release! In the last episode,(this next part isn't really a spoiler so don't worry) when Nathan is wearing the suit and before he puts in his headphones to stop the villain, the original song Low Rider, by the band War, is switched out of the scene to some random song. It's a very cool scene originally, but with that song cut out, it really changed the effect that it made (for me at least). That scene is one of the highlights of the season, but with the original song gone, it's just not as epic and cool as it originally was.

Now, why would they change the song? The answer is simple, they couldnt clear the music rights for the DVD release (at least the region 1 release).

Although this doesn't seem like a huge loss, why should you care? Because if this song was cut from the series, there's no telling what other songs got cut out as well. Apparently according to another reviewer, earlier in the same episode (episode 6), some songs were either missing or changed as well.

They did the exact same thing for the season 1 release of the U.K. Show Skins, Vol. 1 , except it was even worse because they had to actually remove an entire scene in the ending of that season.

Anyhow, not all this of this will matter to some, but it makes a big difference to me. When I watch a movie or show, I like to watch it how it was meant to be presented, completely unchanged and uncut.

So ya, this show is definitely 5 stars on my list, but because of the way the soundtrack has been cut on the DVD region 1 release, I give the product 3 stars. This show has a great soundtrack, and I hate seeing it's songs disappear in this release.

So If you'd like to watch the series completely unaltered here in the states, you can purchase the episodes from amazon video, or watch it on Hulu (also uncut)

The way it is presented on Hulu and Amazon Video is the original version, with all songs intact.
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on August 8, 2011
I honestly can't figure out why I can't stop watching this show. The premise of kids getting super powers after being stuck my lightening and the fact that I can't understand what they are saying sometimes ( my untrained American ears) would have normally been enough for me. But I was bored and played the first episode on Hulu and had to stop halfway through because I knew that my wife would love the show and she did. We just recently re-watched the first three episodes with my In-laws and turned them onto it as well.
The first thing that comes to mind as far as why I like this show so much are the characters. Each of these actors plays their parts perfectly, they somehow manage to be unlikeable and someone I want to have a beer with at the same time. I don't know enough about British culture (had to look up what a chav was) to know if they are playing on stereotypes but these actors are making some very memorable characters.
The show also uses some "edgy" music (for lack of a better term) along with a certain cinematic style (again, don't know if that's the right term but the use of unfocused shots to direct our attention to certain things is pretty unique) that sets it apart from other shows.
And finally, the show seems to be taking its time. I'm 5 episodes into it and so far no one has tried to save the world yet. That's good in my book.
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on November 19, 2013
I am a huge fan of this show. I have watched it many many times over on Hulu and had to show my love by buying the region 1 DVD when it came out. I finally got around to watching this DVD, and could only get through a few episodes because the differences in the music were driving me crazy!

Originally this show has a phenomenal soundtrack that needed no changes. Because of licensing issues, a lot of that music which made the show special and gave just the right emotion to a scene is replaced with second-rate garbage. I had no idea when I bought this DVD that the show would be so different. I should have just kept watching it for free on Hulu.
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on July 24, 2011
These are not your father's superheroes! The ulitimate, how would a person behave if their deepest wish/dream/desire came true in the form of a power. These are young, flawed human beings~like the rest of us... Well, maybe when I was a young twenty-something...the years have made me think a bit more.
I have seen both series one and two but I am waiting for series 2 to be released on amazon online. Nathan is stupidly blunt, crude, rude, honest and funny.. Kelley is just as great with her great dialect and attitude. Simon is will find out how he evolves...
Quality shows like this and BBC's Sherlock, Torchwood, Being Human, & Merlin have made me eye those region free dvd players very seriously as it takes too darn long for these to get released in the U.S.....
Don't get me wrong, we have a number of great shows here as well. It seems the good ones are all on cable.
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If you had told me that a show about juvenile delinquents with superpowers would turn into one of my contemporary favorites, I'd have thought you were crazy. Expertly blending ribald comedy with a science fiction theme, "Misfits" is easily one of the funniest and most wildly entertaining shows that I've seen in a while. Seriously. And if I were to describe it further, it would sound even sillier. The five central characters in "Misfits" meet in a community service group, get caught in a freak electrical storm that juices them with lightning, and awake to realize that their world has changed forever. Actually, not just their world but the world around them as the strange storm has affected others in macabre and hysterical ways.

Season One is comprised of only six episodes, but they are a super strong introduction. Why did it take this long to get an official North American release? Three more seasons have already been filmed as this grouping aired in 2009 originally. The Special Features include a "Making of" featurette, cast and crew interviews, and "Simon's films" (one of the characters shoots a lot of video footage).

With a cast of talented young actors, it might be tempting to dismiss this as a show exclusively for a younger demographic. And perhaps it is. But as an adult, I think it is an absolute laugh riot. If you like edgier fare (this is rich with colorful language, brief nudity, and wildly inappropriate behavior), I strongly encourage you to give this a look. Remember, though, this is a British production. Some of the references might elude you if you are completely unfamiliar with the pop culture scene across the pond and many of the accents are quite extreme. Although I didn't struggle too much, I have friends that watched the show with subtitles. One of the actresses, in particular, poses quite a challenge. Deciphering her lines is worth it, though, because they are so consistently sharp. (In a later season, the actress Lauren Socha even won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress). The primary strength of "Misfits" is its dialogue. Appearing lowbrow while being incredibly smart is hard to pull off. But there is nothing dumbed down about the show's scripts which are incredibly sophisticated AND utterly profane.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm well in love with "Misfits." Whether bending time, evading possessed madmen, dealing with strange religious cults, or battling a myriad of other oddities--the quintet makes for an impressive ensemble. Among their powers, we have invisibility, time travel, mind reading, and a succubus like ability to control others. And there are also some great performances. Aside from the previously mentioned Socha, I'd say that Iwan Rheon stands as the heart of the group expertly playing the sensitive loner. But without a doubt, the snarkiest and most outrageous performance on ALL OF TV goes to Robert Sheehan. His Nathan is completely unfiltered and brutally funny. A truly great show for adventurous and open-minded viewers. Give it a try, even if it doesn't sound like your cup of tea. (How British is that?) KGHarris, 9/12.
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on July 4, 2011
You will love 'Misfits'. My friend introduced me to the show last year(2010) and I had to go online and find all the 13 episodes (they are on season 3 right now). I had been looking for a place to buy the episodes and amazon finally has them up, but they are selling them as if they recently got released-which is not entirely true.
That said, from the first line to the last twitch, you will admire their acting.Kelly (character) is especially wonderful.
You might not like it at first(which is insane)but interestingly, I didn't like it at first and then i tried it once more and that's when I had to go on an online hunt for the episodes.
By the way, if you like this show, may I suggest 'The Inbetweeners' and 'Skins' UK (All originals)
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on January 1, 2011
This show is brilliant, raunchy, hilarious, and altogether one of the best shows I've seen in years... and I can't get it on DVD in the US! ARG!!! Please please give us region 1. My friends and I will be soooo happy.
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on January 2, 2011
This show is AWESOME, its funny, it has drama, The Soundtrack is A-list (no wonder being a british show) the performances are great too. I'm only at episode 2 and I can't wait so see what more this show has store for me. I really wish this could get in region 1 Blu Ray and i wouldn't hassitate to buy it.
Do your self a favor if you have a dark sense of humor and like all thing superheroes watch this show
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on December 24, 2012
After watching all 3 seasons of Downton Abbey, I was looking for a fresh interesting British show. I read some reviews about Misfits and decided to give it a try. This is a really good show, the first 2 seasons are really good. It is about a group of youngsters who obtain powers, each one has a power and they slowly come to terms with it. Season 1 is all about them realizing their power and dealing with it. It has some slapstick comedy but all in all a really fun show with interesting characters. The cast is quite good and plays the characters really well. I enjoyed watching all of season 1. What I like best about this show is that despite having powers, the characters are not off to save the world, instead they continue with their daily work and use the powers from time to time. Having watched so many shows where characters get power (Heroes, 4400) and these powers change their whole life, I like how the characters here continue with their old self and incorporate these new powers. Of course they all grow and learn, but they retain their old self.
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on January 1, 2015
Man, I love this show. You could think of it as a lower-key British version of 'Heroes', but without the over-serious, convoluted plot and goofy tag-lines like 'save the cheerleader, save the world'... and with far better writing, some of nastiest, wittiest, razor-sharp dialogue and black-hole dark humor on TV, instead of the wonder-bread scripting for a bunch of dull, pretentious douchebags -- on second thought, forget I mentioned 'Heroes'. Except for both being television series about people who are suddenly gifted with super-powers by a mysterious astronomical/meteorological phenomenon, they've got nothing in common.

Watching both shows will, however, give you a profound appreciation for the jagged, bloody edge that the best British shows bring to the table. And the actors are as big a draw as the writing, particularly Robert Sheehan as Nathan, the hilariously sarcastic prick that not even a mother can stand, and Iwan Rheon as the spaced-out weirdo turned action hero Simon. Not-so coincidentally, both actors left the series partway through; Sheehan for the big screen, while Rheon traded-up for an important and very memorable role as a sausage-eating Bastard on Game of Thrones. Things didn't quite feel the same when Sheehan left after season two, but Joseph Gilgun eventually owned the psychic space that Sheehan vacated, with some of the funniest scenes ever. Brilliant stuff.
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