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on June 14, 2007
Not very often do the studios come up with a 3rd installment of a film that surpasses it's predecessors. I felt that this was one of those rare cases. I was one of the minority who was not blown away by the first MI. I was even more dissappointed by the second MI. The second one was nothing but a "Cruise love-in". God forbid that they shot a single second of footage that didn't include Tom.
With these memories, I avoided this 3rd MI film. Well, today I had the day off and it was on Pay channels. I sat down and was prepared to be underwhelmed. I was pleasantly surprised. The film again relies heavily on Cruise. But, this time the story is greatly improved by the presence of Lawrence Fishburne and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Back again is the tremendous Ving Rhames. All these characters make for a compelling story. There is also the presence of the nifty gadgets and urgency we expect from MI films.
Overall I found the entire film to be much more enjoyable than the previous MI's and would recommend it to anyone.
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on September 17, 2007
I heard nothing but good things about this movie, so I rented it the first day it was available recently.....and I wasn't disappointed. Oh, it does have a bit too much action and a few politically-correct annoyances but neither are much and overall the movie is a lot of fun to watch.

The action scenes are not only interesting; they're spectacular at times. Overall, the photography is slick. It's a good visual movie. Not only the cinematography, but the director did a nice job with many of these shots. The version doesn't have all the gimmicks the first Misssion Impossible film, but it certainly has the best action scenes. The action is improbable as Cruise's "Ethan Hunt" would have to be Superman to perform the stunts and acrobatics he does here. (I would never claim this movie is credible, or even "intelligent" - just escapist fun.)

Just put your brains on hold, and go along for the wild ride.
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The reason for the success of MI I and MI II, for this viewer, was the sophisticated, scientific devices and plans used to manipulate evil by good. It was always a pleasure to watch the superior minds win. But somehow MI III seems far more interested in pyrotechniques and mass explosions and derring-do than for smart ideas and for that reason it seems less successful - but then that may be the result of watching it on the home television instead of the vast spaces of a theatrical screen.

The story is negligibly the same as usual: impossible villain is superceded finally by Ethan Hunt. The role still fits Tom Cruise well, if a bit repetitious, but the strong point of this third installment is the supporting cast. We have the pleasure of Philip Seymour Hoffman's acting gifts as the arch villain, and the added pleasure of fine actors like Billy Crudup, Ving Rhames, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Laurence Fishburne and the beauty of Michelle Monaghan, Keri Russell, and Maggie Q. And when they are not all covered by fire and broken glass and whirling helicopters and collapsing bridges etc they do make us notice them.

Not a movie for those who prefer intelligent scripts, but for an evening's diversion it is entertaining, Grady Harp, October 06
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VINE VOICEon May 7, 2006
MOVIE: While Summer isn't officially here, it is here in terms of movies. Mission Impossible 3 kicks off the summer movie season with a bang with an interesting and entertaining installment in the money-making franchise. Tom Cruise reprises his Ethan Hunt role and J.J. Abrams takes the director's chair. What makes the Mission Impossible franchise so interesting is the constant change of directors. If you look at other franchises like Lethal Weapon, Pink Panther, Indiana Jones, etc, the directors usually stay on board for the sequels. Even with the James Bond franchise you have directors usually doing several Bond films in a row. Mission Impossible was helmed by Brian De Palma and was all espionage with light action. Action maestro John Woo took the second one and made an explosive and entertaining action sequel even if it was a little over cooked. J.J. Abrams makes his feature film directorial debut with Mission Impossible 3, which is a little bit of espionage and a little bit of action. For those who don't know Abrams, he started out writing films like Armageddon and Regarding Henry. He then broke into the television scene with Alias, a pretty popular show. He became very well known recently for his latest show. Abrams is the creator of LOST, one of my favorite shows. So, I was excited to see his first movie. M:I-3 has Ethan Hunt trying to settle down and start a normal life, but he is thrown back into his old job when an arms dealer played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman wants him to track down the Rabbit's Foot. The Rabbit's Foot is some kind of weapon of mass destruction, and if Hunt doesn't retrieve it in 48 hours his fiance will be killed. What follows are explosive action sequences that sing the right tune to satisfy all of our action appetites. The movie is good, but I couldn't help feeling like something was lacking. I tried to pinpoint it, and the only thing that I could come up with was that it lacked style. Sure it had LOST written all over it. The tight close ups, starting the film by showing the ending and then rewinding back to the beginning, getting Michael Giacchino to compose an almost identical score to LOST, even re-creating a scene from LOST at the end, but still the movie didn't feel like it had an overall style. The reason why I liked M:I-2 was that it had John Woo style. The slow motion build up, the doves, and of course Hans Zimmer's amazing music. I'm just saying that Mission Impossible 3 is good, but it's not a definative action movie that stands out from the rest, let's see how Abrams develops his techniques with future projects now that he's broken into the movie scene.

ACTING: Phillip Seymour Hoffman steals the show as the incredibly self centered and hot tempered Owen Davian. You can tell he had lots of fun with the role. Tom Cruise does what he does perfectly and basically owns the character. The supporting effort by Ving Rhames and the rest of the gang are not anything spectacular. It's really all about Hoffman and Cruise.

BOTTOM LINE: M:I-3 delivers the goods, but it doesn't step above anything we've seen before. The bridge fight and helicopter chase were the only scenes in the movie that really felt original, everything else felt like it has been done many times before. It's entertaining, it's fun, and you'll enjoy it. It was great to see Hoffman and Cruise really work off each other. Abrams does a great job directing, but he really didn't make it his own in my opinion.
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After receiving the entire 5-film collection [on Blu-ray] I was disappointed finding the first three films in the series did
have the same---pristine---video and audio as the fourth and fifth films of the franchise. The first three were 2007
[OLD] pressings.
AS an experiment, I bought M:I to see IF [as listed below"2010"] this is a new ONE disc pressing... instead of the
"disc#1" [of 2] which was repackaged into the latest "complete" collection. I might have wasted my $10. After all, this
product description says "DVD". Well, anyway, IF this pressing is better than the 2007 one stuck in the recent collec-
tion---some of these reviews for M:I - 3 are nearly ten years old! I'll update this as necessary... AFTER buying M:I [1],
IF it was upgraded, I'll buy M:I 2... which will be substituted for those HORRIBLE DVD-quality "2007" releases.
>>> "Actors: Tom Cruise, Michelle Monaghan, Ving Rhames, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Billy Crudup
Directors: J.J. Abrams
Writers: J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Bruce Geller, Roberto Orci
Producers: Arthur Anderson, Bill Borden, Buting Yang
Format: AC-3, Blu-ray, Dolby, Dubbed, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen
Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Dubbed: French, Spanish
Region: Region A/1 (Read more about DVD/Blu-ray formats.)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Number of discs: 1 <=============(!)
Rated: PG-13
Studio: Paramount
DVD Release Date: August 3, 2010 <===(?)
Run Time: 126 minutes " <<<
JUST buy the five-film collection; it was $35 when I bought it.
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on August 27, 2015
After getting away from the MI theme in MI II (I felt) the makers moved back toward the MI cloak and dagger motif in this film. Ethan Hunt is now an MI operative trainer. His first trainee gets ambushed, captured. He and his team have to go capture her. They do but she dies in their arms, literally. But she sends him a secret note detailing a traitor in the MI upper ranks. Ethan feels that since he is not in the field anymore he is safe in building a normal l ife. He marries. Well . . . that is the weak point the new bad guy exploits. Drama, action, adventure ensue.

First off it was a good action/adventure movie. But it was not so much about the government, spy stuff like it should be. More so than MI II. But still the wife thing was a distraction. Out of place actually. Anyway whoever wrote this movie was a sicko. To use such things to emotionally manipulate the audience is just sick. It is effective. But sick. This movie should have been an R movie. It was a little too much. Anyway while the romance stuff lent itself to the action/adventure I personally feel that this movie should be more about spy related stuff. Government stuff. Not love. But again they brought that into this movie for whatever reason.

There are some really impossible scenes in this movie that made me say out loud "Come on!". I mean who can be dead for 15 minutes while someone goes on a killing rampage only to be revived with CPR? No one. Sorry. That is really too impossible. And the dead waking up and grabbing a gun. That is really impossible. But it is the movies. It is just over the top in my opinion. I remember rolling my eyes in the theatre wheen I saw this there when it came out. Just too much.
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on March 27, 2016
Welcome back, Luther (Ving Rhames)...! Here again he teams with Ethan Hunt, as in MI1, and there is plenty of noir action and stunts, with the usual interesting characters and situations. Yet I believe it may be this film, and not the first, where the plot to a degree erodes 2/3 through the movie. [Videohound.]. However, the return of Ving Rhames was so welcome as to make up for the plot slips, if there were any. And J. J. Abrams takes direction, and does a very fine job.

I thought that the disappointing film among the first three -- if there was a disappointing film -- was Mission: Impossible II. (...) As this is a rebooting of the series, we must duly expect a carry over of many of the suppositions, the use of technical devices, & etc., of the show. But it was in II where I thought the use of them went to a degree overboard, and it additionally had a fairly thin plot. In III, they did not make either mistake, and have as usual a noir plot with twists and unexpected turns, that always keeps one guessing. Complicated and intriguing, even though it may be unbelievable and perhaps impossible...[!] And welcome back, Ethan....!
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VINE VOICEon May 15, 2006
Thanks to director J.J. Abrams, "Mission: Impossible III" surpasses the missed opportunities of filmmakers Brian De Palma and John Woo by returning to the core elements of the classic TV series. In the memorable villain department, Philip Seymour Hoffman kicks it up a notch and gives IMF agent Tom Cruise a run for his money. The pace rarely lags as Abrams stages several stunt-filled setpieces while surrounding Cruise with a solid acting ensemble. Unfortunately, the film's perfunctory climax squanders a potentially exciting showdown between Cruise and Hoffman - an obvious sign of budgetary shortcuts. Despite this lapse, the third time is definitely the charm for the "Mission: Impossible" franchise.
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on December 2, 2012
I gave this a 4 star rating only because I liked M.I.2 better. I would give that one a five star rating. I am only going to tell about the Blu-Ray quality. I thought it was pretty good although it is grainy in some scenes. I looked up about all the grain in Blu-Ray movies & they say it's o.k. to have it. That there's nothing wrong with the picture. They compared it to watching with the black bars on top & bottom. Some people are o.k. with it & some are not. They say it comes down to personal preferences. Well I myself don't mind the black bars, such as are in this film, because you are able to see more of the film itself, whereas I would prefer no grain, if possible, no matter how old the film may be. I can't compare the picture quality from Dvd against the Blu-Ray as I never saw this movie in anything but the Blu-Ray. The sound was o.k. with me, but I listen with external speakers hooked up to my good old fashioned stereo. The only special feature is the commentary with Tom Cruise. That's alright with me. I'd say if you like the movie or are thinking about getting the Blu-Ray go ahead & get it. I think you will like it.
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on August 9, 2015
This is one of my favorite movies in the franchise. I love the fact that Ethan Hunt has a personal life and the story is built around it, without being saccharine. It is completely action packed with cool gadgets and unrealistic performances. From the opening to the closing credits you are enmeshed in the story.
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