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on July 26, 2003
I actually used to be a raving Avril Lavigne fan, but Pink just has so much more depth.I know nobody'll read this 'cause it looks too long, but I think ya should. I LOVE this album. I don't have a life like hers, but I can still relate to her SO much. She seems to sing about all my feelings and it's nice to know your not alone. (even better to know you feel the same as somebody really famous.)I think I'll do a track listing review thingy.
1. Missundaztood: This song's pretty cool. Her voice gets a little weird in this song, but I kinda like it. She's just having fun with this one. The lyrics are okay. Some parts are really good. The end is funny. I was actually thinking the same thing when that guy asked if she was doing an X-lax commercial. All in all a really cool song.

2. Don't Let Me Get Me: My parents don't hate me and teachers don't date me, but I really get what she's talking about 'cause I'm the same way. I don't know how many times I've wanted to be somebody else. I really like how she states her feelings so clearly.
3. Just Like A Pill: This song's pretty good. I think everybody's heard it. If you actually PAY ATTENTION to the lyrics it's a pretty good song. Once again I know how she feels. The words are deep which is refreshing from listening to most of the other songs on the radio. This song is REALLY good.
4. Get The Party Started: The lyrics are okay, but the beat is what makes this song awesome. It really makes you want to get up and dance. It gets really annoying when you listen to it too much though. I really can't think of much to say for this, but I do like it a lot.

5. Respect: This song's pretty good. The beginning is... interesting.There are at least two oldies that have a couple lyrics in here, but it's pretty original. There seems like a lot of songs about the same subject, but this song makes itself interesting somehow. I don't know...I just like it.
6. 18 Wheeler: This song makes me feel better about myself. Not just the lyrics, but the beat too. It makes feel ready to face the world. It's just a very well-written song and I love it. (no I actually don't "love" every song on this CD.)
7. Family Portrait: This song is so sad. When you hear it, you can just see her parents fighting and the sad little girl, desperately pleading her father not to leave. One of the things that make it better is that it's sad. She really shows her feelings (and a bit of her past) in this. The chorus part with the kids' voices singing is cheap though. This song is good, but it makes you depressed.
8. Misery: If you've been reading other reviews you'll see that everybody seems to love this song. Maybe it's 'cause I'm twelve, but I just don't get it. It's not really the kind of song I like, and it doesn't even sound like the kind of song that Pink would sing. It's really stupid and boring. (in my opinion) It might just be that I don't like blues though. They sound so whiny. I always skip this one.
9. Dear Diary: This is one of my favorite songs. It has a bizarre sounding oriental instrument thing in it that sounds really neat. The words really stick in your head.I like Pink's voice in the chorus. You just have to listen to this one. I LOVE IT!
10. Eventually: I really don't like this song. It's not just sad, but it's slow and hard to sit through. I don't like the lyrics, the beat, or her voice. I just don't like this song.
11. Lonely Girl: Okay, did Linda Perry sneak into my brain and still my thoughts for this one? I love Linda Perry's voice in the chorus. The words are pretty deep and Pink once again really spills her feelings out. I know just how she feels. It's kind of uplifting and sad at the same time. This is another favorite.
12. Numb: This is my absolute favorite song. It makes me feel very "pink". The beat takes over your whole body. The chorus is the best part. The lyrics are make sense while not being too simplistic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!
13. Gone To California: Another sad, boring song. About how she wants to go to California instead of living in Philadelphia when it's apparently terrible. (I know nothing about Philadelphia.) She draws out every line and sounds really whiny. I just do not like this song.
14. My Vietnam: This song's pretty good. There's something weird about it that I just can't explain. It's totally different than all the other songs. I know what she means when she says "life keeps on dropping bombs and I keep score" The second verse is really kind of off beat. She seems to try and cram words into the lines at times that just make it too long and funny sounding. I think I like this song, but I'm not quite sure.
Well, that's what I think about this CD. There are a few bad songs, but the good ones more than make up for them. I like it and I hope this review makes people want to buy it, 'cause the world needs more Pink fans. PINK RULES!!!!!
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on April 20, 2002
Pink's sophomore album "Missundaztood" showcases her troubled life growing up. The result? A good pop/light rock CD. In "Family Portrait" she talks about the fights her parents had when she was younger and surprisingly, it's a really good song with a cool beat. "Misery" features legendary Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler. He definitely adds to this blues/jazz type song. "18 Wheeler" is my favorite. It's about telling someone you can hurt me, put me down and "run over me with your 18 wheeler truck," but I'll just get right back up. It really has a positive message. The first single from this album "Get the Party Started" is a cool dance track, but if it's played numerous times, it can get a bit annoying. "Don't Let Me Get Me" is about not liking who you are and how sometimes you wish you could be someone else. My second fave.
Overall, "Missundaztood" is a great album because Pink wrote all of the songs on here (with the exception of "Get the Party Started," "Lonely Girl" and "Misery") and she only sings about stuff she's dealt with in life. It's a lot different from her 2000 debut, "Can't Take Me Home" because it was mostly pop/R&B music. This time, Pink does it all- rock, R&B, some pop and even blues.
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on May 28, 2002
I first heard this CD when my Girl Scout troop talked me into playing it while we were driving to an event. As a fan mainly of blues I cringed as it came on the stereo but was amazed at how much I enjoyed the songs -- especially "Just Like A Pill." So I bought the CD and was knocked out by "Misery." I hope Pink leaves the hip-hop/girl singer stuff behind and concentrates on blues. Her voice is incredible and she has the potential of being the next Bonnie Raitt.
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on December 22, 2001
I am not really into the whole pop music scene, I am more into the new metal groove, but I found this CD to be fantastic. I was expecting it to be all happy pop like the hit single Get This Party Started. Instead it turned into a trek into Pink's own troubled family life and her depression of her own appearance (Don't Let Me Get Me). Something which not to offend girls, but there are lots of girls out there who know exactly what she's talking about. What really kept my interest about this album were the beats. The beats are incredible and every track has a different pop beat, so you don't feel like your listening to the same song over and over. Because of the beats, Pink covers a wide array of genres with such songs like Eventually that has a jazzy saxophone in the background, and Lonely Girl, which has a very cool pop rock sound to it, but her vocals always sound poppy and hip hoppy. This is a surprisingly great CD with lots of meaningful great lyrics, because Pink says exactly how she feels.
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on February 23, 2006
Hey! I really, really like P!nk's music and lyrics. She is awesome! She is everything I wanted to be growing up and now that I'm in my 50's, well, um, unfortunately I can't imitate her except in the privacy of my car or home! LOL!!!

You have to really listen to the words and "feel" her. Especially Family Portrait. She has a wonderful soulful voice. I think she is very, very talented and I will buy all her music she has out. As far as the Mom wanting to buy Missundaztood for her 9 year old because the 9 year old liked the Get This Party Started cut? Well, hello? Mom! What's your 9 year old wanting to Get This Party Started for anyway? Sheesh!

P!nk rules! I think she is extremely talented.

Keep on singing girlfriend!!!

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on December 18, 2001
Throughout the decades many songs have come and gone, and many artists experience being a one hit wonder. This is no the situation, however, in the case of Pink. In her newly released album, Missundaztood, Pink clearly tries to emphasize her distinction from other artists and the pop icons--Britney Spears--of today with her cleverly written songs, unique display of music and beat, and new, "not such a bad girl after all," portrayal. Her album explores diverse songs and topics. The song reflect her personality, and lots of time and emotion that went into the album. I surpassingly acclaim PInk for her individualism and superb album.
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on November 28, 2001
Have u ever heard that thing about an singer's 2nd album will be a huge failure and its up to them to either save their career or fade away? Well luckily Pink, who is very young and talented really avoided that. She put her all into making sure the second album is a really new and fresh experience, and it is. She's got a great voice too. You rock lovers have another confident female who speaks her mind. Gwen Stefani, Alanis, Madonna, and now Pink.
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on May 11, 2006
I bought Pink's first CD years ago and wasn't impressed but with one song. (I hate when that happens) so I haven't been in a rush to run out and purchase more material from her. But then I heard Dear Mr. President and ran out and bought I'm not dead. Absolutely wonderful CD. So I decided to backtrack and buy her popular missundaztood. This is a good CD with the title track, don't let me get me, just like a pill, get the party started, and lastly, family portait making this purchase well worth the money. If you skipped over this CD, you're doing yourself a disservice.
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on April 21, 2006
This is my favorite c.d. & I have all of them except Try This. I love songs that you can dance to. These are my favorite songs Don't let me get me (I swear she is talking about me), Just like a pill(some relationships are like that), Get the party started (Like it), Respect (A very good song, Ladies you need to listen to this!), 18 Wheeler (a good fighter song), Misery (Duet with Steven Tyler oh yeah!), Numb (Angry song yeah I like it!!)
As you can probably tell I really like this c.d. To me this is the best of Pink!!
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on March 5, 2002
No disrespect to Ludacris, but this second album from Pink should be called "Back for the First Time". This sophomore effort is everything Pink always wanted to do, so you might wanna call this a rebirth for her.
First off, if you're expecting Pink to sing those R&B tunes like she did on her first album, it ain't happening. She's into more rock-flavored tunes now, and it's a good thing too. Though Can't Take Me Home produced the hits "There You Go" and "Most Girls", the rest of the album was pretty lame. Thankfully, Pink brings the soul on some of the rock tracks here to produce a good mix.
For example, there's "Lonely Girl" featuring Where-Are-They-Now artist Linda Perry (of 4 Non-Blondes fame), and the song you've heard before, "Get the Party Started", a funky concoction of dance, '70's-style rhythm, and Pink's soulful/now rock-influenced voice. "Don't Let Me Get Me" is about Pink not wanting to be confused with other girl singers like Britney. But it's on the down-home-blues "Misery" (featuring Aerosmith's Steven Tyler) where Pink really shines.
Most of the material is produced by Linda Perry and Dallas Austin so M!ssundastood is part rock and part R&B. Also, having written most of the material herself, Pink is really a part of this project. This album doesn't have the "Dude, run out and buy this album!" quality that other albums at this time do, but this is an album that's worth a listen.
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