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For several years I have hunted around electronic stores for a good television and sound system. Every salesman told me that people will spend thousands on a screen, but barely anything for sound. This made no sense to me. I ended up with a 5.1 Denon surround system to go with my 27" tube television. Then Mitsubishi releases the first high-quality flat screen television with an integrated sound system that actually produces surround sound. It is an impressive set.

Set-up is fairly easy, as when you first plug in a cable from your DVD player or Cable/Dish, a screen pops up called, "Auto Output Sensing", which guides you through each device.

VIDEO: The border of the LT-52149 is surrounded by a 1" black frame and a 4.5" bottom which includes the Integrated Sound Projector. The screen is a matte plastic that barely reflects any light, even when exposed to lots of indirect light. LCD screens are also lighter than Plasma and are more energy efficient. The setup is fairly intuitive with an array of adjustable features such as contrast, brightness, tint, sharpness, color range, etc. all which produce a truly realistic and vibrant color. This model contains an `international color standard' that supports 1.8 times more colors. I can tell just by adjusting the color setup that this flat screen color quality far surpasses anything I have seen in a store. Television transmission (I use Direct TV Satellite) is very good, but DVD movies are as crisp as anything I have ever seen (I have a SONY DVD/SACD player). You can also adjust the screen ratio to fit your style, such as stretch (Letterbox), stretch plus, narrow, zoom, and expand and standard (Full Screen). I was surprised to find there is no "Picture in picture" feature, but my Direct TV Satellite has a similiar feature. The 52-inch screen is best for rooms that are 20' feet or more in viewing distance, but the clarity and tight pixelation is suberb.

AUDIO: This is what put this system over the top for me. Without wires and 16 small projecting speakers at the base of the screen, the LT-52149 produces an amazing surround sound. Now I have a 5.1 surround system which produces specific sounds from specific speakers. The Integrated Sound Projector produces a surround sound by transmitting the sounds to different walls and areas of your room. The setup can be customized by use of a colored plan diagram on the screen showing your seating position and the angles of the sound. You can adjust center, left, right, left (surround), right (surround), etc. until the sound is balanced according to your liking. It is not as pure as having a specific speaker producing one channel, but it is more of an all-encompassing surround sound (called Pro Logic II Simulated Surround Sound). It's actually a more realistic surround sound as opposed to a studio recording where different instruments come from different positions. I'm a hard-core audiophile, so I like both versions. If you just want a brilliant sound without the hassle of several speakers and wires, you'll be amazed. Plus, if you add a subwoofer, the richness of the sound is complete. I recommend a Yamaha or a Denon subwoofer and both can be purchased for less than $100. You really do need a subwoofer to experience the full range of the sound.

COOL STUFF: Besides a fairly easy setup program, the LT-52149 comes with lots of extras.

*There is a USB Photo Port easily accessible on the back where you can plug in your camera or card reader to watch a slideshow of your favorite shots or video.

*There is a clock setting to turn the television on or off according to your preferences.

*If you have children, you can `Lock' programs by their Ratings or Time. You can also lock the remote control - period.

*The remote control can be used to control other devices (DVD, VCR, DVR) by using the enclosed IR Emittor (these are small transmitters placed by the remote signal receptor of your desired device).

*The system is `Blu-Ray', MP3 player and gaming compatible.

*There is a free TV Guide Daily service available as well.

*However, this system does not come with the `kitchen sink'.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin, you need to know what cables to buy. Call the manufacturer of your DVD player and ask them if your model is CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible. If it is, you need to buy/use an "HDMI to HDMI" cable. If it is not, you need to buy/use a triple color-coded "Component Video Cable" (connects High & Standard Definition A/V components). All these items can be purchased locally or on

I am a bit surprised at how long it took any manufacturer to come up with an integrated sound system with a high-quality flat screen television. This system does the trick and more!
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on December 12, 2008
I bought the Mitsubishi 52149 120Hz LCD from Amazon and delivered with their White glove service. I was wary about ordering an HDTV of this size from an online dealer, but I couldn't find a store in my area that would deliver this set to my door at this price. So I took a chance and I think it paid off.

Amazon had this set delivered to my house within the provided time frame. The company contacted me to arrange a delivery time that worked with my schedule. The truck arrived on schedule, and the set was unboxed and placed on my stand. We hooked up the set to verify the picture was good, and then I was asked to sign the delivery paperwork. I was surprised how well the White Glove service worked. Your mileage may vary, but I think Amazon has worked out a pretty good system.

I've had this television for a month, and I am very happy with it. Mitsubishi provides a lot of configuration options through the menu, and you should take the time to consider what type of customization works best for your tastes and room layout. I changed the settings from 'Brilliant' to 'Natural', and went through my calibration blu ray. I was surprised that the set did not need a lot of refining to achieve proper color and sharpness. I must admit that I am not an expert videophile, but I think you can get very close to the NTSC standards for color with this display. (Or you can look at the LT-52246 which allows further Tint customization, but lacks the integrated sound projector.)

The Integrated Sound Projector (ISP) is the real reason for buying this model instead of the 52148 or 52246. You really should complement the ISP with a subwoofer - Yamaha and Polk have entry models that will suffice. You really shouldn't consider this as a replacement for a full 7.1 surround system, but it's an affordable alternative that will satisfy most households. You can customize the system to work with the dimensions of your space, and I have been pleasantly surprised with its ability to provide a full soundstage in my room.

I have this display hooked up to an HD cable box, a Wii, and PS3. The system allows unique video customization for each input. Blu ray movies look incredible, and the 120Hz technology is surprisingly clear. In fact, it's almost too clear sometimes. (The LT-52246 also features fine-tuning of the 120Hz interpolation - something you should consider if video customization is critical for your needs.)

If you are looking for a 52" lcd tv, then you should seriously consider the three Mitsubishi models available. I was attracted to this model because it provided quality sound out of the box (when coupled with a subwoofer). I'm transitioning between homes and did not want to commit to a full HD sound system. (If I had a great sound system, I would have gone for the LT-52246.) Additionally I do not like displays that have a thick bezel/frame around the edge. The Mitsu sets have the thinnest frame on the market that add to the overall 'wow' factor.

I've had experience with Mitsubishi LCD and DLP displays and have been very impressed with the quality of the image, colors, and contrast. These are premium displays that are as good (or better) as comparable products from Samsung and Pioneer.
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on January 10, 2009
I was able to view this set at a local Circuit City, and I was really impressed with this set. This is a high-end LCD screen that does not have the annoying white "glare" that many other LCDs have - the glare that makes it (for some) impressive in an in-store demo but probably annoying when you get it home and watch it for an extended period of time. Bright whites are good, but not when they have an unnatural glare to them.

I was there to look at the Panasonic 800U 50" Plasma (great THX mode and skin tones,) which I also recommend and probably plan to buy, but this screen kept catching my eye due to its excellent color, picture quality and image "naturalness." I would definitely consider this screen and compare it to higher-end Samsung LCD displays if I were in the market for an LCD, and am posting this review because you don't hear much about Mitsubishi LCDs but this display (and I imagine its 46" and non-sound-bar variants) is pretty remarkable and has some unique qualities I have not seen on other LCDs. The only screens that I've been genuinely impressed with are the 60" Pioneer Kuro Plasma, The Panasonic 800U 50" Plasma, some *very* high end Samsung LCD screens ($5-$6K), and this Mitsubishi screen.

I would describe this LCD as looking almost like a "DLP done right" - the cinematic quality of DLP with a super-wide viewing angle, and offering the clarity of and LCD, but not the artificial contrasty quality of an LCD. If no one told you this screen was an LCD, you might think it was some kind of high-quality plasma or next-gen DLP screen. Definitely worth looking at. I think it's a pretty unique screen.

[EDIT] - Another thing I forgot to mention - this screen has a high-quality *matte* (not a reflective) finish which seems to work very well. This may be why it sort of reminds me of a DLP from the future, since they typically have matte screens. A matte screen is what I think may give it that "cinematic" quality as movie and projector screens are generally always matte and not reflective like a typical LCD screen. Reflective screens tend to make the blacks look deeper and improve contrast, but I didn't feel like a reflective screen would have improved this TV.
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on April 8, 2009
I bought my LT52149 just 4 days ago from a local retailer on a whim frankly, and so far I'm really impressed with this set! The ease of set up, VERY nice video quality and assignable inputs make this set a winner in my book! I really like the thin bezel on this set as it allowed me to fit a 52" set in a 49" wide space. My first and most recent lcd tv purchase was a 40" Series-6 Samsung TOC set for my master bedroom. I've had it now for about 6 months and I absolutely LOVE it! In fact, I initially set out to purchase the 52" Series-6 Samsung TOC set but at 51.5", it was too wide to fit my entertainment center. Based on the pricing I've seen so far, I practically STOLE this set @ $2079.99 out the door, including tax. I would never have given this set a second look at its original price, but now I'm glad I did! For me, it leaves nothing to be desired.
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on January 11, 2013
DO NOT BUY THIS TV...I know they don't make them anymore, but don't even buy a used one.
To make a long story a little less long...we've been exclusive Mitsubishi TV owners for at least 20 years. Have always purchased the extended warranty. Our VERY LAST Mitsubishi purchase back in 2009 (3 1/2 years ago), and $3,500 later, we purchased the Mitsubishi 52" LT52149 from Paul's Big Screen in Rancho Cucamonga. Barely 3 1/2 years later the LCD panel goes out. And according to the TV repair company, "it's off the charts to repair it". I was told by both Paul's & this particular TV service center that these LCD panels have been and issue and that Mitsubishi will sometimes help out with the repair. It took Mitsubishi approximately 3 weeks to answer my email...just to tell me that there is nothing they can do...after all, they don't even make this TV anymore! REALLY??? I expected MUCH, MUCH more from Mitsubishi. Costco here I come!

If you are buying a Mitsubishi TV based on their reputation, and presumed quality...think again. When and if you call for any sort of help, you will be placed on hold, then transferred to the Philippines. You will speak to a very nice girl, basically reading a script. Shame on you Mitsubishi, I expected much more out of you. Your customer service is HORRIBLE!!!! Your very expensive TV broke beyond repair in less than 4 YEARS!!! I can almost accept that from a much less expensive TV or off name.

I know I won't put you out of business by not ever purchasing anything with the name of Mitsubishi on it, but I will make sure to tell anyone and everyone who will didn't even TRY to make it better...there is not customer appreciation...
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on March 14, 2013
This item was great for four years. We spent the extra money for the extended warranty(1 year manufacturer and 3 years extended). The one and only problem we did have happened 4 years and 2 months after the purchase. A three inch vertical line appeared on the right side of the screen. We paid $3000.00 for this TELEVISION plus another $400 for the warranty. They have the warranty down to the exact life of the set-- 4 years and 2 months.The LCD replacement is approximately $2000.00.
!!!!!!!!DO NOT PURCHASE A TELEVISION MANUFACTURED BY MITSUBISHSI!!!!!!We thought we were paying for quality but the Mitsubishi brand is a joke when it comes to quality.
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on October 28, 2013
We bought 8 of these - purely for the CableCard technology. Worked great for quite some time, but now...they all have developed at least one 3" discolored bar. While most have multiple discolored 3" bars, they all have at least one. These TVs are junk, and Mitsubishi is junk for not standing behind their product. You cant buy LCD TVs any more from Mitsubishi, so this review is somewhat pointless. But buyer beware of mitsubishi electronics.
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on August 18, 2009
I have this exact tv, the mitsubishi lt-52148, the only difference between mine and this lt-52149 is the sound bar mine is 1300.00 currently and this one is 1900 for the extra sounbars speakers. I chose not to get the sounbar because i have a home theatre so it would have been useless!

I purchased this (lt-52148(exact same tv w/o soundbar)) tv for 2k when it first came out, it was 2500, but i got it on sale, overall id pay the same amount and buy it all over again. The on screen menu's are extremely user friendly,and the options are amazing it has 4 hdmi ports so you dont need much more, also has component so you can hook up and old equipment as well. The 120hz live motion is Phenominal and takes viewing to a whole other level, The picture is extremely clear,crisp and vibrant, especially when you run blu rays. I love watching tv more than ever!!! You do get a tad of blur on live motion around moving objects but not too noticeable and nothing more than any other lcd on the market. For 1500 bux this tv is a steal. Does not run hot and for the last year ive had 0 problems with this tv..It is a high performer and the thin outline around tv gives you all 52" that you want. Every time some one comes over there amazed at the sheer size and classy look of this tv. But when i turn it on and demo a blu ray in live motion, they look at me and are literatly speechless. They dont even say anything there just trying to process how the tv is displaying the way it does.LOL!! No Joke. 1500 is worth this tv, if you are looking for a 52". I want a bigger 65" plus but im waiting for prices to adjust just because i love huge displays but i love this tv!!! PHENOMINAL AND ID BUY IT AGAIN!!!!

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on August 21, 2009
Hello, the T.V. is what I expected and more, why more? Because of the picture, it is crystal clear and impressive. In comparison to other LCD T.Vs I haven't seen a better picture yet on another brand. If you are like me and seek the best possible picture possible with todays technology this T.V. is for you but seeing is believing. Mitsubishi went all out on this LCD T.V. picture quality, its amazing however, I recommend HDMI for the best possible picture. Standard Definition (SD) programing don't even look like SD because of the qulity of the images meaning older movies are brought to life.

For T.V. buffs looking for a quality LCD T.V., especially picture, need look no further because this is it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the sound. The picture is so overwhelming that I forgot about the sound? The 16-speakers produce an outstanding surround sound, the LCD T.V. allows one to connect a subwoofer which upgrades an already impressive sound. The T.V. is ideal for the bedroom however, could also be used in the living room too.

I have shopped around for the perfect HDTV and found this one to exceed my expectations, I recommend this LCD T.V. for those looking to upgrade to an LCD T.V. with the best possible images / picture or for a frst LCD T.V.

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on July 31, 2009
I just bought this TV last night at BestBuy. I paid 1299.00 because it was the last floor model. I am still trying to figure out how to get my analog cable to work. It scans all the channels but it won't display them after it finds them working fine. Other than that, this is my first LCD TV I have purchased. For what i can tell, I paid A LOT less then everyone else so from that stand point I am happy. The only down fall is I don't have a manual for it. I am hoping to find one on-line. Generally this was a great buy! I love moving from my 32" JVC analog TV to this monster 16 soeaker system. If you get a chance to buy it this cheap, DO IT! You won't be disappointed.
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