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58 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2012
After months of contemplating which LED TV made by my fellow Koreans I should purchase, I came across this gem one day. "DLP? LOL!" I thought. Little did I know that DLP technology improved drastically over the past decade.

First off, this T.V. is gorgeous. The picture, once calibrated (make sure you go google some settings because out the box the picture is mediocre). At first I was a little disappointed, but after proper configuration, the T.V. looks as good as the Samsung LED we have in our other living room.

Gaming wise, I popped in a bunch of xbox 360 games, and oh boy, the picture was great. No blur whatsoever. Don't be fooled by 120hz vs 240hz that LED's advertise. You won't even be able to tell. Not in the slightest. 60 to 120 there is a noticeable difference in gaming, but 120+ you really can't tell. Game consoles that output that many frames per second anyways.

Halo 4 looks particularly amazing on this TV. When the master chief's arms and guns are life-size, you feel pretty awesome.

Speakers are ok. Loud, but don't seem to balance sound very well. For example, in most games, voices seem not-quite-loud-enough while everything else (bullets, etc) sound very loud. Maybe I can adjust this.

If you don't want to spend like $5000 on a 82 inch LED tv, this is the best bang for your buck. From the front, not one of my friends or neighbors were able to notice that this TV was not LED. Even from a diagonal angle, the TV is cleverly designed so that you can't see the back popping out at all. Everyone thinks the TV is a thin LED~
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154 of 175 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2012
I just bought the 92" from Aarons. It was right around the same price as it is on Amazon, just a few hundred more. They carried the TV into my house and set it up for me. Be warned: The TV is extremely heavy. It took 4 men to carry it off of their truck and into my house. It's easy to set up and the remote is really easy to figure out. Another warning: you need to sit at least ten feet away from the television so that the picture isn't blurry. It also needs to be on a stand because it doesn't have a wall mount. Another warning: it needs to lean against the wall because it's kind of tippy if it's not well supported. However, I left my dog alone with it in the bedroom for a few hours while I ran to the store. He loves to climb on things and jump up on them whenever possible. The TV was still standing just fine. If you go to the Aarons website and type in "TV Console", click on '72" TV Console'. That's the one that we got with our television. I'm not sure exactly how much it costs and I can't find it on Amazon. It hangs over a little bit on each side by about 6 inches. With this stand, it's approximately six feet tall. My wife is 5' 2" and when she stretches her arm up flatfoot, she barely reaches the top of it. Without the stand, it's about four and half feet tall. It's also pretty wide; about 8 feet. The television is a little over two feet wide, so when you're planning out the space of ten feet, make sure you take that into consideration. It is a lot of money for a television and I wouldn't recommend buying it if you need to move anytime soon. Before you choose to buy a television that large, make sure that there's plenty of room to put it.

ONE MORE THING I RECENTLY FOUND OUT!!! Make sure you view the Mitsubishi website. On there, they have a list of authorized dealers. Amazon is an authorized dealer, however some of their resellers are not. On the website it states:

"DON'T BE FOOLED! While Amazon is an authorized online retailer of Mitsubishi products, many resellers who sell on the Amazon marketplace are not. When purchasing, it is important to note where the product is being "shipped from and sold by," which is stated clearly in the header for each product on"

Why does this matter? If you're not using an authorized dealer, there isn't a warranty with it. It's better to pay a few hundred more to have your TV under warranty. To find out if the place you're looking at buying your TV is authorized to sell it to you, type "Mitsubishi TV" into Google. The website will be "mitsubishi-tv dot com" You'll want to make sure the little hyphen is there. Click on the website. On the left hand side, navigate to "Retail Locator". When you click on that, you can either type in your zip code or click the gray box that says "See Online Retailers" on the right hand side. If you scroll down on the page that comes up for online retailers, they also show common unauthorized dealers, including ones from Amazon and eBay.

Glad we bought the TV at Aarons. About a month ago, our stand broke. We called them and they came and replaced it with a new one for free. Our first one was wood, with beautiful doors, but the weight of the TV caused it to bow and the doors no longer closed.
Today, 3/19/2013, the sound from our PS3 stopped working. I checked our Wii and the sound on that worked fine, but that uses AV cords. I checked the sound using a headset connected to the PS3 and that worked fine. I checked my XBox 360, and the sound on that, which is also HDMI, doesn't work either. Called someone and they'll be here on Thursday, 3/21/2013, to take a look.

As requested by many, instead of uploading just a picture of the television, I uploaded a video. The game on the screen is Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I don't own any of the rights to the game. I recorded the game using my Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone. The colors look a lot better than they seem in the video. However, you'll want a dark room to play or watch in, because viewing can be hard otherwise.
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54 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on September 15, 2012
I upgraded from my old Philips 37 inches basic TV. The upgrade forme is huge. The size of 73 inches is just right for my living room. The picture quality is excellent. Even in bright daylight, I did not have any problems even with tons of windows in my living room. 3D is amazing - but the tv does not come with glasses.

THe sound system is effective but for a fully immersive experience, I would suggest adding a surround sound system.

TV does take a bit of time to start up (7-10 sec), but not a deal breaker. Another irritating thing is it takes time to change channels (using my comcast box), if the channels are in different HD format eg. 1080 vs 780. (in the process the screen remains black).

TV is smart enough to remember your devices. Once a device is plugged in (say PS3), it will automatically switch to that input. Has other features of a regular TV (sleep, child lock, video adjustments, audio adjustments etc)

The TV is big in size, and as others have mentioned, seems structurally weak. But I think the TV is strong enough for its size and purpose. Mine arrived from Arizona to PA without any problem.

Comes with a good remote with big buttons - No problems there.

For the price being offered here for this model, I think it is a definite buy. Heck, this is cheaper than most of the regular TVs being offered in the market right now. Do factor in the cost of getting 3D glasses (another 100-150 bucks) if you want 3D.

Update: Mitsubishi has decided to stop manufacturing these TVs, so these will be the last iteration of DLP tvs from Mitsubishi. They have still promised to continue customer support for the currently sold TVs.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on December 15, 2012
This is my first review i've ever took the time to post on Amazon. I've ordered many products on here, but this TV is so amazing that I had to put a review up. First things first, the TV is huge. I got the 73" model and i'm glad I didn't go any higher lol. I'm blown away by the price and features of this TV. The picture looks great out-of-the-box but once its properly calibrated, you would be hard pressed to find a better looking TV at this price and size.
The 3D is fantastic and i've compared this TV to other sets, and 3D for some reason looks best on DLP. There is no cross-talk whatsoever, and it creates a truly immersive experience. I've tested some pixar movies and 360/ps3 games. The 2D picture is fantastic and I was surprised at just how many settings you can adjust to really get the picture quality to your liking. DLP seems to fit right in the middle between plasma and led. You get a bright and sharp picture, while also having no ghosting at all when your wathing/playing fast moving scenes and video games.
Games that I have tested range from Halo 4, all the way to uncharted 3. I am blown away at just how well this TV handles everything that you throw at it. The Dark Knight Rises looks fantastic on this TV, as well as many other Blu-ray titles. I'm also quite impressed with how deep the black levels are for this TV. If you have the TV in a proper home theater room with little to no ambient light, than your in for a treat.
This TV also features Apps such as Vudu, Facebook, Twitter, and much much more. There isn't as many apps here as there are in other brands, but that's not the main reason you should be buying a TV. What is here though works great, and many more apps will be available in the near-future. I can't recommend this TV enough, and if your wanting a giant TV at a good price with lots of feature, DLP is the way-to-go.
I hope this review helps everyone out and if your on the fence, don't be. This is an amazing TV that is just as good, if not better than plasma and led. My TV arrived in about 5 days and the delivery guys were excellent. They took the TV upstairs, checked and made sure it worked, and then took away the packaging and debris.
My TV was from Paul's TV, but was fulfilled by Amazon. I have had zero problems with this TV, and will definitely not hesitate when buying again in the future. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you enjoy yours, as much as I have mine so far. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope I have helped you in some way.

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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2012
my first review on Amazon (payback for all the help I've received). Lots a good info out there already, I'll add:

- great picture... and love the extra size.

- like the quality of the picture better then the Pan LED we have... more like a movie... probably because it's projected... still super-sharp, just a little more like a movie

- 18 inch depth a complete non-issue for us... we have the space... not that heavy... easy to move around

- plenty bright... very bright room... lots of windows... no problem (can't tell diff between Pan LED in other room)
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 29, 2012
This television has everything those fancy expensive televisions have EXCEPT the slim size. Im so glad I bought this televsion for my Man Cave. ITS HUGE. The 3D is PERFECT and AWESOME. I'm glad Mitsubishi has chosen not to discontinue DLP's and even more glad that the television can still have the same TECHNOLOGY! Geez, I bet they could make a tube television have it all as well. I'm a CNET junkie, and an avid electronic person. If you wanna be hip and hang a television on your wall buy an LG LED 55inch for $1600. If you want a 73 inch that does the same dang thing and don't mind looking at it from ground level like back in'94 for $1200 then DUH. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Excellent DLP with no complaints. I just spent 8 hours playing BLACK OPS II in 3D, how awesome. There aren't any flaws to this TV cept that its about 9 inches deep on the bottom and is on a tv stand. BOO WHO. I LOVE IT
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26 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on October 22, 2012
My wife and I bought this TV 2yrs ago from Kens Audio store in our home town so this review is VERY late, but I felt the need to still write one. First off this TV has everything you'll ever need - Bluetooth streming, internet, tons of inputs, 3D READY (you have to purchase the glasses separatly), and the picture quality is TOP NOTCH!!!! The internal 16 speakers are ok, but you'll still need to get a surround sound system or buy the Yamaha Sound Bar with subwoofer input (you will not be disappointed). Like a previous reviewer said, the TV takes some time to warm up and the TV IS NOT very sturdy so PLEASE sit on the floor or on a STABLE stand. We had ours on a TV stand and it gave way and the TV fell face first in the middle of the night. Waking up and seeing that f**** up our weekend. The TV was ruined.....the entire glass screen inside the TV was completly shattered and it only fell from a height of 1 or 2 ft. (MAYBE). So be mindful!!! I believe its safe to say that if this TV falls at all you could severly damage it so make sure you sit it in a spot away from foot traffic. BUT this isnt a deal breaker, just take care of it. We replaced our TV with another model, but it doesnt have the 16 speaker, Streaming , or Bluetooth (Base Model)....Kinda Sucks but we didnt really use those features anyway :(. One other thing I like about this TV is if it ever dies all you have to do is buy another bulb and BAMMM; brand new again. You cant say that about flat panel TV's and I have them all; if they die you might as well throw it in the trash. All in all thie TV is flawless, if you're the type of person you takes pride in your things you'll have no problem and you'll LOVE this TV just like we do. MAKE SURE YOU PURCHACE A WARRENTY if its available because it covers 1 (one) replacement bulb plus any damage to the TV not cause by misuse on your part.
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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on August 12, 2012
Wanted a Mitsubishi big screen since the 90's. The picture is great. Easy set up. On screen programming is simple to follow. Picture was perfect right out of the box. Does more than expected. Beautiful colors. 3D is outrageous! Totally satisfied.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on October 25, 2012
I purchased the 82742 from Paul's TV and I am astonished by the TV and Paul's service. I had only seen the TV at HHGregg and the picture was not great. A friend purchased one of the Mitsubishi DLPs last year and raved about the picture, but he is in another state and I never saw the TV. I decided to take my friend and the Paul's TV rep at their word and they did not steer me wrong.

Out of the box the picture was amazing. Much better than my 2 year-old 50" Samsung Plasma and of course the size is much better. The features of the TV are not great, but they are sufficient. For inputs there are three HDMI, one component/composite, coax/ant, 3.5mm audio, L/R audio, Ethernet, and one USB. The USB is in the back of the TV and while that is convenient for a wireless dongle, it is inconvenient for firmware upgrades or using a keyboard/mouse for VNC (I have not tested the VNC function). Outputs are very limited and include a coaxial digital audio and 3D emitter.

There are four picture modes with Brilliant, Game, Bright, and Natural. The internet apps are limited to Vudu and Vudu apps. I find it strange that Mitsubishi would be so limited when most internet enabled TVs include Vudu, Netflix, and Amazon streaming. The most puzzling aspect is that the TV supports picture-in-picture in Vudu app mode and with VNC, but not for anything else. An 82" TV would be great for PiP football games.

What I don't like about the TV
1. Limited input/output, especially the lack of TOSLink for audio.
2. No ability to turn off automatic HDMI input sensing
3. Lack of internet apps. Vudu is okay, but when practically every TV includes other streaming choices Mitsubishi should do the same.
4. I would like to see more picture modes, but four is sufficient.
5. Power on is very slow and the picture is dark for the first few minutes. The slow on makes activity based remote control difficult.
6. Can't hang it on a wall. I need room for my Blu-Ray, AV Receiver, Satellite Box, and Media Center, so this is not a big deal.

What I like about the TV
1. The picture. The picture is much better than I imagined. It is bright, sharp and immersive.
2. The size. My wife already asked me when we can upgrade to the 92".
3. I am not a big 3D fan, but the 3D on this TV is simply amazing.
4. The viewing angle. No problems seeing the TV from the side.

When my neighbors and friends come over the TV wows them with the picture quality and size. It is truly jaw dropping and their first questions are "where did you get it and how much did it cost".

The customer service at Paul's TV is excellent. There was a small problem with the local delivery company and Paul's did everything in their power to make it right. I have always been impressed with Amazon's customer service and Paul's TV is as good if not better. From their sales staff to customer service, they are a 5-star company. I would not hesitate to recommend them or buy from them in the future.

Finding a stand for this size TV was difficult. I wanted to use the IKEA Besta line of modular furniture, but it was not deep enough. I purchased the Tvilum Lauren stand from Amazon Tvilum Lauren 7954261 TV Stand, Black and Woodgrain and it is a perfect fit. You can leave the doors off the stand if you need more room for AV components. The stand is sturdy and I left the door handles off for a smoother look.

Additional recommendations:
Purchase a LED light kit Ledwholesalers 16.4 Ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip, 44 Button Do It Yourself Controller + Remote and Power Supply, 2034rgb Kit to go on the back of the TV. It makes a big difference when watching movies at night. The kit lets you mix colors to your liking and save the colors on the remote. We typically use a white or blue depending on the movie and mood.
Purchase a calibration DVD/Blu-Ray like Disney's World of Wonder Wow: World of Wonder [Blu-ray] to get an even better picture.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on November 1, 2012
I had a great 65 inch thin LED tv... this is so much better... I was able to sell my used TV for more then the cost of the 82 inch.... and i have never been happier...

the picture is sooo clear... I would recommend this TV to anyone with space enough to fit this beast!!
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