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on February 6, 2008
I purchased the leave-in conditioner for my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter, and received it yesterday. I had to write my own review because I wouldn't believe it if it didn't see it for myself. My daughter has never had a good hair day since the day she was born. No lie. I have spent a lot of money trying to find something that would work on her unusually soft, very, very curly, frizzy hair. Living in humid Florida, no matter what product I used she somehow would end up looking like Don King or Albert Einstein -- the latter would be considered a good day. HOWEVER, I tried the Mixed Chicks product on her and IT WORKED! I am still in disbelief. It's like a dream. Nothing has ever worked! My husband came home yesterday afternoon and commented how Zoe's hair is the best he's ever seen it and what did I do to it. FYI, my husband never notices anything! I dyed my hair several shades lighter weeks ago and he still hasn't noticed. But he noticed my daughter's hair. The next day (today) I just spritz her hair with water and it looked great. I didn't even have to re-apply. Wow! I've already told my parents and siblings (we're mixed hispanics)about his product. The ladies should expect a lot more customers. I'm going to tell everyone!!!
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on February 19, 2016
I have naturally curly, frizzy, dry hair. I love having curly hair because it gives me the versatility to style it whichever way I want. However, the curls can sometimes be quite stubborn and frizz up throughout the day. I've tried TONS of products. Any curly haired gal finds their own "recipe" of combined hair products that works for their hair.

I've read a lot of great things about Mixed Chick products and decided to give it a try. I purchased the leave in conditioner and absolutely loved it.

The conditioner has a nice scent to it. Not too overpowering like some other stuff I've tried. It is quite thick, so make sure to thoroughly comb it through your hair.

I do believe it works on any type or texture of curly hair. I put some of the leave in conditioner immediately after washing my hair. I comb it through my hair to get an even distribution throughout my hair. Afterwards, I apply my other styling products to it (curly styling gel and some spritz for a hold). I diffuse my hair to enhance my curls and add extra bounce. Mixed chicks does dry a little crunchy because it makes the curls hold. However, once your hair is completely dry, it will soften up on it's own. I like to add a little Argan oil in my hair to add a little softened and extra shine. Remember, a little goes a long way.

I will definitely purchase other items from Mixed Chicks. I highly recommend the leave in conditioner.

I rely heavily on reviews before buying products so I personally like to be honest when reviewing items myself!

[...] ;)
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on December 1, 2007
This really is a great product. I'm half black/half white (3C hair) and for years it's been hard to find products that will make my hair look AND feel great. This stuff is not just leave-in conditioner, but it will also replace mousse or a medium hold gel. I would not recommend using this with another holding product, but every type of hair is different.

I was a little wary of the reviews that I've seen on Mixed Chicks (they seemed a little too good to be true) but my hair has never looked and felt so great. I've been complimented by people I didn't even think would notice! Plus, it smells great! I will definitely buy more and more of this.

Also, I recommend buying the shampoo and deep conditioner as well.

About 9 months ago I quit using Mixed Chicks products because I decided to try the Curly Girl method, which involves eliminating certain ingredients that this contains. I will not change my star rating because it is still one of the best non-CG products I've used, and it totally changed my hair.

Anyway, I would like to mention that after hanging around the message boards, I have found that you either love this product or hate it. I am saddened that several people have tried this with poor results, and it just goes to show that people with similar looking hair can still require different types of products for their hair. If that is you, I've heard good things about Blended Beauty products, so maybe that is the product for you. You also might want to consider the Curly Girl/Guy (CG) method as explained on the NC message boards.

I am going to post this update on my reviews of Mixed Chick's products as well.

P.S. For those that experience "crunchiness" remember to scrunch out the crunch with damp hands after your hair is finished drying.
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on July 28, 2015
I purchased this based on reviews and yes, my curls are more defined and lovely. But there's definitely this hard, firm, almost like holding gel-like feel to my hair. I am used to light, fluffy, residue free hair so I am a bit disappointed. Since this product was a bit pricey, I will certainly be finishing it, but I won't likely buy it again.
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on July 22, 2013
I'm not the target audience for this product. I'm about as white as they come, but have insanely thick, coarse hair(I'm not exaggerating, every hairstylist I've ever gone to has told me that I have the thickest hair they've ever worked on. I figure I have about triple the amount of hair that normal people have). For years I'd been using mousse and spray gel with varying success. Those with curly hair will understand that you have to find the perfect balance of product or else your curls fall out into a frizzy poof ball or you have a crunchy mess.
I stumbled across mixed chicks and decided to try it. It was expensive(compared to what I'd been using before) but I thought I'd give it a chance. When I first got it and squeezed some out in my hand was sure it wasn't going to work. It felt like conditioner, how the heck was this going to keep my curls in check? I combed it though my hair, scrunched it, and diffuse dried my hair. I was blown away. It wasn't crunchy, or heavy. It felt like I hadn't used anything on my hair(and I used a good amount). The curls lasted the entire day and looked natural. I want a product that looks like I'm not using anything at all, and mixed chicks does that. This is the best hair product I have ever used and has has honestly saved my curly hair. It is worth the extra expense.
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on September 12, 2010
I've recently decided to accept the reality that I have curly hair, will always have curly hair, and I shouldn't waste time straightening it every day. On a mission to find the perfect product I came across Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner. Although initially I wasn't getting amazing results, after awhile I perfected a method and now I can say this is by far the best product I've used for my curls. Although it seems a bit expensive, a little goes a long way and it's completely worth it. I have chin length hair with a mix of 3a curls on the top and 3b curls on the bottom and this is how I use the product to end up with seriously NO FRIZZ perfect curls that are completely soft, bouncy, and shiny:

1. After a shower I towel dry my hair slightly so it isn't dripping wet, but not much more than that.
2. I put a pea size drop of Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner in my hands and evenly distribute it around my hair. I don't use any other products: no gels, mousses, or hair spray. I know, it's hard not to, but just try it.
3. I do the twirl hair around finger trick on the top layer of my hair to make curly sections.
4. Then LEAVE IT ALONE. Don't touch it. Don't look at it. Don't even think about your hair. Don't twiddle it. Don't scrunch it some more. Don't blow dry it. I know, also quite difficult.
5. When it is completely dry (yes, completely, don't cheat here) you'll notice it kind of looks like you put gel in your hair: a little crispy. Scrunch the hair a bit and the crunchiness goes completely away and you get the softest curls that have zero frizz (unless it's like 100% cure for that other than moving to a desert).

I follow the curlygirls method of no shampooing/avoiding silicone products/etc for the most part, except I use this product. I haven't had a problem with build up to this point (I've been using it for about two months) so I recommend trying that if you hadn't already.

Bottom line: GREAT product. Try it, if it doesn't work for you you can always give it to another curly head friend. They'll end up loving you forever.
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on December 27, 2015
I gave this product a try since I've seen it hyped up by a lot of people, and hey, I'm a "mixed chick". My ethnicity is white/black with 2c / 3a hair, it's very dry and color treated a few times a year. I can't say that this stuff is doing much to moisturize my hair. It defines my curls more and tames frizz, but as far as dryness goes I think my hair feels the same as if I didn't use any at all. If I use too much, my hair is crunchy and still not truly moisturized. I end up putting coconut oil on my hair after using this and letting it dry. I will use this up but next time I will try a product that has more oils / butters / aloe in the ingredients. Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-in looks promising.
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on April 20, 2015
This is a MUST for me. I have VERY CURLY and VERY DRY HAIR. If i do not put anything in my hair I would look like the before picture of unruly frizzy hair, you name it. I have the BIG bottle with the pump. I shop around and when i find it for a good price. The best i have found was $36 for 33oz you just have to keep an eye out for those specials online. I have also bought it for $50 when i was low.

After I shower I use 3-4 pumps, I put enough on that my hair looks moisturized. Everything is done with your fingers if you want your hair curly. Do not run a brush or comb through your hair. I am PR/Italian and both sides of my family have curly hair. I have the curliest hair in the family and very dry.

After doing that i use Argan oil just a little, then pantene curly mousse and then L'Oreal Mega Hair Gel . All done with your fingers only! flip your hair wiggle your fingers shake your hair and when you are done.... do not touch your hair again. Sounds like a lot of stuff? I do this a day or two BEFORE an event. the first day your hair will be hard, crunchy and flat. Do not play with it.

When you go to bed flip your head and put your hair together with a scrunchy on top of your hair. (it will probably stand straight up ) When you wake in the morning take it down and shake. as the days go on if you are like me with VERY DRY VERY CURLY HAIR the curls wind up looking so Beautiful and it can last for days. My husband loves it. When I run out of gel or mouse you can see the difference in the hold of the curls but the mixed chicks still make them look really nice, it just doesn't last as long.

I get a LOT of compliments on my curls!!!

I have bought this for a lot of people and talk tell about it like i have and investment. I should get something for all the advertizing i do THAT"S how much i love it!!

When we first moved to Florida before we got married i had no idea what to do with my curls, I was so upset! I was not used to the humidity here. My hair was just awful. I went to the salon to dye my hair and they put this on my hair and sent me home with a sample. The whole car ride home i was saying to myself I am going to have to redo my hair and by the time i got home my curls were pretty nice just with the Mixed chicks which they put a lot in because my hair just soaked it up. Needless to say i went back to buy a bottle and I've been hooked ever since!

IF YOU DON'T HAVE DRY HAIR this may not be for you or use very little.
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on May 22, 2015
I love the Mixed Chicks products for my Biracial girl (Cauc/AA), and use several products in their line. I didnt like the Mixed Chicks kids leave in condition because it left my daughters hair "crunchy" & as she got older, didnt condition as much as she needed. Based on reviews, this would not do the same, so I gave a try. The description also says it is alchol free, and thanks to other reviewers who explained thi particular alcohol in this, I understand it to be the good alcohol for hair products!! That being said, it would be nice if the packaging explained that a bit more as it was initially confusing, until further research-which not everyone has time or is able to do. Otherwise, i have now been using this product for quite some time, and it does condition well. My only complaint is that if too much is put used, it will leave a white flacky residue. And too much is actually not that much before the residue becomes visible, so I have had to use this in addition to another lighter leave in made by Carol's Daughter. The combo is perfect and leaves my daughter's hair in perfect ringlets. Would now recommend!
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on February 13, 2016
My hair is a combination of wavy and curly. I love this stuff because 1) my hair looks the same as when I use other styling products (gel, foam) so I don't have to use it only when I'm staying home all day, and 2) it leaves my hair nice after it's washed out. It's lightweight, it isn't sticky once it dries, and it has a nice shine when it's on my hair. I've gone through several bottles over the years, even though I only use a small amount at a time.

When the product is on my hair, it is clear and doesn't darken my blonde color. You can definitely see that there is some kind of product there. I like the textured, ropy look -- it looks a lot like when I douse my hair with sea salt spray or lots of gel. Once the product dries, I can fluff my hair more with my fingers to change the look.
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