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on January 9, 2014
Santa brought me the new iPad Air for my stocking this Christmas, so the very next day I immediately began the fun task of researching and choosing the perfect new case to protect it. I did the obligatory stop at the local Apple shop and made a lukewarm pass around the big Best Buy behemoth. Nothing came close to my list of criteria for style, function and protection. My son and husband both encouraged me to take a bit more time and sift through the enormous selection found online. I was hesitant to purchase an item with so much detailed personal preference involved and without the "hands on shopping" I normally prefer but jumped in anyway. After 2 days of comparisons and many cart tump overs, I found this cute case by Moko. As close to a perfect case as they make today, with only a few small details lacking.

* The case fits snugly, protects all the corners and the Wake/Sleep functions seamlessly every time I use it. Make sure you install the iPad with the Home button on the right side.

* The soft hand strap is very comfortable and is right where you need it to be.

* The small black elastic band holds the iPad securely open for reading, surfing or working in either the portrait or landscape position.

* The three grooves and the fourth position stop spot are deep enough to really hold the iPad firmly for typing in any of the landscape positions.

* All of the ports and buttons are accessible and uncovered, as well as the full row of speakers.

* The entire frame is unobstructed for full screen viewing.

* The felted fabric on the inside is cozy feeling and non-scratching on the screen. (The additional clear screen protectors I purchased are not needed, and tend to become dislodged when you move the iPad out of the case for landscape position anyway.)

* The choice of colors are numerous, many more than other vendors offer, and so much so that I struggled with this last decision the most! After much deliberation and waffling back and forth, I chose the carbon fiber pink.... Love it! Very girly, but not bubblegum or Barbie looking. The texture is good and feels comfortable in your hands.

* There is an elastic loop to hold your stylus, very convenient.

* Finally, Amazon handled all my holiday shopping with ease and delivered every single item on time and packaged securely. Thanks Amazon!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this case to anyone with similar needs and preferences.

~Update~ February 2015
I've had this cover on my iPad for over a year, and I've really enjoyed using it. The multiple landscape positions are useful for a variety of tasks such as shopping and surfing the net, game play or emailing a lengthy report or review. The hand strap enables secure handling while walking and multitasking outside or around the house. All the corner brackets have held up well to repeated position changes with only slight wear to the exterior pink material. The stitching shows no sign of loosening and the interior suedelike fabric remains soft and unstained (even with damp handprints, spilled drink splatters and everyday grime being wiped off daily). I've even dropped my iPad a few times onto wood floors, rock patios and muddy flowerbeds, and no damage to the device! I'm thinking of ordering another in a different color just for a change of scenery, but have no complaints on this product.
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on January 25, 2014
I was so excited about this case, it looked minimal and slim, while also giving me the "Book jacket" front cover that I got used to while I had my ipad 2 in a case that had a similar front cover. I was also really excited about the hand strap. Had this case not had the two design flaws (Well.... in my mind they are design flaws) it would have easily been a five star case, and I would have paid twice the price for it.

Design flaw one: You have to unsnap the iPad from the bottom two clips to use it in landscape stand mode. This really bugs me. the only time I use my ipad in landscape mode is when I want to use the case as a stand (In the kitchen, on my chest in bed, etc.) on the Case I had my iPad 2 in, the ipad stayed fully in the case all the time, and there was a separate hinge part that let the case be used as a stand. The case I previously owned was the incase book jacket. If you switch between walking around or sitting (in portrait mode) and using your ipad in landscape with a stand as much as I do, this is a MASSIVE inconvenience.

Design flaw two: this problem stems from the first design flaw. If you are using the ipad in horizontal stand mode, and go to pick it up without snapping the ipad back in to the case fully, The ipad slides out of the case immediately.

I wanted to like this case because it has the hand strap, and because it has a thinner profile than the Incase bookjacket, but I cant get past those two design flaws so unfortunately I have to shell out the $60 for another bookjacket.
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on December 2, 2013
Here is an update on this product on 1-14-14. As I suspected when I first installed my iPad in this case, there was the chance that the friction clamps that hold the iPad into the case could become worn or slippery over time and the iPad could slip out of the case. This has started to happen recently. I am looking for a simple fix for this.

Prev. Review: Since there are a ton of reviews on this item, I will focus on a comparison to other iPad cases I have owned. My one and only complaint about the Moko case is that in order to view the iPad in a tilted position, you have to pop it out/into the cover at the bottom of the case in order to open/close it every time. Over time this can be annoying compared to other case designs.

First of all I agree more or less with the consensus of other reviewers regarding this case, it is a good quality, good-looking, good performing case at a good value. compared to other cases I have owned, there is only one which I consider to be a better in some respects , but even it has drawbacks compared to the Moko case. My comparisons to cases by Kensington, Speck, and Zoogue follows.

Moko vs Kensington: The Kensington case is a decent case, it is well made and constructed of quality materials and it functions well. Compared to the Moko it is easier to open and handle but it only comes in one color and the tilt design is clumsier and less stable in my opinion compared to the Moko.

Moko vs Speck (fitfolio): I was somewhat disappointed with this case. The spec case is very attractive and well made and comes in various colors. It operates smoothly, however the iPad will not stay stable when tilted because it tends to slip out of the grooves in the case. The moko case design is clearly a superior design and it comes in more colors.

Moko vs Zoogue: The Zoogue case is the most expensive of these four. However by comparison it is by far the most substantial and best constructed of the four. It is very well designed and operates flawlessly. Compared to the Moko case it's primary disadvantages are it is more expensive and does not come in colors. Another minor issue with the Zoogue is that it's model which uses Velcro in its tilt mechanism can grab onto lint from whatever it touches against, against the advantage that this system allows an infinite variety of tilt angles. Its magnetic model does not have this problem.

So there you have it!
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on November 28, 2013
I love this product! At first I couldn't figure out how you stand it up but after having it for a week, I figured it out! I love that it has a hand strap... At first I thought it was dumb, but it was more useful than I thought! Love the auto shut off and turn on feature... The only complaint I have is that it feels like it doesn't close all the way or very securely... But I'm not too worried because it has a strap that keeps it shut as well. I would recommend this... It's super slim too, you feel like its part of the iPad! No extra stands or weird folding triangles... Simple.
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on April 7, 2014
- The tablet is held securely by the case
- The product seems sturdy enough

- To use the tablet in the "stand" setup you must snap the bottom corners from the case which over time will cause undue wear on your tablet and the case POOR DESIGN!
- The band holder for your stylus is in a bad location and requires you to insert the stylus upside down so
- Poor design and function which surprised me because I have other MoKo cases (Fire HDX 8.9 and Fire HD) and I am very satisfied with them.
- Cannot return because at $19.99 USD it cost $9.00 to ship back and another $6.00 for UPS pickup so MoKo cleverly priced this out of the return category. Guess it will make a nice drink coaster!

- Overall its a good cheap case if you don't mind wearing the finish off two of the corners of your tablet and like the stylus getting in the way all the time.
- If you generally like MoKo like me try the 360 Swivel case, it seems to correct all the poor designs in this model.
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on January 15, 2014
I was satisfied with the build quality of this case. I have bought many products from this manufacturer, but never have I ever been this disappointed. I got the case, it seemed fine but the I noticed that the auto sleep did not function 100% of the time. As I was in the car the sun hit the the case's front cover and immediately noticed the problem, the magnet to activate the sleep/wake function was crooked. As a result the iPad would not always go to sleep when closing the lid. I would have to push down on the lower potion of the cover. I was not happy at all and immediately requested a refund from Amazon which they gladly provided. Avoid this case and get a different style of brand.
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on July 22, 2014
This is a very good case for the iPad Air. It provides excellent protection and the feel of the material is high quality both inside and out. The grooves were well thought out and hold the iPad in place securely on a flat surface. There are three grooves and some say you can use the locking tab as a fourth groove which I found not to be true. If you use the locking tab to provide a steeper or flatter viewing angle, it does not stay in place and becomes very flimsy or loose as it starts to slip out of the upper supporting tabs. If you use any of the 3 indented grooves, it is very secure.

The hand sleeve actually works well as long as you use the elastic band to support the bottom (by design). This is more useful than I thought it was going to be when demonstrating or showing something from your iPad to someone else. It is surprisingly comfortable.

A case like this definitely adds a considerable amount of weight and takes away from the lightness of the iPad Air. If you are looking the ultimate lightweight case, this isn't for you. However, if you are like me and want to have a semi-light case that is durable enough to protect your iPad along with many viewing angles, this is one of the best. I have the 64 GB model which is way too expensive to protect it with a basic bumper or lightweight skin. It's just too risky.

Out of all the cases I've researched and/or reviewed, this case is my favorite and provides the biggest bang for the buck.
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on November 8, 2013
The build quality seems ok, but the case doubles the weight of the iPad Air.

Additionally, the holder for the stylus is in a really awkward place - the clasp that holds the iPad closed is totally in the way, and in addition to that, it sits way too low on the side of the cover. This causes the stylus to hang lopsided when the iPad and cover are being held, and when lying flat on the table, the stylus sits at a cockeyed angle (again because it rides over the clasp that holds the cover closed).

I'm also not fond of the fact that I have to unhook the two left corners helping to hold the iPad in the case in order to stand it up for typing.

One more item of note: when the cover is folded back and the whole assembly is resting on the table, the clasp that holds it closed makes the whole thing sit lopsided on the table. The clasp sticks out far enough that the iPad and cover won't lie flat on a table when folded open.

Live and learn. Off to search for a better version.
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on November 19, 2013
Great case for the I-Pad air. Good quality for the price. Unless your willing to spend $30+ on a case then this is definitely your best option. I am concerned that the edges that hold the bottom of the I-Pad air when you put it in a stand mode could wear out. We'll see.
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on November 4, 2013
I pre-ordered this case for my soon-to-be bought iPad Air because it was one of the few folio-style cases available at the time. I wasn't sure what to expect at this price point. (At the time, it was priced $0.01 + $4.95 shipping) I am amazed at the quality of this case for this price. It's not quite the quality of the Marware Executive Hybrid Folios I've had on other iPads, but it compares much better than I ever would have expected. It arrived on Nov 1, just in time for my new device, and fits perfectly. I'd consider this a good value even in the $20 range.
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