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882 of 912 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amplified improvement over Mohu Leaf & Leaf Plus - UPDATED 6/8/14
Customer Video Review     Length:: 4:30 Mins
Previous to this purchase I tried the Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna - Made in USA and Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna at my home. Neither product worked better than the Philips SDV2750/27 Amplified Superior Digital Design Antenna, and none of the three could pull in more than five channels.

In other words - they...
Published 18 months ago by Andrea Polk

339 of 363 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars No difference between ultimate & original, non-amplified Mohu Leaf
Having purchased and reviewed the original Mohu Leaf antenna in August 2011 (see my performance comparison of the original Mohu Leaf versus the Terk HDTVa Antenna Pro), I was very interested in seeing whether the amplified version of this truly excellent and innovative antenna would yield any discernible additional improvement in my television reception.

Published 16 months ago by Wood B. Hermit

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882 of 912 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amplified improvement over Mohu Leaf & Leaf Plus - UPDATED 6/8/14, February 1, 2013
Andrea Polk (Pacific Northwest - USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Length:: 4:30 Mins

Previous to this purchase I tried the Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna - Made in USA and Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna at my home. Neither product worked better than the Philips SDV2750/27 Amplified Superior Digital Design Antenna, and none of the three could pull in more than five channels.

In other words - they didn't work for me.

When I saw the Mohu line had a new one - the Mohu MH-004092 Leaf Ultimate, I was pessimistically optimistic that with a 50 mile range it might be able to reach the tower located 43 miles away and pull in a couple more channels. TVFool had indicated I needed an outdoor antenna to grab over-air signals in my area, but I decided to give this one a try and if it didn't work - I could always return it.

"Mohu Ultimate - A Nice Surprise!"

Unboxed it looks and feels very much like the other two Leaf products (white on one side, black on the other), but it has an amplifier dongle, that is powered by USB. You can use the included AC adapter (with USB port on it) to power it by AC, or you can plug into a USB port on your amplifier or TV to power it. I chose the AC adapter, and plugged mine into a surge protected power strip. A blue light on the amplifer came on when it was powered up.

Directions for the Mohu Leaf Ultimate are simple and straightforward. There's not a lot to get confused about, which is great. Anyone can set this antenna up!

Assembly is as easy as attaching the cords per the directions, powering up the amplifier, and hanging the Mohu Ultimate in the best spot for over air reception. Finding the optimum placement for the Mohu Ultimate to work its magic is the tricky part!

It took me 5 attempts at hanging the Mohu (taking note of channels received after auto-tune and the signal quality of those channels) before I finally found the perfect spot to receive all of the HD channels in my area from CBS, NBC and ABC.

Hung 7' away from other electronics, about 1" down from the ceiling, and about 5" from the corner on an East facing wall with a large window opposite the wall, the Mohu Ultimate did what none of the others could accomplish. The over-air HD channels I'd been hoping I could pull in from 43 miles away, through mountains, were now mine without being hooked up to cable! Crystal clear reception on all available HD channels, with no dropped signals or pixalation.

That was something the Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna - Made in USA and Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna had not been able to accomplish for me, due to shorter range and perhaps never before finding 'just the right spot' to place the Mohu for optimum reception.

However, depending upon where you live, you might be able to save yourself some money. If you live in a urban area with lots of towers nearby, you may not need the 'Ultimate' and its amplified range. Consider saving a bit of money and going with the original Mohu leaf first, after you check with TVFool and/or antennaweb for signal strength and range in your area.

Mohu Ultimate is a top notch device that works as promised when correctly placed for optimium performance. It's build quality is solid, and it's easy to set-up and use.

Do I wish it was a tad less pricey? Sure, but for its unobtrusive good looks, outstanding performance and money it's going to save me in the long run over cable - it's worth it!

I will be using the Mohu Ultimate, and a Roku device to stream Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon Instant Video. That combination will save me approximately $100 a month in cable bills. Something I thought I'd never be able to do with a very simple looking indoor antenna.

Definitely worth a look no matter where you live - rural, suburban or city dwellers - if you want to cut ties with cable TV.

Tips to getting the Mohu Ultimate to work for you:

1. To find the best placement for your Mohu, check TVFool for towers in your area. Knowing what channels are available, their strengths, and distance from you, and direction, is very helpful in finding the best spot for this omni-directional antenna.

2. Try at least half a dozen spots in your room to find what works best, and then you can neaten up your wiring as needed. Do a channel search after every new placement and take note of each channel's quality and tweak accordingly.

3. Hang the Mohu as high up on a wall as possible for the best reception to start, and then adjust as needed.

UPDATE: 2/5/2013

Getting nice clear HD reception from all the biggies in my area (CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX). Learned that if I moved the Mohu up or down on the wall - even as little as 2" makes a difference in reception! I actually lost ABC when I placed the Mohu too high on the wall, but gained it back by dropping it down 2".

To get proper placement you may want to get a second person to help you, especially if you know the channels that should come in (because the towers are close enough and/or you've received the signal before), and have them make minor adjustments up and down to get things adjusted for optimum reception.

I have noticed a slight delay on audio over air on one channel, but otherwise, looks as good as it did using Charter cable.

UPDATE: 5/1813

Some comments regarding supplementing your over air TV programming with 'streaming' devices such as Apple TV MD199LL/A [NEWEST VERSION] and Roku 3 Streaming Player.

Streaming devices use a wireless signal or a hardwired Internet cord (from your modem or router) to stream content to your HDTV. They don't require a tuner, thus the HDTV really acts only as a monitor for the device to be able to show content to you.

The Mohu Leaf has nothing to do with the streaming of anything. It simply catches OTA (Over The Air) FREE programming (standard and HD) and through the tuner in your TV, puts those OTA channels into your tuner's memory so you can watch those signals.

Two separate things.

IF you have an OTA tuner such as the Mohu Leaf Ultimate or similar, you can cut ties with your cable company IF you are happy with the programming options it gives you. Streaming programming from Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and other sources allows you to add to your programming options without the cost of cable TV, but it does require both the device (means to stream programming) and Internet service (a per month cost).

UPDATE: 7/8/13

I ended up lending my Mohu Leaf Ultimate to my mother for a test drive, and hooked-up my non-amplified Mohu Leaf while she tried out this one.

Needless to say I lost channels - two were my favorite HD ones - and wanted THIS one back!

I cannot speak for everyone who uses this amplified antenna, but for me, in my location... I need that extra 'umph' provided by the Mohu Leaf Ultimate!

UPDATE: 1/6/14

Mohu Curve 50 Designer HDTV Antenna is the latest of the amplified Mohu antennas. It has a curved design versus the flat design of this one. I've yet to get to test drive it, but if I do I'll be excited to see if there is any performance difference.

I recently helped a friend drop her Charter cable TV by using a Mohu Leaf. She lives in a town with towers a lot closer than in my area - and she's thrilled!

We both find that since we get the over air HD channels *(all the biggies: Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS... in HD) and can get most programming via the Internet, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu Plus - there's really no need to pay for so many channels we never watch. Not when we're saving about $1200 a year doing it.

UPDATE: 1/18/14

One thing to consider before cable cutting is whether or not you enjoy live sports. If so, keeping cable may be the only way (other than sport-specific subscriptions on the Roku or similar device) to feed that addiction. I've found that while the Mohu Leaf Ultimate works amazingly well in my rural location to pull in all the HD channels, I can only watch sports on those channels or pay to watch them on a channel via Roku or Apple TV.

I'm also picking up some channels with my PC tuner - with no Mohu attached - and am able to use the PC as a DVR. I've hooked up the Mohu to the tuner and it works well, but I was really surprised to get some unscrambled channels via the straight cable connection, even with my TV service turned off. **Give it a try if you have a PC tuner and Windows Media Player. Maybe you'll get lucky this way too!

I still get my internet via my cable company, but my bill went from $150 a month to $54 by using the Mohu Leaf Ultimate. Really a great, almost life-changing, money-saving device. Still highly recommend it!

UPDATE: 2/1/14

After the initial shock of losing TLC, FX, A&E, History and HGTV, I'm so happy to be using the Mohu Leaf Ultimate to pull in my over-air HD signals. 98% of the time, the picture is crystal clear, without a hiccup. All the major stations in HD and no cable bill.

Even after pulling the plug on cable TV, I'm able to get cable channels through my PC which has a SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL High Definition Digital TV Tuner HDHR3-US (Black) attached to it, via Windows Media Player. I actually get some channels that I don't get via the Mohu on the PC (in addition to the over-air channels picked up by the Mohu), and can use the PC as a DVR. I don't have a flat anntena hooked up to my PC, so I guess the signal is coming through the line that's split with the other lead feeding my cable modem for our internet service?

2/4/14 UPDATE - Per a comment left by J.Ward I learned something new today that I want to share with others.

Jeff says: "No TV receives 1080P from Cable, Dish, or Antenna, so there is no limitation with your TV, as stated in your video review. It is simply too large of an amount of data to bring to the household, so it is limited to a broadcast of 1080i. The only way to view 1080P currently is via BluRay." Good to know - Thanks Jeff!

The over-air HD channels in 1080i look great, and I'm tickled to have 'em with the Mohu (newly renamed Mohu Leaf 50 - for the 50 mile range) Ultimate.

2/12/14 UPDATE - "Hmmm... not sure what happened to that other HD over air channel?"

I'm not sure why, but last night I lost one of the digital, over-air channels about 14 miles from my house. Using the TV to do an autoscan for channels I found that when scanning 'air', I do not get the channel anymore. I swapped out the TV with another containing a similar digital tuner. I was thinking that my old plasma was giving up the ghost and the tuner was dying, but alas the newer HDTV also did not pick up the lost channel.

Troubleshooting this way told me it wasn't the tuner, but it didn't tell me if it was the antenna or the signal that had changed.

I did a channel scan for 'cable' (I have the cable lead plugged into the back of my TV, although no cable TV service at present), and there was the channel I'd lost, and another I missed noting I'd lost in addition to the first. I tried to clear the TV of scrambled channels, but it wouldn't do it. It may just be that I was impatient, so I'll try to do that later today when no one is watching TV.

I can use the TV's remote to switch between the two feeds to get all the channels, but I am confused as to why this happened in the first place. Using the TV's channel search for a combined 'Air and Cable' I still don't get the channel without switching the 'antenna' button on my TV's remote. Unplugging the cable from the wall from the TV also did nothing to fix this issue.

Needless to say it's not ideal, but I can't say for sure whether it's the antenna or something else.

NOTE: A reviewer in the comments noted that he took off the antenna amplifier and got more channels than with it. I don't doubt him, but when I do this, my normal 12-14 channels drops to only 2! Amplified is the only way to go in my house.

UPDATE: 2/24/14 - Tried the Mohu Sky 60 HDTV Antenna (formerly Sky HDTV) and sent it back after troubleshooting and finding that by upgrading the Ultimate's coaxial, I got back my channels and cleared up the signal loss. I gained no channels by upgrading to the Mohu Sky, but that extra 10 mile range may help some folks. Just bear in mind you have to install it in your attic or on your rooftop for the best performance.

Mediabridge Coaxial Digital Audio/Video Cable (25 Feet) - Triple Shielded F-Pin to F-Pin with Easy Grip Connector Caps - Black solved my issue. I suggest upgrading the thin cable that ships with the Mohu to this one to get the best signal strength and stability.

UPDATE: 4/13/14

In the comments jbwam mentions an issue that you may want to know. The warranty will be voided if you puncture it, as with a nail to hang it. This model has two small holes which allow it to be hung this way, but Winegard's model does not.

UPDATE: 4/23/14

I received so many questions regarding my use of this Mohu Leaf antenna that I decided to write a book about over-the-air TV and setting up flat antennas. Check it out! Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV which is written in a non-techy way, for real people who just want to know more, save money and watch a little TV.

UPDATE: 6/8/14

Recently I started using my new TV with this Mohu antenna and as with the other one all the channels were recognized with a 'air' channel scan and look great! My new TV: Sharp LC-60EQ10U 60-inch Aquos Q 1080p 240Hz Smart LED TV has built-in apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus and others (but not Amazon... a major bummer for me, but the Roku still has it) as well as an on screen guide that seamlessly integrates the over air channels with offerings from streaming media. At a glance I can now see what's on for all my over air channels as well as what's available on Netflix. A very cool feature that I was pleased worked so well with the Mohu antenna.

NOTE: If you're having issues with your Mohu antenna not receiving channels, or issues with setup in general, email them! They are really receptive and will help you get it right. They want you to successfully cut the cord and enjoy OTA FREE TV!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Rare: Better Indoor TV Antenna!, April 21, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am part of a small group of friends who are gadget enthusiasts. One of us was a cable TV technician for 20 years, before that a TV repairman who installed tower TV antenna systems. We find that the best indoor antennas tend to be inexpensive, about $14 tops. There are a lot of makers and retailers of "Amazing digital" indoor antennas that prove to be garbage and cost up to $130. We have tested dozens and in the end end up still recommending $4 RCA units sold by stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General. My favorite has been a no brand flat antenna made in China, sold by Big Lots for $14. With I pick up 9 to 11 digital & HD channels.

Every $30 plus unit I've found recommended by buyer comments, I've ended up returning as the Big Lots unit did as good or better. Then, I ordered the Leaf. I did expect some improvement given the many very high buyer ratings.I was also thinking I may end up returning it. 1st, I was sceptical. As one buyer here put it: "it didn't look like much". Paper thin and paper light sealed in plastic. I thought "what the heck?
I paid $44 for this?" My first placements and tuner scanning left me unimpressed. Then, I read the sheet that came with it. It read: 'best results from positioning it cable down. I recalled one buyer wrote she taped it up, I grabbed a thin tall box and taped the Leaf to it, so the cable could be at the bottom and the leaf hang down. I could move the box around the top of my entertainment system, which permits me to face the Leaf out a window.

This time when I ran 'scan channels' I was amazed. My TV found 14 channels! I was seriously impressed as I sampled the channels. I got 19 channels and three more (two of them analog) that do not work well. I cannot wait to connect a low power amplifier. With that I am sure I will get 22 channels, all with small indoor antenna. I cannot wait to see what happens when I position the Leaf to pick up stations to the North of me. I live in Canton, Michigan, an hour from Toledo, Ohio. I would not have believed it, if a nieghbor told me he could get one Toledo channel with an indoor antenna. I am getting three! I am also getting Canada's CBC 9, an analogue channel.

NOTE. I find many times buyers blame on an antenna, a fault I never see mentioned in buyer "reviews". I am surprised neither antenna sellers or makers educate buyers about this very real possibility, namely not all tuners are the same, not all tuners in the same TV model line work properly. For instance, I bought a Haier 10" portable as a gift recently. When I tested it, the TV worked fine. I bought another one a week later as a gift. The second Haier had a defective tuner. It finds only 2 to 3 channels with the same antenna and same locations and positions where I tested the first Haier I bought. The first TV found 9-11 channels and play them well, except for one or two. Also, the second tuner came up with different results each time I ran scan.

When you find your results with a highly buyer rated antenna is poor, you want to make sure the problem isn't your tuner, not your antenna or your location, the electronics near the area, your house construction, etc. I point this out because people mention every possibility beginning with sorry antenna and including where their home is, walls in their home, etc., but NEVER suspect the tuner (Or a neighbor's overpowered poorly tuned illegal CB radio station). Consider also Solar activity & atmospheric activity, at the time. that may deflect TV signals.
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3.0 out of 5 stars No difference between ultimate & original, non-amplified Mohu Leaf, March 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Having purchased and reviewed the original Mohu Leaf antenna in August 2011 (see my performance comparison of the original Mohu Leaf versus the Terk HDTVa Antenna Pro), I was very interested in seeing whether the amplified version of this truly excellent and innovative antenna would yield any discernible additional improvement in my television reception.

Since I know that I am not located in a twilight zone of poor television reception, I was quite surprised to discover that - if anything - the basic non-amplified Mohu Leaf that has now been in service since 2011 actually outperformed the Mohu Leaf Ultimate!

To be certain that I hadn't received either a defective antenna or amplifier, I even exchanged my first Mohu Ultimate for another one and yet I still obtained exactly the same disappointing results.

Testing both antennas in precisely the same location that I already had determined to give me the best reception in 2011, the Mohu Ultimate did receive about 5 more stations than the basic Mohu Leaf antenna, but since these stations were essentially all unusable (poor signal strength, etc.) that really doesn't count as an improvement.

At a minimum, what I had been hoping for was to pull in the one major station in my area that the basic leaf never could receive - channel 3 the local NBC affiliate. However, this just didn't happen.

Furthermore, the stations that I did receive (about 44 total with some unusable, some Spanish, some duplicate - about 20+ distinct and usable English stations) actually all had greater signal strength with the non-amplified leaf, just about one bar more on the television signal intensity meter.

Now don't get me wrong, the Mohu Leaf is a great antenna in whatever version you choose to purchase it, but if the ultimate version doesn't yield any noticeable improvement over the basic, non-amplified model why spend an additional $50.00? Just stick with the already very impressive original Mohu Leaf!

Bottom line: If you're considering purchasing a Mohu leaf antenna (a very wise decision to help you cut the cable cord!), don't assume that the ultimate version will necessarily yield the best or ultimate results. It might be wise to try the original Mohu leaf first and then, depending on the quality of your reception, either purchase the upgraded antenna or save the extra money for something else.

Here on Amazon with 30-day returns, it's a simple thing to order both antennas and then make an objective head-to-head comparison like I did, before making your final decision on which antenna to purchase and which to return.

Alternatively, you can buy the basic non-amplified Mohu Leaf and use it with a Mohu Jolt amplifier - in combination the same thing as the ultimate antenna - or just purchase the new Mohu Ultimate antenna alone and then connect or disconnect the included amplifier to make an appropriate comparison to determine what works best for you!

Finally, if you're a really smart consumer what you'll do is purchase one of these nifty indoor HD antennas like the Mohu Leaf discussed here (also worth considering is the Terk HDTVa Antenna Pro - see my review here on Amazon) to receive TV channels the old fashioned and free way via the airwaves and then pair it with the newly available game-changing Roku 3 streaming device (see my review) which will enable you to cut the cable company/dish cord for good.

I have done this and have been cable-free since August 2011 and am loving it! You too can liberate yourself from cable company/dish slavery and save the cost of a brand new HDTV every year (about $1200.00 annually). Go ahead, cut the cord and finally set yourself free!

Note that if you do decide to pursue a cable-free, dish-free TV lifestyle, don't skimp on the broadband connection that you will need to ensure smooth streaming with minimal buffering; this is especially important with a WiFi connection. Sufficient bandwidth is essential for the Roku 3 to provide an enjoyable TV viewing experience; it can't work miracles without it.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Worked..but I wouldn't use it alone, October 20, 2011
Wolfy (San Diego, Cali) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After being burned and wasting money on cable and satellite the last couple of years I wanted to look for an alternative, especially because I don't really watch tv all that much. I'm a apartment dweller, and often move once a year for work. I wanted to buy a strong outdoor antenna, but stringent rules on cabling and mounting of such an antenna, made it difficult. I wanted to try my luck first with a couple of indoor antennas, before shifting to the outdoor route.

I purchased this item, due to the high ratings. I was completely disappointed when this item didn't work for me right out of the box. I called their CS, and they were very helpful. I assumed my 7yr old Sony HDTV had a digital turner and wouldn't need a converter, but I was wrong.

When I finally got my digital converter box and hooked up the Leaf, I was able to detect about 22 channels, but not all that well. Most cut in and out. I also purchased a few other items to supplement this product, and after playing around a bit with placement and set up, I now get 17 channels at 100%, and there is only 12 full-pwred stations in the surrounding cities in my area. I also get quite a few channels in High Def. There is only one VHF channel in my area, but I get that one at 100% with the Amp I'm using. The picture is better than I've ever been able to receive with Cable or Satellite. I can't believe I'm finally utilizing my tv's HD capability, and I'm not paying a dime.

I said it works But because I was able to receive almost the same amount of channels with the $8 rabbit ears I bought at the same time and I also wouldn't suggest using this item alone. However, if I had to choose either one, I would definitely go with the Leaf. Less adjustment is needed and it gets a stronger signal overall. But I would suggest adding a amp and maybe a extra VHF antenna for the best possible signal from an indoor antenna. I'm planning to buy the PCT 2-Port Bi-Directional Amp/Splitter to eliminate the extra cabling and to boost my signal.

Update: I was still curious about how many channels I could possibly get in the area, so when I went to Lowes I picked up the GE Outdoor/Indoor Antenna on a whim for almost $50. The box claimed the strongest signal, with its 20db built-in amp, but I only got about a third of what I got with the Leaf, even with it outside.

Update II: I have since received the PCT 2-Port Bi-Directional Amp and now this works like a champ. I didn't realize this amp has two outputs not inputs, so I can only connect one antenna without a additional splitter. Well, it doesn't seem to matter, because this amp boosts the leaf enough to use alone. The signal is so strong now, there is no pixelation and everything is pretty much looks HD without any signs of noise, which the RCA Amp couldn't do. I'm going to purchase the PCT 1-Port Bi-Directional Amp, to see if that helps even more.

Update III: I tried both the Mini 1 Port Bi-Directional PCT Amp and the Regular Heavy duty 1Port PCT amp and out of all three Amps I tried the 1-Port Heavy Duty worked the best. The Mini 1-Port was the worst out of 4 amps I tried with this antenna. I don't recommend wasting your time on the Mini 1-Port Amp, even though it advertises to be double the amplification. Don't believe it. The big/heavy older vision of the PCT amps are work the best.

Update IV: I bought a 2nd Leaf Antenna for my bedroom tv and for my mother that lives out of state. My LED tv in my bedroom doesn't need a converter box, but unfortunately I still need the PCT amp to get great reception. It's still a great buy and I rave to others about it whenever I can. I love not having a monthly bill.

My Final Set-up after trying multiple equipment:

PCT 2-Port Bi-Directional Amp (the 1-port is dinky and doesn't amplify as well)
Viore Digital TV Converter Box ($34 Walmart)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Worked fine in Orlando, FL. 32824, February 5, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I currently own the leaf plus and the ultimate.

In terms of performance, they both performed exactly the same. Based on Antenna web, I'm supposed to get about 50 channels using an indoor antenna. With the leaf plus I got 44 and with the ultimate I got exactly the same. If I install the antenna outside, I get 48 out of 50 on both antennas.

So why pay $90 for the ultimate? It's a good antenna (The best from all I have tested), but if you already have the plus, it may not be worth to also get this one unless u really need it.

The only difference is that the ultimate has a 16' cable and the amplifier is detachable.

I took the amp and installed it in a non-leaf antenna and it performed exactly as the leaf (44 out of 50 indoor; 48 out of 50 outdoor).

I'm guessing that what makes the leaf so good is not the antenna, but the jolt amplifier.

** UPDATE: 02/07/13 **

I wanted to share some additional info with everyone:

I used to have a bundled service (Internet / Digital Cable w some premium channels) with bright house network. When I got the leaf, I decided to drop my cable and only leave internet access. By doing so, I was able to save a bit more than $80 per month.

I guess you are thinking "Why is this so important?" Continue reading... :-)

After the cable company came and picked up the DVR and disconnected the cable, out of curiosity I decided to connect the TV to the cable outlet. For my surprise, the connection was transmitting all local channels for FREE; No antenna needed. I thought it had to be an error, but it looks like they installed some type of filter to prevent basic/extended cable to be viewed and left the local channels. I don't know if this was an employee error, a law/reg. rule that obligates them not to charge for local channels or if perhaps this is some type of "courtesy" policy to those that have internet and no cable.

If you are in this situation, try connecting the TV to the cable outlet and scan for channels. Don't forget to set your TV to "Cable TV" and not antenna when doing so.

Good Luck
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5.0 out of 5 stars Raised Lazarus from the dead!, April 28, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I live in the middle of nowhere. About 70 miles either way to the nearest broadcast antenna and between two mountains. Getting any over-the-air stations with an outdoor antenna is challenge enough, let alone an indoor antenna. I was frustrated that my satellite company didn't carry those cool new sub-channels some of the stations now have, like Antenna TV, so, short of climbing on my dangerous roof to give an antenna a whirl only to be probably disappointed, I tried about 5 different amplified indoor antennas that all raved how great they were. Not a single station. Zero. Zip. I had lost all hope that signals even existed in my remote valley. Websites like "antenna web" agreed. "No signals available in my area." That is until I read the reviews about the Mohu. It seemed too good to be true, but I am an electronics geek and like experimenting. Customer service is GREAT and the guy gave me tips for placement of the antenna upstairs near a window, etc. So the antenna comes the other day. I was expecting my usual "ZERO CHANNELS FOUND" message. I walked out of the room while it was scanning and come back in and there's Antenna TV playing. I almost passed out cold on the floor. This little paper-thin thing managed to get the Antenna TV affiliate from 70 miles away at my house between mountains. I moved the thing to the other window and got another 2 channels from another city 70 miles in the "other" direction. If you enjoy Bible stories, you'll appreciate this analogy: this thing can raise Lazarus from the dead! LOL I really thought no signals existed in my valley after trying antenna after antenna. How this thing works, I have no idea, but I'm looking forward to buying a cheap little amplifier and plugging it in and seeing if I get even more channels. Great product which does the unthinkable. Great customer service. And made in the USA. Now that should say something. Every other antenna I tried was of course made in China.
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104 of 118 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I can't believe this worked even BETTER than expected, given all the previous RAVE reviews!! AMAZING!, January 19, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
After testing, purchasing and attempting to utilize countless locally bought, and a few mail ordered indoor HDTV antenna solutions, I was certain it made since to NEVER give another indoor antenna any consideration. Thank goodness I did!!

Had it not been for the countless testimonies from other users claiming the Moho Leaf was so superior and accomplished pulling in dozens of local OTA Digital station, when other solution failed to get one or two, I never would have made yet another purchase. But sure enough! We plug it in to our HDTV (actually a the new Boxee TV, Internet DVR system) and we went from getting one to two station on our best day, to pulling in 25 local OTA digital TV broadcast!!! WTHeck! WOW!

I was literally just laughing when I saw the channel scan results, and thought to myself, how can every other product be such JUNK?!?! Yet this thing works PERFECTLY? REALLY? At any rate, proof in in the pudding as they say! I'm yet another rave reviewer now! Who knew...?

We live only about 18-25 miles from what we know to be virtually all of the local HDTV, giant broadcast antennas; however, we are surround by a few hills and definitely in a low lying part of town. You seem to be required to have an aerial solution on the roof of your home around here, (or a large attic based solution,) to even think about regularly depending on OTA broadcast, versus cable or satellite delivered feeds. And prior to this home, we lived about 6 miles further form the broadcast antennas in our area, and were in an even lower lying water side home on a large lake. We never picked up anything there reliably!

So I was convinced HDTV was a joke from a standpoint of any real broadcast strength, and we were just going to have to bite the bullet at this home, and place one of those massive, ugly, antennas on our roof, in order to consider canceling our basic cable HDTV subscription. NOPE! One paper thin "Leaf" antenna, placed on a East facing window of our home, brought in every single local HDTV OTA broadcast offered in our area! CRAZY! ...I'm still shocked!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Worked, but no better than other antennas I've used., August 19, 2011
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I have tried and used several different antennas and setups since my first baby steps into the digital television in 2002. There is no miracle antenna that will magically make all your stations come in perfect. I decided to give this one a try to see if it's flat size could provide me a more aesthetically pleasing antenna. I have tried and used larger outdoor antennas, several different indoor style antennas, Radio Shack DB4 style antennas and the like.

The reception was no better than my cheaper set-top antenna; bunny ears with a loop. I actually found the bunny ears/loop antenna was better even though it's an eyesore in the family room. I moved around to several different locations and walls within the family room. I added a pre-amp to the antenna tried it in my office. I moved it into my garage and tried several locations there. I could have placed this antenna in the attic/above the garage for more reception, but the idea was to get a simplified indoor, next to the TV antenna. In that aspect it didn't work.

This is a well built antenna, even for as simple as it is. Muho took the time to think about the box and the antenna and packaging. It's a dead simple antenna. One side white, one side black to help blend it with your particular decor. The length of the coax coming off the antenna is about 6', which I found was a little too short, but you can extend it. I think it'd be better with just a male coax stump right at the antenna and let me choose the length I need.

Muho Service:
Excellent service. They responded quickly and professionally to my request to return the antenna. I always look for a good company to spend my money and they are one.

In the end, I returned the antenna. It simply didn't offer any better reception than what I had already and to those looking, I think you can find less expensive antennas that will do as good, if not better job. I really wish I could say otherwise, but for me it isn't worth $45.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect - Simple, Effective, Great Service, March 22, 2011
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We ditched our cable last year for OTA signals and already had two antennas (purchased at the Blue and Yellow store) when I ordered the Mohu Leaf. The shipping was incredibly fast, the package was very simple, and the product installed in 5 seconds. Instantly, we went from receiving 15 channels with our previous antenna to receiving 23 channels with the Mohu Leaf. I'm glad I took the risk and tried it my wife can be happy we get ABC again :)

Honestly, if you're looking for an antenna, this is the one to go with. It's more affordable than the ones at big retailers and it outperforms them. What else can you ask for? Oh yeah, the customer service is great. I personally spoke with the President of the company when I called to ask about the product before ordering.

Don't waste your time and money (like I did) thinking big retailers have the better option.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pays for Itself in One Month, January 21, 2012
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Crystal clear HDTV picture.

Initial setup is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

The FCC maintains a website which predicts the strength of over-the-air tv signals at your address. Use your favorite search engine to locate "The Digital TV Transition: Reception Maps".
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