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This is a powerful air fryer that can cook you food quickly and easily. The benefits are the speed at which it works and the fact that it reduces the amount of fat and oils that you need to use to prepare your food. Up to 80% of the fat is removed or not needed to be added. The air fryer can be used to cook vegetables and many types of meat that are breaded or unbreaded; thawed or frozen it works quickly and produces a nice result. It can even bake cupcakes.

The exterior of the fryer is nicely designed and uses 304 stainless steel for a nice clean look. The unit has a power on light and a heating light on the top to tell you what is going on. There is an adjustable timer that can be set for 0 to 60 minutes. There is also a temperature setting that is adjustable from 0 to 200° C. This may be a shortcoming for many people as air frying in the USA is relatively new concept. People will not know the cooking times or the temperature settings to use and many people do not understand the degrees Celsius scale. The top temperature of 200° C is the equivalent of 392° F. There is a small color cookbook included but unfortunately it is in a foreign language and not of much use to English only speaking people. Not having a cook book and the degrees Celsius temperature settings made this difficult for my wife to interpret.

It is recommended on some vegetable like French fries to put a little olive oil onto them and place them in the fryer basket with only the lightest coating. This will allow them to cook more crisply. There is an English manual in with the cooker and in the back it provides a two page list of cooking times and temperatures along with some extra information about cooking. It is recommended on some items to remove and shake the basket to allow the food to evenly cook and become crisp. The unit heats up so quickly that you should not worry about turning it off and doing this. Just remember that the cooking pan is very hot and not to touch it.

The interior of the fryer is also made of 304 stainless steel and even the heat pipe is stainless steel that is treated to withstand the heat. The cooking pot and internal pan and divider are coated with a nano-ceramic coating and it is non-stick and easy to clean. The divider allows you to cook two items at once like chicken nuggets and French fries.

The cooking pot features a safety latch so that when it is removed the unit will shut off but just remember that the pan and its contents are very hot and steam may be rising from the food. It is recommended that you can warm the internal pan by running the unit for 3 minutes and this will speed up the cooking. This is a great appliance, especially for families with 2 or 3 people. Starting at 4 to five the cooking pan may be too small to be adequate for larger families unless you are cooking only one side item for the meal.

This is a very nice appliance and you should watch the video to get the feeling of how the unit works and operates. As an appliance the product is a 5 star item. My wife rated it a 4 star because she could not read the cookbook and the temperature setting was in degrees Celsius. Since those are correctable items I rate the product for its functionality and design as a 5 star.

I was notified that the cookbook has been updated to English and is available on the web. I have included the web link in my comments.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon August 12, 2013
My first thought when receiving this Air Fryer was that it would be a great way to cut down on calories and still have food that tastes fried. So the first thing I tried was to use this air fryer on some potatoes that I cut up without any oil at all. They cooked up fine and some of them were a little brown, but not the same even browning that I got when I tossed them with just a tiny amount of olive oil in a bowl and then added them to the air fryer. Oil is what gives food that nice crispy brown color on its surface. The really great thing is that the air fryer is so hot that the oil doesn't soak in to the food and you can use a very small amount, just enough to barely coat the surface of whatever you're cooking and still come up with that nice fried flavor and crispness. It can help you cut way down on calories and also eat more heart healthy.

The Air Fryer is bigger than I thought it would be. It's about 12 ½ inches tall and 8 ¾ inches wide at its widest point. The front panel and inner walls are 304 Stainless steel and the inside compartment and basket are coated with some type of nano-ceramic coating according to the manufacturer. There was a little bit of a smell the first time I used it, but it went away after a few minutes. It has a dial that is a 60 minute timer and another that is for adjusting the temperature. It goes up to 200 degrees C or 392 F. The nano coating is supposed to be safe at these temperatures. In the inner chamber you'll find a basket with holes that lets the air flow around the food. The basket capacity is 2.4 liters according to the manufacturer's description. It's about 7 ¾ inches in diameter. So how does that compute to a bunch of French fries or pieces of chicken? I was able to cook a 20 oz. bag of frozen sweet potato fries that had the fat added by the manufacturer, to semi crispness (the way we like them) in about 25 minutes. There was space in the basket for more, but I've found that they more airflow around the items cooking, the faster they cook. After that was done, I did 20 oz. of frozen popcorn shrimp which took about 10 minutes. I've done potatoes that I've cut up myself in about 15 - 20 minutes using less potatoes at a time and just tossing them with the tiniest bit of olive oil. Thicker things like chicken can take a little longer, especially if it's a thick piece of raw chicken. Frozen, breaded chicken wings are ready in about 10 - 15 minutes. The manufacturer advices shaking the basket a few times during cooking to re-arrange the contents of the basket. You simply flip back the little latch on the handle and it stops and then resumes when you're finished and lock it back into place. Doing this is important if you want all of the contents crispy. After trying a few things, you'll get a feel for how much to do at a time and how long to air fry it.

This air fryer can also be used for frozen or fresh vegetables. I've done frozen broccoli which takes about 10 minutes for close to a pound. I've also tried fresh broccoli and asparagus and onions tossed with a little olive oil that turned out very nice, similar to grilling.

The only negative thing I've found is that the buttons across the front of the machine that give guidelines on cooking times for different foods are printed in another language as does a cookbook that comes with it. You can find a translated version of the cookbook at: [...] The buttons have little drawings below the printed words and they are pretty self-explanatory. The instruction manual is in English so no worries there. All in all, this is a very nice product and a great way to cut down on fat. I was supplied with a review sample of this product so I could try it out and write a fair and honest review.
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on July 28, 2013
There are over 300 reviews for the actifry so you have all you need to know about actifry. I am including it in my review of hot air pots .because it ia the only other way off making It is an innovative product that will cook many different foods you would normally fry at hot temp. while stirring. You don't need to stir with the actifry but you do need to keep an eye on it since it is high temp. only and it is easy to burn foods. For deep frying french fries it is a great alternative but has not had any competition until now.
The hot air fryers (not pots) are becoming available and popular right now and also make french fries without deep frying. There are many opinions on the internet about which are better, split about 50/50 on fries. But the new (to the US) hot air fryers also do many things besides fries. They have a basket much like a deep fryer so do not stir the food. But you can put large food like a chicken breast, frozen or not, breaded or not, and get excellent results. Almost any breaded meat or fish can be cooked to perfection. It takes a while to figure out the timing. Best of all it has a temperature control so if you are not trying to get the deep fried look like on unbreaded fish, you can turn the temp. down and get fried fish.
So which is better? If you have food no larger than french fries that need high heat and constant stirring to keep from burning the actifry is usually the best. If you have large pieces of meat, fish, etc. you can't put them in an actifry but the hot air fryer will do an excellent job. I rate both 5 stars and since they are about the same for fries but otherwise cook different types of food you need both! If the pieces are small and need stirring the actifry is the way to go. Disadvantage is no temperature control.
Foods larger than fries cook in the hot air fryer. It cannot hold as much food as the actifry but is adequate and the only option for larger food you would fry or deep fry but are too big for the actifry. Notice the actifry has come down in price since it was introduced. But it was patented so had no rivals. The hot air fryers are made by many although the Phillips was the first one I saw. It cost $320 a month ago. There are 3 alternatives on amazon now ranging from $150 to $250. Amazon also has the best price on the actifry. So go crazy and order both. They will greatly cut down your time in the kitchen and do not heat the kitchen up.
I live alone so I prepare the food, put the entree in the hot air fryer, the side dish in the actifry and maybe one other dish in the microwave. Then I watch TV until dinner is done in about 10 minutes for most meals. For the truly lazy get a fuzzy logic rice cooker as well for when you are tired of potatoes. Amazon has a nice selection. You might spend as much as $500 but your slaving over a hot stove will be over. The hot air fryers have been popular in Japan, China and Europe for a while but are new to the US.

SUMMARY Actifry is excellent for fries and can cook many other foods as long as they are not much bigger than fries or homes fries. The continuous stirring keeps food from burning but the high heat (about 400 degrees Is my guess) will still burn some delicate foods. Many reviewers sound like they only use it for fries which is a shame. Timing varies with the amount of food. Main disadvantage--no temperature control.
Hot Air Fryer also cooks excellent fries but in my opinion the Actifry fries are slightly better. I think this is because you use a tablespoon of oil in the actifry which eventually coats all the fries and helps them brown. If you spray the fries with oil before putting them in the hot air fryer they are about the same. The hot air fryer will cook many larger foods like chicken breasts, bratwurst,whole potatoes, entree size meat and fish with or without breading although frozen breaded works best Main disadvantage--medium deep fryer size basket will not cook enough for four but you can keep the first btch in an oven set a about 150 degrees. Main advantage is a temp. control allows you to cook more delicate foods like unbreaded fish.
If I could only buy one, I cannot say for sure which I would buy. I do use the hot air fryer more just because so many entrees cook and snacks cook well in it.
You may have trouble finding all 3 offerings on amazon with "hot air fryer" but you will get at least one and further down the page it shows the other brands as options.
You do not have to turn the food with either the actifry or hot air fryer.
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on August 13, 2013
Does it taste just like regular french fries? No, it doesn't, but it is pretty darn close... And if you take in consideration that you are not filling up yourself with a full glass of burned oil i would trade it any time of the day. The process is great. No dripping oil french fries anymore.
I also tried to fry chicken and that was amazing. So the air frying process is great, but this product brand is not. Very cheap material, not very well constructed and the one I bought had a problem with the timer. Sometimes it would turn the machine off, sometimes it wouldn't. I tried to safe a few bucks and that did not work too well.
I am returning it and getting the one from Philips. I saw it already in another occasion and it is much better built.
But, if you like fryied things and want to take care of your health, you need one of this...unless you are a grizzly bear going for hibernation
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on October 20, 2013
It's very easily used and meet our family diet need, no (less) oil cooking and save much time on stove. The only shortage is cooking book with it is written in Portugese (?). Hope it can be translated in Eng.
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