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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
 As some of you may know by now I love Robotic Vacuums so any chance I get to right a review on one I take it. Over the past 7 years I have owned probably over 12 robotic vacuums. Most being Irobot Roombas. I started with the Roomba Red and feel in love since. The Roomba Red performed very well for an early bird on the robotic vacuum market. I have owned almost all models of the Roomba all the way up to the current 670 I own. I also own a Neato XV11 and a LG Hombot. At one time I even had a Canadian Samsung Navibot and loved it until it wore out.
Ok now onto the main star for today the Moneual MR6550 Rydis. Hope you had a chance to view my short video and if it helps anyone then that is great. I received the Rydis about a week ago and was very impressed with the packaging, not cheap, but very well designed and a lot of details were printed on exterior but who really cares about the outside it's what is side that counts. I quickly unboxed it and noticed two side brushes that must be attached and yes there is a left and right so must pay attention to that. The unit has a main switch on the back much like the LG Homebot does. I noticed quickly that this vacuum relies heavily on the rotating side brushes for its performance. The single main brush is rubber and no bristles so it does not attract and wrap hair around it badly but also does not sweep as well either as a result I feel. When I started it up the first time I thought a jet plane was getting ready to take off. It is not real loud but is very high pitch similar to the Neato XV11 but not as loud.
I noticed the cleaning ability was sufficient but took a long time to clean as well as the Roomba or Neato would. The LG really struggles to run long enough to complete a room. The method that the Rydis uses for its cleaning seems very similar to the second and maybe third generation Irobot Roombas, Hmmm? The wall follow works very well but I found for me that the auto clean with turbo works best for my large house. I have run this probably 6 times to get the house as clean as the Roomba would in two cleanings but must remember my house is 2700 sq ft so it will take some time. The charge time is about an hour and cleaning time has been about 1.5 to 2hrs so that is good. I used the room barrier wall to keep it in the kitchen and dinning area where most of our traffic is and does well when focused in a confined area. It really seems to love going under our dinning table which is odd because all other robotic vacuums seem to avoid it so that is a real plus!!
I choose to empty the Rydis at end of every cleaning and it was always full so I think a larger dust bin would be nice for future models but maybe my house is just dirtier than most because my other robotic vacuums I empty each time too. Another thing I liked but probably would not use is the remote control. It has a good range and very good control over the vacuum for manual guidance. You can also schedule it to clean in one hour or later. Another nice feature I was not aware of is it has voice prompts and also lets you know when the battery is fully charged. One thing that I noticed is lacking but so does roomba is once it has returned to its dock which it does about 50%-60% percent of the time it will not keep cleaning after a recharge so you must tell it to clean again.
As for getting stuck it does very well for the most part of getting out of jambs. It only got stuck once in my bathroom same place as my others do sometimes so no big deal. Now it does like lamp cords and such but so does my Neato and the Rydis will get stuck on cords but makes its way out of its mess.
I do like the appearance of the Rydis over some but hey Its a vacuum and not a piece of wall art. Overall in conclusion I would say that the Roomba still wins the robotic vacuum war and the Neato is right behind it. Following not to far back is this Rydis and I feel that with future improvements this vacuum will be a strong contender. A lower price would for sure make this a good buy. I feel that this robotic vacuum will be best suited in an average size home and will clean well. I would recommend this vacuum. Thanks

Pros: Well built and seems to follow some of Roombas earlier model designs.
Does very well with wall cleaning
Charges quickly at about an hour and last for about 1.5-2hrs
The roller brush does not collect a lot of hair
Not as loud as some on the market. My neato is still the loudest but I have not upgraded it to the pet brush yet either
Does a good job cleaning especially when focused in individual rooms with the virtual wall unit provided
Maintenance is easy similar to the Roomba but not needed as often
Remote control works very well at controlling the vacuum when manual cleaning is desired
Slows down about a foot before reaching an obstacle and most of the time does not bump it

Cons: Does not clean as fast as the Roomba or the Neato but given enough time it will
Does not resume cleaning after a recharge but neither does my Roomba
Only returns to its dock about 50% of the time but none do all the time
The dust bin is a little small but easy to clean

New in the Robotic Vacuum market so will see how it does in the future
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on February 27, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The biggest problem I have with this unit is the lack of a floor-height sensor. We have about 2,000 square feet of hardwood downstairs, but all the bedrooms are carpeted and the bathrooms and laundry room are tiled. The 3/4" hardwood stands 1 1/2" higher than the tile or carpet, as there is 3/4" plywood foundation under it. The robot will drive off the wood and then promptly get stuck in whatever room it comes to. You MUST close doors if you use this on hardwoods, or you'll be searching for your stranded robot.

The vacuum works fairly well, but it is not revolutionary by any means. My wife and I got it set up and put it to work and found that the vacuuming power of the unit is not that great, as we put sawdust on a rug and let the robot loose. The robot started by making random passes at what appeared to be 45-degree angles and didn't really come back to cover the areas it missed. It just ran off the edge of the rug, then onto the hardwood and down the hall. It turned around at what seemed to be a random distance, came back a little, and then turned and went into another hallway and drove itself off the ledge into the bathroom, never returning to the rug. When I picked it up to put it back on track it told me to "put the robot down!" :D It looks like the little fellow doesn't like to be picked up.

I let the cleaner run around the floor some more and even placed some obstacles for it, such as a pile rug on top of a thinner rug. I can tell you that the cleaner will definitely climb onto a shag/pile rug like you would have in a bathroom without thinking twice. It cleverly avoided making contact with our appliances, but bumped into the cabinets, presumably because of the toe kick recess.

The charging station is nice and the robot returns to it pretty well if you have the setting right. There is a switch that you use to tell it how large an area the robot will be covering. I attempted to place the cleaner on the charger and it didn't like my positioning, opting instead to back off of the charger, turn around, drive about three feet from the charger, turn back around and very slowly position itself properly on the charger. This gave me confidence that it will always get on the charger at the right spot.

All in all, I like the robot, but I would suggest the Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200 or Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner with Charging Cradle - Model 5200C for hardwood or tile floors. We use those all the time and they work amazingly well. They are only for wood or tile though, so the Moneual is the choice for carpet.

You will need to purchase two D-cell batteries for the guidance/sensor unit, as the batteries are not included. They did include batteries for the remote though.
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on March 14, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been running the Moneual for a few months now, and I've definitely concluded that it is way inferior to my latest-generation Roomba. In fact, it drives me nuts and sometimes barely works. It is constantly (constantly!) getting stuck on everything from heating vents in the floor to literally the wall itself--it starts climbing the molding and gets stuck half on the wall. It is also constantly getting clogged on the input slot. The pet hair/dirt/whatever gets in the slot but not all the way into the dust trap, so it clogs and either gives an error message or keeps going without picking much more up. I have to use a hand vacuum to clear the input slot at least twice on an average run.

Over and over, the Roomba makes me happy and this Moneual irritates me. If you are going to buy a robotic floor vacuum, I urge you not to spend your money on this vacuum but choose a Roomba instead.

Other thoughts:

In one test I did, I ran each robot on different floors of my house, and observed how well they each worked. The floors were approximately in the same condition as far as clutter and needing vacuuming. In the time period of the test, the Moneual got stuck and needed rescuing twice; the Roomba did not get stuck. The Roomba battery lasted about 15 minutes longer. When I emptied the dust bins, I measured the dust: the Moneual picked up .3 oz o (approx 1/3 cup) of dust and animal hair; the Roomba picked up 1.5 oz (approx 1 1/4 cups). The difference is really striking. The Roomba got about 4-5 times as much yuck.

You might think the Moneual would be superior because of the double brushes instead of the single brush of the Roomba, but I think it makes very little difference. Also, just watching them go, the Roomba goes much faster than the Moneual. The Moneual seems very slow compared to the Roomba. Some people say that's good because the Roomba might bonk into something, but I have to tell you, I've owned Roombas for years and this has never been a problem.

There are some neat features of the Moneual, like the automatic remote control and shadow clean. However, shadow clean has limited usefulness, because I realized after doing it that there's no "daylight clean," so if I've already cleaned under the bed but want to just focus on the rest of the room, I can't do that; any general cleaning is going to get under the bed, too--so what's the point of doing it separately? I was glad to have the remote control to get the Moneual out when it got stuck under the bed, but then, Roomba's never gotten stuck, so it felt something like a mixed blessing. Not having rolling brushes to clean seemed like a feature when I first examined the Moneual, but now that I see how less effective it is, I am rather glad the Roomba has the under-unit brushes to help pick up all the dust and pet hair.

I have an old iRobot Dirt Dog on its last legs--missing the side brush and one of the main brushes, and it will still pick up a room faster and with less hassle (i.e. without needing me to intervene to rescue it) than the Moneual.

The moral? Don't buy this product!
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VINE VOICEon February 28, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Before I review the Moneual, let me explain that I have had three products from Roomba. The yellow unit used for workspaces like the garage. The Scooba, for washing hard floors, and the regular Roomba for carpets etc.

The Moneual has some great features. The Shadow mode, keeps it in dark spaces, as in under the bed, for a thorough cleaning. It has the ability to go to specific rooms that you choose for cleaning. It can be programmed to come on at a selected time clean then return to the charging base when done. Has a remote control, giving the ability to control where it cleans and change its cleaning mode. Intensive, gives the ability to focus on a specific area. The remote also has the ability to control the unit by motion. The direction, and the way you point the remote will control the cleaner, cool! The vacuum button controls the amount of suction. The charge button allows to stop cleaning and return the unit to the charger.

This actually has suction, as in vacuum. The Roomba that we had was more like a carpet sweeper, using a rotating brush to sweep dirt to the container. The battery is far superior to what we had. It is guaranteed for one year, is 4th generation Lithium Iron Phosphate, charges in one hour or less. Batteries were a major problem with my Roomba---just did not last that well. One thousand charging cycles is the claim for this unit! Another nice feature, that we have used, is the microfiber pads, works great on the Pergo floors in several rooms. It recognizes when the pads on and will avoid carpeted areas and rugs. Built with a BLDC motor, much better and ten times the life of a regular DC battery.

Goes from tile to area rugs to carpet without a hitch. That was a problem with the Roomba. The Moneual has so many advanced features and improvements over older robotic cleaners that in my opinion gets a big WOW!

Would I recommend the Moneual based on my personal experience----absolutely!

Was compelled to give the Moneual five stars because of the improvements, features and my past experience with robotic cleaners...

Thanks, Ed
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on September 18, 2013
I've had "Robolina" a few weeks, and she's my first robot vacuum, so that's where I'm coming from.

Instead of Amazon, I bought my Moneual Rydis from my membership warehouse. They carry three robot vacuums right now--one iRobot, one Neat-o, and this one. Here's why I chose the Moneual from this selection:
1) I prefer the more environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, offered by the Moneual only
2) If using a robot vacuum works for my family, I will buy a DIFFERENT model for our carpeted rooms. Having a machine that works better on HARD FLOORS ONLY was a plus for my situation.
3) People said the Moneual Rydis had the easiest dust compartment to empty
4) I thought the remote control would be fun for my kids.

As it turns out, the remote control *IS* fun for my kids. Most of the time, one of them (as a treat!) or I will manually drive Robolina to the area of the room that we most want cleaned, then we hit the "Auto" button. We have a very large (over 1200 sq ft) great room with hardwood floors and a couple of area rugs, and this is where we've primarily been testing Robolina's usefulness. After Robolina's inaugural run--the same day my housekeeper had been over and both vacuumed (central vac) and dry mopped (Swiffer) the entire place--AND THE DUST BIN WAS FULL OF CRUD, I knew I was a permanent convert to the robot vacuum. In a similar vein, we broke a glass in the kitchen several weeks ago, and have vacuumed, mopped, and I even wiped the whole area by hand with damp paper towel before I let my kids back in. After Robolina's first pass at it, I found a shard of glass we'd missed when I emptied her bin.

I really hate the vacuum. I hate fiddling with the cord, plugging and re-plugging as I move around the house. I actually hate the central vacuum at my new house even more, because the hose is so enormous, heavy, and unwieldy. I pull out a broom and dustpan several times a day, but I almost never get around to the vacuuming, or I beg my overworked husband to do it when he gets home. I hate the dust kicked up, the noise, all of it.

I am emptying Robolina's dust catcher at least once every day, but doing that annoys me less than using the regular vacuum would. I have had to unwind a few strings from her wheels, but that is still less bother than I find the big vacuum. For me, using a robot is a no brainer. You'll need to assess your own temperament to decide if you would feel the same way. I don't expect Robolina to get my floors deep cleaned, just to reduce the dirt in between regular vacuuming on the same schedule we had before (once or twice a week.) It is pretty obvious that we are removing more dirt and dust now, because Robolina runs at least once a day when I think of it (and I would NOT have been vacuuming at these times), plus she runs another time, most days, when one of my kids asks if the robot can come out to play. How could it not be an improvement?

The level of light bumping against furniture that Robolina does is very well within my comfort level. I've seen her nudge a lightweight object, but nothing even close to worrisome has occurred in our home. (Admittedly, I only have one antique piece, and I have kids, so assess your own standards here, too!) The noise level is significantly less than I find any of our regular vacuums, maybe even less than the central vac? I leave the room when someone is vacuuming, usually, but I can stay in the room while Robolina works, especially because she wanders nearer, then farther, then under the couch where she's muffled... The volume strikes me as less intense overall.

If I hadn't just bought an expensive new house, I'd probably already have purchased a second robot vacuum for the two other levels in my home. I'm already that intensely sold on this method of cleaning. I may still try out a Neato or iRobot product, however, especially for the upstairs which is entirely carpeted, and reviews suggest iRobot might be the best for that situation. If I come to decide any failure on the Moneual Rydis' part is a reason to switch brands (as opposed to my love of trying every option!) I'll update this review.

*** UPDATE: 8 months later ***

I still love having a robot vacuum. People who come over often notice it docked in our great room and ask my opinion. I still think you need to assess your own cleaning habits and temperament to decide if one is right for you. For those of us who have sensory issues around noise, the robot vacuum fills a unique niche.

I use Robolina primarily in my kitchen and my great room. These two rooms are the easiest for our family to keep "robot safe" on a regular basis. By this, I mean no little toys or tangling strings on the floor, and few delicate items left in harm's way to manually pick up before letting the robot out. For us, the kitchen floor is the easiest to keep clutter-free, therefore the robot runs most often there. In the great room, I often assign the job of robot-tending to my ten year old son. He plays nearby and comes running if Robolina sounds different or asks for help.

Today, Robolina asked for help with her brush. I read the manual 8 months ago, but haven't looked at it since. I double checked that it was okay to pull off the plastic brush surround (yes) and how to remove the brush itself (a simple tug from the correct end) and discovered that there was quite a twist of hair (mostly mine) around both ends of the brush and under each of the spinning sweeper brushes to boot. I probably should have unscrewed the spinners and pulled out the brush before this and removed the hair, but that's how long our robot was able to go about her business before this chore was required in a household with no pets, one long-haired female, and use primarily for kitchen dirt on tile and dust on hardwood.

Emptying Robolina's dustbin is easy and I don't mind doing it. Sometimes I need a toothpick to get a wad of dust out. I am ordering a second filter for the dustbin today because you are supposed to rinse it between uses and you have to wait for it to dry thoroughly. I often run Robolina in one room, empty the bin, then wish to immediately clean the second area without that wait.

Our mopping head and "guard" got yanked off at some point and the double stick tape (IIRC) that held it on was no longer viable so we've simply stopped using this feature. It certainly showed some dirt, meaning it picked some up, but I don't see a visible difference in how this affects the cleanliness of my floors.

Our charging STATION failed, so now I manually plug Robolina into the power cord after use. Since she regularly needed help docking correctly, and since I'm carrying her up two steps to one of my two regular cleaning areas, this isn't annoying to me, aside from wishing the docking station were of higher quality in principle.

While I've never timed Robolina's run time, after eight months, I don't "feel" like she runs for any less time than before. I am satisfied with the battery strength and life.

My children are no longer excited enough about the vacuum to ask to use it, but their visiting friends often ask if they can watch the robot go, and my kids enjoy showing off how it works.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've previously had and reviewed an iRoomba and was pretty satisfied with it. I'd never heard of this brand but I've found that this compares very favorably with iRoomba and even surpasses some models.

- It cleans very well.
- The batter life is longer in my experience than the iRoombas.
- The sensor succeeded where my iRoomba's would not: it did not get lost down the hallway.
- I like the dry mop feature. It stays on the hard ground and cleans like a Swiffer.

- There is no timer on this model. I'd like to set it up to vacuum at night or while I am away but can't. I start it then leave.
- It is hard to get back to the base. At times the sensors will make this thing go back and forth adjusting to come in to land for several minutes, which is annoying to watch. (I pick it up and put it on the base.)
- It's not a natural color for around the house. I'd prefer something more techy colored or go with a blue, violet, red or something.
- It does not sense stairs and will fall off if you don't set the area base (to keep it in a certain area.) The iRoombas do.
- You still need to vacuum with a real vacuum for corners, edging and tough to reach places like landings.

Overall, I'm very happy with this brightly colored robot vacuum. It cleans well, navigates well, and lasts a long time on a charge. I'd prefer it to sense stairs, land at the base a little better, and have a timer. For the price, though, this is a very good value.
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on July 26, 2013
It is a very dependable vacuum cleaner. Robust, easy to clean and operate, battery operation is at least 90 minutes, suction power is very good, noise level is adequate, mop operation is excellent. In summary I got a very good product for the price I paid.
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on February 10, 2013
I looked at all makes and models and consider The Moneual MR6550 superior to anything on the market and has a very reasonable price. It will clean for 2 hours without a battery charge and only takes 1 hour to recharge. The batteries are supposed to last for 1000 recharges, which would be 3 years of daily use. The motor in the cleaner is also supposed to be twice as powerful and long lasting. Cleaning : It just goes about its business and returns to the charger for recharging.

I have not used the dry mop feature yet but look foward to giving it a try. Our house has both carpet and tile and it does a great job on both. We no longer have to worry about anyone looking under our beds, Rastus, our name for our Robot Vac., has cleaned there. I would recomend this Vacuum to anyone looking for a fantastic way to keep their floors clean.

Bill Mc.
Punta Gorda FL
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VINE VOICEon April 16, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This product has some fairly unique features that make it stand out from similar products. First, it would be great for someone who has mostly uncarpeted floors due to its dry mop feature. I do agree with one reviewer who pointed out the difficulty in homes where both hardwood and carpeted areas are present. However, this can be remedied by simply blocking the cleaner from entering from one room to another. Second, I absolutely love the shadow cleaning function. I don't think that enough can be stressed about this feature, since the ability to clean under beds and sofas is one of the biggest draws for these robot cleaners. That's where the shadow cleaning mode is so useful, since the robot is smart enough to detect the reduced light in these shadowy areas and thus concentrate its cleaning there. A third and final point is that the height of this robot is a bit shorter than some of the other robots on the market, making it less likely to get stuck under sofas or other furniture. These are the biggest advantages that I have observed.

Now for the disadvantages. The dry mop, though useful in theory for hard floors, really doesn't seem to do much beyond loosening and/or smearing the dirt. The loosening can be a good thing if the vacuum then picks it up, but depending on what type of dirt is present the floor can become dull and smeary-looking. Second, I do stress that this vacuum can not do a true deep cleaning (as another Reviewer has already stated). Let's face it, a robot cleaner is NEVER going to completely replace a traditional vacuum cleaner for carpet vacuuming. At least it doesn't for me. The main reason for this is that the energy source, a rechargeable battery, would never provide the suction power that a corded vacuum can provide.
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on May 19, 2013
My floor is much less dusty than before. I have wooden floors and lots of open windows. My floors would require constant sweeping, which wouldn't get the dust in the board cracks. Swiffering was always necessary. With this little guy, it all gets picked up and Swiffering yields very little. It even picks up small hard stuff and hairs. It gets into places I can't easily, like way under the bed and the back of the sofa. I love its color.
Some of those hairs get wound around its whiskers and edges of turning bar, requiring removing those parts to extract the hairs. It has a hard time finding its way back to the dock so I usually pick it up and carry it "home." It needs to be rescued from trying to eat socks. Also, it's kind of noisy.
I'm happy I bought it. My floors feel much cleaner under my bare feet. I would like it even better if it could damp mop.
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