Customer Reviews: Mongoose Women's Woodland Bicycle (White)
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on August 31, 2011
So after reading a couple of reviews for this bike, I was worried about what the set-up would be like. I can honestly say it was a joyful experience for me! I had no trouble whatsoever- in fact, and I don't recommend this, but...I didn't even need the instruction manual. All you do is pop the handlebars into place and set it to the appropriate height and tighten with an Allen wrench...put the front wheel on, TOTALLY self-explanatory, and screw on the peddles. I did need to adjust the front disc brake, easily achievable with the dial provided, and also adjust the handles, also easily done with allen wrench. I am not a mechanically savy person but this was a piece of cake. The bike is beautiful and is a very smooth ride. I couldn't be happier!
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on December 22, 2011
I bought this bike for my wife and the seat height was too tall. I requested a return through Amazon. Unfortunately for me I did not research the return policy before buying the bike. Well, the seller, OJcommerce responded with a return authorization. In which it stated I must return the bike to CA at my cost, and there would be a 30% restocking fee. The shipping, OK but the 30% is very steep and was not mentioned in the original Amazon listing. By the time I ship the bike from my home in FL and loose the 30% resotcking fee, I will have lost about 50% of what I paid for the bike. If I would have know this up front I would not have bought the bike. Bottom line, I'm not returning the bike but will try to sell it locally and will probably recover more than if I returned it to the seller. That is not good customer service in my opinion.
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on December 19, 2011
Darn that seat was so uncomfortable! I was in pain for about a week and a half! lololol When I peddled the bike and stood up on the peddles the ride was perfect! I went and purchased a new seat the next day and the bike is now perfection! Rides like a dream! On the second run I took it for a ride in the woods. Up and down hills with no the to shift gears problems at all with it! Including that everyone's eyes were on the bike offering lots of compliments on how nice it looks! Great bike...Oh I forgot to add that I added a child trailer hitch to it and pulled along my 5 year old so smooth I forgot he was back there ( dont know yet whether that is good or bad) but my baby boy enjoyed the ride! Go for it....great purchase just be ready to change the seat!

I just wanted to add that ordering from Amazon is always a pleasure! Ordered the bike online and was shipped within 2 shipping btw...saved me a nice amount of money on that! Love Love Love Amazon!
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on December 10, 2012
Before reading further, note: I paid $150 for a bicycle and expected a $150 bicycle. I got what I paid for and am pleased! So far, we've done a couple of rides down the mountains in Park City and have only experienced user-induced problems (see "whoops" below)

CONSTRUCTION: The bike has fairly robust construction and, surprisingly, isn't overly heavy. I was a little disappointed at how large the bike was. I had bought this for my 5'3" wife and it was a little big for her. Still, it's not uncomfortably large and she has enjoyed her rides on it. Putting the bike together was a breeze. All you do is put the wheels, handlebar, seat and pedals on. It took me about 15 minutes to get the whole thing together

MECHANICS: The weakest part of this bike is the braking system. After assembling the bike, it took me an hour to get the stupid front brakes adjusted... the front disc brakes are very finicky and, if improperly adjusted, will drag and squeak, making your ride both annoying and much more difficult. The gears seem robust enough to take some abuse. The front shock absorber is not adjustable. The rear spring IS adjustable so long as you've got a strong grip. You have to spin a nut that compresses the spring... not an easy task for smaller people. Fortunately, the ride it provides is amazingly smooth. When I took it for a ride, I couldn't feel bumps in the road anymore. Trail riding is much easier on this than on my front-suspension-only bike. Note that there isn't a dampener on this rear spring. If you want one you're going to have to shell out some more cash!

WHOOPS: Before riding this bike, make sure you tighten everything! I had tightened the bolt on top of the handlebars but apparently didn't tighten it enough. As we took our first ride, my wife looked back and said "Oops, we have a problem..." Her wheel had turned 90 degrees and her handlebars were pointed straight forward. I'm a pretty strong guy and can attest to the statement that you probably can't tighten this bolt enough. There's another bolt on the handlebar that prevents them from spinning. Same deal here, tighten it way more than you think you need to!

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: You may be asking yourself, "would it be worth it to spend more money and get a better bike?" Keep in mind that as you increase the amount of money you spend on a bike, your returns slowly decrease which is to say that a $300 bike will not be twice as good as this $150 bike. What you'll be paying for are stronger and/or lighter materials, better brakes, stronger and more responsive gearing and more robust and adjustable shocks. Not to mention that some people spend thousands of dollars on high-tech wheels with fairings, but you don't want those on a mountain bike. What I'm getting at is: do you really need these things to be better? All we do with this bike is take it up a chairlift and ride it down the mountain. It doesn't matter how heavy the bike is and we don't really use the front brake at all. We're not pro riders so a better suspension would be lost on us. Take some time and decide what you really need out of a bike before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a toy you might only use a couple of times a year!

Feel free to drop me a note with specific questions!
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on June 24, 2012
I bought the mongoose mountain bike because a) well, it's a mongoose and I love their products. b) it's a beautiful bike with a striking color combination. c) considering a & b, you can't beat the price. A day after it arrived, I am taking the bike apart and shipping it back. Why? Because of a flawed item description on the site. This is a RACING bike. What does that mean? The pedal set up is directly underneath you on the frame vs slightly in front as in other bikes. This means you pedal behind yourself. Very different, and very uncomfortable for my husband who I forced to take a turn on it--as with my injured knee from an ACL tear (my reason for buying the bike--rehab) it was impossible for me to bend my injured knee far enough back to even pedal the bike at all.

If you don't mind having to lean forward to pedal to be even slightly comfortable? It's an amazing bike. The shock absorber does an amazing job even while I was just sitting on the bike, hopping around trying to ride it, it is well made, and definitely a flashy looker if you're in to that. With the pedal setup, it is just not what I needed, and probably not what most people are expecting--I know I wasn't. If I'd known it was a racing style bike I wouldn't have purchased it. This is a great cautionary tale of buying sight unseen--thank god Amazon has a wonderful return policy and was willing to refund me completely since it was descriptive error. I'll be going to a bike store and shelling out a few more $$$ just to make sure I get the right thing, first time around.
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on October 31, 2010
I bought this bike for my wife who is 5'3" and it is the perfect height for her. The bike in general is decent but there are a lot of assembly issues. It came partially assembled meaning the front tire, handlebars and seat weren't attached. If you are not familiar with assembling bikes this can be a nightmare putting this bike together. First the front brake magnets had fallen out of the front disc brake and were loose in the bottom of the box which I didn't notice until after I mounted the wheel and realized the brakes weren't engaging. What this caused to happen is in the housing behind the brake pads there are ball bearings that when you squeeze the brake lever they turn and put pressure on the pads pushing them into the disc to stop the bike, these fell out also because the pads weren't holding them in place. I had to call the seller and they sent a replacement front break very fast. Problem two was the handlebars and gear shifters. The bars always come backwards for packaging but they mounted the shifters upside down on the wrong sides of the handlebars and the wires were all criss crossed. Spinning the handle bars around isn't a problem but getting the handle grips off to switch the shifters can be tricky, I used an air compressor to blow air into the hole on the end of the grip and they slid right off, otherwise they are on preety tight and are hard to get off. Once I got the grips off and switched the shifters and untangled the wires everything was good just minor brake adjustments. The bike looks great and rides really well just really poor assembly and the factory that is why I gave this a 4 star, if they had 3 1/2 that is more realistic.
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on January 14, 2016
I was very happy with this product when I first ordered it but I have had nothing but problems with it since I started using it the main bottom bracket was set offset when they put it together in the factory so now the bike is broken the whole pedal system is loose and it feels unsecure like I'm about to fly off the bike and faceplant, which I actually have had quite a few accidents due to the front brakes are the only breaks that work after a couple of weeks of using.I stopped using this bike since the bottom bracket shows its defects and the front wheel broke it is a lovely bike don't get me wrong but whoever put it together did it correctly. But the double hydraulics or shocks springs definitely help with any impact of bumps if you have back problems
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on January 9, 2014
I am sure this says what size it is. But I did not realize just how big it would be. I am 5' 4'' female, with un-proportionally long legs. With the seat all the way down I can barely reach the peddles. Also there will be assembly required. Most is easy, but I could not get the gear shifter tuned on my own and had to pay to take it to a bike shop. It is still a good price for the money, but I would not buy it unless you are around 5'6'' MINIMUM!
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on April 11, 2013
Easy to assemble the handle bars,the seat,the pedals,and front tire tighten the brakes wasn't a problem i read a few reviews on here or on walmart were men complaining about tighten the brakes like it was complicated or something i'm a woman and i assemble this bike in 10 or maybe 15 mins the reason why i gave this bike 4 stars instead of 5 omg the seat is so unpleasant lol boy do that seat hurt but i replaced it and got a nice comfort one i would recommend this bike to anyone and if you do decide to purchase this bicycle purchase another seat along with it i recommend the" Sunlite Cloud-9, Bicycle Suspension Comfort Saddle, Comfort Gel Ladies, Tri-Color Lycra " if you don't i guarantee you will be in pain 3 days top this little bun cried wee wee wee all the way home.
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on July 8, 2011
Bought for my daughter. She had difficulty with the gears and could not peddle because it was too hard to spin. I guess if you take it into a bike shop and have them adjust it would be fine. I sent it back. Also it was a bit too large for my daughter. She is 5'2".
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