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Monopoly Streets - Xbox 360
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38 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on November 26, 2010
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
If EA fixes the Issues / Problems / Bugs in this game, then I'll give this game 5 stars. Until then...

UPDATE #2: EA has released another DLC item, a 3D "CITY" board called Stratosphere City for 560 MS Points. It's a futuristic city with hover cars. It has custom names for the properties and cards, unlike the prevoius DLC Championship board. Please Note: this is a "CITY" board so it has the buildings that are constructed as your build houses and hotels, etc etc...

UPDATE #1: EA just released some DLC for this game. The board is 240 MS Points and the tokens are 80 MS Points each.

Championship Board (Las Vegas 2009 Monopoly Championship theme). This board uses an official Monopoly game board since it's a recreation of the 2009 Monopoly tournament championship. There are NO custom names for the properties, community chest or chance cards.

Horse and Rider (Male Jockey) token
Cannon (Army Guy) token
Rocking Horse (Female Equestrian) token

PLEASE NOTE: This DLC is NOT DRM's locked so it can be shared amongst other gamer profiles (gamertags) on the same or different Xbox 360 consoles.

Please Note: This review pertains to the Xbox 360 version of the game. Not all features / issues may be present across all platforms.

Finally, a video game console version of Monopoly that has an Online Multiplayer component.

I previously purchased Monopoly Party back when it was originally released on the original Xbox console and the more recent Monopoly video game for the Xbox 360 which was released just a couple of years ago. Both were good games, but they lacked an Xbox Live Multiplayer option so you were stuck play locally with friends/family and/or against the BOTs.

The two included 3D "city" boards for Monopoly Streets are great and add something new to the Monopoly franchise. The rest of the boards are 3D but don't have the "city" buidlings aspect. The surrounding envirnments are fun as are the custom names for all the properties. For the "city" boards, as you buy properties and build houses and hotels your property comes alives with 3D scenery, houses and hotels. Every player also has a skyscraper which represents their total worth and the height of the skyscraper increases/descreases during gameplay. You only get two of these "city" boards one of which has to be purchased. Apparently, there is another featured in a gameplay trailer and will be probably be available as DLC as EA has stated this game will feature DLC for characters (tokens) and boards.

All tokens and boards are compatible with every rule set and gametype options so you can mix things up and even use your own Xbox 360 Avatar as a playable character for use with any of the tokens. For Xbox 360 Avatar; props, pets, hats and costumes will NOT show up in game. Avatar shirts, pants, shoes, glasses, watches, and rings will show up on your character in game.
Provided Rule Sets: Official MONOPOLY, Speed Die, Short Game, Bull Market, Jackpot, Fast Deal, Custom. All rule sets can be edited to create your own gametype with a variety of options to choose from to make your own House rules. You can also ssave a custom rule set for use in the future.

Xbox Live Gametypes: Quick Match, Create Custom Match, Join Custom Match, Create Ranked Match, Join Ranked Match. Online Ranked matches cannot be started with BOTS (computer) but if a NON connection HOST player quits before going bankrupt they will be replaced by a BOT (computer). You can play with up to four people locally on the same Xbox 360.

The Monopoly Store is a nice touch and adds to the replay value as you try to earn Monopoly money to unlock additional content. Winners of a game gain just under 10,000 M and even the losers get some money, so if you are good you'll be rolling in the Monopoly money to unlock additional content.

Unlockables in the Monopoly Store:
M = Monopoly Money used to buy items in the Monopoly Store

Available Tokens and their (Characters):

Top Hat (Magical Kid) - UNLOCKED at start
Shoe (Little Girl) - UNLOCKED at start
Moneybag (Burglar) - M 15,000
Car (Race car driver) - UNLOCKED at start
Wheelbarrow (Farmer) - UNLOCKED at start
Dog (Dog walker) - UNLOCKED at start
Cop Hat (Officer) - M 20,000
Battleship (Admiral) - UNLOCKED at start
Iron (Maid) - M 10,000

Available Boards:

MONOPOLY City (3D board) - UNLOCKED at start
Cheese Board - M 6,000
Cardboard Board - M 7,000
Landmark City (3D board) - M 25,000
Classic Board - UNLOCKED at start
Jungle Board - M 9,000
Sweet Board - M 10,000
Plaza Board - M 5,000
Ice Board - M 8,000

Overall it's a good game, and probably the best console based Monopoly game to date, at least on the Xbox/Xbox 360 but it does have several issues that need to be fixed/patched.

Issues / Problems / Bugs:

1. If the connection HOST (person who starts a game) quits during an Online match (ranked or custom) the game will END for everyone in the game and NOBODY will get any credit for the game. That means nobody is declared a winner, nobody gets any Monopoly money for use in the Monpoly Store, and the stats don't update for whatever you did in the game.
The reason this happens is that there is NO Host Migration in the game, so if the HOST quits the whole game ends.

WARNING: If the connection HOST chooses to declare BANKRUPTY or goes BANKRUPT they "have to spectate" for the rest of the game and stay in the game until a winner is announsed by Mr Moneybags and wait for the game to automatically send everyone back to the Main Menu.

It is STRONGLY ADVISED that you HOST your own Online Matches and/or play with people who know about this issue otherwise, you'll more than likely end up with a connection HOST who QUITS not knowing that this ends the game for everybody. However, it is apparent that you don't necessarily become Connection Host even if you are the one to start/initiate the game.

This is also something that could be EXPLOITED by someone choosing to QUIT instead of having a loss show up on the leaderboards and their profile stats. Aside from doing this to GRIEF (annoy) people online.

2. Duing an Online match a human can go into the "Morgage and Build" menu, wait out the 60 second time, go back into it, rinse, repeat. Thus have a neverending turn in an attempt to GRIEF and make the other human player quit the game, for a win.

3. A BOT (computer) or human player's character can spin around in get put int he wrong direction and then get stuck on and/or fall off the game board and be unable to complete their turn. Thus making it immpossible for anyone else to take their turn. The game will never end and everyone will have to QUIT the game.

4. During the initial rolling of the dice to see who goes first, the dice will keep spinning or freeze and no one else will be able to take their spin and/or start the game.

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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on November 5, 2010
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Verified Purchase
This is a VERY fun game!!! The new mode (Streets) is a fresh take on the classic game. I have to say....I don't play very many games online, but this game is a blast to play via Xbox Live. You can customize the rules to your liking, and the game runs very smooth with no lag at all. The only gripe is that the avatars are pre-selected to match your token.....and their voices and animations can get a bit stale after a while. Fear not because the game gives you the ability to skip those animations!!! The major difference between this and the version for the PS3 is that you get to use your Xbox avatars in place of the generic avatars provided in the PlayStation 3 version. I am such a fan of games, I ended up getting a copy of both for each system. This is truly ONE OF THOSE GAMES that you can spend HOURS playing!!!
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on November 30, 2010
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
So I am not really a monopoly fan but was looking for a game that was easy to play with a variety of people young, old, newbies to video games and veterans to video games. I think this fits the bill. I am terrible at Monopoly anyway and always lose, but at least this version is fun and interesting while I am losing. The sounds the characters make are super funny and the ability to customize the rules is also a plus. One thing I would change is allowing you to choose a piece AND your character rather than forcing a player to only have the character attached to a specific piece.

We felt the game play was too slow so we sped it up in the Options area and the game moved so much quicker.

It's not very involved and that is just what I wanted - simple, easy to start, and put away when needed. I would say the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I don't really like Monopoly in general, but others in the house love the game and we enjoy playing it together.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
Don't get me wrong... I really like Monopoly but EA will make you hate any game they make !! I mean it

Why ?! It's simply because they cheat people withe their games ! I have played every game they made ( At least the good ones)

And there is always problems and glitches and errors... I mean serious ones ! IN ALL OF THEIR GAMES !

They have no support for their games... when they make their game, that's it !! Even if it was full of crap and cheats they will not fix it !


First thing you should know about Monopoly Streets that you don't have control over the game... what i mean here that the game is decided from the beginning ! If they decide you are going to be the first one who leave the game... they will make sure of that !!

Monopoly is fun because it was luck but here it is different ! There is no such thing called coincidence here ! THE GAME IS DECIDED FROM THE START !!



Second thing you should know about this game... FULL OF BUGS

The game will lag out most of the time for no reason ! if any one of the other players leave the game without bankrupting him/her self the game will LAG out after few rounds 100% and sometimes directly !

Finally... The computer is too stupid you will never enjoy playing with it ! Also there is no HOST immigration !! So when the host leave, the game will end !! And this will happen a lot !

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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2012
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
This game cheats so bad. Not as bad as their Android version of Monopoly, but almost as bad. On the Android version the difficulty level basically means how bad it will cheat on it's dice roll. After five games where I hit the income tax space 80% of the time I went around the board, but the CPU player hit that same spot maybe 5%... you might start wondering if the game is rigged. It's not limited to income tax either. You will land on all it's properties while it dances right by all yours without hitting anything.

On this Xbox version it rolls doubles on almost every single one of it's turns. And then rolls a second set of doubles on about half it's turns. It will also keep you landing on "just visiting", Chance, and Community Chest and other spaces such as those making it impossible to buy any property as it scoops everything up quickly due to it landing on normal properties and getting multiple rolls since it rolls doubles on every turn as mentioned.

EA has a history of substituting game intelligence for rigged dice to balance out gameplay. This leads to much cheaper developer costs, since instead of having to program a real game engine, they can just hard wire the dice to control how things play out. EA also has some of the most over the top copyright protection schemes of any software publisher on earth. Just check out the reviews of the PC version of Spore to see a sample of what I'm talking about.

I wish Parker Brothers wouldn't have farmed out all the Monopoly games to EA, since the concepts of these games were great, but EA butchered the execution. Without the cheating, rigged dice, and other frustrations this would be a 5 star game (so would the Android version), but instead of being fun it just will make you angry and stressed out.
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13 of 17 people found the following review helpful
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
For Monopoly fans, there has never been an ultimately authentic and playable online version of Monopoly that worked.

Westwood's CD-ROM version in 1995 was pretty cool for its time back in the day, and can still work, but you need a degree in computer science to get it to work currently. It was the ONLY version of Monopoly that allowed multiplayer ONLINE and did it right, with up to 8 players and not 4, and with all the correct official rules or all the house rules as you wanted. If you turned off all the 3d animation junk that gets boring after 1 game, you had a VERY solid experience, but you needed to keep the CD in the drive.. then Westwoods's servers eventually died and they stopped supporting it.. yada yada yada... it's a dead horse.

POGO's version of Monopoly is pretty bad. Period. Moving on.

Hasbro had out a pretty good thing with Monopoly 2008 - with one HUGE fatal flaw - NO ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!?!??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Same thing goes for EA's last version of XBOX Monopoly 360 - which falsely lured players into thinking it was multiplayer by having the LIVE logo on it. You can read all the rants on that version of the game on here as well.

So finally... I am in Best Buy and I see "MONOPOLY STREETS" for Xbox 360 LIVE and my eyes light up!

"What is this?! Some new version of Monopoly that's going to epically fail like the MEGA edition or that ridiculous CITY version?" I thought to myself - but much to my delight - NO it was REAL Monopoly, just all glamored up in 3D mode - and with one HUGE bonus - 4 player ONLINE multiplayer WITH voice chat on XBOX LIVE!

YES! YES! YES! FINALLY! FINALLY! A version ONLINE with voice chat with the fluid slick xbox live interface. This is going to be it!



This some SO close to being the ultimate online version of Monopoly that everyone has been looking for who is a Monopoly fan and wants to play a game online with friends, famliy, or complete strangers from around the globe - but it has flaws so bad, that it ruins what COULD be awesome.

So rather than a long winded review that goes over what people have already written here or what you can find on youtube or any of the general game review sites (all of which pass up these epic flaws) I will get right to it:

The 3D STREETS version of the game, while initially cute, is very lacking in enough variety to be played more than a few times. At first it seems really neat, but then you notice that they didn't put much variety or detail in, and then the repetition of the characters voice overs as well as VERY limited music makes you want to pull your hair out. They could have done SO much more with this - so I have to say - the STREETS version is a novelty at best and it fails. Especially if you are a hard core Monopoly nut and want to play a real game - you will tire of this and tire QUICKLY, then turn it off.

But ALL hope was not yet lost, as they have the classic board, the tournament, board, and a few other varieties. I myself am a Monopoly purist. I don't want to land on a Simpson's version.. or a Disney version or any state or college football version of the game... I want New York Avenue.. I want Baltic... I want Boardwalk. NO BS - give me the classic original board with the real names, or the deluxe board maybe or tournament board - but don't screw around any more than that.

So, you turn off all the animations, turn off the annoying voice overs, turn off all the BS, and get down to business of playing Monopoly with real tournament rules ONLINE - with VOICE chat - on xbox 360. YEAH.. ok... this looks good! Alright!! Yeah!!


They screwed it up. The screwed it up BIG time and EPICALLY with two FATAL design flaws. I am HOPING and PREYING that these can be patched, but if they are not - toss this game in the trash as another failed attempt at getting the Monopoly experience online.

"What are the flaws?" is of course the question you are undoubtedly asking now, and here they are:


No matter WHO is hosting an online multiplayer RANKED match - when ANY player leaves the game - the entire game crashes and goes back to the menu. NOTHING... NOTHING... NOTHING is more INFURIATING than this HUGE flaw. You're playing a 4 player game... you are an hour in and by now someone is clearly taking the lead and one of the players is about to get wiped. Well... even AFTER they go bankrupt, a player HAS to keep their XBOX on and stay and WATCH the full game. If the losing player leaves (the natural thing to do after going bankrupt) the game crashes and returns to the main menu, and suddenly you start busting out all sorts of new and interesting curse words. This happens to almost EVERY ranked match with more than two players. EA needs to fix this now. When people lose, they don't want to stick around another hour, nor will they, and you also get spoiled sports who see they are losing, or get bored and go get a pizza and just exit the game - thereby CRASHING and ending it for all other players without any ranking. LAME. Did I say lame? Let me say it again. LAME. This needs to be fixed. If a player goes bankrupt of course they should be able to shut off the game, and if a player is NOT bankrupt and leaves either AI should take over or all properties and money should go back to the bank. Simple as that - make this a menu option and fix the game now EA, please!


This is almost as bad as #1, and that is that while one of the rule sets is "official tournament rules" there is nothing official about it. Meaning, game play is severely changed by a few weird issues, the biggest of is that there is NO TRADING OR BUILDING until YOUR TURN. This is NOT how Monopoly has EVER been played. Tournament rules CLEARLY allow building and wheeling and dealing between EACH PLAYERS turn. Meaning, if I am player #4, and you are player #3 and I can see that you are coming up on my properties and call a pause in the game AFTER player #2 finishes his turn and before you roll your dice to build houses or make a trade. This version of the game only lets you do it on your turn and this is another HUGE flaw that Monopoly purists will hate. There are other little quirks.. like what happened to the $200 or 10% on income tax... now it's just $200... and Luxury Tax is $100 when it has always been $75. These tiny little things will annoy the purist, but the above two big flaws just entirely RUIN what COULD be the best version of Monopoly online.

PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE Electronic Arts... FIX this! Unless it is fixed, I would not recommend buying this game.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2014
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
By far the worst game i have ever played in my life, the level of cheating and rigged dice rolls is off the scale. I have tried more than 20 times to beat the ai characters on hard mode and have realized it isn't possible without extreme luck. The opponents ALWAYS roll the correct number to land on the property that they need for a full set, they also ALWAYS roll the correct number to avoid your properties. Every turn i land on every single tax spot and the go to jail square to ensure that i don't make any money while the opponents build hotels all over the board that you WILL land on......a lot. Trying to trade with the computer characters to prevent them getting a set is also useless as they wont accept anything less than 4x the properties worth which isnt a good investment. The ai characters will hit chance and community chest a lot, every single time they receive money which adds to the spending spree of houses and hotels. The blatant rigging of this game has sapped away all of the fun and it just isnt worth the frustration. EA clearly tried to hide the rig by adding an achievement to pay so many thousand in tax so you wouldnt feel suspcious after the 20th or 30th time hitting that same tax square. Waste of money, rigged game.
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on December 28, 2010
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
What can be said about Monopoly that hasn't already been said? The defacto capitalist board game has been a staple of American households for 75 years. In my lifetime, I've probably bought this game about 6 different times in several different variations.

Monopoly Streets is a nice addition to the franchise. It makes it considerably more fun and slightly less tedious than actually using the physical board game. Where it shines is as a multiplayer game. Where it fails is as a single player experience.

The game allows for custom rules which are always a good thing. There are several pre-made rule sets, but I've always been a fan of the Free Parking payday. Thankfully you can make this and many other modifications to make the game more interesting or just run faster. Though it's worth noting that despite this, Monopoly is still a lengthy game. I personally haven't tried the fast game variants, but unless you have at least an hour to burn, don't bother starting this one up.

One thing that I find really disturbing, which is more of a trend in the game industry is the micro transactions needed to unlock additional game content. By this I mean it's becoming commonplace to sell the consumer half a game and expect them to spend real money through the online marketplace to get the rest of the game. While playing the game you earn some monopoly credits which can be used to unlock some tokens and game boards. But the best ones are not so easily unlocked. You will literally have to pay real money to play on some boards or buy specific tokens like the cannon or the horse. The most expensive real money item is a board called Stratosphere City. It costs 560 Microsoft points which is about $8. By the time you buy all the downloadable content (DLC), you will have almost paid $60 for this $40 game. While this is a trend in the industry, I have noticed it more in EA products, which is who made this version of Monopoly.

The game comes with 2 Monopoly "Street" game boards. Moving around these boards is really neat. You can watch friend and local avatars walking around these boards which make it more interesting. When you buy property or build on property you see various animations depicting your purchase which definitely makes this game more appealing than the standard board game. The financial progress of the players is tracked by corporate headquarters located in the center of the map. The more total worth you have, the taller your headquarters becomes. That's an interesting way of keeping track of how much you're beating the other players by. However, if you turn off the move animations, it seems to disable viewing the HQ's grow or shrink. If you want to get through the game faster, turning off those animations will definitely speed things up a bit. You can unlock one additional "Street" style board (previously mentioned), and that's all there is for interactive boards. All others are just bland flat cardboard style boards with varying themes. Given the nature of this game, I wish they would have made every board style into an interactive Monopoly "Street" game board. At this time, the game isn't more than about 2-3 months old. So perhaps they intend on releasing more "Street" boards into the marketplace. But you know they won't be free.

As a human to human game experience this is a very fun game. Don't bother playing single player. The AI is vicious, even on easy. I played an easy AI yesterday and it took close to 200 moves to win. Basically the game cheats terribly. I know that might sound like I'm a sore loser, but I assure you, I am not a pushover when it comes to Monopoly. The reason why I accuse the game of cheating is that I would acquire every property on a side, do a full build, and it would take that AI about 8-10 times around the board before landing on those properties. Statistically they always have a 50% of landing on that property, and yet they conveniently missed them time after time. This really takes the fun out of the game. I wish there were a means to force game honesty by using real dice and entering those values into the game. It would add steps to a game, but it would most likely make the game shorter since it wouldn't conveniently be missing specific properties. It's worth noting that the AI I played last night was so hard to take down, I kept having to build my wealth, then buy properties from that AI at obscene prices, then build the properties all the way up. Even as I began to acquire all the properties it still seemed unreasonable how often the player missed landing on those properties. And as if to prove my point that the game managed to inexplicably avoid these hazards, I was not able to eventually win until I had actually bought every single property in the game and build every single hotel that the bank had to offer. I am truly terrified to find out how hardcore the medium and hard AI's are. Basically, don't bother. Just play real people locally and online.

Something to consider, the characters the game offers are very annoying and repetitive in their dialogue. I had several moments where I struggled to resist the urge to throw my controller at my TV. You can turn off voiceovers, and I highly recommend that. It's the only way to save your sanity.

Ending thoughts. I'd give it 7 out of 10. It's still Monopoly, and that's always fun. It's nice to have a computer quickly perform transactions which would otherwise involve handling physical Monopoly money, and depending on your game rules, a calculator. Avoid playing the computer players unless you're a masochist. It's worth $40, but I doubt I'll spend any more money to unlock boards and tokens which should have been included in the game.

[EDIT] I did buy the Stratosphere City map, and I don't recommend it. The cars on that map make the Jetson car sound, and it becomes maddening in a very short time. Turning down the sound effects helps, but also hinders audio you'd prefer to hear.
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on March 28, 2013
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
If you love monopoly you will like this game.

Problem: There is no host migration process. Non hosts Players can leave the game and then an AI is automatially swapped in but when the host leaves the game is over. This has happened more times than I care to count. The solution is YOU always start your own game and be the host, but then you have to hang out for the entire game. So to not be a jerk, if you go bankrupt you must stay in so as to keep the game moving, otherwise it shuts down if you leave, being the host.

Games now in 2013 have the abitlity to migrate the host session to other players when the orginal hosts quits, to keep the game moving. There's no excuse to develop a game and sell it for more than $10 that doesn't migrate hosts to keep game moving.

It sucks to play for 45 mins, accumulate tons of property and cash and have the game shut down on you when the host goes bankrupt.

This is a major flaw so wait for the next vesion.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2010
Platform for Display: Xbox 360
I love Monopoly Party and it's themes, but I have always wanted a full scale 3D version of Monopoly and this is it. The characters in the game are very well animated and some are kinda Hawt! :)

I really love that you can play as your X360 Avatar in this game and in Sonic Sega Racing. It's totally awesome. It seems more like an RPG in 3D. Mr. Monopoly is funnier than ever before in this game. Some complained about the game being slow, but there are skip and fast forward buttons and the game has various dice options that speed up the game. No complaints in that area.

For best play to not be $4,000 ahead of everyone and the game freezes (it happened once, but the game had saved), .... download the game to the hard drive. I was able o upload the save and continue from that Owning position in the game for the WIN. Yeah, baby!!! Ha ha ha! Jneojian's Streets and my Avatar's Top hat went from pewter to Gold baby! :)
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