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on February 18, 2010
I had the Dr. Dre headphones from Monster up until my dog decided to turn them into a chew toy the other day, and I have to say that the Lil Jamz are already superior. I've never pulled headphones out of the box that I haven't had to mess with the tip-sizing until these, which fit perfectly right out of the box. The sound quality isn't quite as good as the Dr. Dre ones, but they stay in your ear better, and the weight of the wire isn't enough to pop them out while you're running or working out, which happened all the time with the old headphones.

Comes with lots of tips for sizing, and a nice little pouch to hold everything. Buying from Amazon was also a better plan, because these were only $80 instead of the $100 or $120 that Monster wanted if you bought right from them.

I highly recommend these headphones.
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on November 13, 2010
I am in the Marines and I am deployed in Afghanistan. The order took only 13 days to arrive which is good considering packages from my family take about 10 or 12 days to get here.

The only issue out of the box was the cylindrical sleeve on the jack was loose, this cosmetic issue can be easily fixed with glue. Now comparing these to the IPod headphones I have, they are incredible. Make sure to use the proper size earbud and pull your ear like the instructions say to get a good fit. The bass was rich and the highs were coming in nice and clear. I sampled several songs like, Teach Me How to Jerk (bass), Hotel California, and Fur Elise and they all sound great to me. If you are having issues keep in mind you can change the EQ settings on your IPod or other MP3 player.

There is revirbiration from the cord. It sounds like those cheap ass airplane headsets, you know those plastic kind that make a dull sound when ever they touch the arm rest or you hit them, well thats the sound these make. I have not exercised with them yet, but plan to soon.

Another Marine I know had a pair and switched to the beats by Dr. Dre and he says the Monster's sound better.
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on July 30, 2010
These Little earbuds are by far the best buds i have ever had. the first time i put them in i was blown away by the clarity of the sound, the highs and mids are rich and the bass is decent. I can understand though why many of the bass lovers would not like these because compared to many buds the bass is not as prominant, but in terms of really hearing the music it is just about right. These earbuds are made out of solid metal and are incredibly durable, monster even ran over them with a 4000 pound forklift and they didn't even scratch. the only reason i rated this iteam as a 4 is because they don't stay in your ear very well, but no earbud i hav had stayed in with the silicon tips provided. You can purchase gel tips or foam tips, which i have ordered recently.
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on July 3, 2010
I bought these headphone from a large retail store and having gone through so many cheaper headphones I also got the stores warranty. Two weeks of moderate use the left earpiece goes dead. I return the product to the store for an even exchange and as I take out new one the jack sleeve just slides off! I've never seen a product fall apart and be built with such poor quality. If you are very delicate with your things these are fine.
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on December 30, 2012
Hey, I bought these because my iPod phones disappeared somewhere and I used to buy the JLabs. Now, the Monster Lil' Jamz were on sale for around $24-25 and I figured I could just get them for once. I had my eye on the 50mm JBL XX but then decided to go with these instead. They are comfortable and have a nice and clear sound. I did do the burn-in for a few days (a couple of hours every day) before really listening to them. I like the pouch that you can store them in (somewhat unusual comment for me) and I use it whenever I am not using these headphones.

In the end, I could not tell you that they sound or fit better then the many JLab's I've owned in the past. I think they may be a little more durable but in the end I could not pay more than $25 for these headphones, either. It's a tiny piece of technology in your ear that you expect to provide you with high quality music. I think that is an illusion. :) So, although I am not an expert, my advice is to buy them for $25-30 if you can get them but not pay a dime more but rather get something else. Maybe the JBL XX whatever they are. I am sure they are equally good.

There's two funky ear clips in the box which are -- I suspect -- supposed to help you support the headphones when you move around. I've not figured them out and in the winter have a hat on over the headphones anyway. But, no headphones of mind (in-ear) have ever been good for running.
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on May 30, 2010
I bought the Monster Lil Jams after owning two pairs of Shure ear buds which each lasted around a year each. I was told about the Monster Lil Jamz and how durable they were. I went and bought a set and after just ONE day of use the left ear piece stopped working after I walked just One Mile to work, which I did with the Shures daily. As I was walking I also heard this echoing effect in the ear pieces as well. It was like some reverberation of the metal into my ear canal. I even found a way to tune that out though. About a block before I made it to work the left ear piece stopped working. I gave it the benefit of doubt that it was my old ipod acting up. I went home after work and tried listening to a few products with them. The left ear piece was definitely dead. I feel cheated that I spent so much money and time shopping for them and they can't even last a day. I am going to ask for a refund and never look at this brand again. Do not buy this product.
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on November 29, 2012
I am picky with my earbuds. I listen to all types of music and I need a set of headphones on me most of the time that sound great, block out outside noise, and have little sound leakage. These headphones meet all my requirements.

These headphones shine the most in hip hop and electronic. I also notice how nice they bring out rock music and soft voices. Its rare to find headphones that do this already. They have a deep bass that will only be overwhelming if the song is made that way. I never complain about the bass in this. It is very steady.

The wire is somewhat thin but the earbuds are very low-profile, small, and have a good looking black-chrome finish so they don't look ridiculous or too flashy in public. Compared to the i-beats ($10) more. These are better in every way. The ibeats feature the same wire and sound but with heavier and unnecessarily larger speakers they put a strain on the wire. Monster Products are always a hit or miss. The ibeats failed me 4 times but with a warranty I was set. These are a perfect replacement. If you are thinking about buying these be patient with the price. I found these sold by Amazon for only $25 brand new on only one day. It was more than a steal.
I also reccomend geting a decent portable amplifier. Something like the Fiio E7 is good and it makes the music sound 10X more powerful and clearer as long as your music is from a quality source like a well ripped audio file or something bought on iTunes, etc.

Small, low profile
Look nice
Amazing Sound

Thin feeling wire
Headphone Jack in straight angle, bad for wire

Overall these sound best for more bassier music. Fortunately they are not overwhelming and know how to sound for other music. I strongly recommend these for quality earbuds. Consider an amp if you are into quality sound. It will bring out every single part of the earbuds from lows to highs and make your music much more enjoyable. Don't forget to burn-in!
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on October 12, 2012
I was very excited to buy these "Monster" brand headphones when they want on sale for about $55. Headphones were great right out of the box! Sound was really good, bass was pretty good. The rubber material of the cord did a nice job of keeping the headphones from getting tangled like others do so easily and I used the carry pouch all of the time when traveling. I also liked them because they were sound isolating but not too much? By that I mean it doesn't silence out noise like a pair of silicone ear plugs but they filter just the right amount so you don't have the ringing in your ears when music isn't playing.
After about a month or so, the shield the goes over the jack started to lift a few mm's higher on the cord. So I just started pushing it back down, over and over again every time I plugged them in. Then one of my earbuds starting cutting in and out. Now it's to the point where I have to hold the jack in just the right angle to hear any sound at all. This was about a month after their "Limited Manufacturer's Warranty" of 1 year parts. I will not be buying another set and will stay very clear of this brand of headphones.

I recently bought a pair of the Logitech Ultimate Ears 350 headphones and have been very happy. They sound just as good as the Monsters, if not better. But they cancel out all noise so well it feels like I have ear plugs in. I can't hear anything around me whatsoever, so I don't like to wear them jogging. But they are perfect on the airplane. Volume control is nice and there is also a button to control songs (it kinda sticks now and then). Buy the Logitechs over these!!
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on May 21, 2010
I have had these only for 6 weeks, but I am very impressed. They are very well constructed, with great feeling materials. The buds are color coded for right/left, and have tangle free cords.

There only a few nits I have to pick: 1) Cord slide is metal, thin and seems to drag on the cord. Makes me feel like I will be to fray the cord. This can, and should be improved. 2) Plug, now this is personal preference, but I prefer my plugs to have a 90 degree angle when coming off my iPod Touch. When I hold the Touch wide screen style, the straight plugs stick out, and feel fragile. They tend to interfere with some of the Touch functions. This is not a fault of the Lil' Jamz exclusive, but all staight plug ear buds.

Now on to the good stuff: these feel great, the metal body speaks quality, the smoke chrome finish is a great touch. Cord has great tactile feel, seems quite tangle free, is the correct length, and appears quite durable. Time will tell on that. The carry pouch is quite functional, carries nice in the pocket, and keep the phones looking good.

I am using these as everyday carry, and not been disappointed yet.

I highly recommend them. I would poke around the net, might be found a bit cheaper elsewhere.
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on May 8, 2011
I just bought the Lil' Jamz to replace my Koss Porta Pro in the summertime, since it is getting pretty warm with them.

The conclusion is very simple: The Lil' Jamz are too expensive by far! The building quality is pretty good, one of the reasons I bought them, but the sound quality is in comparison not worth to talk about. Especially the bass is not really there, but also high and mid sections are shown with the Koss Porta Pro by far more dynamic and clear.
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