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on September 7, 2011
Abbey is yet another beautiful addition to the Monster High doll family. She is the daughter of a Yeti and she is a very unique looking doll. She has light blue, slightly glittery skin and white hair that has pink and blue streaks. She is dressed in furry boots and a matching hat and her dress has a white accent on the hemline. She is supposed to be from the freezing cold mountains in the Himalayas, so her tiny little dress probably would not be the warmest outfit...but the outfit is cute and fun and it is a toy so whatever. Her dress is on the short side but is still is in good taste. The jewelry on Abbey is especially cool, especially the necklace.

I was fortunate enough to find this doll when she first came out. I paid around 21 USA dollars for her at a store and that is a fair price for this toy. The 60-100$ that I am seeing the toy listed for is RIDICULOUS! This doll just came out in 2011. She isn't a collector's item and it is impossible for the toy to be worth that much this soon. Don't get me wrong, the toy is great but it simply IS NOT worth paying 4-5 times more than the doll should cost. The materials she is made of don't cost that much and she isn't all that rare. She can be found in stores but I had to look for her.

When I called Mattel they said the doll will be available in stores through 2012. More Abbey dolls supposedly come out in October 2011 and they will go for the suggested retail price. It took me three phone calls and two e-mails to simply get an answer from Mattel. Nobody seemed to know when the doll would be back in stock. This is one of THE WORST toy companies when it comes to customer service. They also must have a very poor marketing team, or a really slow factory. They released the Monster High cartoon featuring Abbey and the doll was OUT OF STOCK on their website the day the cartoon was released. Why would they release a video promoting Abbey's character then NOT have the doll available on their website? Naturally, kids and collectors are going to want the toy when they see a new Monster High character. Why would Mattel want to lose these sales?

This aside, I still will give the toy a five star rating. Monster High dolls are cute, fun and original and Mattel seems to have improved the durability a bit with this series. This is a great toy but as of now it isn't a collector's item or a limited edition. The hype is the main reason for all the price gouging that is going on. There isn't anything better about this doll over the others. She is equal in quality and she comes with the same amount of accessories. I am happy with this product and I will buy more.

I encourage other people to call Mattel and let them know: They need to do a better job of timing the release of the dolls with the webisodes. The online cartoons (see youtube) are no doubt intended as advertisements for the dolls. This is a great idea but...what good is a commercial when the company doesn't have the product in stock? This is not a complaint about this toy itself, which is why I gave it a good rating. This is not the fault of Amazon OR Abbey. Abbey is awesome but Mattel needs to step up their game! This is a popular toy and Mattel needs to be better prepared when it comes to meeting the demands of loyal customers! To parents kids and collectors: Abbey is a very cool doll but NOT worth 60-100$!
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on September 9, 2011
I recently stumbled onto an Abbey in a local store and was actually quite astonished to find her.

Abbey is a doll I initially had no interest in getting, but after seeing her, she really grew on me. She actually has a LOT of awesome details on her that are completely unique to her. She has "claw hands" (which were later introduced to Clawd and Clawdeen dolls) instead of the regular ones.

She has beautiful glittery skin. Every bit of Abbey's skin has glitter on it, which really makes her stand out, and shimmery.

Abbey has tusks instead of fangs, so they point the opposite direction (I think this is a cute touch, personally).

By far, one of the best things about Abbey is her absolutely beautiful hair. Her hair has a new iridescent sort of material which is very sparkly. It's not like the previously used (and typically disliked) tinsel in Cleo's hair, which breaks easily and is frustrating. The new shiny fiber seems very durable, and actually easily withstood me brushing it when I first deboxed the doll and had to straighten her unkempt hair.

This isn't seen on the doll or in any pics I've found so far, but Abbey actually is wearing very detailed snow boots underneath her legwarmers. The soles of her shoes even have treads on them, a very cute little touch.

The only negative thing about Abbey is because of her arm warmers, she can be a little difficult to pose-the arm warmers come up just past her elbows and this makes bending her arms largely impossible. It's really a small annoyance, but it is something some people may dislike. You can get around this if you fiddle with the arm warmers enough, but some people may find this forces her arms back into a down position.

All in all though, a very awesome doll and fairly unique with a lot of "new" features not previously seen on other dolls in the line. I personally really enjoy how creative Mattel is getting with these dolls.
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on October 7, 2011
Be patient with buying one of these dolls---I found her at Target for only 20 dollars; so be sure to check your local stores. They seem to be just coming out slowly but in time there will be a lot. She is a wonderful doll and I am very pleased with her. I just wanted to let others know not to make the mistake I made with the original Goula we paid almost 40 dollars for her on-line, and now she is everywhere for only 20 dollars).
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on September 14, 2011
Abbey is still a hard doll to find, but it is possible to bump into her on store shelves; this is actually how I found mine. I don't advise paying more than $25 anywhere for her, she's starting to release more widely and become easier to find.

As for the doll itself:

-She, simply put, has the most amazing hair on any of the dolls so far. Her hair is iridescent and sparkly. This isn't like Cleo's gold strands that snap easily when brushed; whatever the new hair is they chose to make Abbey's with is very durable. It has a unique texture to it as well, but at least it actually stands up to a brushing. The underside of her hair has pink, purple, and blue tones subtly mixed in to add to the sort of iridescent appearance.

-She has glittery skin. Every inch of her is glittery (this gives her a somewhat "gritty" feel).

-The fur on her outfit is incredibly soft.

-She is actually wearing very detailed little boots underneath her legwarmers.

-She has unique claw-styled hands, that aren't even like Clawdeen's. They are unique to Abbey.

-She has shimmery hosiery on, that is vaguely pink in color. Over her blue legs, this gives a bit more of that iridescent sheen. (I like using the word iridescent today.)

-She is still somewhat rare, and when stores get her in stock, she tends to get snapped up very quickly.


The other review teases a bit that her minidress doesn't make much sense, considering she's a yeti, but the in-universe lore explains that her necklace is designed to keep her cold all the time, so clearly she doesn't mind being cold.

She is definitely a very cute doll, and has a lot of unique features specifically to her doll that have not been introduced on other models in the line (the hair, the glittery skin, unique hand molds, etc.). Whereas some of the dolls are less interesting visually, Abbey is very fun to put in a well-lit area and let the line just sparkle off her. They were clearly going for a "sun glinting off fresh snow" motif with her, and they definitely hit the mark.
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on November 17, 2011
Abbey is absolutely gorgeous, however she is not worth the price, sellers in amazon have her for. I've been looking for her for a while. Was almost tempted to buy her off of amazon for my girls. Just two nights ago I went to TRU they didn't have her, there happened to be a justice for girls store, I went in with no hopes at all. The store was empty so one of the girls went to the back to see if they had any, she opened the boxes, there she was, for $15!!! They also, happened to have Toralei, and Spectra too, so with $50 I bought one Abbey and two Spectras, I have two daughters, I told the girl to please keep an eye out for another one, she took my info and called me today that they had another Abbey on hold for me, until the end of the day. I just got her. I would say be patient, before you pay 3x the price for a doll. Call the justice for girls stores near you, I know the ones by me, were very courteous and friendly and would put me on hold to check. I think it's unfair that amazon allows these people to inflate the price of a doll for up 3x the retail price!! In less than a week I got 2 Abbeys, 2 Toralei, 2 Spectra & 2 Gil Webber for less than $100 my girls are going to be so happy that they will get the latest MH dolls for xmas. For amazon sellers, please keep in mind that parents want to put a smile on their kids faces, they can't afford $50 for a doll buy could afford $20 for it, and you are stealing a smile from a little girls face, when you buy the product then sell it on amazon for 3x its price. I am almost tempted to try to get more and sell them on here for the actual retail price + shipping
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on October 13, 2011
I've finally unwrapped Abbey-First off, I really love these dolls. I think it's unfair to compare the durability of these dolls to say, Barbie dolls, because Barbies are designed to go through EVERYTHING. Hence Barbies have comparatively poor articulation in the joints, and are a veritable NIGHTMARE to dress. When I was a child, if there was any articulation at ALL, it was a knee-joint that bent the leg 10 degrees. So... although these dolls' limbs can get snapped out of their joints when they get twisted violently (and even my Cleo Dead-Tired doll is starting to get a loose knee-joint), I gotta say, Barbie has nothing on the articulation (posing!)

This doll certainly isn't any better built than other Monster High dolls, and doesn't have a lot of extras to justify the cost, but all Monster High dolls with the "original" outfits from the webisodes are more expensive than the offshoots (like the Gloom Beach, Dead-Tired, High School dolls). The "Skull Shores" version of Abbey coming out next year seems to be just as cute (and at least the pictures make her look like she has a better paint job), but I really wanted the winter clothes with this version.

Like another reviewer mentioned, I appreciate they left the tinsel out of her hair, instead she's rooted with some sort of crimped sparkley thread which combs as easily as the rest of her hair, and her hair is as soft as Frankie's white hair (thank goodness they didn't give her Lagoona's bleached blond hair, it tends to rat).

The glitter is cool on her body, and it could come off, (it's rubbed off on parts of her arms) but it's really the same kind of paint as what is used on other dolls' eyeshadow so I'm not too concerned. Abbey's clothes are cute, and I appreciate that her rubber boots have slits in the back to make wearing easier. The leg warmers need to be pushed up the leg, the boots removed and THEN the leg warmers removed otherwise you might end up spending some time trying to extract a boot from the leg warmer like I did:(.

I would NOT recommend getting this doll for more than the list price (and if you check back on Amazon regularly, you'll find they have more in stock for the eighteen-dollar price range. In fact, I see other major retailers (Target/Kmart/etc) re-stocking these regularly when I check on occasion) so I recommend HOLDING OUT for a reasonable price.
It seems as though Abbey will become more of a main character, so if you or your child can wait, the next version is sure to be even less expensive.

I appreciate that even in person, this doll looks more like the actual character from Monster High than other dolls.
I'm a little sad that her face was molded to have such a bright, jovial look considering the character usually has a serious look on her face in the webisodes, but the Skull Shores paint job at least SEEMS to have more character and attitude. It's strange to me that the Spectra doll has an intense look to the face and Abbey's face is much more... light-hearted... considering their respective personalities.

The island collection coming out next year looks to have a much cuter, and fashionable Abbey, and if I didn't already have this one, and had no way of getting one for less than twenty bucks, I'd be willing to wait for the Skull Shores version which is sure to be priced lower than this, and has even cuter clothes.
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on September 13, 2011
This doll is awesome. She is pretty. My fav. i love her. She is the best mh doll ever made. If you are new to mh. Buy abbey. She is the best. Her box is pretty. I LOVE her logo. Its snowflakes. Abbey is the most hardest mh doll to find. A lot of people have been wanting her. Her pet is adorable. Hes a wooley mamoth. His name is shiver. He is the biggest pet ever made. Mattel is the best.The diary is interesting.He skin is blue and has tons of giltter on it. Her hands have big claws. Abbey bominable is a great. I think you should buy her.Its worth it. These dolls are fun. Girls will love these dolls. Garret sander is the best mh maker ever. MH is the best doll ever made. MH was made in 2010 and out on shelves. But abbey was made in 2011. Shes in wave 2. Believe in mh. This is a great product. Sincerly Mark
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on January 12, 2012
This abbey doll is Beautiful, her sparkly skin and long hair are fantastic, her finger nails are even sharp, (as sharp as a plastic dolls would be i suppose) the point is, you can tell she has nails, and her hair is not as thin as i had read before buying her. She's beautiful, I wouldn't recommend getting her to repaint, unless you want the sparkles left on, they can be a bit of a pain to scrub off, but she is beautiful and a good addition to any little girls(or big kids) collection. Her tiny little wooly mammoth is adorable too! cutest pet(in my opinion)
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on December 8, 2011
i have been trying to get this doll for months and couyld not believe the prices-but i just kept checking back multiple times a day for it to be in stock for amazon and finally it paid off! paid 17.99 not 60!
be patient parents-i have gotten all the new ones spectra toralei and abbey for the real price-be patient and persistant-in the last week i have noticed amazon is getting there stock back in more often-do not pay to much.
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on December 2, 2011
This doll is adorable, but Mattel's quality control seems lacking. Abbey is sparkly to go with the snow and ice theme as befitting a Yeti. The sparkles are not part of the vinyl though. They are a sprayed on layer. When I received my Abbey the sparkles on her face were clumpy and uneven and half her face was missing them. I was able to scrape off most of the sparkles around the middle of her face so she now only has them on the outside edges and it looks a bit better, but I should not have had to do that in the first place. The doll I received should have never been packaged and sent out of the factory. If you are able to purchase the dolls in person so that you can inspect them first I would highly recommend doing so in order to avoid flaws like this.
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