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on January 9, 2004
The Monster in the Closet is a wonderful send up of classic man-in-a-rubber-suit b-movies of the 50's. In this one, a mysterious monster suddenly appears in a closet in a small town North of San Francisco and proceeds to start killing people. It is able to move from closet to closet unseen.
Richard Clark is a hopeless reporter who is sent out to cover the nutty story. What he finds is a true story of horror and terror that can shock the world. He is suddenly in the middle of the biggest story ever.
A wonderful cast helps keep the movie right on track. Claude Akins is the tobacco-spitting Sherif and Henry Gibson is an Einstein-like scientist plus many others.
The movie is rated PG although Stella Stevens has a nude scene and many of the disks extras (there are dozens) are obviously R rated. But if you have ever loved those campy B flicks, you will really want to see this one.
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on June 3, 2003
I bought this DVD because one of the actors in it I knew from Chicago was deceased and I wanted to see his movie role. I was pleasently surprised and entertained by the "tongue in cheek" approach of this movie. It is very funny, poking fun at all the 'B' horror movies I saw as a kid in the fifties. It has a great supporting cast of known actors who I think had a lot fun doing this flick. The dialogue just streams with cliches and the scenes are right out of just about every atomic mutant movie ever made. For pure non-frightening entertainment this is a great movie.
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on April 30, 2016
This one is sorta a mixed spoof of science fiction alien-like monster that hides in the closet, creature horror and silly comedy. We have a helpful scientist wanting to communicate and study the monster. There is a news reporter wanting his first big break looking like Clark Kent. A Priest that is willing to exercise the demon creature. And the military out to hunt down and kill it. The film is pretty much what you think it would be - silly non-sense that is kinda funny at times. The film does not take itself seriously so it easy to kick-back and enjoy.

It's a shame that John Carradine's character was killed off very early. They missed out on some potentially really funny scenes.

This one is not a bad watch if you like these type films - it's nothing special but ok if nothing better on or you are just in mood for a film of this nature.

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on January 2, 2003
My brother and I literally grew up on this film that my dad taped off TV! We had never seen the first ten minutes, but that never stopped us. Now about 7 years later my brother gave it to me on DVD for X-mas and made family history while watching it for the first time ever from the very beginning and all the way to the end commercial free. I think this film is a classic,
A)it's hilarious, B) it's clever, and C) it's a break from the everyday wannabes who try to make great films. That ABC thing is one of the many great jokes that runs through the entire film. And the joke that always begins with "When I was a young boy I once found a frog..." will have you laughing for hours!
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on February 18, 2011
I grew up watching all those fifties SCI-FI flicks that this movie handily lampooned. (THEM! is one of my all time favorite monster movies.)
Every aspect of those cheesy movies was faithfully rendered in this low budget homage. They had me roped and tied from the start with a blind John Carradine trying to get his Seeing Eye dog to respond. The cast in general was great: Claude Akins spitting everywhere, Howard Duff with a really big cross and a very strange eulogy, Henry Gibson and his weird fascination with frogs, but especially Donald Moffat as the obligatory commander of the army (his best line, "I don't give a monkey's fart!").
I loved this movie. There wasn't a false note, start to finish. I couldn't stop smiling. It reinforced all the reasons I loved (and still love) those crazy monster movies from the fifties.
As for someone not familar with movies like Tarantula, The Deadly Mantis, or Monster on the Campus, I don't know how you'd respond to a movie like this.
Love them or hate them, they are what they are and if you "get" them, you'll get this.
Oh come on, IT WAS FUNNY!
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This rare film, made with lots of personal sacrifice from the cast and crew, is well worth the effort to seek out. "Monster In The Closet" is a satire of formulaic monster movies, and is done with great wit and charm on a low budget. The story concerns a mysterious set of serial murders in which all victims are killed in their closets. Early victims include the horror movie institution, John Carradine, this time as a cranky blind man who gets eaten.
A spittoon-toting Sheriff (Claude Akins) tries to defeat the monster while ignoring scientific counsel from scientists Denise Dubarry and Henry Gibson. Gibson is particularly entertaining as a half-baked forgetful professor who thinks he can communicate with the creature via a xylophone (he can, as it turns out, not that it does him any good), and is forever prattling on about a frog he once found. The male lead is Donald Grant, who does a great job as the naive 'Pretty Boy' reporter sent to cover the story as harassment by veteran reporter "Scoop" played by Frank Ashmore. I have never been as pleased in a movie as when Grant stands up to Ashmore.
When the creature finally does show up it is a gross looking kind of excrement monster with a second sub-head in a spoof of "Alien", which actually can be communicated with. In the end not only does Gibson get to chat with the creature via the xylophone, but Grant gets to chat via kazoo, as well. The Army seems powerless to do anything, a romance subplot flourishes, and we get to what would seem to be the climactic scene of the film. There is a great twist in the last 15 minutes, which I did not see coming, and probably most other people won't either. Suffice it to say, it is silly, involves a lot of property mutilation that I would not want to explain to my Homeowner's policy issuer, love, self-sacrifice (sort of), and hope springing eternal. (And ultimately a lot of expensive remodeling.)
The film is a great, cheesy, fun movie to watch (best with friends) and I highly recommend it. Troma distributes it, but did not produce it, so it is not typical Troma fare. It is not particularly violent (except the scenes of violent closet disruption and some Army efforts at the grade school) or gory (well, OK, the monster mouth is pretty nasty), has little objectionable except one fairly gratuitous scene of Stella Stevens in an excellent "Psycho" parody, and is just plain fun.
Watch a great low budget movie and see why B Movies can be so much fun. Grab "Monster In The Closet" today!
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on February 12, 2001
This movie is often in the horror section in the video stores. Therefore, some people who expect a horror movie might get disappointed. I would call this a comedy and it is a really funny comedy that spoofs a number of horror movies, for instance, the shower scene in Psycho (1960). The actors are actually quite good and the characters are funny, like Diane, who always lists her arguments "A...B...C..." and Dr. Pennyworth who starts to talk about the frog he found when he was young all the time. And the angry General Turnbull. And some other stupid funny things like that everybody gets almost hypnotized every time Richard Clark takes off his glasses. Well, it's to funny to tell you have to see it yourself! I very much recommend this movie to everybody who likes funny comedies and especially to you who likes horror movies and comedies! Give it a chance!
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MONSTER IN THE CLOSET, as everyone has said, is a wonderful monster / sci-fi movie parody. The humor is well-placed, the creature is decently realized, and the characters are just nutty enough to not be stupid. As a 1950s-80s sci-fi maniac, I love all of the references and satire, especially the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and THING elements! My favorite parts in the movie are John Carradine as the blind old guy, and Stella Stevens (whom I've loved ever since the original Nutty Professor) in the shower scene! Oh my! I watched that sequence several times in order to observe her tremendous acting technique. Whew! Anyway, I recommend MITC to any / all horror spoof addicts...
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on February 25, 2006
This is a hilarious low-tech movie that most people can enjoy. It is not overdone with loud unrealistic Special Effects that destroy the pleasure of current horror flicks. The movie is done in a straight-up CAMPY style, even the faint of heart will be won over. When I reflect on some of the scenes I still burst out with laughter!
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on April 24, 2015
Troma might be more well-known for their raunchy over-the-top schlockfests, but this take on the classic 50's "invasion" storyline delivers a more subdued viewing experience than, say, the Toxic Avenger films. Picture looks great, the extra features are ridiculous, definitely worth owning if a fan of b-movies.
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