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on December 15, 2013
The sound is beautiful but the quality of the headphone's material itself is the bane of it.
This is so disappointing. I bought these for Amazon's Black Friday, November 29. They came Nov. 30 thanks to the beauty of Amazon Prime and I was immediately enamoured by their simple yet bold aesthetic. I noticed that a part of the headphone came off but I remember seeing earlier in a Monster DNA review video by EPICSKATENYC on Youtube where he provides the ultimate stress test by basically being really violent and careless with the headphones and that specific part came off which he snapped back in with ease so I thought that part coming off was fine.

So I thought.

That part would repeatedly come back off so I always handled my headphones with care. They provide great sound quality and this is my first time buying headphones that are a bit more higher end- this is a reviewer who would use Skullcandies before. Yeah, forgive me. However yesterday, I took these headphones out of their included pouch and once again, that part came off by itself. I thought that it was fine so I tried to put it back in, but one of the headphones completely detached. I was a little worried so I set it down carefully and tried to put it back on.. and it unfortunately would not click back on. I took a closer look at the part and it turns out the reason why it would detach from the day I got it was because some of the grooves that help the part lock into place were chipped. -__- And now it wouldn't attach at all because it somehow got chipped again!

If this thing had this issue that I failed to notice from the very moment I got it, either I was sent a defective pair or this thing was so fragile, it was damaged while being delivered! I am SO disappointed because it is not even the end of December yet!

I have only had these headphones for SIXTEEN DAYS. 16 days!! Two weeks and two days and this thing has already failed me. It's so sad because I think the quality of the sound it provides is BEAUTIFUL! Maybe not as bass-heavy as I'd like it to be, but nevertheless, beautiful. Yet I already have to return it because it broke on me. It's VERY comfortable too and has a very attractive and unique look- I'd easily receive compliments from total strangers whenever I adorned these on my head. I could wear them for hours with no ache and appreciated the 1-inch adjustability of the phones especially since I am African with natural, thick, and dense kinky hair so that extra space is necessary for me to enjoy any pair of headphones.

I'm not sure if I can get a refund since I no longer have the original box (stupid of me!!) but if I can return this, I am getting a refund, period. Had the build of these headphones been far more durable and could have at least withstood being mailed, I would have easily given five stars. I'm hoping if I have to keep it, Monster will at least have a warranty.

5 stars for sound. But ultimately 1 for quality of the headphones' build.

I was really hoping all of the negative reviews of these headphones were just the "Paid Monsters Haters" some of the more popular reviews are talking about so I initially took them with a grain of salt but I believe those negative reviews now! My god, even Skullcandies lasted longer than this!

Other than the built of these headphones, I do believe they are worth it. However, Monster really does need to improve the quality of the build of these headphones because this is unacceptable, especially to the buyers paying full price for this. I got this on Black Friday so at least I only paid $80, but imagine how much worse I'd feel if I paid $200 only for the headphones to come defective and fully detach two weeks later.

EDIT 12/18/13: So I decided to keep the headphones because honestly, the sound is beautiful and the headphones are delightfully comfortable. There is no denying that and I don't like to have a naked iPod so I've decided to keep it.

Buyers of Monster DNA, I STRONGLY recommend you consider the risk that some parts of these headphones are sadly quite fragile as my experience has shown. The inner plastic mold that houses the metal part where you can adjust the headphones has unfortunately cracked but because I wanted to keep these and not let them go to waste, what I did was buy some Loctite super glue and fused the plastic mold together.

The glue has provided a bond that has truly strengthened the headphones and I know I no longer have to worry about my headphone falling apart. I even did a little stress test.

So ultimately, it's really disappointing that these comfortable and beautiful sounding headphones are so fragile, but if you want these, please either be prepared to fix the plastic parts when they come off OR even better prevent this from happening by using some strong glue to seal the plastic shut permanently. The loctite glue I used was so fantastic, I even did a little stress test of my own and the headphones are truly durable now. :D

I keep that little bottle of loctite in my headphone pouch just in case, haha!

Edit: 3/15/14

So I gave the DNAs one more chance after I ended up returning the pair I did my original review on. I'm usually gentle with headphones but my prior experience with these headphones compelled me to be even more gentle. I had the headphones for a couple of months and everything was going smoothly! Then one day, I prepare to put my headphones on my head and I hear a small "crack!" I'm confused wondering what just happened and what I did wrong and I see it: a little crack in the saaaame place my original pair came broken in: the left casing that hosts the metal headband part. I know what horror was to come so I quickly get my loctite glue out and glue it praying the problem doesn't worsen. The next day, despite my gentle and careful use, the crack split and a chunk of that same plastic part outright broke off. I used even more loctite glue and was even considering using gorilla glue because I was so tired of this particular part giving me hell. I contact Monster asking for help with this.. but they ignored me multiple times. Now that I'm putting in this edit, I see that this color has been discontinued which may explain their total ignoring of me.

Anyway, the loctite is holding the left part of the headphone together. I'm still pretty disappointed, especially since I gave this pair another chance and the same problem occurred. But its still playing music and the sound quality is still good.

Since this is a consistent problem and Monster has outright ignored my requests for help, I think the cons are outweighing the pros and I'm giving one star.
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on December 19, 2014
Disclaimer: i DO NOT work for Monster, or Amazon and have NOT been paid for this review. I am just a customer.

I purchased the limited edition "Ink Master" DNA with artwork by well known tattoo artist Chris Nunez (Specializes in traditional Japanese tattoos). I bought the headphones direct from Monster.

The artwork by Chris is pretty stellar, and gives the DNA a one of a kind look that turns heads. People do a double take while I have them on in the office and the gym.

Okay, now for the headphones themselves.

I usually get over the ear headphones, but decided to take a chance on these on the ear style. I am surprised at how comfortable they really are. I fond I can wear them for a few hours with minimal discomfort. I have a small head and find most headphones to not fit well. Not so with the DNA! They come with adjustable straps that work very well on my small head. The stainless steel sliders are very sturdy as is the rest of the headset. Additionally, I was pleased at how much outside ambient nose is blocked. I have a pair of noise canceling headphones and the DNA seems to rival them on a number of frequencies. I have a trip to Taiwan and will use the DNAs on the flight so I will compare.

Okay, finally the sound quality. LOUD!!!! I find there is no loss with the DNAs, I actually have to turn the volume down... I am not an audiophile, but I know good sound. The DNAs deliver great base along with crisp upper and mid frequencies. The sound is crystal clear! You can tell the difference between these and most other headphone and ear buds... DNA delivers the sound.

Right now it looks like the DNA is going for a hair over $100 on Amazon. That is a great price for these headphones. Many folks complain about Monsters pricing as they have premium pricing but sometimes the quality is not worth the price. I would not pay $200 for these, but at $100 you can't go wrong. Just be aware that customer service from Monster sux.

4.5 stars

1/2 star ding for the crappy customer service from Monster. I tried emailing them and calling them with a question and never got a response.
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on July 31, 2015
I wanted to like these headphones but after a little over a year of medium use the ear pads have all but torn away. I wear them while I work but I'm very careful with them, I take them off and put them back on.. In other words I'm not running around in them and dropping them on the ground all the time.
For the cost of these headphones they have really great sound and are way more comfortable than ear buds. However, for the price they should also last a few years of moderate use.
2 stars for sound and comfort.
-3 stars for Cheap design, overpriced, both ear pads falling off and the left rail extension broke and does not clutch.
No more DNA for me.
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on December 9, 2014
UPDATED REVIEW: I purchased a second pair of these for my son on Amazon when the first pair became unusable after 18 months due to the ear pads falling apart (see picture and original review below). The new pair was purchased on Amazon and after six months the ear pads are already coming apart! I expect these will be like the last pair and become unusable within 18-24 months. These have great sound but my son uses them daily and they are not designed for durability. Not a good value for $200! I will NOT buy again.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I bought these for my teenage son last Christmas and he absolutely LOVES them! There has not been a single day that goes by that he is not using them. He uses them for listening to music on all his portable music devices (phone/ipod/tablet). It works well with his iphone for taking calls and listening to music. Works with his iphone, android tablet (Nexus 7) and with his laptop (Alienware PC). The only downside and why it is 3 stars instead of 5 is because the leather around the ear pads is falling off and the hing to collapse them broke so it does not lock into place. These issues do not prevent the usage but is disappointing from a quality stand point. I wanted to send them in for Warranty service but I lost the original receipt and Monster is not accepting any warranty service repair without the receipt from a "Qualified Reseller." I bought them at Best Buy but that does me no good as I lost the receipt.
review image review image
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I'll start by saying I am not some music fanatic who can tell you how much bass and treble and whatever I am hearing through the headset. BUT I do love my music and have been using various renditions of ear buds and over-the-head sets, and haven't been knocked out by any of them. They fall out of my ears, slip off my head, and hurt my little ear sockets after a while. The Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones knocked my socks off.

The sound is amazing! And outside sound is really well muffled. I wasn't expecting that, so it's a totally added benefit. I can slip them on at work, plug them into my computer, and I DON'T hear all the chatter...I listen to my music and can write without the usual distractions. I was surprised that they also fit right into my Ipod Nano and Ipad too, so they're usable.

I'm really pleased with these and highly recommend them.
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on August 21, 2015
As the title states, don't. I purchased my original pair of DNA's in February of 2014. Very light use overall, wore them around the office and home, the most intense use during the life of this set was wearing them to the gym on a couple of occasions for lifting. Keep in mind, I did no cardio on these visits, the headphones were under zero stress other than standard wear. In January of 2015 I noticed that one of the ear cushions was torn nearly half of the way off on the outside, I took a closer look and realized that they were separating from the rubber insert. A light pull peeled the cushion the rest of the way off.

I contacted Monster Support the next day, and after some delays I received my RMA information. Please note that I had to speak to 3 representatives before I got someone that actually had a clue how to process the RMA. The next day I shipped the headphones back to Monster, at my cost (expected). It would be nearly 3 weeks before I received my replacement headphones.

Fast forward to today, 7 or so months later. I have literally babied my replacement pair for fear of having to go through the same process and wait time I experienced the first time. They have been assigned to home use only, no travel whatsoever, and have had even lighter use than before. AGAIN, the ear cushion has fallen apart. Exactly the same way it did first time.

I immediately stopped what I was doing and called Monster Support. After being left on hold for 20 minutes I had to call back in. The next representative that I spoke with took my SN info and informed me that my headphones were out of warranty. I initially thought that couldn't be right... but then he explained. If Monster has to process an RMA on your product and sends out a replacement you are still under the same warranty window as your first product, which in this case was 1 year. If I had waited to use my replacement pair until mid February or so, which in all likelihood could have happened, and found that they were dead on arrival, Monster would not have replaced them. They quite literally do not warranty the replacement products they ship out. Couple this with the fact that they DO NOT offer replacement ear cushions and you basically have a $150.00 pair of unserviceable headphones with mediocre sound and extremely low build quality.

Stay far away from this garbage. I'm so disgusted with this situation I'll no longer be using their cables, either.

I highly recommend if you are even glancing at these to go look at a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's. 2/3 of the price, much higher build quality and sound, and they sell replacement cushions as well.
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It's pretty clear that Monster is aiming this product at users of portable music devices (iPod, iPhone, et al.) who are looking to "move up" from earbuds to something that will provide them with "better" sound that's stylish and portable. In this regard their production and marketing strategy is similar to that of Beats by Dr. Dre, which is not surprising either, since Monster manufactured that product line beginning in 2009. Now that Beats has not renewed its agreement with Monster, the Monster folks have developed their own line, but decided not to compete directly with their former partner. As Business Week reported in January 2012, Monster CEO Noel Lee "is targeting athletes, women, business professionals, and others who haven't yet been persuaded to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones." The anonymous author of Wikipedia's entry for Beats assumes that is also an "older demographic."

Full disclosure: I am not a female, not an athlete, not a business professional. Although I am part of the "older demographic," (probably older than Mr. Lee's new target demo) I am also a classical musician and an audiophile. I'm going to keep this report as objective and useful as I can, but bear in mind that I'm not the shopper Monster covets.

I compared these headphones with two other personal listening devices in my home: my reference Sennheiser HD 600 Open Dynamic Hi-Fi Professional Stereo Headphones (Black) and a pair of Klipsch Image S4i - II Black In-Ear Headphones (earbuds) that I use when I travel. I also own Sennheiser RS 170 Digital Wireless Headphone with Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound, very convenient when I need to move around the house. But I didn't use those for this comparison, because I figured the HD600s and the S4 earbuds provided an adequate range for simple evaluation. I used the headphone output from my OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Player and my first-generation iPod for source material.

The Monster DNA headphones are attractive and seem durable. They are easily folded for storage in the ultrasuede-ish, lined bag provided, and could presumably be stuffed into a purse or shopping sac for easy transport around town. When I expanded them to their largest size, they accommodated my fairly large head, but only just. The pillowy earpads don't completely cover my ears; instead they rest gently on them. All of this suggests that female consumers are the focus. Monster provides two short cables with 1/8-inch miniplugs. One is meant for an Apple device and includes a built-in volume control, mute button, start/pause, track skip, phone answer/hang-up. The other cable can be used to connect directly to a headphone amp or music player, or to share your sounds with another headphone user -- you just connect one end to your cans and the other to your friend's. (The DNA `phones have two cable terminals, one on each "ear.")

Sound-wise, Monster DNA is a mixed bag. The `phones offer an easy load, which probably helps when you're connecting to an iPod. If you are connecting to a headphone amp, you'll probably want to reduce the volume. It's LOUD. I found that even after I had reduced the gain so as to make a reasonable comparison with my Sennheiser and KIipsch gear, the DNA `phones still created an impression of higher SPLs. That's because the bass, especially mid- and upper-bass regions, is boosted considerably. This adds a familiar punchy or percussive quality to bass lines in typical pop, rock, or jazz tracks. You may like that. The boost is engineered skillfully enough so that it doesn't bleed into vocals, which would give singers a boxy or darker sound. But it does make everything seem louder and superficially more lively. I preferred the more natural bass of my Sennheisers. When I checked for bass response on the Klipsch S4s, incidentally, I found that acoustic bass lines were still quite "there" and clear, but they lacked the oomph of the Sennheiser bottoms. The Monster DNA excels in oomph, both real and concocted. You could say their Squid Platter comes with extra tentacles.

I found that it could also sweeten some harsh high-frequency sounds, for example sustained violin pitches that on the best playback equipment can sometimes sound strained. So for casual and/or lengthy listening, especially to mp3 files on mediocre playback gear (and the 50-cent DACs in iPods make them a fairly mediocre playback system), these Monster DNA headphones might be a good choice.

Quibbles: In spite of the trendy, Apple-esque packaging, there's no user manual, not even a simple plug-it-in-here set of pictures. Good thing it's not hard to figure out how they work. There's no 1/4-inch plug adapter either, which for me was slightly more annoying. Also, these babies won't keep out much environmental noise, because the pads aren't big enough to cover your ears. And, as I mentioned, the cables are quite short -- not a problem for iPod users, but otherwise, your headphone amp had better be right there on your desk. Finally, the big question: are these really worth $200?

If you've decided to move up from earbuds, it would make sense to check out competitive gear like the Grado Prestige Series SR80i Stereo Headphone before taking the Monster plunge. You won't get a cool carrying bag, but you will get more accurate sound -- if you like that sort of thing -- at half the cost.
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on September 10, 2014
Highly disappointed in these headphones and customer service. I purchased these in May 2013 and the ear pads are tearing at the seams in 3 different places. I take very good care of my headphones and I'm disappointed that they have ripped already, with no outside trauma to the pad. I called customer service and the warranty has expired and they don't sell replacement pads. They are really stylish and the sound is good, but will not purchase from Monster again. Would rather shell out more bucks for a higher quality product with a longer lifespan.
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on August 5, 2013
I'm writing this review because I feel it's much deserved. I can honestly say these are by far the best headphone I have purchased to date. I have several headphones form Ludacris, soul, 50 cent's streets, Bob Marley's, V moda , V-80, true blood edition.Bose and quite a few others. I will say I'm no audiophile expert but I love good quality headphones. I like to hear the highs crisp and clear and the mids smooth and the lows with a nice bass punch. Now with that being said if one is looking for a well balanced sound weather it's classical, blues, jazz, r&b, pop, rock, or hip hop you can't go wrong. In closing I have one word for the headphones kudos....
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on June 29, 2013
I am EXTREMELY happy with this product. Brought it 2 wks ago from Apple store, from where I bought by Beats SOLO HD, in last Dec. So the Beats were is-under warrenty and the company is generous enough to replace the Solo HD red twice. I am v happy with Beats customer service, so folks want to get good customer service, Beats is certainly a recommended one. Also I request others to see too much into this statement, means, I do NOT intend to mean customer service with other brands are any worse. I am just merely expressing my expressing my experience.

I read the 1-STAR reviews, I have issues with those reviews. How somebody brands their products or positions their positions are Merketeering theory, NOT on the Production COST. The PCs (laptops), those are <500 dollars to buy.... takes somewhere between 40-70 dollars to produce. Let's NOT get into that. Pricing 101: Production cost is a v small part of the pie in order to price a product. Having said that, some products creat the HYPE, others NOT. V rarely v CHEAPLY priced things creats the HYPE...!!! So go figure.... and good luck.

Now let's get back to the review. I tried this product (Monster DNA) with other 200.00 dollar worth products, namely Beats, B&W, Bose, Senheiser. And keeping every other things Non-variables. Means same song, same 'gain' in my iPhone, same part of the song for 10 mins. I was amazed that DNA OUTPERFORMS all of them. In Clarity, Resolution, Sound Imaging and NOISE- Canceling.

Then I went to the other table in Apple Store, where all $300.00 and up headphones, so-called professional headphones are. This 200 dollar-DNA OUTPERFORMS them, PERIOD. In all the above categories!

My only surprise were that it was BETTER that B&W. B&W is a mighty audiophile company & v well-respected world-wide for making speakers, a lot higher quality speakers than Klipsh. Senheiser, I expected better, because their mics and headphones are their best products.

Some people brought Sony headphones in the equation for comparison. Sony was NEVER a audiophile speaker company. They sell everything, if they can. i am sure they would NOT mind put a stamp of SONY in Watches and Cars too, if they can...

At the end, I tried this one, after listening a 12 yr old's recommendation, who had Beats, before they split up with Monster. And this 12 yrs old has value! Kudos to him. This DNA is a genuine product and hook you up to audio, be is music or movie in laptop or wherever. Enjoy
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