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I looked at all the reviews for these headphones and there's an obvious trend. People who give them positive reviews get insulting emails and negative replies to the reviews, plus the reviews get a ton of "not helpful" votes. Why is this? What is everyone so afraid of? People with negative reviews get a pat on the back from fellow Monster haters, and positive reviewers are treated like pariahs. It's simple - these headphones sound great. They are not all plastic, as some have claimed (making an all plastic headphone is impossible.) The "guts" of the hinge and ratchet mechanism for adjusting the size are stainless steel. I've yet to see plastic coils anywhere. Read the negative and positive reviews - you'll see the trend. People with negative reviews claim to know the manufacturing cost, always have "better" headphones, and the reviews sound similar - to the point of being scripted. People obviously despise the Dr. Dre history (that ended years ago) and seemingly over-priced cables. Many of the negative reviews are by people that admit to not owning or even using the headphones! Use common sense. Don't listen to the headphones on your iPod when the EQ settings are for your in-ear headset.

I tried these with my THX certified computer sound card and my 7th gen Nano. Both sound fine. I have a couple of pairs of in-ear Sennheisers, and these sound just as good. No, I did not measure the frequency response, and, no, these have not been broken in yet. If you try a pair at a retailer, you can pretty much take it for granted that they were played way too loud, way too long without being broken in. So that's not a fair test. I listened to classical, rock, dance, opera, you name it. These headphones are designed with bass in mind. If your iPod has the EQ preset, you may have to adjust it. I know I did. I had the EQ set to "dance" - with that setting, the highs were harsh and the bass overdone. Setting it to "none" cleared that right up.

Real-world examples: Carmen Suite No.1 was difficult to listen to. The highs were way too shrill. Turned off the "dance" EQ on the iPod - perfect. Brahms Hungarian Dance 5 - 3/4 volume, iPod Nano 7th gen. Way too loud - but still sounded great. No distortion, crisp. Rob Zombie's Dragula was too shrill on the default EQ setting and at 3/4 volume deafeningly loud. 1/2 volume, much better all around. Would sound better with less high end, the bass was fine. Living Dead Girl sounded fine. Sticking with the iPod and 1/2 volume. ZZ top Sharp Dressed Man. Noticed many new aspects to the song I had not heard before, especially in the high symbols. Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Relax. A little too much on the high end. Cyberfunk Music Group, Believe (my favorite jogging song) was perfect. Oak Ridge Boys, Elvira. Quieter, a little tinny. Rocky Horror, Timewarp. Kick butt good - and that one has a lot of highs and lows! Continuing to browse my iPod tracks, Mumford and Sons, I Will Wait - perfect. Laibach, B-Mashina - also great - perfect highs and lows. The KLF, What Time is Love? - sounded great. Hugo Montenegro, theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Great. Even the very high notes. Fun, Some Nights. Perfect. Evanescence, Haunted. Sounded even creepier than I remembered. The Doors, Riders on the Storm - amazing. Dethklok, The Lost Vikings - again, sounded great. Rammstein, Fauer Frei - surprisingly, a little light on the bass. Queen, I want It All - a little mushy. Pink Floyd, Pigs - sounded great. Jean Michelle Jarre - listened to several pieces, and all sounded fantastic. Jarre wants his stuff played on high end equipment - he even makes the most expensive speakers in the world. No, I'm not saying these compare - I'd have no way of knowing - but this is the best I have ever heard Jarre, period.

I could go on. Wagner, James Brown, Herb Alpert, Handel, the Beatles, heck even Devo, Daft Punk and Lmfao. The point is, they all sounded good, most great. I listen to almost anything - the key is the EQ settings, and that's true of any headphones. With a totally neutral EQ setting, these are the best sounding headphones I have ever heard. Most people won't be playing Rob Zombie, followed by Wagner, then Rammstein and Jarre. If you listen to a specific genre - rock, classical, etc., you should set your EQ accordingly. Play a variety of music? Find a happy medium - I found this to be no adjustments at all.

Do they look cheap? That's a personal preference. Some people buy a car because it's a pretty color, others because of the performance. As I'm writing this, the headphones are sitting next to me, still at 1/2 volume from my 7th Gen Nano. They even sound good a foot away from me. The headphone pads and head pad are soft and comfortable. They are light (they weigh 6 oz, but feel lighter), but I would not wear them at they gym - I tried - way too "sweaty." The two plastic, fake Chrome inlays on the head rest look cheap. Overall the headphones do come off as cheap looking and too flashy. But that's the style of the thing. Look beyond that to the actual quality of the headphones, the comfort and the sound.

The ear pads are not replaceable, so if you tear one it's a problem. The glossy paint job collects finger-prints - but does NOT scratch easily (I tried.) They fold up nicely, and the carrying bag is a plus. They also block out most of the surrounding noise.

Also included - a storage bag with carabiner, cleaning cloth, and two cables. One for non iPods and one with controls for an iPod/iPhone (including a mic for answering calls.) The other cable can also be used to daisy-chain headphones together. Each earpiece has a cable jack. You can connect the cable to either one. You can then connect a 2nd pair of headphones to the other earpiece! Kinda cool to share music while laying around.
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on July 22, 2013
These are honestly the best sounding headphones I've heard in a while. I've tried beats and thought the bass was too overwhelming. I tried a good pair of sennheisers and thought they sounded great, but didn't like the way they looked or felt. Then I found Monster DNA's and knew these were the ones to get. It's truly an all in one package: DNA's sound amazing, look hella sweet, and they're comfortable as a tempurpedic pillow. And for all the people who rated this 1 star because of the price.. you guys need to relax. They're still dope as hell even if you've "heard better". I'm happy with my investment because I'm gonna be using these every day and I know for a fact that they out perform anything else that I've tried. And the white on black tuxedo style is freakin sexy. 'Nuff said.
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VINE VOICEon June 20, 2013
I am not an audio expert but I think these earphones are great. I have a one hour commute of the train and these headphones give me great sound. For my ears they have great range and I enjoy listening to them to and from work. They also fold up and are real easy to carry in my work bag.
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VINE VOICEon February 26, 2013
These ARE by FAR the best headphones i have ever used, they are stylish, comfortable, versitile & sound great!
What else is there? ok, the price.....apparently that & that alone is the cause of the negative review effect. As i would wager that if those who wrote negative reviews had paid a bit less.....then they would be singing a different tune.
Yes these are awesome.....they are lightweight, yet deliver heavy hitting sound, great sound definition. They are THE most comfortable pair i have ever worn....& felt so good when i 1st put them on i did not want to take them off.
They have audio in plugs on either ear so no more wires across the throat.....nice. Also it comes with 2 plug in wires ensuring you have a plug in for all your needs. And so these work with just about PC, Iphone & old cassete players, tablets ect ect...AND the wires are of a higher than usual quality, very it :)
The earpieces are so soft & cushy it is like they are made of marshmellows. I believe i could actually fall asleep while wearing these.
Also it comes with a high quality carry bag for the headphones.....which fold up into themselves for storage.
The plug in wires come with a carry pouch & tiny little velcro ties to keep things neat....nice :)
Also....the colors are awesome....i got the cobolt blue.
Y'know....these will not make you bleed from your ears...but guess what...that works for me....these are JUST RIGHT.
Getting back to price, yeah it IS alot....but you do get alot of quality that will provide for an above average and thoroughly enjoyable experience every time you use them for many years. There ARE alot of much cheaper headphones....yet thet are NOT alot of much better headphones ;)
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on July 5, 2013
Don't listen to the Monster haters. Just because it's Monster doesn't mean the product sucks. For the people who are conscious on their spending: $200 for these headphones isn't a bad deal if you are willing to pay for style. These are worth it especially if you get them on sale for around $170 like I did. If you want to spend <$50, get the EarPods. They have the best price to quality ratio ($25 for sound quality that's worth about $100).

The DNA headphones stand out and sound great. Mids and highs are clear. Bass is just right and not overpowering. They have a balanced sound and are on par with the V-MODA M-80. The sound quality of the DNA and Mixr are very similar but the Mixrs have more bass. Additionally, the music sharing feature is also a nice plus and the build quality is better than Monster's Turbine line. The only slight issue I have with it is that the ControlTalk buttons are a little hard to press, but that is a non-factor compared to the quality of the DNAs.

The DNAs look cooler and sound better than most Beats headphones. Give these a shot; you won't be disappointed!
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on December 9, 2014
UPDATED REVIEW: I purchased a second pair of these for my son on Amazon when the first pair became unusable after 18 months due to the ear pads falling apart (see picture and original review below). The new pair was purchased on Amazon and after six months the ear pads are already coming apart! I expect these will be like the last pair and become unusable within 18-24 months. These have great sound but my son uses them daily and they are not designed for durability. Not a good value for $200! I will NOT buy again.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I bought these for my teenage son last Christmas and he absolutely LOVES them! There has not been a single day that goes by that he is not using them. He uses them for listening to music on all his portable music devices (phone/ipod/tablet). It works well with his iphone for taking calls and listening to music. Works with his iphone, android tablet (Nexus 7) and with his laptop (Alienware PC). The only downside and why it is 3 stars instead of 5 is because the leather around the ear pads is falling off and the hing to collapse them broke so it does not lock into place. These issues do not prevent the usage but is disappointing from a quality stand point. I wanted to send them in for Warranty service but I lost the original receipt and Monster is not accepting any warranty service repair without the receipt from a "Qualified Reseller." I bought them at Best Buy but that does me no good as I lost the receipt.
review image review image
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on December 2, 2013
I purchased these headphones for about 75 dollars during the Black Friday sale on Amazon. I'll be writing this review without the benefit of any burn-in (the benefits of which are still dubious). I will be comparing these to the Beats Solo HD, Ludacris Soul (available for around 70) and the ATH-M50 (available for around 100). The DNA, Beats, and Soul are all on-ear headphones while the ATH-M50 is over-ear. I include the M50s in this review because it's the one that is recommended most on audiophile sites for budget headphone consumers.

I am a very amateur audiophile who has begun collecting different headphones and so will be giving my non-expert opinion.

I was not very optimistic that the quality of these headphones would be anything impressive considering the poor reputation of Monster Beats headphones. However, since the headphones were available for about 1/2 the price that it's normally available, I decided to make a leap of faith.

Build Quality: As soon as I unwrapped them and started handling them, I realized they were on a different level as the Beats. The build quality is much higher than the Beats; while the Beats can creak when you handle them, the DNA has no such give or creak. The plastic seems very solid and not as flimsy as the Beats. It has a similar build quality as the Soul, which also has a plastic body. The ATH-M50s beat all three in build quality though. It seems more solid than any of the fashion headphones and there is virtually no creak or bend to the headband.

Lows: I would say that bass is the reason why most people would buy these headphones. They are NOT for audiophiles who like a neutral or flat sound signature. The bass comes off strong and punchy, although muddier than I would like and tends to overwhelm the mids and highs. The bass is about as clear as the Ludacris Souls, though it is tighter than the Beats HD, which sounds to me as very dirty and messy, though probably more impactful than either Souls or DNA. Again, M50s are the most neutral in this category; its bass doesn't overwhelm the highs or mids nearly as much as the others in this category. However, the M50s also have less "punch" and you don't feel the vibration in the jaw nearly as much.

Mids: I think the mids here are the weakest part of these headphones, as in the other three. The Soul's mids sound clearer than the DNA, though the DNA isn't awful. I would say the mids here are very comparable to the Beats. They're loud but can get muddled and lost and it is difficult to differentiate different instruments in this range. While the M50s have less punchy bass, the mids are much clearer.

Highs: the highs are pretty great and aren't drowned out by the bass. It handles highs better than the Soul or the Beats. The highs twinkle and are clearly differentiated from the rest of the music.

Conclusion: While the M50s are the clear winner with my listening tests, the DNA holds up well. I think they compare well to the Souls, though probably would be useful for different music. While Souls would be better for hip hop, I think the DNA would be better for EDM music. The M50s are a great middle of the road compromise for people who listen to all sorts of music, including jazz, classical, etc. The M50s have the best sound signature, but are also the least attractive, imo. If you're going to get a "fashionable" pair of headphones that you'd like to travel with, I recommend either the DNA or the Souls. The Beats are far too expensive for the price, and I don't think any of it really is an improvement over its competitors.

for travel: go with Souls or DNA
for home use: go with ATH-M50
for all genres of music: go with ATH-M50
for EDM; go with DNA
for hip hop: go with Souls

PS: one awesome benefit to these headphones is that it features an extra headphone jack so you can share your music with a neighbor!
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on January 23, 2015
On second set which is also defective - different defect than the first. The warranty policy, which I am now dealing with, confirms the low quality of this item by only being 1 year from original purchase and 30 days for replacements within 1 year from original purchase. Since I am 1 year and 1 month, they will send a 3rd set as a courtesy but with no warranty. Two defective pairs with different defects offering a 3rd and no warranty - no thank you. Pursuing other options for a refund. For those curious, 1st defect was within 45 days of purchase, 2nd defect was within 3 mos of low to moderate use. (Yes, I took a little time in placing the 2nd warranty replacement thinking I had a year from receipt date of the 2nd pair.) 1st couple of pictures is the original headphones, 2nd is the replacement.
review image review image review image
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on January 5, 2013
The reviews on this item are misleading, this is by far not the best sound I've heard out of $200 headphones, there are much better alternatives out there, such as Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones which cost about 60% less.
Some of these reviewers have only reviewed this item which makes me think they work for Monster, or whoever made these poor sound quality headphones.
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on September 7, 2015
This was the first pair of "expensive" earphones that I've ever purchased at the $150 price point. I fell in love with these when I compared them to other brands and models in the store. After purchasing the Black and Rose Gold pair I continued to fall in love with the way they looked and sounded. The design is extremely comfortable and the sound is amazing!! After every use I cleaned them with the wipe cloth and put them away in the great velvet bag that Monster sent. I was shocked one day to take my earphones out to use them and discover that both ear cushions have completely peeled away from the ear plate disc. This happened unexpectedly and right after my earphones were out of warranty :( Upon calling Monster customer service I found out the ear cup parts can't be replaced and they won't do anything for me. I'm really bummed about this entire thing and I'll never purchase another Monster product.
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