Customer Reviews: Monster High: Ghoul Spirit - Nintendo DS
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on October 27, 2011
This game is really fun my daughter got it last night and really hasn't stopped playing it. They have the real voices from the webisodes on there. There is reading involved, they talk here and there. She says its awesome. Id say for ages 9-15 would be great. If your into monster high than your going to want this game she loves it. Id wish it had better graphics on some of it, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal to her. Over all a good game for the monster high lovers out there.
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on June 29, 2015
Got this for my niece and OMG so horrible graphically. I figured it would look like the cute little webisodes on the Monster High web site but they defiantly didn't go that direction. My niece was alright with it but had a little trouble with the game play as she was fairly young at the time.
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on January 10, 2012
My 6 year old loves Monster High. While she is still too young to play, her stepsister, helps her and they love playing it together. Everything is exactly as pictured.
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on April 8, 2013
My daughter loves everything to do with Monster High, so this had to be pretty bad to not hold her interest past a couple of days. The DS version was only $18.60 when we bought it on Amazon, and she regrets spending even that much on it (on the date of this review - 4/8 - it's listing at $34). She said the graphics are bad, and there weren't enough missions. She finished them in a couple of days. She also said there weren't enough options to personalize her ghoul in her profile. For someone who is usually crazy about anything to do with Monster High, this was a big disappoint to her.
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on October 31, 2011
Honestly I have nothing good to say about this game. Unless you're a super hardcore Monster High fan (and I am, but even I found this excruciating to play through) this game is a waste of time and money. The graphics look like they're from at least two console generations ago and the gameplay doesn't make up for it. The game is comprised of a lot of running around interspersed with ridiculously easy and completely uninspired minigames. The minigames are timed to give you a sense of challenge, but they're still too easy to be fun so the whole thing seems pointless. (The only one I had difficulty with was Clawculus, which gets a bit tricky in the later stages but still only takes a few minutes to get the hang of.) The map, while overly simple, still manages to be confusing and is incredibly inaccurately proportioned, and despite the small size of the school, it takes forever to get anywhere because you run so slowly. Overall, you spend a lot of time being both bored and frustrated. The ending to the game is obvious and anticlimactic so it's not even worth playing through for that. Take my advice and leave this one on the shelf and buy something else, because it really feels like something that was rushed out onto the market to cash in on the Halloween season.

Despite what other reviews say, not all of the voices sound like the original, for example Slo-Moe sounds totally different (I mean, really, how hard is it to do a zombie groan? There shouldn't be an obvious difference) which seems like a little thing but grated on my nerves every time I had to talk to him. Some of the dialogue is kind of awkward, for example Holt's lines read more like something Jackson would say. As for Jackson himself, as well as Spectra, Abbey, and Operetta, they have cameos in the game but you can't actually talk or interact with them at all. Instead, they're conveniently placed behind pieces of furniture so you can't reach them, yet you still have friend meters for them which is just confusing and pointless.

Things I personally think would have made this game better:

*Cel-shading rather than the awkward '3D' graphics. The graphics bothered me throughout the whole game, I think cel-shading would have been way cooler.
*The ability to make enemies. I get that this is a kids game, but even Toralei was your friend by the end of the game, and you didn't have a choice in the matter. I mean, really? At least allow me to piss people off and make frienemies. A more flexible friend meter in general would have been great.
*The ability to have a boyfriend, or at least a date for the dance at the end of the game. Even better, allowing me to steal someone else's date, because I totally would have snagged Deuce. Seriously, that's most of the reason why I wanted this game to begin with. Wishful thinking.
*More outfits. There's only two outfits in the game, and then the dress for the dance. For a girl's game, that's kind of sad. I was hoping I'd unlock more outfits, etc as I played, but never did which was annoying as I unlocked alternate outfits for the OTHER characters instead.
*Being able to turn people to stone. I played through as a Gorgon and didn't even get sunglasses, let alone get to turn people to stone. Total disappointment.
*Better minigames. In general.
*The ability to create a character that's not hideous. Seriously, I looked through the character creation and found that the options are both very limited and very ugly. Better graphics probably would have helped. Also being able to choose custom colors on a colorwheel or something would have rocked.
*Cutscenes. I think some video action would have improved the tone of the whole game.
*More replay value. Alternate endings, unlockables, and the ability to make my own decisions that would affect the storyline would have been awesome.
*More content in general. I beat this game in a few hours without even trying.
*A reason to not trade this game in immediately for something that isn't painful to play.
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on January 24, 2014
I think even a six yar old which the age recommends would have trouble reading everything you have to read. My duahgter couldn't do it plus the school layout is so confusing it takes forever to find whoever it is you agreed to help out in the game. EH.
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on November 7, 2011
I am a huge monster high fan, dont get me wrong but I was totaly unimpressed with this game. There was not one good game disciption any where. Not evan the back of the game or their website. It was all planned out for you. You had no options as to what you could do or say while interacting with the other characters. You had to accept every text or you walk around the campus bored and with no one to talk to. There were no option's for your character's clothes eiher. You run all around the school for people when half the time its across the hall. And I only kept playing because I thought I would unlock more content but more never came. The game only took me 2 days to complete and you have to buy their merchandise to unlock codes for more content. They don't mention anything about the codes on the game cover or on their website! The game ended by going to a dance where you don't even spend more than 30 seconds to be crowned scream queen. Your outfit for the dance was disappointing. You don't even get a crown! I was torn as to whether or not to get the game, as you can see I did, but in my opinion don't waste your money.
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on June 20, 2012
Bought this game as a Christmas gift for my 9-year-old daughter. It's now June, and she still plays the game on a regular basis. She loves it!

Not having played the game myself, hard to say much about the gameplay, but it has held my daughter's attention. Well worth the price.
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on January 18, 2012
This "game", if I can call it that, is horrible. A complete waste of time and money. I summed it up to my friends like this: The game looks, plays and feels like a prototype that was only worked on for a month, then Mattel demanded it be on shelves the next day. I don't care if it is initially aimed towards younger kids and tweens, there is no excuse to treat ANY target audience like simpletons.

Graphics: The graphics are terrible. Now, I am not one for graphics making or breaking a game, but they certainly help. The characters and sprites in this game are so choppy and ugly, they are hardly recognizable. My favorite was Toralei and her catgirl friends.. The heads were so oddly shaped, they seriously looked like aliens.
On a side note: You make a character in the beginning of the game. Wow.. the sprites are so hideous. On top of that, for a girly game about fashionable monsters, there are only 2 outfits and 3-4 hair styles to choose from when making a character. I've seen fighting games with more customizable outfits!

Gameplay: Boring. Boring, boring, boring. All you do is run errands for the characters, in order to raise your "friendship meters". However, you have to answer to EVERYONE's requests, even if you don't want to. Example: On many of the character routes, you have to answer to Toralei, who is an enemy of the other girls, and all she is there for is to make you do something that only upsets the other girls. Oh yeah! And there's friend meters for 3 character you NEVER interact with. They have (horrible) sprites in the background, but you cannot talk or interact with them ever.

Mini Games: I honestly can't even call this a game. There is nothing fun about it. Even the "mini games" that are featured are the simplest of games. No, not "games".. more like "tasks". Again, not challenging or fun. One mini game is moving the stylus down 3 or 4 times. Then you're done. I swear, I don't care what age you are, these games only make you feel bad about yourself for being so boring.

Camera: The in game camera is terrible as well. I had to stop playing after a while because I got motion sickness. Thank goodness the game only takes about 4 hours or less to complete...
On that note, it only takes 4 hours, but it feels like a life time. You move so slowly, and the errands the girls ask you to do always involve going from one side of the school to the other. It only makes the game longer to trudge through. Very tedious!

I realize the game is aimed towards people 6 and up, and while a 6 year old -might- have fun with it, it really isn't worth the time or money. I would feel bad if I gave my daughter/grand-daughter this game, it is too simplistic to even offer a challenge. And I don't mean a difficultly level, I mean on an intellectual level. I beg of you, do not waste your money.
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on November 8, 2011
My 10 year old got the game for her birthday last week and she has been playing it ever since. She says it's so much fun and the characters are just like the website.
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