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on December 4, 2012
5* doll -* on the third party seller price. People look at the seller not just the Prime/free shipping! Do not buy this doll third party unless you like being gouged.

This doll, like most of the Monster High line is not an exclusive or a limited edition doll. Much like the Spectra doll last year, because it was hard to find was priced out of this world. This doll will probably be back on the shelves in the summer for the $12.99 or $14.99 that I paid for it at Tatget when they first came out. I will also point out that when these dolls were in the store nobody wanted them, to the extent that they were marked down to move them off the shelves, which seems to be a standard trait with the boy dolls including the super desirable (now) Deuce doll, which by the way is of course back on the shelves in the Scaris Travel line.

No one seems to want the boy dolls until they are impossible to find and that in itself makes them rare because the only numbers Mattel sees are from their retail orders and they are always flat with the boy dolls so they make less of them because they don't sell! My advice for ALL of the "retail" MH dolls is to either buy them when you see them or wait them out and refuse to pay the resale prices. There are countless numbers of resellers that literally stalk Amazon for MH dolls, they buy up the entire stock of them to resale (double or more retail) but as with he past two or three releases they are stuck holding dolls they can't move because Mattel is mass producing them so we can usually find them retail if we are patient.

As a collector I know that the exclusive (SDCC) dolls are never, ever going to be $25.00 and I would never wait for them to show up because they only go up in price as time goes by and unlike these dolls they will NEVER be on the shelves or sold by Amazon because they are limited/exclusive editions. These retail dolls are another story, they will (most likely) be back eventually. If your child is an intiteled little brat that stomps her/his feet and gets whatever they want no matter the price well you know how they got that way so pay up and stop whining. If on the other hand your child understands that they can't have everything they want the second they want it, they will probably be able to get these eventually. I hope you have the later ths Christmas, if you do just be honest with the kid from the beginning and let hem know they are being scalped and you are taking a stand against it, if no one buys they stop hoarding to resale (supply/demand) tell them if and when the are back at a fair price they have a xmas IOU on the doll (make a real paper awesome one if possible) How cool is it to get other great stuff now and an extra gift later? Totes cool lol.

Good luck and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or bah humbug, whichever fits your situation.
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on September 14, 2012
My daughter wants the boy's of monster high so bad. However, we sadly can not get them for her because you yahoos buy them all up and ask 200 bucks a piece for them. Amazon upsets me when they do this. All my daughter has asked for christmas is the boy dolls from monster high and we can not even afford one. Thankfully I just found jackson at Wal mart on clearance for $16. so at least she will have one. PLEASE PEOPLE STOP PAYING RIDICULOUS PRICES FOR THE DOLLS AND THEY WILL HAVE TO LOWER PRICES.
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on April 26, 2012
I bought this for my daughter, she "collects" these dolls and is very into Monster High in general. This is just one of the standard dolls, it's not really supposed to do anything specific, so I wasn't expecting too much. He came with a few accessories, doll was not flimsy, she enjoys it very much.
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on September 10, 2012
My younger sister is forever looking for Monster High dolls and its sad that when she does come across a doll that she wants it costs over a hundred dollars. Are we being serious? I WILL NOT and WOULD NOT buy one doll for that much. Thr prices are absolutely ridiculous. I realize the dolls are difficult to find. Trust me - I understand but $199 dollars for one doll? How about no.
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on February 14, 2014
I own this doll and I had to pay $40 for him which, looking back, was bloated but not as bad as prices now.

As for the doll himself - he is well made. The detail of his fins and scales are amazing and I love the "webbing" between his fingers and his head fin. His joints work well and he can stand on his own pretty steady - I'd recommend him for any fashion doll fan and for kids. He does have removable fins on the back legs so parents might want to make sure those don't get lost or aren't a hazard.

As for the price on this website - you scalpers are disgusting. I see you buying up all the rare dolls, opening boxes, and generally being selfish ass pains and not giving a flipping frig about anyone but yourselves. I'm a collector myself but I tend to leave hard to find dolls on the shelf if I already have them, why do I need the entire stock? You are aware these were made for children, correct? I take great joy in sabotaging the local scalpers here, greedy adults seriously peev me.

If your kid (or you) really want Gil - go to or your local Target and get the Dance pack. It's about $60 but you'll get a Gil similar to this one and four other dolls of the same nice quality. Or head over to Ebay, I've seen Dance Pack Gil sell for $30 by himself which certainly beats $300.
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on November 25, 2011
The item was just as they described, brand new, and amazing! i really wanted gill, me and my mother searched TRU for hours and couldnt find him so i was happy to find him here. He was a tad bit expensive but we still got him, when he arrived today, the recipte was next to his box saying please leave feed back. I looked the doll over to make sure it was not ruined (heat can make the paint melt, but it was fine.) Loved him cant wait till christmas and have lagoona and him EPIC ROMANCE SCENE ;)
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on January 2, 2012
My daughter is thrilled to have this guy, he has fins down his back and on his arms and legs. I was thrilled to find him at Target for $11.50, all of the Skull Shores dolls were there for that price. It did take us 3 or 4 Targets to find him though!!
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on July 5, 2013
I'm looking for a Gil Webber doll and came across this one.. but it's $369.99 dollars!! I will NOT buy a doll for that much.. I just looked on the Target website and they're selling it for 12 dollars! You will NOT get any sales with a doll that's that much money... That's just unreasonable!
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on January 15, 2012
I am reviewing this from two perspectives. Mine and My 9 year old daughters.

From my 9 year old....Love this. He is fun to play with and I love MH. I want them all!

From my perspective. Cheaply made. Mattel..come on and step up to the plate. First you make these dolls hard to get at times and therefore make them a tasty piece of meat for all of the Ebay and Amazon gougers who dangle them in front of our children's eyes and scream RARE. Sorry but if you released them as you did your original dolls (when you were trying to entice us to buy into this line at 20 bucks a pop) then there would be no market for these swindlers. Secondly for what these dolls cost I would expect them to last a bit longer. My girl is not hard on her dolls and we take very. very. good care of them but with the toothpick thin pop in joints they are very fragile. To change their clothes sometimes you must pop an arm or leg out...that is how tight the clothes are..and it is like surgery at times. The rubber band that holds the legs together was brilliant...not! see. From a 9 year old they are the cats meow. From a mom..well..I will just say that when I hear there is a new one out, I cringe.
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on March 29, 2012
My daughter loves these but they cost a fortune, are hard to find and break easily. If you're lucky you can find them at Walmart or Traget for 'only' $20.
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