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VINE VOICEon October 24, 2012
I received the Monster iSport Intensity & was excited to try them. I had not purchased decent ear buds since I put out the money for a pair of Bose. Considering these cost about the same I was hoping for better than average.

I was impressed with the packaging. They come in a nice box, with 3 sizes (S, M, L) so you can fit them to your ears. Also included is a nice little black & green pouch. Easy read directions are included & I found them easy to decipher.

The wire on this is very thin. Since these are designed for sport use, I assume this makes it easier & lighter to use. I found the ear buds comfortable, if you are used to the really small ones, they may take some getting used to. They fit better than the Bose in my opinion. More importantly, they felt secure. No chance of them popping out. There is an inline mic with controls for iPad, iPhone & iPod.

Now for the part I was anxious to get to, the sound. According to the box, you can expect driving rhythms & pounding bass. I tried a David Guetta song first. I wanted to see what the bass sounded like. I compared these to my Bose ear buds. Unfortunately, the bass was not pounding. Bose out did Monster quite a bit in the bass department. I was disappointed.

If you aren't a big bass person, I can say the sound is crustal clear, louder than Bose & still impressive. Is it worth almost $100? To me, no. For that much money, I want something that sounds like a stereo in my ears & these just didn't compare to Bose.

I only knocked 1 star off for the bass issue. Overall, the quality is great, the fit of the ear buds are perfect, the sound is clear & you get the added bonus of the inline mic with controls. If you are athletic & want these for your workout, these will stay securely in place.

11/13/14: I changed this to 2 stars. After sitting in the box and not being used, I gave them to my boyfriend. He needed a pair that would stay in his ears while at the gym & found these worked great. After just 1 week of use, the one side stopped working. Now it just crackles & you can hear a little bit of music. For $99 you would expect much better quality!
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on February 7, 2013
First, let me start by saying..I am still very old school. I like brick and mortar stores and like to play with an item before deciding. Since there really wasnt a place i could check this out in person (plus the box doesnt lend itself to open w/out making it a total open box buy) I really did my research and read all the reviews.

here is my take.. and please note.. I will be comparing them to the Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones since I also own these (wifes). Someone stoled my MIE2i a few weeks ago so was needing to get my own.

I was really debating going ahead and getting the Bose SIE2i sports and these. I am not a fan of the in ear, clogging up your inner ear and then popping out while you sweat. What I like about these two models is that they both have that little groove thing that goes inside your ear.

So lets start off with design:

The cord:
I really like the flat cord, it is great. Doesnt seem to tangle as the rounded ones. I was looking for a cloth type (Yurbuds, but didn't like the fit) as I want something sturdy but always hate jacking around with the fact I have to untangle before each use. I did two rounds of tests on putting each one in the pouch and then removing them out of them. The Bose ones did tangle one time but nothing crazy while i didnt get any tangles with the other. So that is a plus. It is long enough and no complaints about it. The Bose is shorter for the simple fact that it is supposed to be used w an arm band that comes with it (a joke for any male with a decent arm). The Bose comes with an extender however and actually adds about 3-4 inches that the regular cord on the iSport.

L-Shape male plug-in adapter:
Seems to be more sturdier and I can see why this design would be better than just a straight adapter. Wont be as easy to get damaged. Seems to me that if you drop your phone, it wouldn't just pop off as it would probably keep the phone and just dangle. The extra support on the finish also makes it more durable for those type of situations. You could make a case for the extender of the Bose since if that ever gets damaged, all you do is buy a replacement for that piece as opposed to new headset.

Speaker/Microphone and controls for Iphone:

The placement is on the left side of your ear and seems sturdy. I cant really tell where the mic is and that a little evident on the calls I placed. I made a few calls to compare the quality and asked which one sounded better and they agreed that the Bose sounded clearer. Bare in mind, that they both said both sounded good, but both chose the Bose as being clearer. I was going to do a self test but you can really become biased while testing so will let their ears be the judge. the Bose has the controls right smack in the middle of where the left and right wires seperate which I really dislike. doesnt give much slack to say if you had someone near you and you wanted to share a song with them for a few seconds and taking off just one and keeping the other in. This is about 11 inches difference.

The earbuds:
I played with all three that came in and I agree with the previous poster. the small pop off too easily and the medium are a little tight. Also, i didnt think the "wings" were as long and went inside the ear as good as the Bose. Comfort wise.. I have to give them a 3. they are definately better than others I have tried, but Bose is king on their design. they seem to be a little too thick. perhaps its the material they use as these are made of more of a rubber feeling than the ones Bose uses as those are silicone feeling. Just comparing both of these, you can easily tell that there is less material on the Bose and therefore night and day as far as comfort. After about 15-20 minutes, I could tell the discomfort was there. Of course, this is because you are thinking about it and its not like I need an advil for the pain, but you get my point. If you want comfort, the Bose is the way to go. One note. When pulling these out. I did experience a couple of times the actual rubber thing stay in my ear and come off the earbud on the iSport. So definately more snug..just at the expense of comfort.

These arent the best sound that you would get from some of the others that range in the 150+ range, but good enough. I will admit, I am not someone who is going to listen to every detail and talk about the high's and low's and how rich the bass is. I can however tell you that they do provide a louder sound than the Bose and actually a little more bass. The high is not as detailed either. As for ambient noise. I sat by my computer and started off very low so I could hear the fan of my computer. I quickly went up until I could hear it just barely and then not at all. I did this with the Bose first. I then switched to the Monster's and it was way louder and I had to drop the volume down a few settings to start hearing the fan. I think the fact that these are a little thicker, they do tend to block out more outside noise than the Bose. Also, to me, there was more bass on these than on the Bose.

Final comments:
the pouch it comes with is nice. The Bose didnt come with them so that was a minus on their part. The non sport did, but it was more of a carrying case. btw, if you looking to go cheap and get the MIE2i, and you plan on running, gym type activities, I suggest not and go for the sport version. The MIE2i started having issues with the mic and i would have to press the button to get people to hear me. it was like if I was on mute every time a call came in. Maybe it was a setting (I never read the manual), but something I never did when I first got them.

When it comes to design, sound, I think the iSport do beat out the SIE2i. but when it comes to comfort, there is no way you can get any better than the SIE2i. As I mentioned before. I am a brick and mortar guy and had I tried these at the store, I may have not bought them. However, since I bought online, I will give myself a few days to get "comfortable" with how comfortable they fit in my ear. If I simply cant get over the fact that they are too snug feeling, I will return and continue to just borrow my wifes.

Also, keep in mind, these two are sport editions and there for sweat resistant. I dont think you could accidently wash the Bose without damage but these are said that they are washable. There are other cheaper alternatives but if you are going to be using them with your phone, these are the two best options in my opinion. Any others may end up having a short on the microphone and buttons so be careful.

For my gym and running activities, I do highly recommend. I plan to continue to use my other cheaper ones when I go to office/driving or at home watching videos.

For the price (got them for $86 total), I think they are well worth it. I just would rather not spend another $150 on the the Bose SIE2i for a "his" pair. If they were remotely closer in price, say $20 dollars, I would really consider getting the Bose. Bose really needs to get rid of the armband thing.
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on September 21, 2013
I purchased this and have use it at least 4 days a week during 3 months, I noticed after two weeks a weird sound in my left earphone when using the volumen a little bit high, this bothered me but I decided to keep using the earphones.

The green cable which I though it was of great quality, peeled away the skin where you connect it to my iphone and now I can see the cooper cables, which I think in any moment will be cut and I will no longer have earphones.

I spent good money for this earphones, for that I am very upset that if I only use them to run and workout, I get this result in less than a year of usage.

Please do your research,focus in quality, sound and durability.
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on February 21, 2014
I have returned these on warranty FOUR times now! The volume stops working after only 2 weeks of use at the gym. Then the sound dims and the songs shuffle on their own ON ALL DEVICES (iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod, PC and Mac laptops). The people at Monster had no explanation for this but sent me a different model as a free replacement.

Get a different model or brand!!!!
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on February 28, 2013
My first set of sports head phones and I love em... I usually use Apple brand head phones because I hate it when your in-the ear buds become dislodged, sweaty, then wont stay in for the rest of your run. My first run with these I ran 3 miles on a treadmill and they stayed secure in my ears, never came loose, and the sound was perfect the entire time. When I was done with my run, I rubbed the right ear phone in my sweaty hair, then put it back in my ear, walked home about a mile and did not notice a difference between the two sides, with regular headphones after getting them sweaty they would never stay secure after putting them back into my ears.

If you can afford them... Get them

I just bought a set of Bose SIE2i sport head phones. In comparison I like these Monster ones better. I think they have better sound while playing, and they provide more sound isolation then the Bose. The Monster set has a flat wire which is nice because the wire wont tangle up but it feels really CHEAP like I'm going to break it by pulling them out of my pocket to fast. The Bose has a thicker cord like their IE2 headphones. The Monster set comes with a normal length cord while the Bose set has a short cord and an extension. The short cord is great for use at work when my iPhone is on my desk about a foot away or sitting in my arm band while running, but for running on the treadmill the short cord is too short and the extension seems too long. The Monster set came with a little leather purse for the headphones which I like, it gives me some where to put them during the day where they wont get messed with. The Bose set instead came with an arm band built for a iPhone 4 or 4S. This arm band for my self is really small and it seems like the arm band is made for women with smaller arms as I was not able to get the arm band over my elbow. Aside from Monsters cheap cord I think the Monster set is a better buy.


Wire started to split after 8-9 months of use... I have about 200 running miles on these according to my Nike App and used to take them to work... I still prefer these over my Bose SPIE2 set!!!

review image
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on December 19, 2012
I tried isport immersion last month although it was not bad, it's hard to fit it right on your ear each time you use it. Then I saw that they have a new product isport intensity and decided to try this one instead.
Easy to fit
Comfortable fit
not easily dislodge
sound quality is good
It is not stuffed tight into your ear like isport immersion, which I liken to wearing an ear plug.
Have you ever eat chips while covering your ear/wearing an earplug?
The crunch sound so loud you can't hear anything and you can't sing along because all you hear is your voice . Those happened with immersion, but not with this isport intensity. Yay...
I'm keeping this one and returning the immersion. Great product for the price.
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on January 28, 2013
Quick Review: These are by far the best running headphones I have come across. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that fit snugly into the ear, and sound pretty good these are for you. Price is a little steep.

Longer Review: I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by these headphones, not really being one to stray away from the mainstream companies of sound (Bose, Yamaha, etc.). I caught them on sale at USD 80 which prompted me to snag them. Overall I'm very pleased. They fit great, and I mean that. You can tug the chord all you want, they aren't going to come out. . The key is to find the right molding included in the box that fits into your ear shape. As far as sound, they sound great... for running headphones. I've seen other reviews that have said something about a lack of bass. It definitely is lacking and I can see where they would get that from, but bear in mind these are designed for exercising- I'm sure the engineers were more concerned with durability, and making them water resistant. Bass aside, The sound is loud and crisp, and really delivers on everything but the "pounding bass" the package promises. Overall, these are a great buy. At USD 150 retail, I'd still suggest this to someone who lives an active lifestyle. If you can snag them on sale like I did, look no further. These are a great product.
*SIDE NOTE: The pause/play and volume buttons on the headphones do NOT work with android devices.
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on February 19, 2013
I am not an audiophile however sound quality is important to me but I am mainly interested in durability and ear fit. Given that premise, I think these are great ear buds and would recommend them to anyone looking for good sound with even better fit and construction.

I wear them working out and that is it; so while sound quality is important it's not the only thing I am rating these on. My primary concern with ear buds is whether or not they will stay in place for a CrossFit workout. I have tried several other types of headphones (mostly cheaper ones) and none of them stayed in place like these. Once you place these things in your ear they will not move, which is a good thing during a workout. The sound is great and the fit is great... I am sure other brands have better ear buds but for me these are perfect for the given price range.
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on June 19, 2013
The inline control is defective after less than 3 months of usage, starts Siri without even touching the device or the controls. Do not buy! not worth the money, if Monster cannot supply a product that only lasts for 15 days over the return period.
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on November 21, 2014
These headphones work as advertised. I wanted a pair to fit comfortably in my ears without blocking out noise around me. I go jogging in the paths around my neighborhoods and have to cross streets at different points. I have the music comfortably loud enough to fully enjoy it and can still hear cars approaching if my back happens to be facing them when running in certain areas. It is important to be aware of what is around you when jogging, and these allow me to enjoy my music while maintaining that awareness. Controls work perfectly with my iPhone. Volume up, down, off, on, and answer phone calls. Perfect. Earbuds stay firmly in place and have never been uncomfortable.
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