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on May 6, 2014
Poor Kurihito, just when he thought having three sexy monster girls was rough (I mean they do not mean to get into trouble or nearly kill him on purpose), but add two new ladies to the menagerie, the seductive slime Suu and the Mero the merwoman. But he will have his hands full keeping them in order, especially when Mia thinks that Mero is out to take her Darling from her. But of course the Interspecies Act has its issues, like who do you call if a group of Hentai loving orcs hold up an anime store and the cops can not get near them? Send in the MON squad, four lovely monster girls, who lead by Miss Smith, are the best things in (or in one case not in) the police uniforms. But when Darling gets sick, he is quarantined from the rest of the girls and only Suu can get close to take care of him. Can the one girl who mimics all others be able to help their beloved human? And when a film crew arrives to see what it is like in an exchange house, things may not be on the up and up. But how can the girls prove it, without hurting them and why is Papi not acting like her usual self?

This one has it all, new characters, new situations, and a new threat on the horizon. the story just keeps moving along at great speed, each character still acts like they have since the beginning, and the surprises never stop (especially with Suu). If you enjoyed the first two, do not hesitate to pick this up as well and see what new things are waiting on a spiders web.
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on August 23, 2014
This latest volume of Monster Musume is just as amazing as the last 2 volumes. Introducing Mero the mermaid into the household, the fun and the situations are simply hilarious. The entertainment begins when Miia becomes jealous from all the attention Kimihito gives Mero. She even notices how Mero asking everyone in the house if Kimihito has a girlfreind. Even though Miia continues to fight for Kimihito's attention, she fails to get his attention because of his kind but oblivious nature. After calming down, she learns that Mero had a very different and interesting intention for Kimihito. This volume also involves a chapter depicts the all monster girl special squad, MON, a sick Kimihito with the girls trying to nurse him back to health, and in the final chapter, a scam that reveals yet another monster girl with the body of a spider who has plans for Kimihito and the girls. This volume was a incredibly great read. There were parts of chapters that after reading, I couldn't help but to laugh out loud. Personally, I cannot wait until I get the next volume of the series. I seriously recommend this manga series for anybody into hilarious harem mangas or anyone looking for a fun read with a great plot.
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on June 17, 2014
Recently, I've sampled the first volumes of three manga series: Monster Musume, A Centaur's Life and Princess Resurrection. The latter two were not horrible, but I was not left with the desire to read the next volumes of either. Monster Musume was a different story; after finishing Volume 1, I quickly placed orders for the next two volumes and am awaiting Volume 4 when it becomes available later this year. So what makes Monster Musume work? Obviously, it has a strong concept and cast. We have Kurusu Kimihito a young fellow who, thanks to a bureaucratic error, finds himself hosting a growing number of monster women under an Interspecies Cultural Exchange program. There is Miia, a serpent woman, Papi, a harpy, the centaur Centorea, Suu, a slime creature, and Mero, a mermaid. Then there is their program coordinator, the enigmatic Ms. Smith, whom I see as the most underrated woman of the cast. It is a classic manga situation with beautiful women being crazy about a rather ordinary guy. Some might object to this set-up, but if I might editorialize, I find it less offensive than the more tragic scenario of a beautiful, intelligent woman who keeps falling for violent jerks. As reviewers of other volumes have noted, Monster Musume is not for younger readers, but older ones (say those of us who have fond memories of shows like Benny Hill or Night Court) will enjoy the ribald humor and the characters getting into "This isn't what it looks like!" situations (such as this volume when the other women think Kimihito has gotten Papi pregnant). Our cast takes a back seat in one story that introduces another group of monster women; these ladies have more action-oriented roles in stopping paranormal troublemakers and they are great. Volume 3 ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and it will be interesting to see what happens next. And isn't looking forward to the next installment a sign of a successful series?
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on May 22, 2014
Once more picking up where the last volume left off, a new girl has joined the Kimihito Household/Harem: Meron Lorelei, a mermaid with a taste for gothic lolita fashion and a bizarre tragedy fetish. Meanwhile, Kimihito comes down with a nasty cold, and the girls have to find some way to take care of him, without coming into contact with the virus itself- as per Ms. Smith's instructions- to prevent an epidemic amongst the Liminal community. Outside the zany escapades of our main hero and heroines, a darker side of this world of humans begins to take shape, with hentai fueled orcs taking over a doujinshi shop in an act of extraspecies terrorism, and greedy humans from the criminal underworld looking to exploit Liminals for their own personal gain.

As with my last review of Vol. 2, I stil l love the story that's being told here, and I personally feel that this is one of the more inventive and enjoyable harem manga out there to date. The characters all have their little quirks and personality traits that make them likeable, the comedic situations are downright hilarious, and the lessons that the series espouses seem fresh and new under Okayado's pen. Something I neglected to mention in my previous review is how I love the choices Okayado has made for the species and depiction of the monster girls he chose for the main harem. Sure, they all have basic humanity to their forms, but for the most part, they're pretty animalistic when you get down to it. And I think that's one of the series strong points in that the girls do look so jarringly bizarre from the typical catgirls and cutesy monster girls in mainstream anime, yet still have such strong character traits and personalities that remind you that they aren't solely sex-objects- despite the fact that the fanservice can be a bit overwhelming at times- and that they're still just as human as everyone else.

Again, I love how much detail Okayado is putting into his world building with this series, and how he addresses the issues that society and politics would inevitably face if put into this situation of trying to integrate a new species of sapient intelligent life into human society. This volume in particular is where it shines through, where the pitfalls of the initial draft of the Interspecies Exchange Accord are addressed and weaponized by the criminal elements on either side of the species divide, leading to some very dark moments from both human and Liminal villains. The informative notes at the back of the volume are also great in this aspect, as they delve more into how each Liminal species functions in terms of biology and anatomical make up, such as how Zombina still has bloodflow even if she is dead, or how Meron's breasts are more like seal blubber in that they keep her body warm in the cold waters of her homeland, or how she uses her pelvic fins like rudders when swimming. And again, while the fanservice can get a bit much at times, one can't help but look at these notes and the other examples of world building in the story itself and not be impressed at how Okayado finds ways to justify these tropes in terms of the Liminals' unique anatomy. It really speaks to his creativity as a writer and artist.

Once more, Seven Seas Entertainment's translation is spectacular. The puns, the translation of the script to english in a way that still keeps true to the original, all of it is just perfect, in my opinion. The decision to change the acronym that spells out MON in the translation from "Monsters Of a Neuro" in the original Japanese to "Monster Ops: Neutralization" in English, as far as I'm concerned, is a good one, and actually sounds like a real military unit that would be drafted to deal with this situation.

Like with the first two volumes, I would definitely recommend this to an adult or young adult audience that's looking for a nice love story with a unique premise, excellent writing, great artwork, and a good understanding of world-building and magical realism. I would also, again, like to urge people to look past the fanservicey covers and artwork, and instead pay attention to the elements I've mentioned already in the story itself, because that's where the real meat of this series lies. Sure, the fanservice is nice eye-candy, but for me, the relationships between Kimihito and the girls is where it's at, and they're all handled incredibly well, and are treated with respect and understanding for either character.

So take a page from this book's message, and don't judge by what's on the cover. Pick it up, read for yourself, and join the fun!
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on August 4, 2014
This was the best in the series so far. Mero the mermaid and Suu the slime are developed into just as good of characters as the first three girls. There was a cliffhanger ending that features a girl who may just be Kurusu's next homestay. But my favorite part of this book was the introduction of the MON squad- Zombina, Doppel, Tio, and Manako. They are monster girls used to wipe out crime caused by other monsters (in this case orcs). I love all four of them and wish they could be a part of Kurusu's harem! I hope to see more of them in future volumes! Another highlight for me is Miia maturing in this volume. For the first time, she apologizes to another girl (Mero) for her jealousy and possessiveness. I am growing to like her more. Finally, I love the extras in the back that describe the biology and interests of the MON girls. It really helps you get to know them better! I can't wait for the fourth volume in a few weeks. Well, see you again!
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on October 10, 2015
This is a cute, fun story, and definitely not for kids. It's heavy on the fanservice, which is part of the story. If it was just tossed in it'd be very annoying, but since it's part of the story and the whole theme of the manga, I don't find it disruptive or of place. I will say the puns the translators use are unnecessary, unamusing, and annoying, as were the changes of the nicknames the characters use for each other. In those two areas, the online fan translations were much, much better. Still, I like the manga so I decided to buy it in order to support the author.
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on April 11, 2015
I think I have hit a decision point with this series. I liked the first two, and this one was ok, but for me, even with the added characters from the monster squad giving it a bit of life, the main characters are getting kind of boring. Even though the stories are different, since the relationships between the main characters doesn't progress, you kind of feel like it is ground hog day. Each story is different, but set in a world that doesn't change. It was still an enjoyable read with a decent set of stories, nice artwork and a good amount of fan service, but it just isn't really progressing and keeping my attention as much as I had hoped it would.
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on May 25, 2015
Yeah enter mero the mermaid she is the next stay host family yeah definitely a harem but she just want to be a mistress. Then after the chapter of mero the next chapter will be everyday monster girl with their everyday life about their day. This is great to keep on reading hope it does not end keep on going for this want to see more.
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on August 9, 2014
I wasn't planning to write a review on this third volume, but in hopes that the writer keeps writing and keeps getting published I am! I really enjoyed this third volume and had a few good laughs. Woo Monster girls!
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VINE VOICEon August 12, 2015
The comics collected into this volume amount to a collection of unrelated short stories about Kimihito and harem. In the first one Mia is having fits over the newest monster girl homestay introduced at the end of Monster Musume, Vol. 2: the mermaid Mero, whom Mia views as her most dangerous rival in the quest for Kimihio's hand in marriage. Everyone else dismisses this, but I think Mia is actually correct in her view. Of them all Mia is the most traditionally feminine, with the most traditional views on marriage, the one who acts the most like a normal Japanese girl,...

if you can get past her seven meters of snake body.

In contrast Papi is, in comparison with humans, an immature birdbrain looking for fun and eventually a sperm donor for her eggs; Cerea is a class conscious knight seeking a worthy master to serve under, which might or might not mean sexually, rather than a husband she considers above her station; and as far as anyone can tell at this point, all Su wants Kimihito for is his water. Compared to that a mermaid with a doomed romance fantasy seems almost normal and a genuine threat.

The second story introduces four fascinating new monster girl characters, all working for Ms. Smith. It seems that marriage and sexuality weren't the only things botched in the drawing up of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Accord; they also forgot to include any exceptions to the rule that humans cannot harm liminals for human police trying to stop liminal criminals, not even when in the act of murdering humans. Enter Monster Ops: Neutralization or M.O.N.

In the third one Kimihito comes down with some kind of upper respiratory disease, and Ms. Smith orders him quarantined, ESPECIALLY from his would-be harem, over concerns about a possibly mutant influenza pandemic produced by letting it jump from human to liminal and back again. Nothing daunted our heroines come up with a halfway clever solution: send slime girl Su in to take care of him. Unfortunately they also insist on filling Su's head with all of their different ideas for treatment, which in combination actually INCREASE his suffering. Fortunately, Su turns out to be more powerful and a whole lot smarter than heretofore known. She's able to read Kimihito's mind and symptoms by touch, and she remembers how he caught cold in the first place: by going out and rescuing her from a heavy rainstorm that could have killed her by dissolving her. Then she cures him by giving him water from her own body, and when he thanks her for it in front of the others, Su gives the longest response she's ever spoken,...

and announces that she, too, loves him.

In the last story Papi announces in front of everybody that she's going to lay an egg, neglecting to add until AFTER the other girls have beaten Kimihito to a pulp that it's unfertilized. She's done this before but never in Japan, and she's not feeling well. As they are all discussing what to do next, an Interspecies Cultural Exchange Video Team van pulls up requesting to film the egg laying as part of the documentary they are shooting. Since this is pretty much how Ms. Smith usually shows up, unannounced and already knowing everything that is going on, nobody thinks anything of it, but the director's increasingly pervy behavior makes them all increasingly uncomfortable. In the end Su's powers reveal the truth and save the day, and the last pages reveal a dangerous looking and acting new monster girl.

Will she be their next deadly foe, or would-be bride number six? The plot along with the webbing thickens in Monster Musume Vol. 4.
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