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on January 6, 2003
I wandered into the room of my best friend's three-year-old son, preparing to read him a book before he went to bed. When I saw this book among the pile on his floor, I got nostalgic. Really nostalgic. My mom read me the same book when I was his age, and I love, LOVE this book.
Not only does it teach you that sometimes the answer to all of your questions is right in front of you, but it does so by giving you pages of Grover, one of the most hysterical, lovable Muppets. The rattling of Grover's nerves, and the actual building of suspense in a picture book, keep the reader turning the book's pages -- even though Grover BEGS you not to do so. The reader is actually included in the narrative, for the book involves only Grover talking to the reader. The book thus becomes involving very quickly and entertaining throughout it.
Plus, the final punchline is a great payoff.
If you have children, this is an absolute must. Unlike other books from children's shows, this one's intelligent, maintains proper values and isn't beat-me-over-the-head annoying.
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on March 1, 2000
_The Monster At The End Of This Book_ (henceforth "TMATEOTB") is a fascinating treatise on several of the philosophical problems lurking at the core of modern and classical thought. The premise -- that, with the turn of each page, the reader brings self-described "lovable, furry Grover" closer to danger at the hands of the title monster -- allows one to question the very nature of free will and destiny. Is Grover doomed to encounter the monster? The conceit that it is the act of turning pages -- the literal act of reading itself -- that causes the ending to come about inevitably leads to the question: Would the book end differently if one _didn't_ finish reading it? On another level, TMATEOTB addresses one of the paradoxes of contemporary physics: The equality of space and time. The "end of the book" is an event in the future, but the monster is not spoken of as "arriving", but as _already being there_. Thus, turning pages moves the reader and Grover not only forward in time, as in most traditional literature, but also forward in space, leading to the perilous End of the Book. Lastly, TMATEOTB is about how we are ultimately at the whim of the cosmic forces that shape our lives. The hapless protagonist tries again and again to stop the reader from turning pages by erecting brick walls and nailing one page to the other. His efforts are futile, but he remains unaware of his essential helplessness in the face of a Reader. Perhaps, the book says, we are ultimately doomed to fail, trapped within the pages of cosmic irony, but unable to prevent or even perceive the inevitability of our encounter with the monster. The shocking twist ending wraps up the disparate threads of the text, presenting issues of self-knowledge, the nature of fear, and the question of what it truly means to be a monster. Perhaps the failure of our quests for safety in an uncertain world isn't so bad, it argues, if it leads to a confrontation like the one depicted in _The Monster At The End Of This Book_.
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on February 8, 2005
As a child I read "Monster at the End of the Book" and loved it. My question is why did they have to write pretty much the same story and add Elmo. Must he poke his little red head into every aspect of Seasame Street there is. The story lost some of its suspence when he was added. The children in my class when I read the first book they were the ones pushing Grover through the story. In this one Elmo is pushing Grover along and not the children. If you are looking for a great book for your children pick the first one and leave Elmo out.

P.S I have read this with Early Childhood classrooms and Special Education.
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on June 24, 2001
Grover is more than a little nervous - after all, there's a MONSTER at the end of the book. So, he enacts all kinds of zaniness like gluing the pages together in order to keep (protect) YOU (not him!!) from the monster at the end of the book.
This is the only book I remember my dad reading to me - EVER. (Probably because I asked for it a million times!!) He would act the parts out and change his voice and I would roll on the floor with laughter. When it came to Grover's antics, my dad would pretend that the pages really *were* stuck together. He'd grunt and groan and s-l-o-w-l-y turn the pages.
I read it to my kids - my children and students alike - in the same manner. And you know what? Everyone rolls on the floor giggling. Everyone has a good time.
I highly recommend this one - it is a great story about the wacky ways we devise to avoid what we think we fear. BUT, it is also a great way to build memories that will last forever with your children.
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on October 9, 2001
Do not get confused. This book seems to be written for children, and no doubt they will enjoy it. But this is, hands down, one of the greatest, most lucid and simple books on post-modern angst I can think of. The message: We always have a fear of a painful and uncertain end, and we do whatever we can to avoid the inevitable. But, in the end, the monster is ourselves. Buy this for your favorite existentialist or buddhist. You will not be disappointed. I even used this book as a source for my Master's Thesis on Absurdist theatre. It warrants praise.
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on December 15, 2010
first, I should make it clear that I love this book, it was one of my favorites growing up. I read it in a regular edition to my daughter and she seemed to like it almost as much as I do(she is 19 months so her sense of humor is still developing, she'll get there!).

since she is still a young toddler I decided to get her the board book edition and I am sorry I did. it is tiny! in some board books this wouldn't matter, in this one it doesn't work. so much of the humor in this book lies in the page layout--you lose all of that since the book itself is so small.
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on August 6, 1999
The thing that made the first Monster at the End of This Book so good was the interaction between Grover and the child. This book lacks that. The interaction is between Grover and Elmo. It's an OK book, but a real let down after the first one.
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on May 25, 2013
I remember this book as a kid and I still like it now. The version is really cheaply made and I don't like it. The pages stick out farther then the book cover does. I have never seen a book like this. It also looks like the made the book smaller but the pictures are still a little too big so some of the original picture gets cut off from the page. I will add pictures to show what I mean. i also bought the other book Another Monster At The End Of This Book and the pages stick out farther as well. I am going to send them back and look for a better copy.
review image review image review image
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on February 29, 2000
No matter how old (or young) you are you will not be able to stop laughing after you read this book. I'm 23 and I still love it, in fact I love to read it to kids as well. I can't quite do as good a grover as my mom but the kids don't mind. I grew up with this book. I guaruntee you're kinds will love it and you'll love reading it to them. And if you don't well then maybe you should see your doctor becuase you've lost your funny bone!
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on September 25, 2000
Grover was my favorite Sesame Street character as a child (and still is) and for some strange reason it isn't easy to find books on him. This one is so cute and adorable, just like "Lovable, Furry, Old Grover" himself!
As the adult you open the first page and instantly know the conclusion but looking at it from a child's viewpoint it is suspensefully entertaining. If you have a child that pushes books away alot I promise you he or she will NOT do that with THIS BOOK!
I highly recommend this book up to age 100! It is simply hiliarious! (When I first read it in the store I cracked up laughing and people were looking at me and I didn't care!) BUY THIS BOOK! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED--I PROMISE! YOU'LL PROBABLY LOVE IT MORE THAN YOUR CHILD! IT IS VERY FUN TO READ!
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