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on March 30, 2009
Not to be confused with the 80s movie of the same name, "The Monster Squad" was a fond memory from my childhood. This 70s NBC Saturday morning show featured a pre "Love Boat" Fred Grandy as Walt, a night watchman at
a Hollywood-type wax museum who was also a criminology college student during the day. He built a "Crime Computer" to monitor police activity during his shift. The computer somehow brought to life the statues of the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, and the Wolfman(not Laurence Talbot, but Bruce WW. The initials stood for WereWolf). To make up for past misdeeds, the three use their unique abilities to fight crime. The show featured "special guest villians" like Marty Allen, Alice Ghostly, Jonathan Harris, amoung others. If the show reminded you of the 60s "Batman" tv show, that's because both shows were produced by the same people. I can't wait for this DVD, and I still think an updated version of this show would work today.
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on June 25, 2009
The last time I saw "The Monster Squad", I was seven. I couldn't remember much about the show other than I liked it at the time and I was bummed when it went off the air. I was thrilled to find that over 30 years later it was finally being released on DVD. Without hesitation, I ordered it. I wasn't expecting the show to be very good, or the transfer to look decent. To my surprise, the show isn't bad (though clearly aimed at kids), and the transfer is excellent. If you're even thinking about it...ORDER IT.
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on July 10, 2009
The Monster Squad television series ran for one season in 1976 compiling 13 episodes during its brief run. Thanks to Fabulous Films / Virgil films fans can now enjoy the "Monster Squad" the complete series on DVD. All 13 live action episodes are included on two single sided discs with great disc packaging and awesome disc artwork. According to the rear of the package the episodes have been completely restored for this DVD release and in my opinion the quality of both picture and sound is excellent. There is some minor grain here & there in some of the episodes but they are still better than anything I expected to see and hear. There isn't an episode booklet included however the Episode Synopsis does appear on the inside of the DVD case when you open it. You still have to remove the discs to see them.

Walter played by (Fred Grandy) is a criminology student who moonlights as a night watchman in Fred's wax museum. Because nothing ever happens while he's on duty Walter constructs a high tech "crime computer" to pass the time. Upon its completion Walter plugs in his new crime computer and something totally unexpected happens. Walter can hardly believe his eyes when he sees what has happened and he quickly realizes that life in the old Museum will never be the same.

It appears that the oscillating vibrations from Walter's new super crime computer have brought back to life three of the Museums most diabolical inhabitants. Dracula, the Werewolf and Frankenstein are now back amongst the living and they have Walter and his crime computer to thank for it. The Monsters with the help of Walter will now join forces and try to make amends for their past misdeeds by helping people instead of harming them. Now that the formation of the "Monster Squad" is complete, these unlikely heroes will use some very unconventional tactics to battle an assortment of outrageous villains. The "Monster Squad" has brought back some great childhood memories for me and I'm glad I bought the set.

The Main Cast:

Fred Grandy.......Walter
Henry Polic II....Dracula
Buck Kartalian....Bruce W. Wolf
Mike Lane.........Frank N. Stein

Episodes Include:

Disc #1
Episode 1: Queen Bee
Episode 2: Mr Mephisto
Episode 3: The Tickler
Episode 4: The Ringmaster
Episode 5: Music Man
Episode 6: No Face
Episode 7: The Astrologer

Disc #2
Episode 8: Ultra Witch
Episode 9: The Wizard
Episode 10: The Skull
Episode 11: The Weatherman
Episode 12: Lawrence of Moravia
Episode 13: Albert/Alberta

Special DVD features Include:
-Stills Gallery
-Episode Synopsis
-Series Synopsis
-Motion Menus
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on December 29, 2012
Arguably my favorite childhood show! The mid-70s was a great time to be a monster fan. Lots of reruns of the classic Universal monsters movies, lots of magazines (Famous Monsters!), comics, toys, and cartoons about them as well. I was 9 when the Monster Squad aired and I was completely thrilled and terrified at the same time! They looked pretty frightening to me, even the dorky Frank character. Just like a few years earlier with the Batman show (made by the same producer; which I saw in reruns), I thought it was pretty realistic--goofy at times (the Tickler? Really?), but realistic nontheless. I loved the whole concept of reformed monsters working for a very Dick Grayson-esque (Robin), clean cut leader who believed in the goodness of the American way of life. I was so idealistic that even the undead could be good!

I'd like to draw a distinction here between the monster genre and the horror genre. These are related, but very different. Monsters can be good (Godzilla, the Hulk) or bad based on their situation. Monsters are really about being an outcast or about the mistakes of uncontrolled science--a wide range of stories there. But horror is about sustaining a certain emotion (fear) at all costs (logical plot not required), and often utilizes unhealthy images of gore. I would have no problem showing a young child these schlocky monster movies, but would never let him/her see Freddy Kruger or any of that.

1976 was like having Halloween every single week!

I also recommend any of the other live-action Saturday morning shows produced at this time. For whatever reason, Hollywood or the networks opted for a slew of live-action shows over cartoons. I did lament the loss of great cartoons that year, but was completely won over by the great live-action shows: Monster Squad, Ark II, Jason of Star Command, Space Academy, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Land of the Lost (Sleestacks scared me to death!), and reruns of Lidsville. Wow, what a great era!

The best thing for parents here is the peace of mind that there was no inappropriate in these shows. Parents need not worry about letting these DVDs do their babysitting for them (let's not judge, almost all of us do it). I think they do a lot more character building than they might seem at first glance. Frankenstein is a gentle brute, the Wolfman is a goodhearted everyman, and Dracula always overcomes his urges to do what is right.

Make no mistake, these are kids' shows and have elements that only a young person can truly appreciate. But if you're like me, you enjoy that from time to time.
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on December 21, 2013
THE STORY: Working the graveyard shift in a wax museum, a college kid named Walt builds a "crime-computer" and when he activates it, it somehow brings the statues of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster & The Wolfman to life. Feeling remorse for the bad reps they received over the decades, the 3 reanimated monsters decide to fight crime in order to atone for their past mistakes.

THOUGHTS: I'd totally forgotten all about this show when I chanced across it while browsing through Amazon. It seemed somehow familiar so I ordered it. As soon as I popped in the first disc and started watching it all came rushing back. Only a year or so before landing his memorable role as "Gopher" on THE LOVE BOAT, former senator(!) Fred Grandy starred in this Saturday morning kids' show. Henry Polic II as Count Dracula gets the lion's share of the monsters' dialogue, Buck Kartalian makes for a cranky Wolfman and rounding out the super heroic monster trio is big Mike Lane, (who usually played heavies in episodic TV crime shows), as the bumbling, lumbering, gentle-hearted Frankenstein. All three are perfectly cast in their roles and seem to be having a lot of fun. Yes, the show is silly, absurd, lightweight fluff, but most importantly it's lots of fun! You can tell that many of the writing team from the old 1966 BATMAN show contributed to this series; the clever dialogue has a very familiar feel, with lots of cornball humor, in-jokes and tons of puns. It brought back of lot of good memories. I let a friend borrow the set and he reported that his young kids were laughing all the way though at the slapstick physical comedy, goofy zingers and punny wordplay, so I guess MONSTER SQUAD hasn't lost any of its childish charm.

THE DVD SET: The entire 13 episode, 2-disc set is housed in one box. Video & audio quality are about what you'd expect from an obscure, shot-on-video kids TV show from 40 years ago. No restoration work was done to these shows, so as long as you don't go in expecting "Gone With The Wind"-quality remastering you'll be alright. Good times! I give MONSTER SQUAD a solid 4 STARS.
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on April 10, 2016
I'm glad I bought this when it wasn't so expensive. I really like this show despite its flaws. If there were better fight scenes, better cinematography and really cool looking van you actually saw the monster squad driving in this show would have been awesome. Well if they ever do a remake Brad Garret would be perfect as Frank.
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on February 28, 2015
I expected to cringe my way through an episode or two of this for nostalgia's sake alone. I loved "The Monster Squad" when I was a child of four, but that was long, long ago. To my great surprise, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It's juvenile, of course, and outrageously campy and silly. It's also ultra-cheap and obviously made very hastily. But the four leads attack their roles with gusto, especially Buck Kartalian, whose earnest Bruce W. Wolf is the most likable werewolf I know of. Don't get me wrong, "The Monster Squad" isn't an overlooked masterpiece. But it is a fun and frivolous exercise in '70's kidvid that aging Monster Kids like me will relish. Give your kids a break from Nickelodeon, show them this series and let them have some real, dumb fun.
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on June 5, 2014
Fond memories of childhood TV brought back from the graveyard
o' syndicated programming (lol) - this release is about as digitally
remastered as you're going to see (until another Company wants
to spend more $ on a Blu-ray release) so be 'fang' ful and enjoy
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on January 9, 2014
Its by the same people who brought you batman. Same premise but more of a halloween theme. Nice and campy. Julie Newmar, Catwomen appears as Ultra with in this Series. Also cool monster van. Gopher from Love boat appears as Walt
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on May 29, 2013
The TV series was dopier than I remembered it being. But, it was a show aimed at youngsters so, that's to be expected. The real fun is in seeing the guest villains and supporting players. Many recognizable faces! This is a 2 DVD set that contains all 13 episodes of the mid-seventies Saturday morning kids show. A mindless amusement that manages to be entertaining.
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