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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, fantastic sound, but I can't use it
The Monster Turbine Pro Copper (MTPC, or just Copper, below) is, without a doubt, the *BEST* *SOUNDING* *HEADPHONE* I have ever used, and I've used a lot... couple of specific points.

Bass response. I love organ music - and organ music sometimes has deep bass that (almost) no other recorded music approaches. For example, on some of the recordings of the...
Published on April 27, 2011 by Raymond E. Garrison

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1.0 out of 5 stars Good Sound, BAD build quality, Pathetic service
Let me start of by saying that these earphones do sound really good but only when they actually work and I have now twice had horrific experiences with their build quality and customer service. I bought these with a lot of excitement and after doing a lot of research I was convinced that these had fantastic sound quality and exceptional build materials backed with a...
Published on June 1, 2012 by HIM

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5.0 out of 5 stars Monster Pro Copper, August 30, 2010
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
I am comparing these to the Denon reference c751,and Klipsch Image X10i.I listen to all types of music across the spectrum other than rap and hip hop, which for me lacks any musical talent. First the quality of these are second to none. Soundstage is broad, highs are never harsh or tinny, mids are crystal, bass and low end is precise and tight with no roll off or muddled sound like some. I have read that these require approximately twenty hours of play to break in. For me it took 150 hours before they began to really shine. When not actively listening to them I kept them playing. I primarily use my ipod to listen to music. I converted all my music to 256kbps with (VBR) format. The higher the bit rate the better the sound. The only con for me which may not be for another is that I seem to frequently change the ear-tips for the proper seal. The number and type of ear tips included will assure that you will find the correct type and size. It is my understand that the only difference between these and the Monster Pro Miles Davis IEM'S are in the tuning. Now if Monster would just send me the Miles Davis version I could submit a more accurate and fair review!!! Oh well doesn't hurt to ask!! Now for the numbers; here are mine.

Quality of construction: 10/10
Sound isolation: 9/10
Soundstage: 10/10
Highs: 10/10
Mids: 10/10
Bass: 9/10
Price: 8/10
What's in the box: 10/10
Warranty: 10/10
Listening experience: 10/10.

In summary, if you are a serious listener of music and are looking for IEM'S that produce sound in it's most pristine form then look no further. You will hear things that you had never heard before when you put these on. Some say they are heavy, true but they are not uncomfortable. Do yourself and your music a favor and get these. You won't be sorry.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Loved, July 17, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
Was a gift. Loved it
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5.0 out of 5 stars Another Top-Tier IEM Contender, July 9, 2010
PCGuy (Boston, MA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)

I want to start this review of by saying Thank You to Monster Cable for providing me with these earphones to review.


I had previously owned the original Monster Turbine so I was very happy to see Monster Cable had continued the excellent packaging for the Turbine Pro Copper. Of all the brands of IEMS that I have personally owned, Monster Cable has really gone all out on packaging their earphones in an elegant manner. The presentation and quality of the packaging materials is first rate and really sets the tone for hopefully what is to come. Inside the box we find a carrying case for both the headphones and a separate one to store the dizzying array of tips provided along with a shirt clip.


My first upgrade from the EX70 was a pair of Etymotic ER6i and I learned very quickly that getting the proper fit and seal was imperative to maximizing the sounds quality. I currently own some of the most difficult IEMS to get a proper fit (IE8, TF10). The MTPC comes with such a huge assortment of tips that I can't imagine anyone not finding a pair to properly fit them. At first I noticed the usual suspects, the good old silicone tips along with some triple flanges in multiple sizes. I had heard about the "Pro Sound" isolating tips which are essential the regular silicone tips filled with what appears to be more silicone to help them seal in your ear canal. What I was really looking forward to were the new "Super Tips" which seem to be a hybrid of a silicone tip and a foam tip. I use foam tips on my TF10 but they have to be replaced almost monthly due to wax and grime . I started my fitting with the regular silicone tips then the Pro tips and ended up selecting the white foam Super Tips for my evaluation.

Build Quality:

As I pulled the MTPC out of the packaging, one of the first things I noticed was how thick the main cord was and what an improvement compared to the regular Turbine. I felt the cord on the regular Turbine was not that much different than my old pair of EX70s. The left and right earphones both have strain relief along with a beefy Y separator. The earphone plug is of the right angle variety and is also very well constructed. With Monster Cable having its roots in audio cables, I expect nothing but the best in cables for their earphones and this time around it seems they have a winner. Even if the cable fails, you have the Lifetime warranty to fall back on even if you break them. If you manage to break them at your own fault, Monster will replace them once at no cost.

Comfort and Use:

The MTPC is all metal and seems heavy in your hand but in everyday use they do not seem heavy at all. I have been wearing them both with the cord down and also over the ear. I find with the cord over the ear, they are very comfortable and I don't even notice that they are there. The cord does suffer from microphonics more than my other earphones but it might be caused by the thickness of the cable. The shirt clip did help a little but I chose not to use it. With the Super Tips, I find the sound isolation to be excellent. Even on the subway, there is almost no noise coming through. It's nice to just hear the music and nothing else.

Sound Quality and Review Material:

I will save comparisons to other earphones for another review and just be subjective about the MTPC. As I previously mentioned, I had owned the original Monster Turbine. When I first purchased them, I found that right out of the box that they were very boomy and really improved with some use or "burn-in". Even still, the kid in me had me listening to the MTPC right away. Well imagine that, pretty much the same result. The MTPC out of the box sounded very similar to what I remember the original Turbine sounding like. I plugged them into my Sony X , put it on repeat and let them play for approximately 12 hours at a normal listening level. My next experience was completely different, the boominess was gone and they were sounding much more natural.

The source material I chose for my review mostly consists of what I was listening to at the time I owned the original Turbine along with what I have been listening to lately on my regular earphones. Below is a partial list of what I listened to.

Original Turbine Comparison:

* The Raconteurs
- Consolers of the Lonely
- Broken Boy Soldiers
* The Prodigy
- Invaders Must Die
- The Fat of the Land
* Diana Krall
- Live in Paris
- The Girl In The Other Room
- The Very Best Of
* Eric Clapton and B.B. King
- Riding With The King
* TV On The Radio
- Dear Science
- Return to Cookie Mountain
- Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Current Listening :

* The Dead Weather
- Horehound
- Sea of Cowards
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
- Beat The Devil's Tattoo
* The Black Keys - Brothers
* Vampire Weekend - Contra
* Moreland & Arbuckle - Flood
* Pink - Funhouse
* Phish - Joy
* Slash - Slash
* Jack Johnson - To The Sea
* The Grateful Dead
- One From The Vault
- Two From The Vault

One of the qualities I missed about the original Turbines was they were considered to be "Fun" earphones, while they might have not been the most accurate sounding, the bass more than made up for it and really matched up well with certain music. What I did not miss was a very narrow soundstage and somewhat of an in-your-head experience. My experience with the MTPC has been a nice improvement. The bass is still very much a signature of these earphones and it is as close to having a subwoofer in your ear as you can get while not being overwhelming. Monster's term of In Ear Speakers is really not much of an exaggeration. I would say the original Turbine was like having an equalizer with a V curve and the MTPC are much more of a flatter curve. Compared to my other earphones, they excel at the lower octave but have somehow managed to not lose ground to the midrange and high frequencies. I find their mids to be a little recessed and the top end to be just a touch harsh compared to my current favorite but not necessarily in a negative way, just a different flavor. The soundstage is a nice improvement and is getting closer to some of the wider sounding IEMs out there. While not the biggest, certainly better than the regular Turbine. There are definitely Artists and Albums that these have become my favorite IEM to listen to, pretty much everything I listed above. The first track on The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely just does not sound as good on any other IEM I own and the same goes for The Prodigy and TV on the Radio. The amount of deep, stomach rumbling bass that the MTPC is capable of constantly put a smile on my face.


Has Monster created a product to compete with the other top tier universal IEMS? Personally I think they have. The only way to find out is try them for yourself. These are just as much "fun" as the original just in a more mature fashion. Let's say the original Turbine is the rocking car stereo you had when you were younger and the MTPC is the high end system in your luxury automobile. One final tidbit for the Dead Heads out there, I have not found any other IEM that conveys the impact of the bass at a live Dead show as these can. At the current street price, I find these to be an excellent value and would definitely consider purchasing them had I not be given a pair for review.
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5.0 out of 5 stars My review of the Monster Copper Pro Turbine headphones, June 15, 2010
martel (Toronto, Ontario) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
First off I would like to say a BIG thank you to Monster Audio for allowing me to participate AND keep the headphones after the review period.

I apologize for the length of the review and if Amazon wishes to edit, please feel free.

Summation of Review of the Monster Audio Pro Copper Turbine Headphones

First of all it is with the greatest of thanks that I was selected by Monster Audio to review the new Monster Audio Pro Copper Turbine headphones and this has been a truly amazing and rewarding experience all round. To be able to keep t he headphones after the review period was a wonderful gift for doing this. Again, I'd like to thank Monster Audio for allowing me to do this AND keep such a prize!!!!

Having been an audiophile of over 30 years+ I have been taking my music on the road in various formats and am now dealing the mp3 format and trying to get the best possible sound from the format..

Out of all the headphones I have run across, the Monster Copper Pro Turbines are truly the best in ALL areas.

TOTALLY free of distortion, nasties, more than ample, NATURAL high's, SUMPTUOS mid-range, tight and extended bottom end based.

For my listening sources I used two sources. At home, My Kenwood portable cd player from 10 years ago connected to a recently acquired Electric Avenues PAV2 headphone amplifier designed and built by Gary Ali.

On the road, a Sandisk Clip V1 2GB player again, connected to the PAV2 headphone amplifier.

As I have detailed in the recordings that I used at home, the experience is nothing short of a good vacuum tube amp and a pair of electrostatic speakers. I had to keep telling my self I was NOT listening to a portable based system. There was barely a recording that didn't pass with flying colours, so this bodes well for Gary's PAV2

On the road, the only quantifier I can say is that the Sandisk Clip V1 uses WMP 160KB. Still, everything came through stunningly clean and accurate. As I said earlier I have detailed the recordings I have listened both at home and in transit to work.

Monster Audio has taken great pains to design a high end headphone. There are several things which I would like to include as this should be reference to other manufactures.

First off, interchangeable ear tips. Monster has taken every effort to make sure the product has a comfortable fit for long periods of listening. Based on the ear tips you choose, you barely ever know you have anything on, so be prepared to be transported to another dimension based on your source. Some ear tips are picky for fit based on your ear canal.

Isolation is about 85%+ based on what you choose for ear tips. For me using public transit, I found the large grey round tips worked best and amazing comfort. Oh yes, and Monster supplies a neat storage unit where you can fit 8 pair of ear tips and take them with you to suit your needs

As per isolation, I should also note that based on having someone else have these on, there is NO stray noise coming from these potentially annoying anyone else.

The other thing I should mention is that these are the ONLY headphones that I've had NO ringing in the ears. Monster has again taken great pains to design a headphone that DOES NOT potentially does any damage to hearing as was displayed in the owner's manual

One thing Monster has provided for cable management us an adjustable slider. This can be useful if you don't want the cables dangling about.

Build quality is first class. Being made of copper the Turbines should be able to withstand a fair bit of punishment, but within reason. Cabling is very solid and should
be able to take a fair bit of punishment.

I should add that during the break in, on the road, on the way home, they didn't even flinch. There were a few times when I caught the PAV2 being at full blast and NOT ONCE was there any hint of clipping or distortion during break in.

For cable management, a great idea of a slider to adjust the cables and clip is very useful

See below detailed notes of how the Monster Copper Pro Turbines sounded during the initial break in and I might add that nearly 2 weeks in, even THAT MUCH SMOOTHER

Initial impressions of Monster Copper Pro Turbine Headphones

Day 1, June 2nd, 2010

Source; Kenwood Portable cd player and Electric Avenues PAV2 Headphone Amp

First cd; Daniel Lanois `Acadie' 1988

Upon position headphones in my ears the initial sound straight out of the box was amazing.

This was a good album to start the break in as the detail and warmth of this disc shone right through at the start.

While not an overly dynamic album to start with it is VERY subtle and upon getting about half way through the cd I felt I was listening to a pair of electrostatic speakers.

For having come right out of the box and no special tips used as yet, there was an uncanny transparency and thought I was listening to a VERY high end vacuum tube system. I had to keep telling myself this IS a portable system

The articulation of detail so far is quite amazing and they have only had 40 minutes of run in time.

Round 2 shortly.....

Okay, disc 2, somewhat uncharted, but familiar territory and here's where it starts to happen.

Disc 2 is a reissue of Aram Khachaturian's complete ballet `Gayne' a true 20th century masterpiece.

Issued in the late 70's on RCA and reissued on cd, here's where he Monster Copper Pro Turbines shine. RCA's remastering of this could have bee MUCH BETTER; still, I was totally transported to another place with this recording and the Turbines AGAIN forgetting what source I was listening to. Solo harp sections came out stunningly articulate and imaging TOTALLY uncluttered and transparent with a good sense of what the hall sounded like. Again, RCA could have done much better in remastering of a GREAT recording. I might add that despite RCA's remastering there IS a good sense of dynamic range and power, which the Turbines really bring out.

Loris Tjeknavorian has a true understanding of this piece and this helps so much.

Day 3; the road test

Okay, so here we are on the way to work by public transit.

Source was my Sansa Clip Version 1 and PAV2 headphone amp.
For ear tips, I chose the large size flanged tips to see how they would be for isolation.

Traveling on bus and subway was a good test ESPECIALLY using chamber music.

This disc was a recording the Rachmaninoff and Shostakovich cello sonatas.

Ambient noise was about 80-85% reduced. The quality of this disc is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Despite a bit of ambient noise creeping in, I was totally drawn in by the sound AND performance of this disc

The Turbines handled this disc with absolute ease during complex passage and gave an incredible sweetness during quite passage which was almost ethereal even while on public transit

The trip home from work

Disc 1, Bryan Ferry, Boys and Girl, First Generation cd

Picky positioning, but once done, the usual shone through. TIGHT bass and good imaging.

Day 4; June 5, 2010;

On the way to work this morning listening to a real favourite and reference disc of classical music as I do on weekend morning commutes.

A disc of Rossini ballet music. All I can say is, `Oh My'

The Turbines are well suited to classical music. Sound stage was wide and focused.

Absolutely NO hint of distortion or congestion in complex passages. TOTAL transparency and detail

Day 4, the trip home June 5, 2010

Madonna; Confession from the Dance Floor

This is a TOUGH ONE, plenty of dynamics.

TOTALLY uncluttered, NO distortion on the high end and when extreme bass is present, watch out

This album passed with MORE than flying colours and Madonna's voice was articulate.

Day 5; June 6, 2010

Like I said, weekends are mostly classical music on the way to work.

First work was Delius' Florida Suite on Argo Records, TOTALLY NEUTRAL portrayal and superb detail and dynamics. Again, another reference cd that one keeps forgetting one is listening to an mp3 player.

Next a Naxos disc of some Rameau ballet music. A period performance providing STUNNING detail and separation of instruments. The harpsichord was clearly heard in its location

Trip home;

Dire Straits; `On Every Street.'

PICKY about positioning of ear trips, used the grey round ones. Best cuts, `The Party' `Planet of New Orleans'. Give good bass slam and again articulate in detail. May give a relisten as a couple of things bugged me.

Day; June 7, 2010

Medwyn Goodall; Medicine Woman II

A New Age meditation disc, sequal to Medicine Woman

All I can say are three words, SWEET, SILK, and SMOOTH!!!!

The trip home; ABBA, The album

Just for fun, ABBA. From what I was able to listen `Move On' was amazing. Articulate voice and typical studio album from my teens.

Will listen again all the way through as was interrupted a few times

Day 8; June 8, 2010

Smetana; Ma Vlast (My Fatherland)

All I can say again is, OH MY. The ONLY thing I can quantify on this is the transfer of the recording to my Sansa Clip. At WMP 160KB, this does NOT do justice to strings, so this is NOT the fault of headphones.

This recording of Ma Vlast on Naxos, I had TOTALLY underrated and is fast becoming my new 1st choice as opposed to the Antal Dorati Concertgebow recording. A mixed choice.

TOTAL neutrality and brings forth a real sense of the recording. Good focus and separation of instruments and other than what I quantified early, TOTALLY uncluttered in complex passages.


So like I said at the beginning, I wanted to be as detailed as possible to describe the sound of these headphones. For me, the sound is incredibly neutral and balanced with no lack of width on sound staging and TOTALLY focused imaging

These are a true high end headphone and CAN handle punishment.
There is a distinct `sound signature' with these headphones and again to reiterate what I said earlier, much like listening to a vacuum tune amplifier and electrostatic speakers.

Would I recommend these?? YES!!! Save your pennies and spring for a pair. As I have learned, it's best to save up for one DECENT pair of phones, rather than go through several to eventually find what you want

WELL DONE, Monster Audio and a great entry into the high end and THANK YOU for letting me be part of this project. For me, FIVE STARS, all round
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1.0 out of 5 stars Good headphones - Bad luck, July 19, 2011
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
For starters I ordered both the turbine pro gold and the turbine pro coppers (for comparative purposes). The gold's were ordered from Amazon and the others were ordered from a verified monster dealer. The gold's seemed to be defective in that the left side was noticably stronger than the right. I sent them back and ordered the coppers (they were also cheaper at the time). The coppers are by far the best headphones I have ever listened to (not an audiophile, but I did my research). After about three weeks of normal use, the cable came unglued where it meets the Y-split. The wire was exposed, so I hesitantly returned them (they were really good sounding headphones). When I opened the replacement pair and plugged them into my iPod to test them out, I discovered that they were unbalanced, again. This time it was the right side that was more prominent. I verified this by comparing both pairs of the coppers that I had, then having some friends of mine do the same and we all came to the same conclusion... The headphones were not balanced. Not to hate on Monster, I just wished that their headphones had worked for me. I mean that too, they were some of the best-sounding headphones I have ever heard.
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2.0 out of 5 stars All show, hype and marketing. Don't buy into it and get yourself real equipment., August 3, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
I purchased the entire line of monster turbines, the turbines, turbine pro gold and turbine pro copper. I was interested to test the three sets against my triplefi10s, shure se535, seinnheiser ie7, and ie8.

To ensure a fair test I used two desktop amps, in addition to my iphone and PC using lossless music. I like testing my headphones against music I like which is Dave Matthews, Dr. Dre, Notorious BIG, Journey, Lifehouse, and Daft punk.

I don't have it in me to write a super detailed write up like most other audiophiles.

TripleFi10 - a long favorite of mine, lacks mid balance but highs and lows are perfect. I upgraded the cable to silver and the mids now pop which means a very great sounding IEM, balanced. Does well with a amp. Comfort is perfect for me. All music sounds great. Nothing compares to my Denon AHD5000s...completely different sound. I will review the turbines and 10 headphones only.

Turbines - If you want bass and more bass these are perfect. All the tips supplied sucked in my opinion. I switched them out to comply which vastly improved comfort. The amp just gives these more bass. Stick to rap and R&B.

Turbine Pro Golds - Definitely a step up. More highs, i think mids are lacking due to the excess bass. Probably good for rap and r&b again, possibly jazz.

Turbine Pro Coppers - Slightly more balanced than the golds, but nothing special. Nice looking IEMs. The highs get distorted at high volumes. I question if monster really made any changes from the golds other than the color and packaging. Very disappointed at this price point. You can buy UE triplefis for half this price and a fiio E7 and E9 for the price of the coppers. Sound will blow your mind using this setup after trying the coppers. I did not like the feel of them in my ear because they are made of all metal which felt very heavy in my ear. I had to try a bunch of tips with these and only the comply tips worked best for me which were not supplied by Monster.

To give such a high review means the listener doesn't have a broad enough spectrum to pull experience from.

If this were my second or third set of IEM's I would probably love them too. Your taste becomes more discerning by experiencing other products in the same field.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Totally fake!, April 7, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
I bought this because I already have monster turbine, so I would like to buy its pro version.
the thing is unfortunately the seller doesn't provide an original product. I cannot define the quality of the speaker. It was used product but the seller described it as an "almost new" . The thing is there are only 4 extra earplugs, that's all!! How can you describe almost new product if you only have 4 spare parts (Original pro turbine have 30 earplugs, 2 cases and 1 jack). there was no guarantee paper or something shows the product is real. Believe me, both its interior and exterior quality is so "cheap"..
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good highs and lows / very balanced earphones!, October 2, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
They look sexy, only thing i would like is them having a better quality cord :). They are very balanced earphones and having amazing clarity with a good amount of bass, it would be great to have alittle more kick in them but overall if you want kick then get the miles davis tributes~!!. They haved good lows and highs and if you combine this with a portable amp = Eargasm.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Smooth and silky, November 25, 2011
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
I bought other brands, trying to get something to stay in my ear. Then, when I decided to try something a bit more in terms of price, I took the chance with these (after all, I could always send them back). Low and behold, I picked the perfect size for ears on second attempt! The sound was okay...but nothing fantastic at first. However, it does state you have to wear them in, so I wore and wore...and what a difference! Now I can hear music with pure noise cancelling, and the blend of the guitars with piano, and whatever else is being played. Amazing! WOrth the priuce if you can get them on sale at Amazon, they are now. Buy and try is my motto. They are pure sounding.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A product that is actually NOT overpriced from monster, May 18, 2011
This review is from: Monster Turbine PRO High-Performance In-Ear Speakers (Copper) (Electronics)
First of all I have owned many top iems including the Senn IE7 and IE8, TF10, Westone 3, Image x10 and headphones such as HD595.

Everyone knows that Monster has a reputation of overpricing their cables and their overly hyped Dr. Dre line. So I had low expectation for this copper pro. Man, I was wrong. After 300 hours of burn in, this earphone believe it or not revivals even my beloved Sennheiser IE8! This review will be mainly IE8 vs Copper pro.

Package: Monster has done a really great job of presenting their products. It come with a huge box with tons of booklets and accessories. IE8 on the other hand comes in a overly engineered protective box/case that took me a while to figure out how to open that sucker.

Lets start off from the bass: Both has great defined bass. Which is very surprising for monster because of their Dr. Dre line having so much mid bass. The copper pro have less mid bass hump than that of the IE8 which makes the entire music spectrum less thumpy. And ofc the IE8's bass can be adjusted.

The mid: Since the copper pro has less mid bass, this will also make the vocal just a little bit crisper than the IE8. But the Ie8 can produce vocal emotion better. Both earphones has the best mid out of all my earphones collection.

Treble: both earphones has similar treble quality. The Ie8 being better because it blend very well with its massive soundstage and its mid.

Soundstage: IE8 wins hands down. This is the biggest selling point of the IE8 than other earphones of its class. The copper pro has great sound stage, but it doesn't have the out of the ear sound stage as the IE8. Ie8 sound more like a closed headphones than a isolation earphone.

Comfort: Both earphones are comfortable, but i like the around the ear design of the IE8 much better. The copper pro is also heavy and big so fitting could be a issue with some. The gel eartips are a great additions from the copper pro.

Cable: IE8, its replaceable and its Kevlar. The cable is extremely soft yet it feels solid. The copper pro cable is also nice, but I would be more careful since its not user replaceable. I believe every highend earphones need to have exchangeable cable.

construction: Both are top of the line construction while the copper pro being metal. The plastic feels solid on the IE8 and cable are kevlar reinforced. However my regular turbine housing came apart recently dude to bad gluing between the driver and the housing. The IE8's housing is actually hold up by a screw. I would trust a screw better than glue.

Overall I would recommend those earphones to audiophile and music love alike. They sound amazing for its price on amazon and ofc is backed up by its lifetime warranty. But please, stay away from the Dr. Dres, they will disappoint you.
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