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45 of 56 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful in Bluray
Before anyone starts saying this has not been released yet and there cannot be a review of the Bluray edition let me tell you this, this movie has been available in Japan and Mexico for quite some time now, and I was able to get a copy of the Mexican edition, which was at one time, identical to the one to be released in the US. It is a 3 disc edition (2 BD plus DVD copy...
Published on September 10, 2009 by R.Suarez

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3.0 out of 5 stars Movie is great, packaging is fraudulent.
The movie is great, but the packaging outright lies when it states that it is closed captioned. Only the movie is captioned. This is normal when there is one DVD with a few extras on it, in which case I wouldn't complain (even though I'd be disappointed.)
If two DVDs are included in a set, and only one is captioned, then the packaging and resellers should somehow...
Published on October 2, 2002 by S. Sprague

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45 of 56 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful in Bluray, September 10, 2009
R.Suarez "R-Suarez-" (Mc Allen, Texas United States) - See all my reviews
Before anyone starts saying this has not been released yet and there cannot be a review of the Bluray edition let me tell you this, this movie has been available in Japan and Mexico for quite some time now, and I was able to get a copy of the Mexican edition, which was at one time, identical to the one to be released in the US. It is a 3 disc edition (2 BD plus DVD copy of the movie), this has now been changed to a 4 disc set in the US to include the additional digital copy.

Disc one starts with an intro by director Pete Docter, in which he pretty much explains all the contents in this 'glorious' high definition version of the movie. A mini documentary on the 'Monsters, Inc: Ride & Go Seek ' ride in Disney Japan is also included. The highlight to me was the creators 'Round table' in which they talk about the process of creating the movie, some deleted scenes not included in prior DVD versions are shown here and they finally explained to me why is it so difficult to get a reservation at 'Harryhausen's' if all the staff from the scare floor seems to hang around there!

The Pixar shorts 'For the birds' and 'Mike's new car' (originally made on 4:3 format) are also included in HD format (as previously released in 'Pixar shorts)

The movie is presented in 1:85:1 aspect ratio. The word that comes to mind to describe how this looks is simply 'Beautiful', the colors, the textures, Sullivan's fur, the character's skin textures, Roz' sweater. Details pop up, colors are bright and clear. I had never noted that the real name of 'Boo' is actually in the movie until I saw it on Bluray!

The audio is another improvement of this BD edition. Presented in an uncompressed 5.1 track, the music by Randy Newman and the sound effects (check the audio in the door chamber sequence or every time 'Boo' laughs/cries and there is a power variation) sound just great. Spanish and French Dolby Digital tracks are also included. An audio commentary with the creators provides a lot of details of the movie, since I have watched this over and over with my 2 year old kid I have been able to play the commentary a couple times so he watches the movie and I learn about how it was made.

One thing I noted though, the end credits in the Bluray are not the same as in the DVD. The DVD will have the bloopers play while the credits roll, while the Bluray does not. Those 'Bloopers' though are included in disc 2 as additional features.

Disc 2 includes a feature called the 'Employee's manual' Additional spots created to promote the film are included too. Storyboards and drawings from the artists in HD as well as the '100 doors challenge', which is like a trivia game in which based on your responses you will be offered a position in Monsters Inc. Disc 3 as mentioned earlier, is a DVD copy of the movie (in the Mexican edition the 4:3 presentation is included, NOT widescreen) which is great as my kid can have that to watch it as many times as he desires.

Fans of the movie or any Pixar movie should not miss this!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pixar has done it again!, August 26, 2002
Admittedly, I am a fan of Pixar's work. Their artists have done some incredible animated features over the years. Between the "Toy Story" movies and "A Bug's Life," they have managed in a short time to build an impressive track record. Their shorts are also among the best ever produced. So my expectations going into this movie were very high.
The story concerns the monsters in your closet. The theory being that their world runs of the energy produced by children's screams. Sulley (John Goodman) is number one at getting screams. His main rival (Steve Buschemi) will do anything to gain the top spot. Oh, and they consider the touch of a human child to be toxic.
While not as instantly relatable as "Toy Story," the movie builds on the talents of Goodman and Billy Crystal (Mike) to bring you into this make-believe world as Sulley and Mike try to get little Boo back through the closet door to the safety of her bedroom.
Disney/Pixar has presented this well on DVD. Both Widescreen and Pan & Scan versions are available on the first disc. The second disc has games, outtakes, an award winning animated short, and a fun (easy to find) Easter Egg.
All in all, if you enjoy Pixar's work, or animated features in general, this is a must have for your collection.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Review about the DVD, September 1, 2002
DISC ONE: For moviegoers during summer of 2001, the marquee was packed with animated options: Shrek, Atlantis, Final Fantasy and Monsters, Inc. If you disect the movies, the first two end up being dissapointing when viewed in the small screen and Final Fantasy is just made with a different public in mind. Now, Monsters, Inc. achieves in DVD format the same feel you got when you (hopefully) saw it in theaters: the movie IS a great movie for all ages. No bells and whistles: simply brilliant!
The script is very funny, clever and innovative (it is worth seeing on the DVD how much it evolved from the original treatment it was going to have...), turning around the ageless childhood fear of monsters into a fear of kids BY monsters, who need kids' screams in order to power their society. Top ranking scarer, big, blue and furry Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) and his one-eyed assitant, Mike Wazowski (brilliantly played by Billy Crystal) see their "monstrous" lives turned around when Sulley accidentally brings a little girl (Boo) by accident into their monster world.
Complementing the script and the voices, the animation is incredible. The faces of the characters, the blinking of the eyes (the red in the eyes, when Mike sprays antibacterial stuff on his face, the glassy look in Sulley's eyes toward the end of the movie), the fur of Sulley (every hair moving just as if he were real), the illumination all through the movie. Plus the persecution scene leaves you speechless: there's SO MUCH happening in it, and it's so seamless: one of the great animation accomplishments of the movie without any doubt.
DISC TWO: One element that powerfully called my attention is the very human (is that ironic or what?) touch that the second disc has. For example, the Director, the two Co-Directors and the Producer appear in the very beginning, showing you how to find your way around the DVD. It's not that it's a convoluted DVD or anything of that sort: simply the two discs are packed with all sorts of goodies and they are making an effort to have you find it all.
One of the best things included in disc 2 is the Oscar-winning animated short film "For The Birds" which we all enjoyed in theaters so much right before Monsters started. Also included are the complete outtakes (call them "bloopers" from the movie, if you may, whose concept alone makes you scratch your head in surprise while you laugh till it hurts). But the fun to disc two doesn't end there: there is a wealth of details for the more technically-inclined or those who simply are curious about the way animation is done, with a whole tour through the process, from story reels, to layout, animation, simulation (a key component in the level of perfection accomplished with Sulley's fur and the way Boo's big shirt works) ahd shading/lighting. Same thing is done with design and music & sound. Wrapping up the goodies is a pretty fun tour of Pixar studios where you can catch a glimpse of why these guys are able to come up with such a funny movie: they're having a blast there! :D
Technical comments
-If you view the DVD on a computer (as I did), the first time you do it, you will go through the installation of the InterActual player software. Hit "Accept" at every step of the way: whether you like it or not, you won't be able to take advantage of all the elements in the DVDs unless you view it using this software...
-Another detail for computer users: the "Peek-A-Boo Door game" was useless on my computer. It's designed to be played when viewing the DVD on a DVD player. In fact, it almost brings my laptop to its knees. So, my recommendation to you DVD-viewers using a computer to go past the intro page with all the games on it and click on to view the movie.
-Subtitles included are in English only, so that probably will not make Spanish-only or French-only-speaking viewers too happy, n'est-ce pas? Verdad?
In general, though, excellent! Five stars to this incredible production by Disney and to its Two-Disc Collector's Edition. You will enjoy every bit of it and watch it several times over.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, August 25, 2002
This is one of the best DVD's I've gotten to date. The movie itself is wonderful and includes the voice talents of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Ratzenberger, Jennifer Tilly, and James Coburn. As you probably already know the storyline, I'll just talk about DVD.
You get 2 discs- one contains the movie itself (with the "full screen" or "widescreen" versions, as well as a director's commentary option)and the second disc is chock full of goodies! You get "For the Birds" the 2001 Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film (shown in theaters before the movie), and "Mike's New Car" (exclusively created for the video and DVD release, as well as an exclusive sneak peek of "Finding Nemo", the newest upcoming release from Disney starring Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, and Willem Dafoe. Plus, if you choose the "Human Door" option, you get a tour of the Pixar animation studios by the makers of the film. They'll show you deleted scenes, 3-D location flyarounds, and animation gags and "inside" jokes. The "Monster World" door is where the real fun starts- train for your first day at Monster's Inc.; see the employee handbook, and play the "Boo's Door Game", which works like a CD rom-type game. Use your remote control to go through doors and find pieces of Boo's door that come together like a puzzle. The kids and I had tons of fun playing this together. Even our 4-month old son laughed heartily while rocking in his swing. Definitely a DVD for familes to own- worth every penny for the amount of material you get. Buy it, buy it, buy it now!
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars ACTUAL REVIEW of the 2 DVD set of "Monsters, Inc" !, August 25, 2002
forrie (Nashua, NH United States) - See all my reviews
Thanks to & Disney/PIXAR I received an early release copy of "Monsters, Inc. Collectors Edition 2 Disc DVD set to review.
Let me just say for openers that this is Disney / PIXARS best DVD effort yet!!! This digitally remastered movie has by far the most outstanding quality picture & sound ever. The presentation has both Standard (tv size) and WideScreen Anamorphic & Enhanced for 16x9 hdtv formats. Note: I have a 55" 16x9 HDTV w/digital Home Theatre Surround Sound and it was a pure joy to watch the vibrant colors and listen to the flawless sound!! Clearest Picture & Best Digital Sound ever. What a great experience. It was better than the movie theatre experience!!
Disc 1: the movie provides both Standard & WideScreen format as previously mentioned (the movie is 93 minutes). Sound is 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround EX Sound Effects (the best ever)!!! Also THX-Certified Sound Track. Sneak Peeks of future Disney movies... And movie commentary by PIXAR key Staff members (very informative).
Disc 2: Navagational Review to include; "HUMANS ONLY" - tons of information all about PIXAR film making and its talented staff -to include tours of PIXARS amazing facitiies (what a great & fun place to work). "MONSTERS ONLY" - Enter the world of Monsters as a monster employee in this wild factory & train for your first day on the job (games & fun for the entire family). "NEW MONSTER ADVENTURES" - Great shorts with Mike, Sulley & the Monsters, Inc. gang. to include, MIKES NEW CAR (hilariously funny), FOR THE BIRDS (2001 OSCAR WINNING BEST ANIMATED SHORT - outstanding), MONSTERS TV TREATS (cute stuff), PEEK-A-BOO's Door Game, Monster Story time & more. BEHIND THE SCREAMS - movie Outtakes (great touch), a monsters company play with the Monster gang. "ON THE JOB" with Mike & Sulley. "ORIENTATION" - Welcome to Monsters Inc, Your 1st day, History of Monsters, Inc, Employee Handbook, Monster of the Month (gallery), Scarer Cards with audio commentary. (OVER 207 minutes).
As you can see there is plenty of family fun on this Collectors Edition on "Monsters, Inc.".
In Summary: As children we were afraid of monsters in our closets. "Monsters, Inc." is a monster organization which takes advantage of this by collecting our screams (which provides pollution free energy source to the monsters world). Monster Sulley (John Goodman) the great Big Blue furry monster is the champion scarer & his sidekick partner Mike (Billy Crystal) a short Green One very large Eyed sphere with arms & legs are our main characters (Goodman & Crystal are the perfect team). The stories twist All of the monsters have one fear...... Children!!!!! Enjoy this adventure as one child, a 3 year old girl "Boo" enters the monsters world creating havoc everywhere she goes. This is a fun movie for the entire family.
Again this 2-Disc DVD set by Disney/PIXAR is total entertainment and a must for your DVD library! Enjoy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's a scream, August 24, 2002
The best films, regardless if they're for kids or adults, all have the same thing in common--great storytelling, characterizations and imaginative direction. Pixar's Monsters, Inc. has all three in spades. From the film's satirical opening m inutes (with its parody of commericals and corporate America)to its last suspense filled frames, Monsters, Inc. packs humor and heart into a fun filled movie. Director Pete Doctor has crafted a film that entertains whether watched for the first time for the tenth.
John Goodman's performance as Sully and Billy Crystal's performance as Mike demonstrate that not all the best acting is found in serious high minded films. Both give comedic performances that rival the best live action work each has done. What's particularly memorable about the film is the imaginative voice casting. Without the right performer, the best animation won't reach an audience. Monsters, Inc. manages to do both exceptionally well. The opening titles (with their witty reference to the old Gerald McBong McBong cartoons)can't even begin to prepare you for the fun that follows.
The extras on this 2 DVD set are particularly fun. The animated short about Mike's new car is a blast (it's only found on the video version) and the inside look at Pixar shows us not only who comes up with these nutty ideas but how they give birth to them as well. There's also a section that shows viewers where all the inside jokes are (although I have the sneaking suspicion that there are still a few gems hidden in there somewhere). The Boo game is fun for little ones and the DVD-Rom features are a nice addition as well.
The digital picture transfer is spectacular. The widescreen and standard screen formats are both available on the same disc (like with Toy Story 2). It's amazing how detailed the sound effects are on films like this. Viewers could listen to this film and still chuckle.
I'd also like to comment on Randy Newman's score. Newman is probably one of the most under rated songwriters/film scorers around. His work on this film (like his best work including his great score for Ragtime) helps accent the action and humor. Newman's sardonic wit is the perfect compliment to Pixar's films.
Monsters, Inc. (like Toy Story before it) has set a new benchmark for animated family films; it's sleek, intelligent and funny managing to reach kids and adults equally well.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best movie I've seen in YEARS!, November 23, 2002
Soozie4Him (Chicago suburbs) - See all my reviews
If you look at my other Amazon[.com] reviews, you will notice that I don't review movies and truth by told, I watch very few movies. Perhaps 2-4 per year, including both in the theater and at home on video or DVD. I'm just not a movie fan.
But tonight, we rented the Monsters Inc DVD and I absolutely loved it! Clever, hilarious, touching, innovative, unique, imaginative - those words don't begin to tell about this movie! You just have to see it.
It's such a pleasure to see a G-rated movie doing so well, both at the box office and also sales of the products for home viewing. This movie is totally free of sex, profanity, and substance abuse. Some of the action could be called violence, but not in the sense we usually define violence in movies! This movie might scare a 4-year-old, however. You need to know your own child to know if he's ready for this action-packed, laugh-a-minute masterpiece!
I watched this with my husband and two of our older kids (ages 19 and 21). We all enjoyed this movie immensely and can't wait to watch the extras on the other DVD. I can actually see watching this movie again, as the humor flies fast and furious and I know I missed a some good lines!
You will be touched by the relationship between Sully (the big blue monster) and the little girl he affectionately names Boo. He puts her safety above his job and above the good of the company. This little girl they created is nothing short of charming and endearing. You will instantly love her and cheer Sully on as he does everything he can to protect her.
The premise of the movie - that the Monsters collect screams of children which in turn power the city that the Monsters live in, is nothing short of genius. This DVD would be a great gift for many people on your Christmas List - regardless of their age!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pixar hits another HILARIOUS HOME RUN!, March 17, 2002
Great movie for kids and adults with lovable characters and side splitting laughter. Great Pixar quality animation, great and imaginative script, great acting voices (Billy Crystal as Mike, John Goodman as Sully) that really fit their parts, high quality comedy (some slapstick) great directing, great music.
This hilarious movie delivers side-splitting laughter! Everything fits together and is just great! Should be animated movie of the year!
Monsters work for a Corporation (Monsters, Inc.) That supplies energy for their city, Monsteropolis, by capturing the screams (scream energy) of children and monsters compete for the best screams with blue-furred cuddly Sully (Goodman) leading the competition. Somehow, a charming infant sneaks into Monsteropolis and hooks onto Sully; and whoever gets caught with her will get "cleaned" by the "authorities" - not a good thing! This throws Sully and one-eyed Mike into a panic as they stumble against all odds to send the child back without getting caught.
Scare Factor:
While the Monsters may be afraid of the children, there is no need for your kids to be afraid of them. The movie seems pretty harmless and young children seem to have no problem with the movie concept and scenes.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Charming romp, August 28, 2002
Imagine if there really WAS a monster living in every child's closet... and they had an excellent reason to be scary.

And for anyone who has heard bumps in the night (adults or kids), "Monsters Inc" is a thoroughly delightful little animated movie that shows Pixar at its best. It has brilliant animation, delightful characters ("Mike Wazowski!"), and a really endearing storyline about a little kid who makes her way into the monster world.

The monster metropolis of Monstropolis is powered by the screams of frightened children, which are gathered every night by specially-trained Scarers that pop out of closets. The top Scarer However, Monsters Inc. is suffering from a shortage, since kids are getting harder to scare.

The top Scarer is James P. "Sully" Sullivan (who resembles The Beast with a bad blue dye job), accompanied by his talkative pal Mike Wazowski (who resembles a giant green grape with one big eyeball). But one night, Sully finds a child's door left activated on the scare floor... and while trying to hide from the treacherous Scarer Randall, he inadvertently lets a toddler into the monster world.

Since children are considered to be toxic, the child (whom Sully named "Boo") causes a mass panic -- and somehow Sully and Mike have to find a way to return her to her own world without implicating themselves. But when Randall tries to strike a deal with Mike and Sully, the monster pals uncover a dangerous plot that could be deadly to both them... and Boo.

Pixar has a way of making the weirdest plots seem natural and logical. Imagine a city populated by all sorts of weird creatures -- a jellyish creature that slips through a grate, a sluglike janitor who is constantly mopping his own slime, a giant chameleon, monster kids jumping rope with their playmate's long tongue, a Medusa-haired secretary, and the fuzzy-faced Adorable/Agreeable Snowman.

The story is simple, quick-paced and full of physical comedy (mostly provided by Mike) and delightfully funny dialogue ("What happens when the whistle blows in five minutes?" "I get a time out?" "Everyone goes to LUNCH! Which means the scare floor will be....?" "... painted?"). There's a draggy section in the middle where Mike and Sully are racing around Monsters Inc., but the rest of the time it's a wild, funny little story (Sully having to sneak Boo into the bathroom).

However, since this is Pixar, they manage to sneak some truly touching moments into the story -- Sully's paternal affection for Boo is really adorable, making it all the harder for him to think about sending her away. And Mike and Sully's relationship comes under stress because of it ("I am now stuck in this frozen WASTELAND!").

John Goodman and Billy Crystal are simply PERFECT as Mike and Sully -- one is the enormous genial buddy-buddy, and the other is a shrill-voiced, high-strung little weirdo ("One of these days I am really... going to let you teach that guy a lesson!"). Steve Buscemi's Randall is deliciously bad (no misunderstandings or tragic backstory -- he's just bad. And Mary Gibbs (Boo), Jennifer Tilly and James Coburn all put out brilliant performances in their well-developed roles.

It's whimsical, funny and a cute fantasy twist on the usual "working joe" environment -- "Monsters Inc" is one of those rare movies that the entire family (and not just the kids) can enjoy.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent entertainment for kids, September 22, 2002
"Monsters Inc" is first-rate family entertainment. This Pixar Studios production is visually stunning and shows off digital computer technology at its finest. Its monsters wouldn't scare the average four-year old, which is what the moviemakers intended. This is sheer fantasy, and delightful fantasy at that. Adults should know that the movie lacks the sophistication of "Shrek", "Antz" or other Pixar works like "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2".
In this highly imaginative tale, those monsters who come out of kids' closets at night are actually residents of Monstropolis, where energy is provided by the screams the creatures elicit from unsuspecting children. Times are tough, though, because kids today aren't so easily frightened. The monsters must never actually touch any child because they believe that human beings are deadly poisonous. So, the beasts are actually more frightened of kids than kids are of them. [Who knew?] Much comedy and pandemonium results when a little child called Boo follows one of the monsters, Sully, into Monstropolis.
For kids, this is one of the best animated features ever made. For adults, it is painless to sit through and, for the most part, quite entertaining.
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