Customer Reviews: Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State
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on July 6, 2011
Brad Steiger is, of course, absolutely right. This latest Linda Godfrey effort is most entertaining and enjoyable. The slim little Stackpole volume is a quick, breezy read and will prove delightful whether you are kicked back in a lounge chair on your summertime patio (with lemonade or ice cold brewski in hand) OR if you're perched before a crackling fire in the dead of winter sipping hot chocolate or spiced rum toddy. The book will work fine for you under ANY reading conditions!
What do you get with it? Why WEREWOLVES, of course!!! More accurately, manwolves or dogmen, but werewolves always SOUNDS cooler. You get Man-Bats, too. They are different from Batman in that they are quite ugly, show skeletal ribcages instead of buff muscles and six-pack abs, have NO nifty Batmobile, and can possibly presage illness or tragedy in life. Mmmmmm. Bummer.
Ghosts? Got those too. Lizard men? Check! Midgets?! How about MIDGETS???!!!!
How about a TOWN full of midgets? A regular Midget-VILLE!!!!! Its IN there!

This is a book that has a little something for everyone. It talks of monsters and, to be sure, there are some goose-pimpley monster encounters recounted. Things to make you look over your shoulder and wonder about. But there are also stories that are obviously tall tales and fibs and yarns to spin around campfires at night when you're roasting up some s'mores; tales of goofy monsters with goofy names that will make you snicker more than anything else.

Enjoy it! It's a fun immersion! And get ready for a surprise early on. If you are a Fortean fan of Linda Godfrey's you KNOW the story already of watchman Mark Shackleman's 1936 encounter with the "Gadara" creature; the ghastly thing digging in an old burial mound; something neither bigfoot, nor werewolf, or ape-thing, but maybe a bit of all of the above. Or NONE of the above. Well, guess whose GRANDAUGHTER has seen----something?

As usual, being a Linda Godfrey book, there are superb puns and double entendres and other literary funnies in abundance. That suits me just fine as I LOVE "Godfreyisms" wherever I encounter them. Oddly, she tells me there are people who DON'T LIKE her punnies. I find that hard to swallow. They must be persons of inordinately low intellectual levels----and certainly not true Forteans!!!----if such people truly exist at all. I think she's likely having me on.

At any rate, I know Amazon review readers are persons of high intellect and will absolutely be thrilled with our girl's vastly vaunted verbal dexterities-----AND her parade of boogers and boggleminders.

So SCARF it! You'll be glad you did!
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on June 27, 2011
I have long maintained that Wisconsin is a microcosm of monsterdom. Having driven Wisconsin's lesser traveled roads at night ever since the mid-1950s, I can testify that one's imagination can easily spot a Bigfoot or some frightening creature at every shadowy turn. Since 1991, Linda Godfrey has been on the track of real-life monsters that haunt Wisconsin, creatures that stray from some dark dimension independent of human imagination. She became a monster hunter when her editor sent her in seach of the Beast of Bray Road. With a journalist's inquisitive mind she has been listening ever since to sober and sincere witnesses who tell about their encounters with strange creatures, such as Bigfoot, Long-necked Lake Monsters, Werewolves, Flying Lizard Men, Goat Men, and Dog People. In this present book, Linda proves once again that there is no more trusted guide to be found in locating the lairs of Wisconsin's monsters than she. Brad Steiger, author of Real Monsters, Gruesome Creatures, and Beasts from the Darkside.
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on July 12, 2011
Monsters of Wisconsin is an excellent new book from Badger State-based author and researcher of a whole range of anomalies, Linda Godfrey. For those who follow the fields of cryptozoology and monster-hunting, Linda's name will be instantly recognizable. She's the author of such werewolf-themed books as The Beast of Bray Road; Hunting the American Werewolf; and The Michigan Dogman.

But, Monsters of Wisconsin sees Linda spreading her wings and delving into the strange world of a whole host of other odd and menacing beasts in her home-state. And, it's a book that does not disappoint in the slightest. The publisher - Stackpole Books - have put out a number of titles in what is rapidly building up to be a very good, ongoing, comprehensive series, including Monsters of New Jersey, Monsters of Pennsylvania, and Monsters of Illinois. And Monsters of Wisconsin is the perfect new addition to the Stackpole series.

Wisconsin's very own Bigfoot, hairy wild-men, and unidentified giant apes feature heavily in the book, and demonstrate that - despite what some may think - Sasquatch is not just a denizen of the Pacific Northwest forests. Indeed, Monsters of Wisconsin makes it abundantly clear that within the Wisconsin woods - and even within populated areas, too - something monstrous, hair-covered and man-like has made its home.

Most people reading this have probably heard of The Mothman Prophecies - John Keel's classic book that was made into a 2002 movie starring Richard Gere. Well, Mothman maybe, and creatures very much like it, have also apparently elected to make Wisconsin their home. Linda relates a number of stories - including a very weird and ominous account of a "Man-Bat" seen in La Crosse in late 2006 - of large winged-things soaring across the skies of the Badger State.

It's clear - to this reader, at least - that these particularly uncanny beasts of the skies seem to be far more paranormal in origin and nature than they do strictly flesh-and-blood, which of course opens up all sorts of cans of worms with respect to their origins, intent, and relationship to us.

Moving on, we get to read some highly entertaining stories about animals of an undeniably down-to-earth and identifiable nature that have been seen, and in some cases captured, in Wisconsin, including very out-of-place wallabies, oversized lizards, and a variety of other exotic animals - that, no doubt, either got too big for their owners to handle, or that escaped from private zoos, and whose owners were fearful of informing law enforcement authorities of what had occurred.

Then, there are those extremely odd beasts that practically defy explanation, including Wisconsin's legendary Pig-Men (yes, you did read that right!), menacing Goat-Men, diminutive humanoids, and much more.

Fans of lake-monsters of the Loch Ness variety will not be disappointed by Monsters of Wisconsin, as it contains a wealth of data - from the modern era and the past - on strange and unearthly long-necked critters said to lurk within the deep and murky waters of certain Wisconsin lakes.

And, of course, it would not be a Linda Godfrey book without a highly informative chapter on Linda's very own personal nemesis: the dastardly werewolf. If you thought that such beasts were merely the stuff of legend, nightmares, and Hollywood films, it's time to think again!

Linda demonstrates that Wisconsin is - and has been for decades - home to countless reports of, and encounters with, bipedal wolf-like entities that sound astonishingly like the lycanthropes of legend. While such incidents certainly sound amazing and incredible - and definitively supernatural in nature, as far as I am personally concerned - the sheer caliber of solid, on-the-record sources cited by Linda is deeply impressive.

Written in an informative, intelligent and entertaining fashion - and with a welcome degree of wit thrown in to the mix, too - Monsters of Wisconsin is an excellent regional study of those beasts that science and zoology tell us do not exist, but that the people of Wisconsin will strongly argue otherwise!
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on January 29, 2014
The monsters of Wisconsin is a mini encyclopedia of all the weird creatures and strange monsters that inhabit and surprise and terrify the people of Wisconsin and defy rational explanation. Whatever these creatures are they could be part natural and part supernatural or be coming in and out of another dimension and manifesting themselves in our world and we don`t know about it. Flying Lizard men, the beast of bray road, lake monsters, twenty-first century pterosaurs, and phantom bigfoot are some of the unknown and mysterious creatures.
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on August 7, 2015
I live in Wisconsin so I enjoyed reading this book. I taught a summer school class on Cryptozoology and used several stories from this book for the class. She does a very thorough job of investigating her stories and will tell you if she could not make contact with other witnesses or evidence. There are some pretty unbelievable accounts in here. The book ranges from everything from Bigfoot to alien-type creatures. Entertaining read but her book, American Monsters, is much better.
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on August 18, 2013
If you've ever been curious about the mysterious and unusual side of your state or other states then this book is for you. Find out what may be lurking near you in Wisconsin from past and modern witness accounts presented by author, Linda Godfrey, a local of southern WI, and great author and researcher of the paranormal and unknown. You may be surprised by some of the things people claim to have encountered, or maybe you've encountered something you are curious to find more information about?
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on September 22, 2013
Ok. I may have fibbed a bit on the title of this review! Let me clarify. Many of the beasts,creatures,beings,situations and,well,entities may be unknown to many folks in the state,,but not to Linda Godfrey!!
I had become a fan of Linda's exquisite research,and extremely well documented reports of encounters,a while back while reading "Real Wolfmen,True Encounters in Modern Day America". She hit the ball out of the park,on that massive collection of bipedal(and four legged variety,of course.,however,they are not as interesting,to some of us,as the two legged variety!) Cryptid canines,and their reported sightings,and I can say with certainty,she has indeed hit the ball,out of that same park,with "Monsters of Wisconsin"!
In all honesty,I consider myself a man. A mans man,if you will. I love the outdoors,and I'm not scared of too much. And,as a note,in my defense,I happen to be an amateur Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Cryptid researcher. HOWEVER,I will admit,in fairness to this authors art,and skill of writing,and documenting,not just Cryptid canines,and massive hair covered folks of the forest,(witch I enjoy,lol)but this time,Linda throws in the mix creatures,monstrosities,and,well,lets just say "entities" I was not familiar with,(or some I am,and don't want to be!!),and details the sightings,encounters,and experiences of people who've encountered these above mentioned monsters,after reading a couple chapters,I found myself,rather quickly,making sure the kitchen,and porch lights were on,and free of issues,AND both our doors locked!
Thankfully,Linda always manages to write,in her own signature style,while almost scaring you to pieces,she includes her wonderful sense of humor,and interesting observations,making it A-O.K that after reading her books,it may take a while to go out in the dark by yourself,,in Wisconsin,,or elsewhere!
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on June 16, 2016
If I'm going to pay 10 bucks for a book, I want more than 147 pages. I'm interested in reading about strange things just for entertainment but I'm not paying that much unless it's a bigger book.
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on January 27, 2016
Great Seller. Was ever so pleased to receive this copy. It seems as though this book is rather hard to come by....I think I will keep it, even after I'm done reading it. Thanks!!
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on August 26, 2014
great read. love to read about the supernatural. I have decided to move to Wisconsin for the cold weather and the hope to see something that was covered in this book.
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