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on March 8, 2000
`Nothing Personal', as this movie was originally and more aptly titled, is a low-key, darkly funny and engaging depiction of a dysfunctional 'family' of professional assassins in the throes of an internal power struggle. Claire (Kyra Sedgwick) and Nick (Stanley Tucci), a killer team with a romantic past, are sent to retrieve a wayward money-runner who has sold-out their boss (Robbie Coltrane). Thrust into the middle of a plot involving shifting alliances, challenged loyalties and crooked self-actualization theory, the attentive veiwer will be rewarded with many small moments that add up to a movie more substantial than it appears at first blush.
Strong points: The Hoebers' taut script; Director Leitzes' willingness to allow us to deduce much of the movie's background story w/out condescending paint-by-numbers scenes or lame expository dialogue; an effective cast featuring Sedgwick and Tucci's gently expressed adult partnership facing an inexorable fate; Philip Seymour Hoffman's unctuously ambitious provocateur; John Ritter's brief but effectively weighty performance; and perhaps most impressive, Robin Tunney's momentum building depiction of the consistently underestimated `Kitty'.
Weak points: Coltrane's `Boss' seems a bit scattered and inexplicably motivated; a few loose ends in the plot; a vaguely un-anchored setting devoid of police, witnesses or collateral damage.
$8.50 moments: Response of two assassins to being ordered to kill Nick; Claire's turn-about at the tree (and the little boy who drops in); Nick's impression of Elmer Fudd.
This movie's outlook and humor is reminiscent of some of the lack of "honor among thieves" and violence-based humor seen recently in `Out of Sight' and `Grosse Pointe Blank' (admittedly better movies). So, if you enjoyed those `adult' comedies, I'd wager you won't regret spending ninety-odd minutes with `Montana'.
"$8.50 moment": the point in a movie when you feel you definitely got your money's worth (value determined by the current average cost of a movie ticket in NYC).
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on July 22, 2004
Aside from its refreshingly stripped-down plot, MONTANA is a pretty complex film. I say this because it works on so many levels, and is essentially impossible to pigeonhole stylistically. I suppose it's a crime drama more than anything else, but it's also hilarious, very violent, and not without a healthy dose of action fireworks.

Kyra Sedgewick is amazing as Claire, the only female part of a syndicate of hitmen. Her partner and possible love interest is terminally ill Nick (also played to perfection by Stanley Tucci). In charge of the whole operation is The Boss (Robbie Coltrane), and his assistant, Duncan (Philip Seymour Hoffman). When the Boss's mistress, Kitty (Robin Tunney) runs off, he sends Claire and his son, Jimmy (Ethan Embry), to go retrieve her. Once they find her, Jimmy attempts to rape her, and with nothing else to lose, Kitty shoots him in the head. This, of course, puts Claire in a very bad position.

Every aspect of this film is great. The screenplay (by Erich and Jon Hoeber) is witty, quick, very real, and devoid of convention. Leitzes's direction is down-to-earth, but hardly amateurish, and again, lacking any indie arrogance or MTV trickery. And you couldn't ask for a better group of actors -- there's a real chemistry there.

MONTANA is not going to change your life, but it is a truly exceptional film, and should certainly be unearthed from obscurity.
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on May 2, 2004
It is easy to see why this movie has with DVD reached cult status. It is John Woo perfect on the conflict between loyalty and integrity, with only two-thirds of the blood. "I love bananas because they have no bones and I hate peaches, because they have stones" - you gotta love it.
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on November 21, 2003
I liked the laid back feel it has.
What I remember most about the movie is the couple and their relationship. I like them because they are witty and strong, and they love each other in a sweet, loyal way that is the total opposite of the saccharine, phony romances I keep seeing in Hollywood films. They are grown-ups and they look like real people and they're charismatic individuals. That's a very needed break from all the bratty, spoiled silly, no-brain teenage movies the movie industry tries (to no avail) to force down my throat.
If it were a samurai movie or something, placed in such an alien and exotic place that your moral code somehow doesn't apply anymore, I wouldn't wonder "Why am I rooting and feeling for a couple or payed assassins?" But although it is placed in our world and our time it's like it's another dimension where it's OK for criminals to be talking to you about morals. They make me want to believe, which just might be the best compliment one can pay to a movie.
I would definitely buy it. And the boss is the giant in Harry Potter.
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on March 29, 2016
Off beat shooter, for its time. A nice 'rare' addition to any collection - say with "U-Turn", "Lonestar", "Bound", etc.
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on January 30, 1999
Guns, Blood, Deceit, Lies=Really Cool Flick What a powerful role for a woman- we need to have more of these characters. An exemplary movie by this first time female director. You go girl!!!
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on August 23, 2011
I'd been looking for this movie for years and had no luck because it was out of print. So imagine my delight when I found it here and for a great price! I ordered it the end of the week, figuring I'd get it in a couple of weeks, but it arrived the first of the following week and in the condition described! THAT'S WHAT I CALL SERVICE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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on January 11, 2012
This movie blew me away. Perhaps it's because I'm a huge fan of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer- she's a beautiful, tough but soft woman, and this family of thugs reminded me of her LAPD team. The relationship between her character and Stanley's.. deep, committed, no need to speak about it Love. (I couldn't help but think that once upon a time, Claire was a Kitty.. and he "took her away from all that," and for this, she will always be indebted to and in love with him. but there's no foundation for that offered in the film)

John Ritter's appearance as the charismatic "self help" guru was brilliant (man, don't you miss that guy?), with, quite possibly, the best self-help advice ever (figure out what YOU need to do to make your life how you want it to be, and DO IT), and even though we love to hate Duncan, Philip Seymour Hoffman is an excellent actor, and played the heck out of that role.

I kept waiting for Kitty to have a Niagara, Niagara moment.. and I was not disappointed.

No, it's not set in Montana (although it never really identifies its location or time frame, does it? it's "anytown, USA." for all we know it *could* be Missoula, 2050. the story is timeless.)
But Montana scenery graces both the beginning and the end of the film.

If you can suspend your disbelief a fraction to allow for a world where people indiscriminately kill and maim pretty much everyone and there's nary a siren in response, this is a GREAT movie.

If you want to solve the puzzle, you have to pay attention. you can't miss anything- many people don't like to put that much effort into watching movies, and for those people, this movie will probably be a disappointment.
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on April 6, 2012
This is a great movie. Quirky, funny and dark all at the same time. If blood makes you squeamish, it's not for you, but the characters and acting are well worth watching. This DVD came to me brand new, in great shape, arriving very quickly and well packed.
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on January 27, 2010
Critics usually use the term "underappreciated" for films like this. In numbers, it's probably true of "Montana", too, but not for those who "know". Never known Tucci to do a mediocre job and as the dying sharpshooter in this film he maintains his high standard. Kyra is a hoot: tough, loyal right bower to Tucci and (to an almost-fatal degree) to her undeserving boss, she's the right mix of velvet and steel. Strong cast (Hoffman, Tunney, Ritter).
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