Customer Reviews: Moonlighting: Season 5 - The Final Season
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The 5th season was an odd season for Moonlighting. Many fans berate season 4 for keeping David and Maddie apart so long. But at least David still loved Maddie, and in pursuit of her went through many trials (prison, lemaze classes, parenting books, Maddie's father). At the end of Season 4, we learn Maddie still loves David.

Season 5 starts strong with Womb with a View, which revisits the connection between them. In the following episodes, though, there's no connection or chemistry. There's Maddie pulling away, and David feeling dejected and eventually pulling away. In an odd way, these episodes are reminiscent of Season 1, before anything ever happened between D & M. Except for the white elephant in the room: they hardly even acknowledge their former intense feelings for each other. These middle episodes have a few pleasant moments and some classic Moonlighting comedy bits. But truthfully, getting through them was a bit of a chore, they only remind you of how great Moonlighting was when there was real tension and passion between D & M.

Things look up in the last few episodes, when David meets Maddie's cousin Anne. It seems Maddie is finally over David, though it's not clear he's over her. We wonder if he's using Anne to get back at Maddie for moving on, something that would be despicable. Or maybe David is genuinely happy, maybe this new relationship is the healthy, stable, loving relationship he never had with Maddie. In the end, David once again sacrifices his own well-being for someone else (as we -- but not Maddie -- saw him do so often in Season 4).

Lunar Eclipse ends with a funny wedding, and then our beloved friends (and we loyal viewers) have to come to grips with their fate. Finally, they say goodbye with a bittersweet montage that reminds us how much we have come to love these characters and how much we will miss them.

As other reviewers have said, this set comes with very few extras. I didn't find either of the two commentary tracks especially illuminating. The screen test was kind of neat, though. You can see the chemistry between Bruce & Cybill, even though they hadn't worked together yet.
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on March 16, 2007
I'm grateful to have the final scene of Moonlighting to add to my collection, but I am disappointed that there were not more extra features. In way of extras, all that was included are commentaries on the first and last episodes. In the final episode, the commentary is done by Dennis Dugan. This is the actor who briefly played Maddie's husband. This is the worst commentary that I have ever heard. I listened to the whole torturous episode just to see if there was anything he had to say that was worth listening to. There was not.

Again, I am grateful to complete my series of Moonlighting, but it would have been nice if there were more extras of one of my favorite shows from the 80's.
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on April 3, 2007
I've read the griping here about the Lionsgate treatment of "Moonlighting" on these dvd's, so I'll leave that alone. I hadn't seen any of the season five episodes in quite a few years, but remembered them gladly.

After the disappointment of the fourth season, the series made a mighty effort to rebound in season five. Episodes two through six are terrific, and stand beside anything from season one or two for writing quality and entertainment value. But the lack of resolution of what kind of relationship Maddie and David have becomes increasingly icky.

By the time Virginia Madsen shows up (season five's Mark Harmon??), and they throw another one of those awful Burt and Agnes only episodes at us, it really is a relief to get to the final "Lunar Eclipse."

It's been sad to find through these dvd's that "Moonlighting" is a little dated, and when it was off it was way off. But when it worked (seasons one through three), it was great!
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on March 9, 2008
It is an excellent choice for fun entertainment. I enjoy watching and re-watching my Moonlighting DVDs so much, that I would like to compliment and thank all involved for the very best television series of all time!

Moonlighting still is extremely creative, funny, romantic and moving and its contents are astonishingly up to date. The fact that the Blue Moon Detective Agency handles some pretty surprising cases is the platform for excellent drama, comedy and romance. Both Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis demonstrate their brilliance, authenticity and versatility and are very much in sync. From one episode to the next, Moonlighting keeps surpassing itself, doing the unexpected and getting more dramatic, funnier and sexier.

Even though there are "tons of fun" to choose from, I like to highlight some specials from the different DVD sets.

Highlights of Seasons 1 & 2:
As a special treat, Cybill, Bruce, writers and crew members share their personal memories in commentaries and the documentaries. They are a lot of fun and it is nice that even some of the fans who participated in the Moonlighting DVD campaign are included.

For the first sparks between Cybill and Bruce, I suggest "The Pilot"; for the first kiss and Cybill's amazing performance of "Blue Moon" and "I Told Ya, I Love Ya" "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice"; for comedy and Bruce disguised "The Lady In The Iron Mask", for fairy tale romance "Somewhere Under The Rainbow"; for the presentation of David's brother (the hilarious Charles Rocket) "Brother Can You Spare A Blonde?"; and for the introduction of Maddie's family (the very believable Eva Marie Saint and Robert Webber) "Every Daughter's Father Is A Virgin".

Highlights of Season 3:
Cybill, Bruce, Curtis Armstrong, Allyce Beasly and Mark Harmon as well as writers and crew members share their "Memories of Moonlighting" in very entertaining and educational commentaries and exclusive interviews. Above all, a documentary brings the long-awaited on camera reunion of Cybill and Bruce! It is amazing, watching them together again, looking great, chatting, bantering and flirting, their chemistry still very much there.

For slapstick comedy at its best, I suggest "Symphony In Knocked Flat"; for the thrilling dream / dance sequence "Big Man On Mulberry Street"; for costumes, rhymes and a hilarious Taming Of The Shrew "Atomic Shakespeare"; and for the crackling chemistry between Cybill and Bruce "I Am Curious.. Maddie" and "To Heiress Human".

Highlights of Season 4:
As real treat, two of the most frequently asked and discussed questions regarding Maddie and David are answered in the commentaries. Bruce admits that he loves her from the moment he saw her for the first time. Cybill suggests that the baby must have been his.

For David's love declaration to Maddie, the dream sequence with Ray Charles and the Honeymooner parody, I suggest "A Trip To The Moon"; for the Maddie and David claymations bantering and making up "Come Back Little Shiksa"; for the amazing chemistry between Cybill and Bruce and the reunion "Tracks Of My Tears"; for comedy at its best, sincere feelings and more chemistry "Maddie Hayes Got Married" and "And The Flesh Was Made Word". These episodes bring back the magic of Moonlighting!

Highlights of Season 5:
As a special bonus, the original screen test of Cybill and Bruce is included. It becomes obvious, that their wit, talent, charm and chemistry are the main reasons for the ongoing appeal and success of Moonlighting.

For sizzling chemistry, fights and reconciliation between Cybill and Bruce (and him in diapers), I suggest "A Womb With A View"; for the battle of the sexes "Shirts And Skins"; for slapstick and hilarious comedy "Plastic Fantastic Lovers" and "I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld"; and for everlasting love and memories "Lunar Eclipse".

The biggest questions of all Moonlighting fans about the future of Maddie and David and about the Anselmo case remain unanswered and still leave hope for a Moonlighting Reunion.

I think that Moonlighting is the best of all television history and a "must have" for any Moonlighting or Cybill or Bruce fan!

Thank you again for the unforgettable Moonlighting which is now available in its entirety!
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on March 11, 2007
It was great to watch the Final Season of Moonlighting as it brought back a lot of memories. However, I was disappointed that the "Strip For Sweeps Week" opening to "Take My Wife, For Example" is not on this disc. Why did the producers of the show or Lionsgate cut this opening out is a

mystery to me. I'm fortuate to have this episode on tape, but it would be nice to have had this opening in the DVD.
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HALL OF FAMEon June 16, 2008
Although most of MOONLIGHTING's magic was lost during Season Four, things picked up again for the show's final year. Writers were able to conjure up more of the fiery dynamic that the characters of Maddie and David came to be known for; whilst the characters of Agnes DiPesto and Herb Viola also blossomed this year.

Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis star as Maddie and David, the mismatched owners of the Blue Moon Detective Agency. Their cute 'Odd Couple' romance plays out against a backdrop of kooky murder cases and thrilling crime capers. Allyce Beasley co-stars as Miss DiPesto, the agency's eccentric receptionist, with Curtis Armstrong as her unlikely love interest, Herbert.


"A Womb with a View" - Maddie and David continue to grapple with the uncertainties of their relationship, unaware that two very curious observers are closely monitoring their every move.

"Between a Yuk and a Hard Place" - Maddie and David are literally left hanging when an investigation takes them on a wild chase across the desert in a hot air balloon.

"The Colour of Maddie" - On a case that takes them inside the world of big league pool parlours, Maddie and David find themselves up to their necks in hustlers and sharks.

"Plastic Fantastic Lover" - Maddie and David are hired by a wealthy recluse to discover the truth about the plastic surgeon who disfigured him...and who transformed his wife into a beauty.

"Shirts and Skins" - When they represent opposite sides in a sexual harassment lawsuit, Maddie and David take the opportunity to decide once and for all who the better investigator is.

"Take My Wife, For Example" - A remorseful divorce lawyer (guest star Colleen Dewhurst) hires Maddie and David to help reconcile a couple she broke up. But now the couple has murder on their minds...

"I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld" - After a client dies in Maddie's office, she and David continue to investigate his case. However, their late client may not be as dead as they thought...

"Those Lips, Those Lies" - Brotherly love is put to the test when Maddie and David agree to help David's brother recover money that was stolen from his fiancee by her partner in a modelling agency.

"Perfetc" - When a dying man hires them to prove that he committed the perfect crime, Maddie and David must somehow find a way to establish his guilt.

"When Girls Collide" - Maddie and David's already confused relationship is further complicated when Maddie's beautiful cousin (guest star Virginia Madsen) arrives for a visit and sets David's heart aflame.

"In 'n' Outlaws" - On the same day that Herbert Viola plans to introduce Agnes DiPesto to his family, she is a lone jury holdout who believes the accused is innocent.

"Eine Kleine Nacht Murder" - As the sole eyewitness to a murder, Maddie is given police protection. But David suspects that her handsome young bodyguard is setting her up for death...

"Lunar Eclipse" - Loose ends are tied and issues resolved in this series finale. With 'starry' appearances from Virginia Madsen, Mark Harmon, Dennis Dugan and Joe Grifasi.
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on March 11, 2007
Since I wasn't able to see this series during its original run, it was great fun to watch the entire series on DVD. Now, it is sad to say, that the series is over. The episodes on this season, I personally think, are better than season four. I really enjoyed season four, but this had David and Maddie together again when Maddie was really absent the previous season. The special features are once again lacking, the screen test is nothing to look at. It is just like watching a clip from the series, I would have prefered an audition tape of Bruce and Cybill. The packaging is also different than the previous DVDs, so it doesn't match the others 100%. Overall, this season still deserves the 5 star rating, just because the episodes are so good.
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on March 5, 2009
For a while there, Moonlighting was great, wasn't it? It's a show that truly defines the 80s (the clothes, the attitude), it was really fun and clever, and made Bruce Willis an A list star. Sometimes it's easy to forget how SCREWED UP the show got there for a while. Almost every episode had some problem (script delays, fighting between cast members), and there were whole episodes that were affected by a writers strike and episodes where costars Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong had to take over. It was a rather up and down show, especially in the last couple of years. But it was always entertaining and even joked about these delays and problems in a good, wink-wink sort of way.

The final season DVD begins with one of the odder moments of the show, the "A Womb With A View" episode. Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) is pregnant and the child waiting to be born and visited by an angel. She ends up having a miscarriage, and I always thought that was a really uncomfortable plot to have to deal with. The show was always driven by a "will they or won't they have sex" plot, and then they had them have sex and then she got pregnant? And then she has a miscarriage?

This last season is 13 episodes long, and while it's not the best the show had to offer in the earlier seasons, there's still some good stuff here. "Plastic Fantastic Lovers" is an interesting episode (written by Permanent Midnight author Jerry Stahl) and the late Charles Rocket shows up again as David's (Willis) brother in "Those Lips, Those Eyes." David also falls in love with guest star Virginia Madsen (playing Maddie's cousin Annie), but that ends too. Not that he ends up with Maddie either. But in the end of the series, Agnes DiPesto and Bert get married.

This is a really good show to have on DVD, since it's not shown much anymore and it's great to pop in a DVD and sit back and say "oh, yeah, this episode was great!" Thery're aren't many "great" episodes in this last season, but Moonlighting is well worth having on DVD. All five seasons.
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on April 19, 2007
This magnificent entertainment deteriorated so sadly that I never even watched this final season. The beginning-of-the-end began with the mistake of the "consumation" twist--coupled with the unpleasant, ubiquitous, overbearing presence of the incredibly charmless, irritating and humorless Curtis Armstrong. MOONLIGHTING became a turgid mellodrama consisting mainly of the wallowing Bruce Willis' tedious, nauseating EMOTING. I managed to get through half of season four, but then, broken-hearted, I couldn't bear it anymore. HOWEVER--WhoKnew that in the last season they came to their senses and made an attempt to return to the original delightful premise/atmosphere. They wisely put the dreary Sturm und Drang on the back-burner and tried to recapture the Magic that had completely dissapeared. In this last season we're taken back to the original Blue Moon Detective Agency with Maddie and David solving bizarre "cases" with wonderful humor and repartee. Alas it was too late...but it still remains one of the best things that ever happened on TV.
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on September 13, 2014
Ok, so maybe the last season of Moonlight wasn't the greatest. Cybil Shepherd was busy being a mom and Bruce Willis was on his way to becoming John Mclane in DIE HARD, but still, the 80's just would NOT have been the same without this pair. David Addison will forever be THE archetype for a male narcissist. He was cooler then cool and only that character could have made Bruce Willis the star he is.Think about it. He made a record(Return of Bruno anyone?) He got KIM BASSINGER in his first leading role in movies(Blind Date?!), he was THE MAN. So its no big wonder why he was phoning it in with Season 5. But we all wanted a finish back then. Well, to be honest we didn't WANT it to end. Well, I didn't anyway. I wanted David to go on to become a big time producer and make his dream show... "Parking lot.....all shiny and new! Come on in ! We're expecting you!!!" and you WONDER why this show lasted 5 seasons. :)
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