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on December 14, 2011
If your phone power button or battery check button is hard to press or does not work at all, you have a fake one.
If your camera opening does not align EXACTLY with the camera lens (very slightly off center), then you have a fake one. (genuine one aligns dead on center)
If your mophie does not get fully charged with iphone in the case, you may have a fake one.
If your mophie's top part slides into the bottom part on pair of matte-finish and round-corner guide wings, you have a fake one. (genuine one has glossy guides and do not have round corners)
If your mophie's serial number sticker has some blemish and not completely black and white, you have a fake one.
If your mophie did not come in a case with a pair of magnet to hold the lid down, you have a fake one.
If your mophie top part is too loosely fit, you have a fake one.
If your mophie came with usb cable without mophie logos on both connector, you have a fake one.
If your mophie did not come fully charged, you may have a fake one.
If your mopnie's power switch feels cheap to the touch, it is probably a fake one.
If you can slip in a sheet of paper into the gap of top and the bottom with ease, you may have a fake one. (genuine one has incredible tight fit)

The counterfeit will still perform what is suppose to do, but buyers be aware.
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on June 3, 2012
I purchased a Mophie Juice Pack Plus through Amazon on April 11.
The Product stoped working the the second week of May. I contacted
Mophie to have the producted repaired. The determined that this
product was a Counterfeit and not an authentic Mophie Product. They refused
to repair or replace it. I want my $79.11 back Amazon (order #
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on January 19, 2011
Yes, I name this case the absolute BEST battery-case for the iphone 4.
Why? Well, first of all, it offers great drop-protection on 3 sides. The screen isn't protected but that's ok. In my opinion, the iphone4's marvelous screen should never be covered-up. Owners must simply over-compensate by handling their phones more carefully. My previous case was a Otterbox and it covered every centimeter of the iphone4 but also covered it's beauty to the point where I would remove it from that case for cleaning and was always surprised at how light and thin the phone is.
The front camera, rear camera, and it's flash are not covered. The power and volume buttons are covered but the mute switch and headphone jack aren't and I prefer it that way; since I use headphones and mute switch daily. And of course the bottom of the phone is covered completely but there are openings on the front side for the microphone and speaker. The phone and case charge at the same time with the included mini-USB cord.
Finally we get to the battery. I always wait until the phone's battery completely runs out before I start charging it via the battery case so that I can see how much charge the case provides. Well, the first couple of times it charged my phone from 0 to 100% but on the 3rd charge it only went up to 97% and that dropped to 95% on the 4th recharge. If it can charge me up to 80% in its first year of use, I will consider it money well spent.
The case consists of two parts which slide together around the phone and its made of sturdy plastic which is easy to grip but at the same time easy to pull out of your jacket pocket. (unlike the otterbox which was a lint magnet)
Oh, and there is a small non-protruding button on the bottom of the case which you can push to see approx. how much power is left, via 4 LED lights.

Hope I didn't miss anything.

Thank you.

***UPDATE 5/3/2011***
I must add that the re-charge has improved. Just yesterday I did a recharge from 0% and the Mophie charged me back up to 100% in an hour and 15 minutes. I now believe that in order to get the full charge, this mophie case should be charged until all 4 LEDs light up (steady). Before I used to charge until 3 were lit and the fourth was blinking.

****UPDATE 12/01/2012****
All good things must come to an end. My Mophie only charges my phone up to 20-25% these days. At this capacity it is simply not using and so I gave it away to a co-worker. I removed one star from it's rating because I feel that it should have lasted longer.
I have moved on to similar battery case, the Spyder i4 Power Shadow. So far I've no complaints about it. The case is rectangular so it can stand on its own and it even comes with a charging stand so you can use it while charging.
Thank you.
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on May 4, 2012
Works like a charm, but gets quite hot while its in use. Packaging's great, it came in its original box. Just sayin'.

Update 7/17/2012: No longer works, phone was dropped and seem to have landed on the charging port (which is strategically (not) located on the bottom corner), now it won't charge, its dead. Since the cover its made out of hard plastic it doesn't absorb impacts at all. Now all I get is a refund of "up to 50% of the cost minus shipping back and forth" Well, it was good while it lasted...

UPDATE 8/21/12: I sent the unit to Mophie for warranty and this what they answered:

"We have examined the juice pack that you recently returned to our customer care center and have determined that it is not an authentic mophie product.

Accordingly, we cannot replace or repair the product and are sending it back to you. Your counterfeit unit has shipped back to you via U.S. Postal Service with the tracking number ###########.

We advise that you request a refund from the seller from whom you purchased the product."

So, lets see what Amazon has to say or do...
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on March 7, 2011
I bought this because I knew that when I got an iPhone, the battery would not last all day. Almost everyone I knew with one always brought their charger along with them. I am often away for the weekends and sometimes don't have access to or just don't have time to charge my phone. enter the mophie juice pack plus.
yes its pricey at $100. shopped around a bit before buying and it seemed to me that the consensus was the mophie brands were the best when it comes to backup battery cases. now to decide between the air or the plus, a difference of $30 I believe. the air is slightly slimmer and has 1600mah, whereas the plus has 2000mah and a shock resistant band. from what I read, 2000mah is equivalent to another full100% charge and then an additional 10% after that charge depletes. I can personally attest to this. I didn't charge my phone for a few days, letting the battery run down till dead, and the mophie plus fully charged my phone, it depleted again, and still had some charge left to charge again. and this is with heavy use, meaning wifi on the entire time, using the gps functions, browsing on 3G, using the camera, watching movies, listening to music (I was pretty excited about getting my first iPhone).
So to conclude, it's an expensive case, it makes your phone twice as heavy, twice as bulky. pretty much negating what apple was trying to originally do with the sleek and sexy iPhone 4. BUT. If you're on the move alot or don't have time to charge your phone or just forget to charge your phone, it can be a lifesaver.
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on April 27, 2012
Just got this and while I knew I should have charged it up first, I put it right on the phone (white iPhone 4S) which was at 40%. In one hour and ten minutes it had charged it to a full 100%. It looks great, has a bit of heft to it but doesn't add a lot of size to the phone - it still fits in my briefcase phone spot (which isn't that big). It offers better protection than the old case I had on it; it's plastic, but appears well made, and strong.

The design is nice: clean white but a dark grey side stripe all along the sides, top and bottom (I'd have preferred all white, but it does look nice and probably won't pick up dirt as easily). The lavender-blue lights at the bottom show the charge capacity and stand out against the dark grey. To check the status when it's not charging, you just press the button on the bottom of the Mophie and it lights up to show its current capacity.

It's easy to put on and remove - not a struggle like my regular plain case.

The sound is good - I could probably say better - than the iPhone 4S on its own. The little holes on the bottom front do seem to improve the quality of a phone call. I have only tried it twice but was pleased.

The photo area on the back has a black rim around it which is to prevent glare from the flash when taking a photo.

The cable to charge it (with your laptop via USB) is included. The instructions are in a little black book (the packaging is nicely done) and are in proper English, which is always a plus! They could have used bigger type than the 6pt they used in the booklet, but at least it's easy to understand.

I'd highly recommend it if you need a case and/or charger. At the rate it's going I expect the charge to last two days instead of the usual 8 hours, for me. I'll try to remember to update it when I know how long the charge actually does last.
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on December 1, 2011
The official mophie plus case works awesome, unfortunately, the one i received from this seller was a fake version packed in a original mophie unsealed box. I knew the deal was too good to be true. A case that sells for $100 at best buy found it for $50 here!....but sure enough, the case did not fit and it was a cheap plastic version of the real one. I was so pissed off i went to best buy and bought the REAL mophie plus case, and what a real difference in quality. The seller's excuse was they buy bulk and the case might be defective, well isn't that what a huge company like best buy do? Or they really want me to believe best buy bought the one case i bought that day and then ordered another one for the next customer? Ridiculous!....needless to say, i was out of pocket $150 between best buy and amazon. My suggestion, buy the case on or best buy! It is worth the $100!! Clean look, and the extra power helps me thru at least two days without charging!!
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on February 28, 2012
The product I received was a clone. I recently looked at a friends case bought directly from Mophie's Website; the model numbers were the same, but there were many, many differences between these cases that are inexcusably fraudulent.

First, and most obvious, the model numbers were the same, but the molds are different. The information sticker on his did not have a molded slot to fit the sticker into, mine does. On my sticker, the Copyright information is missing, his has that information. The case separates on the top section and fits over the larger lower part of the case. Mine did not fit AT ALL with his, it would not lock into place and the mold was obviously different. His fits snugly around the phone, mine just drops in. The Quality of the finish is different; his is rubberized, mine is hard plastic (with spots, scratches, and color differences) His LED charge lights are much much brighter (You can see them "on" in direct sunlight, mine are not even barely visible, but not visible). At night his will light up the table that it is on while charging, not so with mine. The charge indicator button is much harder to press than is, The on/off switches are COMPLETELY different, his feels much more solid and mine feels plasticy, it very often (80% of the time) fails to turn off and on when the switch is moved and the colors inside the switch look like they were filled in with paint. The Power button is hard to press and the case is larger than the height of the phone, making the phone slide around inside the case and making the buttons hard to press. One of the biggest indicators? Other than the mold differences, the LED brightness, and the missing copyright information, the molded company name on the front is a similar but differing font. If the case was from Mophie, there would be no difference.

Other than being obviously fake, the battery does work well.
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on July 12, 2011
Perhaps it could just be me, but I've returned this product twice due to the powered mini usb on the case ripping out. I've finally given up and will use something else :/
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on July 23, 2012
The Mophie Juice Jack did not work as stated from the start. It took over 8 hours to charge and would not sync to Itunes as it was supposed to. After 5 days it would not charge anymore. I returned the product to Mophie as it should have been under warranty only to find out the it was a counterfiet item. I have since purchased a genuine Mophie and it looks different then the one purchased through this seller and it works like it's supposed to.
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