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on July 12, 2014
This book has some beautiful ideas for party styling. Her baked goods are simple to recreate and anyone could execute them. My only issue with this book is that all of the cakes and cupcakes are made from a boxed mix; it is a great time saver and if you are preparing lots of desserts that can be helpful. Not to sound snotty, I just generally bake from scratch, and thought others should know what is in the book. Her cookies are her own scratch recipe. I have not tried them yet but they look yummy.

Overall, this is a good reference for quick and easy party ideas.
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on May 5, 2014
The author's presentations of various dessert tables are creative and she does them well, so this book has nice ideas, advice, and inspiration much like what you can see on Pinterest as well. I didn't find anything new or jaw-dropping for myself, but if you are a beginner or trying to organize a child's birthday party or similar for the first time, there are some useful tips there. I enjoyed perusing the book because my entertaining style is much the same as hers regarding aesthetics. However, I didn't know that Tori Spelling was any sort of authority on baking. I'm especially not impressed by celebrity name dropping when they are not any sort of authority in that field. It's definitely not a deal breaker for me, because I did buy Eric Lanlard's amazing cookbook. Lanlard is a Master Patissior, which is prestigious enough, and he stuck a quote from actress Elizabeth Hurley on the cover. Maybe that somehow sells more books, but I find actress endorsements useless on a cookbook. Now, if Rose Beranbaum or Lynne Rossetto Kasper recommends a dessert book, that cookbook would go on my shelf on that merit alone.

That aside, I specifically did not buy the book because I discovered this cookbook's recipes begin with boxed cake mix and instant puddings and that was my deal breaker. I'm a busy mom and even with several small children at my feet, I only bake and cook from scratch. I feel box mixes, especially with the typical additives and preservatives, are inferior to what you can make from just mixing your own ingredients, as well as a less rewarding achievement. The book's description initially made no mention of boxed cake mixes or instant puddings. Back to Tori Spelling, baking authority or not, her endorsement even contributed to my shock because I was definitely expecting a book with recipes made from scratch at the very least. I was glad to have seen the book before purchasing it. I'm also very pleased to see that the book's description has now been updated to disclose that boxed cake mixes are involved and you can now preview the contents as well because bakers like myself wouldn't typically bother with a book like this. I wouldn't have made the special trip to the bookstore that I did. Also, since the book's description has now been updated, I am bumping up my rating to align with how the book is now described. I feel it does deserve another star now that its more accurately presented and its audience has been more appropriately narrowed.

Regarding ingredients, I've seen most books like this be more general, but this even specifically indicates using Duncan Hines brand, Crisco, Jell-O brand pudding, Imperial brand margarine, and so on, which I thought odd. I would assume any brand would suffice. Did the recommended brands support the book's publication? My assumption would be that the recipes could have simply said white cake mix, devil's food cake mix, margarine, or puffed rice cereal (like Rice Krispies) without such specifics and I would want to substitute organic options and mixes if I were to bake in this manner, especially non-hydrogenated shortening.

The initial description also sounded like it was a more professional book and all the glowing 5-star reviews led me to think this was more advanced but, for example, there's a page devoted to a basic Rice Krispie treats recipe that you can find from a quick Google search if you're hankering for that nostalgic treat, with her explanation being they can be shaped into anything that coordinates with your theme. A beginner would likely appreciate that tip and recipe but all those 5 star reviews that make no mention of these details prior to the update and even stating it is for both beginner and experienced baker alike. I think that is a bold assumption when, as an experienced baker, I found nothing useful to me.

It would of course be nonsense for me to add this book to my collection, but if you like and typically use box mixes, commercial ingredients, and instant preparations and find that the easiest and that it saves you time, then you will likely be pleased with this book and find it helpful for easily throwing an attractive dessert table together for children and friends. The recipes appear to me well-suited for an amateur or someone starting to learn about baking and entertaining too. Although I am doubtful most of us would want to keep a clunky baby scale on hand to use as a cake stand, all in all, it is a cute book to get you thinking outside the box and looking around your house for props. No matter how creative your idea may be though, I do caution against using just any surface or item as a cake stand, cake topper, or serving piece to display food without a food safe plate, cloth, cardboard, parchment paper or otherwise between the food and that item's surface because some things can leech harmful, even poisonous chemicals into the food. Not everything creative is food safe. Some metals can contain lead or a varnished wooden box could off-gas and permeate the food depending on the varnish used. I have beautiful glass and wooden bowls that are not even safe for food.

Now, if you landed here like I did looking for a party book with incredible, from-scratch dessert recipes, I highly recommend "Trophy's Cupcakes and Parties", which focuses on cupcakes. I did enthusiastically give that 5 stars because the cupcake recipes are absolutely delicious and simple to make. As a cookbook should, their book stands on its recipes alone and the party planning tips are just a free gift with purchase. Trophy has clearly written instructions. The recipes are easy to follow and the results had my guests singing my praises yet again just this past Saturday. I have to restrain myself from whipping up a batch of the cream cheese buttercream frosting just to eat by the spoonfuls. For from scratch desserts beyond cupcakes, "Classic Home Desserts" by Richard Sax is amazing and won BOTH the James Beard and IACP awards. Also, consider giving Julie Richardson a go with her book "Vintage Cakes". She landed a goldmine when she bought an old bakery and discovered a forgotten box of stellar recipes, which she shares in her book. Happy baking!
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on April 10, 2014
Jenny Keller's book, Eat More Dessert: More than 100 Simple-to-Make & Fun-to-Eat Baked Goods, is such a fun and innovative how to cookbook. I love to plan parties and I have found myself running out of ideas as to how to decorate the dessert table and even find myself needing new recipes. This book has all of that. It is fun, creative and has oh so tasty recipes. Each page is full of ideas, and the easy step by step pictures makes it impossible to make a mistake. Jenny Keller throws great parties and now I can feel confident that I too can creative fabulous dessert tables and make great food. I would recommend this book to no only beginner bakers but to experienced bakers and all in between. This book will be a favorite among the Olin household.
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on April 9, 2014
I by luck stumbled across Jenny's blog and saw that she had a book coming out. I pre-ordered it in hopes it'd give me some new ideas. This book has TONS of ideas and recipes. The dessert tables are amazing to look at! She has 10 different themes with at least 10 recipes/ideas to go with each of them. While you may have seen some of the things, rose cakes and ruffle cakes, her presentation makes them unique with her own twist. Her recipes are simple, most start with a box cake mix and pudding, yet they look like you spent hours decorating them! The pictures are really inviting and will make you want to try them all! I really love that she uses buttercream on her cookies instead of royal icing. With that said, her buttercream does have shortening and margarine in it which I know can put some people off, but I honestly think it'll be worth a try. I'm not a shortening in my icing person, but I am going to try it because she makes it look that good. This is a good book to have whether or not you're a baker because anyone can get use from it and/or inspiration from it. It's definitely worth it!
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on April 9, 2014
I was so excited when Jenny's book came out! I have called on her for years to bake for my kids birthday parties and other gatherings and I have never been disappointed! Not only are they the most adorable and beautiful treats, but they are sooooo delicious as well. Her book is not only beautifully done, but she breaks it down in such simple steps so any baker at any level can master her treats. I am always looking for a dessert to take to parties and now with the help of Jenny, she has given me so many more adorable and delicious options. I promise you won't be disappointed!
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on September 4, 2014
Perfect book if you plan on having any party! Jenny Keller has excellent ideas for desserts along with decorating ideas including fabulous party tables! I am a long time professional pastry chef but thought I'd try a few of her easy at home recipes...all Party Perfect and Yummy too!
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on August 5, 2014
I browsed through this book at the store and thankful I took the time to do so. It was repetitive, nearly every party theme had cake pops, frosted sugar cookies, and cupcakes with a little design on top. Nothing new, and I'm not sure what this book had to offer that you couldn't find after a few minutes on pinterest. I wanted to like this book, but I actually found it funny how many times I would turn the page to see more frosted sugar cookies and cake pops - with just different colored sprinkles.
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on April 9, 2014
This cookbook is a must-have for moms! It has great ideas with easy to follow recipes that look amazing even for a not-so talented baker like myself. The pictures in this book are beautiful...I normally put a cookbook in the cupboard but I have this one sitting out displayed on my counter.
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on May 6, 2014
This book is really a work of art. The pictures are beautiful and the design is gorgeous.
But most importantly, it is an excellent baking and styling source. The recipes are simple and clear.
Jenny does a wonderful job describing in detail her tips and techniques, and she gives information on the tools and equipment she uses.

It is a must-have for bakers, and it makes such a great gift!
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on April 9, 2014
I have to say, I have stopped purchasing cookbooks now that I can look them up online, but this one is a must-have for everyone's collection. It shows how to create the kind of desserts everyone wants to have at their party. I'm not an experienced baker so the useful tips and tricks have been very helpful and make what was a challenge something very doable. I love that! So glad to add this to my collection.
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