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Did you know that taking antacids (even prescription acid blockers) can make your heartburn worse? If you didn't know that, reach for this book instead of your medications the next time heartburn strikes.

For years, I suffered from bloating, gas, acid stomach, acid reflux and all sorts of other unpleasant side effects. I'd just about given up hope when I first read about Candida yeast infections. Then, examining my diet, I realized that I might have a stomach and intestinal tract full of Candida. I followed a Candida elimination diet . . . and kissed all of those symptoms good-bye . . . never to return.

The advice in this book is the best single source I have seen on how to diagnose why you have heartburn and related symptoms . . . and how to treat yourself without medications to restore a healthy balance to your system.

We are taught by advertisers to think that acid in our stomachs is the enemy -- not true! Acid in our stomachs is the first line of defense we have against infection while being the primary way that we break down foods so we can absorb healthy nutrients.

When we have trouble with acid, it's usually because our stomach lining has been compromised by a bacterial or yeast infection . . . which is most easily killed by having more stomach acid. If we stop or neutralize stomach acid, we just let the infection get worse.

For those of you who like to work with your physicians, this book also tells you what tests to ask for and how to interpret the results. It's a credible source, too, because Dr. Rogers is a well-known expert on environmental medicine who knows a lot more about these subjects that your physician probably does.

What will your solutions be? It's hard to tell, but you are likely to have food allergies, sensitivities to other substances, a lack of helpful bacteria from too many antibiotics and an unhealthy diet. Change what you eat and consume according to the suggested order in this book, and you can make rapid progress towards finding something that will permanently eliminate your problem. Dr. Rogers also has lots of suggestions for how to achieve temporary relief while you are curing the sources of your heartburn.

Is it important to stop heartburn? Yes! Your acid reflux can eventually cause cancer of your esophagus. Don't let that happen.
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on January 4, 2005
As a traveling musician I ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of lattes and ate many meals at odd, often late, hours. Needless to say, I ate a lot of Tums too.

I had been suffering badly for maybe a year, to the point where I was literally losing my voice, before I finally went to see a doctor. His diagnoses was acid reflux and he prescribed Prilosec. For how long? Forever.

Besides the expense, I didn't want to be on medication if there was the possibility of a cure. While looking through books in the Health section I came across this one. The title certainly spoke to me ... "No More Heartburn." What did I have to lose? I bought it and followed it.

I was totally blown away when the diet in this book actually cured my acid reflux!! And I lost 10 pounds to boot. The week the burning actually went away seemed like a miracle. I just could not believe that it was actually gone! I was so thrilled that I began telling anyone I saw popping an antacid to buy this book.

I've told so many friends, family and fellow musicians about this book that I feel like a crusader for the author. Now I would just like to say publicly, thank you Dr. Rogers for a fantastic, educational book that really, really lives up to the title!!

I was just on Amazon looking up the book for another friend when I decided to share my experience with all of you. If you have a problem like I did ... get this book!!
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on July 15, 2000
I bought this book about 3 weeks ago. I am a 10+ year acid reflux sufferer and have been on antacids, tagamet, zantac & for the past year Prilosec. I eliminated the chocolate, caffeine, etc. (well, most of the time) but still had symptoms and was so sick of the medication side effects (fatigue, etc.) that I went in search of yet another book on the subject. I got this book & was skeptical when I read her theory that overabundance of yeast is the cause of most g.i. problems and that prescribed meds won't prevent the real possibility of esophogeal cancer but may even make it more likely. I've been on the yeast-free sugar-free diet for almost a month (Prilosec free, too) and am amazed at how good I feel. She has you add some "probiotics" & a few other natural things (aloe juice) & it really works. Giving up sugar was hard at first, but my craving has diminished & stevia has been a great substitute. She lists resources for anything she suggests you try. I've always been skeptical about homeopathic medicine, but no more. The advice in this book is clear & complete & has truly been a godsend.
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on October 19, 2002
When I ordered this book, I really held out little hope that it might help me. I was experiencing worsening reflux, despite H2 blockers, and I had a long history of daily GI distress. I don't really expect anyone (myself included) to swallow the theories of causation of GI problems put forward by the author, but she is quite correct about some things.
The book is quite comprehensive in its discussion of GI ailments and detailed methods of therapy. I remain skeptical about the author's theories of underlying mechanisms of disease, but I can not argue with the results I've gotten from following her advice.
If you are suffering from a chronic GI problem, I strongly recommend you buy this book and make changes in your diet. You might be surprised at the results. I was.
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on February 7, 2007
It's essential that you read this book if you have had problems with heartburn, acid reflux, bloating and any other gastric discomforts.

I was skeptical about this book, but I bought it because I was getting desperate to find a cure. Doctors have always told me that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that there was nothing I could do about it because it was genetic. That was difficult for me to believe, though, because up until college, I didn't have any problems with gas or bloating. But in the last ten years, it's just gotten worse and worse, and more recently, I have been diagnosed with acid reflux and heartburn issues as well. It got so bad that I had a constant salty taste in my mouth from the acid reflux.

But I am here to tell you that in less than one week of following the food plan suggested for Candida in the book, my symptoms have already almost vanished. The bloating is gone, as well as the salty taste and constant sore throat. I have more energy and clarity than I have had in years. It sounds crazy, but it is true.

The food plan is not difficult to follow. I feel like I have access to just as much food as I always have. I don't feel like I'm on a "diet". It's great!! My husband also started the food plan with me last week, and he also can't believe how much better he's feeling. He confirmed that I wasn't just going crazy.

This book is a miracle. I'm still in disbelief that I finally got a cure to my problems. I had almost lost all hope.

Thank you Sherry Rogers!! I can't thank you enough.
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on August 2, 2000
This book covers so much it is VERY confusing to somebody that hasn't a clue about why they feel so bad. My advice would be to anyone that gets this book is to read it completely once making notes. Read the book again a second time and then take action based on your notes and a PLAN that you think you should follow. I was so sick that I went out and started trying everything all at once. Take it slow but stick to the changes that you will need to make. The way you feel will make up for the cravings of things lost that kill you. I had never done an enema before, I had never heard of acidophilus, I was totally clueless and this book has taught me so much that I am like a man on a mission to train as many people around me as possible about how we are being duped by the Food Industry. Sugar Sells baby and although Dr. Rogers never points the finger at the Sugar Industry, I walked away from this book after researching every box on every shelf of my favorite food store knowing that the tobacco industry doesn't hold a candle next to the power and corruption that must be prevalent in the sugar industry. It's in everything. BUY THIS BOOK (I've bought 3 to date and given them to family members and/or friends) READ IT COMPLETELY, and then Make the Toughest Decision you'll ever make to get better.
My only complaint is that the book could be structured better with more distinct outlines to follow. This could be due to the fact that I had never heard of ANY of what she was talking about except H. Pylori which I had been treated for. What has also amazed me since getting this book is how many other people have problems like me or even worse that otherwise I wouldn't have known about because they just don't talk about it. I, on the other hand, talk about problems openly with anyone anywhere once I learn about something. I think if more people would openly discuss their problems in an effort to learn (not just cry about them) we'd all be better off through the sharing of knowledge.
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on April 20, 2007
I was in a local bookstore looking for different recipe's that I could try to keep my chronic reflux to a minimum. As bad as my GERD is I could not accept being on a pill for the rest of my natural life. I hated that idea and wanted desperately to at least start eating things that would affect me the least. I turned the corner and literally ran into this book, knocking it off of the shelf...I picked it up and without even giving it a test run through I bought it. I've been a sufferer for more than 10 years and have had great trouble with taking a pill for my condition for the rest of my life...tagamet, to prilosec, to protonix, to prevacid...I was at the point that I was affraid that my body would be immune to everything eventually...Then my doctor advised me to take the prilosec twice a day instead of once....Seriously??? I'm not even 30 and all I could think of is that I am going to be on continuous drug treatment forever. I am so happy to say that since reading this book one week ago...I have been completely off of my daily medications, eating healthier, and I feel sooooo much better it's just amazing to me. My body is actually finally starting to heal!!! I recommend everyone read this book...even if you don't suffer from heartburn or other related illnesses...this is an eye opener about everything that is in the food market today!
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on September 1, 2005
This book was the most informative of all the books I could get my hands on. It didn't beat around the bush about the negatives of over the counter and prescription medicines as treatments. What I have found is that the natural way (herbs, diet modification, and lifestyle as well as sleeping positions)have a longer lasting and more beneficial (healthy) effect. Anything that harms me while trying to help me is not something I want. This books educates the reader how not to do this. I have a degree in Dietetics, and was skeptical at first, trusting good old fashion medicine, but I have changed my opinion altogether. It may take a little longer but I've already progressed several steps beyond where I was with otc antacids and proton-pump inhibitors. Wonderful aid.
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on May 28, 2005
I had 24/7 excess stomach acid that was driving me crazy. My doctor said I would have to live with it. On this website I came across this book, ordered it, and tried it. I am 2 1/2 months into the treatment (and nearly done). I would say I am 90% better and improving every day. I highly recommend this book. It was NOT easy reading but was packed with great info.

It saved me from a lot of misery.
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on August 14, 2009
First, I'd like to say that the dietary suggestions in this book, with modifications, DID ultimately help my heartburn, which was really bad. But I wasn't able to follow the suggestions at first. She suggests eating TONS of veggies, and this just didn't work for my high-metabolismed self. When I get too full, I get heartburn, and so I wanted to select only the most high calorie foods to eat. What finally made me able to follow her recommendations is when I purchased the, "World's Healthiest Foods" book, and learned how to COOK veggies in a healthy manner and then add healthy spices and lots of extra virgin olive oil (thus making veggies a more high calorie food). I find that I'm able to digest cooked veggies better than most other foods.
I don't think that yeast was my problem, though, so much as a lack of digestive enzymes for breaking down whole grains and raw veggies. Anyways, with the diet modifications (meals comprised of a majority of healthily cooked veggies), my heartburn is manageable. Oh! And I also have to carefully time my water drinking so as to not disrupt my digestive process. Kind of a pain, yes, but ultimately, I am a healthier human, and I can avoid a lifetime of Aciphex (which is SUPER EXPENSIVE--now that money goes to all the veggies I have to buy!).
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