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40 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2002
Well, matchbox twenty have done it again. The new album, More Than You Think You Are (love the title, by the way), is full of great hooks, brilliant lyrics, fabulous instrumentation, and soulful vocals from band members Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook, Paul Doucette, Adam Gaynor, and Brian Yale. The album is a bit of a throwback to 70's rock, which is something we haven't heard for a long time.
Some standouts are the first single, Disease, which Rob cowrote with Mick Jagger, and has a disco-latin-old rock kind of feel.
"Bright Lights" is my favorite track on the album - it starts out with a solo piano, and Rob's voice, then builds to a beautiful climax, with a little breath of Black Crowes in it. It's absolutely beautiful.
"Unwell" is another favorite, with a great hook: "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell/I know right now you can't tell/But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see/A different side of me..." Fantastic.
Rob shares songwriting credits on this album with drummer Paul Doucette and lead guitarist Kyle Cook on one track: the hard-rocking "Feel" , And rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor is listed as cowriter on "Soul", along with Rob and Kyle. It's exciting to see that the band has many great writers in it. Paul also wrote "Could I Be You" on his own, and it came out beautifully.
The lyrics in "The Difference" are amazing, the gospel choir in "Downfall" will send shivers down your spine,"You're So Real"'s infectuous beat will be stuck in your head for days, and The hidden track, "So Sad, So Lonely" will have you dancing around your room - I can't wait to see it live.

I cannot say enough good things about this album. It is definitely a big step forward for the band. A great album all around. Highly recommended.
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40 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on June 6, 2003
I have been a Matchbox fan ever since I bought YOSLY back in 96 or whenever. I loved Yourself or Someone Like You and Mad Season, they were both great cds. More Than You Think You Are is defintely a different sound for Matchbox 20, but still comes back with amazing lyrics and some great tunes. I'll be honest, I was skeptical at first, but this cd grows on me. Here's a run-through of the songs:
1) Feel - 8/10 Great Song, Very good beat and words
2) Disease - 8.5/10 Good rock song co-written by Mick Jagger, reminds me of the old Matchbox days
3) Bright Lights - 7/10 Good, slower song, shows just how diverse this group is, Next Single
4) Unwell - 10/10 - Favorite song on this cd and maybe my favorite Matchbox song ever. "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell, I know right now you can't tell" Those words are so true to life. Just goes to show you why Rob Thomas won best Songwriter of the Year.
5) Cold - 9/10 - Great song, one of the more hard rock songs on this cd with an excellent chorus
6) All I Need - 9/10 Catchy, softer rock song, It's one of those songs where I can just find myself singing it all day long without realizing it
7) Hand Me Down - 8/10 - Good song about lives that aren't as rich as one would like them to be, great meaning behind it
8) Could I Be You - 7/10 - Not a bad song
9) Downfall - 9.5/10 - Great different sound for Matchbox, even bringing in a church choir to sing, it's also known for it's great lyrics
10) Soul - 8.5/10 - Great song, my interpretation is about a person who doesn't really fit in and gets teased a lot, but on the inside they have a great talent and a lot of soul
11) You're So Real - 7.5/10 - Pretty good song with a catchy beat and as always lyrics that will always blow your mind and wonder just how they continue to write them.
12) The Difference - 8/10 - Good song by Matchbox, Slower beat, I liked it but you can decide for yourself
13) So Sad So Lonely - 6.5/10 - Hidden Track, listen 4 minutes into The Difference to find it. Probably my least favorite song but still not bad. It appears to be a negative song on the cover but underneath it really has a positive meaning.
All in all, this cd is one of Matchbox 20's three best. I'm only saying it like that because I liked all three cds and I can't decide which one I liked the most, and thankfully I don't have to. You should check it out.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on August 23, 2005
First of all, this wasn't even my CD. We bought it for a father's day gift, but, after one listen-through, I claimed it for my own and it hasn't been out of my CD case since. It's a great album, with beautiful melodies and great vocal work.

1. Feel- Probably the most rock-influenced track on the CD, it's very high-energy, and a good opening song.

2. Disease- The guitar line at the beginning is great, as is the rest of the instrumentation. The song is very catchy, and probably what got us interested in the album to begin with.

3. Bright Lights- I love how the first verse/chorus is entirely piano. It gives it a different feel after two "rock" songs, and Rob Thomas' vocal work is great.

4. Unwell- Not too many popular songs infuse banjo into them, but in "Unwell" it totally makes the song that much better. Great melody.

5. Cold- Definately one of my favorite tracks. I love the melody and the guitar line at the beginning, and also how the key changes for the last chorus.

6. All I Need- Nice guitar solo. The song has good lyrics and is overall a pretty good track.

7. Hand Me Down- Another song with excellent lyrics and vocal work. Very powerful, great melody, and one of the best songs on the album. Love the guitar work at the end, too.

8. Could I Be You- I like the repeated drumming before the last chorus, and the almost choir-like part at the end. Great ending, too.

9. Downfall- Another of my personal favorites. The choir adds a whole lot to the song, the lyrics are great, and the melody is awesome.

10. Soul- A slower-paced song, but still very nice, and the chorus changes the sound of the piece a lot.

11. You're So Real- Really like the bass throughout the first verse, then how the rest of the instruments come in. One of the faster songs, especially with the vocals.

12. The Difference- Another favorite of mine. This song has two parts, the first one being a beatiful, melodic, slow song, which is the one I especially like. More great songwriting and a haunting piece. The second one picks up a lot, with a good guitar line, and I like the drum backing during the verses. A high-energy piece that's good to end an album with.
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2002
MB20- you've got soul!
I admit that I was skeptical about whether or not Matchbox Twenty could pull off a successful album after the incredible Mad Season (probably my favorite album ever) but I was pleasently surprised.
I just got the new Matchbox Twenty cd and I was instantly hooked. All of the tracks are spiked with energy- what a rush. Rob told Launch magazine that when he compared this cd to his others "This record is louder....On this one, there's more of an organic sound." This is definately noticable from the first note of the first track, until the last cackle on the hidden track at the end. "It's always heavy into everything" (John Mayer). The band's sound is more developed and takes a lot of risks. I think what I really love about this new cd is the great variety of tracks. Their single Disease seems to be a compilation of salsa, jazz, and hard rock! The other tracks are no less eclectic; some songs seem to have a country influence, while others have back-up vocals from gospel choirs. The beautiful slow songs are still present, and there is no lack for good hard-rock ones either. Basically there is something for everyone, especially if you are a matchbox twenty fan. This cd IS different than Yourself or Someone Like You and Mad Season, but it is just as good.
Tracks that I reccomend- oh my god ALL OF THEM! heh heh...
#3 Bright Lights-- good slow song, can really appreciate Rob's voice.
#4 Unwell-- creepy and addictive
#9 Downfall-- Rob and a Gospel Choir, an odd yet beautiful collaboration
Go ahead, fall in love with Matchbox Twenty all over again.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on November 19, 2002
The release of the aptly titled "More than You Think You Are" has fulfilled my desire for the members of popular mainstream rock act Matchbox Twenty to expand upon their remarkable sophomore effort "Mad Season". The album, as a whole, is a coherent, bittersweet mixture of upbeat rock songs and meaningful, heart-warming ballads that are all epitomized by the outstanding songwriting and vocal talents of Rob Thomas. In contrast to previous albums, however, this time around the 5-piece has opted for a bolder, edgier approach through incorporating French horns, rockier balladry, sitars, mellotrons and even gospel choirs into its impressive sound. In spite of this, the production is nonetheless accessible, as it features M20's familiar guitar riffs, distinctive vocals and clever, emotional lyrics. The album's first single, the incredibly catchy, somewhat aggressive rock track "Disease", was co-written by Mick Jaggar and showcases the grandeur of the band's evolution very well indeed. "Unwell", a strangely beautiful ode to mental instability, is the album's premiere ballad, followed closely by the moody, piano-driven tune "Bright Lights". Such excellent balladry is offset nicely by mid-tempo rock songs, like "Soul", which is home to both a monstrous, rocking chorus and the subtle, yet effective, input of a choir. Although some tracks, such as the feel-good "You're So Real", are more memorable than others, expert musicianship and among the most appealing sounds in modern music is evident throughout the entire album. Indeed, listening to the production is akin to a magnificent, sweeping journey of inspirational highs, moments of peaceful reflection and touching lows. Such welcome diversity solidities Matchbox Twenty's role as the quintessential soft rock act in a world over-populated with copycats and uninspired pop trash. It also renders this album a must-have for young and old.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on March 16, 2003
Matchbox Twenty has been one of my favorite bands since the moment I first heard them. So when this CD came out I made sure to get. This CD was amazing, and in my humble opinion even better than Mad Season. Why? Well, it is because Matchbox Twenty keeps putting out good songs like "Disease" and great ones like "Unwell". Those are their first two hits, but another I really like is "Bright Lights," in fact it is my personal favorite. On top of that I really like Hand Me Down, Downfall, and the Difference, all songs I do not think you will here on the radio. So chalk up another great release for Matchbox Twenty as I wonder if they can get better than this!
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on August 8, 2005
Sometimes I make up places that I need to go I can listen to this alblm.

Sure I could listen to it at home, but its best enjoyed going 65 down the highway, with all the windows down. Speakers up as high as possible, singing my heart out.

It just seems to change with you.

You're sad, it sounds sad.

You're happy, the CD seems happy.

Few CD's get better than this.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 11, 2002
This is coming from a 17 year old that'll listen to anything from Matchbox 20 to Good Charlotte to System of a Down...I own the other 2 Matchbox CD's and Yourself or Someone Like You is one of my favorites...I thought Mad Season was a step down and hoped this one would be a step up which turned out to be very true...if you like Matchbox this is a def. buy...this CD took a couple spins on my CD player to get to really like but now its one of my favorites...heres my "song by song" review
1) Feel-8/10-catchy, good chorus
2) Disease-7/10-dont know why everyone likes this song, way too repitive but i admit it does have its parts
3) Bright Lights-8/10-great song not my favorite but up there, the piano gives it a nice touch, unique
4) Unwell-9/10-my 3rd favorite on the CD, great song throughout
5) Cold-7.5/10-little harder but still good
6) All I Need-8/10-great song, real catchy
7) Hand Me Down-9/10-my 2nd favorite, slower song, AWESOME
8) Could I Be You-8.5/10-nice song throughout, sweet chorus
9) Downfall-7/10-never really have liked this but does have a beat and it does have some catchy stuff in it, but the gospel part does not work
10) Soul-6.5/10-has its moments but just didnt really get me going, my least favorite on the CD
11) You're So Real-7.5/10-upbeat song but I thought it had an annoying chorus
12) The Difference-9/10-my favorite on here, I love this chorus
13) Bonus-So Sad So Lonely-8/10-starts off bad but turns out to be a great song
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
I feel like Christopher Colombus, having discovered a fantastic new world that had been there for eons, unnoticed, right in front of me.
I bought this album some time ago, and for some reason it lay in the pile, played once and forgotten, soon consumed by the jungle of cd's around it.
As fate would have it, I recently heard "Smooth" playing on the radio, and remembered that Rob Thomas and the rest of Matchbox Twenty were sitting there at home, just waiting to be re-discovered.
To cut the story short, there is no way that this cd is going back to the jungle. "Disease" and "Unwell" of course make the cd worth buying in the first place, but the other songs are also treasures, except "Feel", which I didn't really like much.
"Bright Lights", "Cold" and "All I Need" are my picks after the top two, the album being more than worth the price.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2002
I've been a casual matchbox fan since 'Push' hit the radio, but I've never bought one of their cds before MTYTYA. Well let me tell you, I'm so glad I did. Right from the first chords of 'Feel', the passionate rocker that opens the album, you're hooked into this amazing sound that the band creates. Of course everyone's heard 'Disease', but there's so much more to this album than that one song and that one style. That's something I love about a cd, when the artists are able to pull off so many diverse songs. 'Bright Lights' is probably my favorite track on the cd, a bittersweet ballad with a touch of country that showcases Rob's vocals at their best. It creates a mood reminiscent of Train's 'Drops of Jupiter' (which is a very high compliment coming from this trainiac, 'Drops' being my favorite song in the world) while remaining original and true to itself. I think everyone's said already that 'Unwell' is a hit in the making, a haunting story played out over radio-perfect instrumentals. 'Cold' is another great sing-along rocker that is hard to get out of your head. The sound of 'All I Need' is reminiscent of Roy Orbison, which is definitely a departure from matchbox's usual style. But they pull it off beautifully, with help from lyrics everyone can relate to. 'Hand Me Down' is another country-tinged tearjerked, a gentle ballad that is certainly a standout. 'Could I Be You' is as infectuous as it is profound, with hauting piano work, thought-provoking lyrics, and a catchy chorus (complete with can't-get-it-out-of-your-head na na na's). Then on to 'Downfall', which is a brave departure for matchbox that paid off gorgeously. The use of a gospel chorus is a great addition to this amazing song. 'Soul' is a little more back to the usual matchbox style, but nevertheless a solid song. 'You're So Real' is an upbeat, quirky rocker that certainly has some of the feel-good groove of bands like Smashmouth. The main part of the album closes with the brilliant song 'The Difference', another one of my favorites. With lyrics that conjure up beautiful images ("Slow dancing on the boulevard in the quiet moments while the city's still dark"), this carefully crafted tale of love and loss sets a mood and is a great way to end the cd. But wait, there's more. Let it play on and you'll find a hidden track, the ultra-cool and very smooth (no pun intended) rocker 'So Sad, So Lonely'. After the song ends, you can hear the band goofing around, one voice predominantly saying something to the effect of, "Man, that was so lame! I can't believe we just spent so much time on that! Lame, lame, lame!", which proves the guys aren't afraid to poke fun at themselves. But don't let it fool you, this is one great cd from start to finish.
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